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Episode 1 - 23 June 2019 : An Introduction - Contestants Entered House

Kamal Hassan show cases the place and invited the contestants. 15 Contestants entered the house.

Day 1 : Episode 2 - 24 June 2019 : Vanitha Vijayakumar - First Week Captain. Abhirami Crush on Kavin

Housemates were asked to pick cards for daily work, Vanitha become Captain. Abhirami told Sherin and Sakshi that she have crush on Kavin. Wake Up Song: Petta - Ullaallaa

Day 2 : Episode 3 - 25 June 2019 : Vanitha Vs Sakshi - Pongal Issue. Kavin Avoids Abhirami. Meera Mithun enters House

Sandy Thogur Singing Class. Sakshi and Vanitha had argument on having Pongal daily. Kavin avoids Abhirami saying he likes flirting but not serious on anything cause relationship takes time. Sandy makes environment lovely with his Thoguru Raagam. Meera Mithun enters the house at the end of the day. Abhirami, Sakshi, Vanitha and Sherin are not happy with her arrival. Meera mingled with other housemates with tasks given to her. Wake Up Song: Maari 2 - Rowdy Baby

Day 3 : Episode 4 - 26 June 2019 : Vanitha and Abhirami Vs Meera. Luxury Budget Task

Mohan Thogur Dance Class. Vanitha supported Abhirami and went against Meera. Mohan, Reshma, Abhirami and Sherin answered to their questions with their life experience they got from bowl in Luxury Budget Task. Wake Up Song: Mersal - Mersal Arasan

Day 4 : Episode 5 - 27 June 2019 : Fathima with Meera to Ease Situation. Luxury Budget Task Continues

Meera Fashion Choreography. Fathima and Cheran ease the situation between Meera and Abhirami. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Cheran, Tharshan, Madhumitha and Saravanan. Housemates enjoyed dancing in the rain. Wake Up Song: Gulaebaghavali - Heartukulla

Day 5 : Episode 6 - 28 June 2019 : Vanitha Vs Meera cause of Hook and Work Issue. Luxury Budget Task Continues

Fathima Laughter Theraphy. Meera asked Mohan for fixing the hook on her dress. Mohan complaint to Captain Vanitha of his uncomfortness says Vanitha, told Meera but Meera wasnt ready to listen refusing Mohan is like my Dad. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Vanitha, Kavin, Fathima and Sakshi. Cat fight using words by Vanitha and Madhumitha against Meera. Wake Up Song: Charlie Chaplin 2 - Chinna Machan

Day 6 : Episode 7 - 29 June 2019 : Luxury Budget Task Continues. Host Kamal returns for the Weekend show

Losliya Singing Class. Vaidhya upsets Tharshan, asks not to call him dad butg later apologized. Vanitha not happy with Meera, Sandy and Kevin coming late for the task. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Sandy, Losliya and Mugen. Bottle game between Kavin and Losliya for Brother-Sister-Lover Issue. Kamal back for the Weekend Show. Wake Up Song: Kanaa - Othaiyadi Pathayila

Day 7 : Episode 8 - 30 June 2019 : Madhumitha Comment stating I am Tamil Girl Erupts Clash with Abhirami and Friends. Mohan Vaidhya, Captain for Next Week

Kamal asked Newsreaders Fathima and Losliya to state whats happening in the house. Madhumitha asked Fathima to avoid the bottle baby fun play of Abhirami and Mugen in the news. But Fathima conveyed in the news. Madhumitha commented that fun play is not good for Tamil Culture erupts clash between Abhirami and Madhumitha. Most of the Housemates Sherin, Sakshi, Vanitha and Kavin supported Abhirami and started cornering Madhumitha. Saravanan gets more Hearts than others. Meera complaints about Vanitha Captaincy. Cheran upset with Meera. Mohan becomes new captain and assigns job for other Housemates. Madhumitha not happy with what happened today and asks herself whether she has to be real or act. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 8 : Episode 9 - 01 July 2019 : Eviction Nomination Process

Most of the Housemates nominated Madhumitha and Meera as the person does not deserve to be in the house. Kavin, Sakshi, Fathima, Saravanan, Cheran, Meera and Madhumitha in the Eviction List. Meera and Madhumitha continues to get isolated by others in the house. Wake Up Song: Kalakalappu 2 - Oru Kuchi Oru Kulfi

Day 9 : Episode 10 - 02 July 2019 : Meera Supports Madhumitha. Kavin Vs Meera. Sakshi creates Problem for Meera

Daily Task for Madhumitha to give inspiration talk, Vanitha find faults in it, Meera supported Madhumitha, irritated Vanitha. Kavin and his friends always finding fault on Meera to go against her during Puzzle fix game. Eventhough Meera did a good job, Vanitha and group find fault on whatever meera does to corner her. Incident made Meera to emotionally break. Meera told Mugen that others are making him not to talk with her. Sakshi changed what Meera told to Mugen, said Vanitha, Reshma and Abhirami that Meera asking Mugen not to talk with Abhirami but Meera did not say that way. Sakshi creates problem for her with Vanitha and Group. Wake Up Song: Vaalu - UR My Darling

Day 10 : Episode 11 - 03 July 2019 : Vanitha & Team Vs Meera & Madhumitha. Losliya Reacts but plays safe

Sakshi misunderstanding Meera and Mugen Talk, told Vanitha, Abirami and Sherin bad about Meera and Madhumitha, created big issue. Vanitha and Team raised voice against Madhumitha, Losliya Reacts but plays safe to be with all. Most of the Housemates are upset with Vanitha. Meera asked Madhumitha to stay cool, ignore and sleep. Wake Up Song: Bairavaa - PaPa PaPa

Day 11 : Episode 12 - 04 July 2019 : Sakshi Crush on Kavin, his attention towards Losliya with a Plan

Cheran unhappy with Vanitha domination but continues to ignore. Fathima Newsreader Class to Housemates. Sakshi told Sherin that She feels Kavin getting jealous when Mugen talks with her. Sherin asked Sakshi to tell whats happening between Sakshi and Kavin to Abhirami. Sakshi plan to break Kavin attention towards Losliya, scripted a drama to favour her closeness to Kavin. Abhirami, Sherin and Reshma acted as well to support Sakshi Act without knowing her plan. Male Contestants except Cheran disquised as Female Contestants for a fun task. Even the couple dance for a Vennilavey song sung and choreaographed by Sandy shows that Sakshi loves Kavin with her Hug at the end of the day. Wake Up Song: Petta - Marana Mass

Day 12 : Episode 13 - 05 July 2019 : Sakshi Loves Kavin, Bigg Boss Prank Task for Meera, Sandy Emotional Birthday

Sakshi Loves Kavin, blushes with Bhindi Incident. Saravanan Chicken Catching Class. Bigg Boss asked Housemates to evict one among the 7 contestants for the weekend nomination but told this task is to prank Meera. Vanitha with the help of Sakshi act and to get closer with Meera, mastermind plan resulted in to isolate Abhirami. Sandy breaks emotionally after seeing his daughter video during his birthday celebration. Wake Up Song: Gulaebaghavali - Guleba

Day 13 : Episode 14 - 06 July 2019 : Madhumitha saved from Bigg Boss Eviction

Abhirami Acting Class. Vanitha Mastermind Plan continues to create rift between Meera and Fathima. Losliya said the truth that Meera now joined another group and stopped talking with Madhu. Kamal announced People saved Madhumitha with their votes eventhough most of the housemates does not like her. Wake Up Song: Jilla - Yeppa Maama

Day 14 : Episode 15 - 07 July 2019 : Fathima Babu Eviction. Vanitha anger on Abhirami

Vanitha angry on Abhirami cause she was not with her team selecting Madhumitha as the person they wanted to leave house but choosed Meera. Vanitha upset with Abhirami decision saying all these started for her but now she is showing as good. Abhirami cried and asked Bigg Boss to send her home. Madhumitha asked Abhirami not to cry but Abhirami wanted to be with her friends not with Madhumitha. Fathima Babu got evicted this week. Fathima was asked by Bigg Boss to break the medal given by Kamal when she entered the house and she did it. Fathima selected Tharshan, Abhirami and Sandy for next week captainship competition. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 15 : Episode 16 - 08 July 2019 : Abhirami - New Captain. Madhumitha, Meera, Mohan, Saravanan and Vanitha in Eviction List

Meera told Losliya that she is upset with her cause Losliya voted against Meera in the weekend show but Losliya replied that she was not happy now with what Meera doing by joining with the other group to isolate Madhumitha. Abhirami won the task cause both Tharshan and Sandy has given up for Abhirami. Abhirami gets upset as her friends are getting closer to Meera. Sakshi gets jealous on Losliya and not happy with Kavin as he started talking with Losliya. Vanitha goes hard on Abhirami as she used the word Fish Market for saying Vanitha shouting alot. Vanitha master planning again to get closer with Madhumitha saying she wanted to bring her real face out. Wake Up Song: Oru Kal Oru Kannadi - Venaam Machan

Day 16 : Episode 17 - 09 July 2019 : Murder Cemetery Setup Luxury Budget Task

Meera Yoga Class. Kavin Started Flirting with Sakshi. Luxury Budget Task with Cemetery Setup for Murderer Task. Vanitha and Mugen are murderer and murderer friend respectively and they are supposed to murder Bigg Boss instructed Housemates one by one with a task. Vanitha was instructed through phone by Bigg Boss to remove make up of Sakshi by herself to murder her. Bigg Boss Announced Sakshi is killed surprised Housemates. Kavin acted by missing Sakshi showing sad face. Vanitha gets second call for killing Mohan to make him dance like Michael Jackson. Mohan dead and joined Sakshi in the Cemetery. Wake Up Song: Silambattam - Vechukkava Unna

Day 17 : Episode 18 - 10 July 2019 : Murder Cemetery Setup Luxury Budget Task Continues

Cheran not happy with Meera working in his team. Argument created rift between the two. Mohan hurt many times cause of Sandy Tease. Vanitha gets first call of the day for instruction to kill Sherin by making her to kiss Tharshan. Sherin dead and joined Sakshi and Mohan in the Graveyard. Vanitha gets instruction to kill Reshma in her fourth call, to make her partner Mugen act like accidental drop of Cold Coffee on Reshma. Reshma dead and joined other three in the Cemetery. All Suspect Losliya and Madhumitha as the Murderer. Funny Funeral Speech at the end of the day. Vanitha, Mohan and Reshma talks about Fathima exit as good thing for the house as negativity left from the house. Wake Up Song: Kalakalappu 2 - Karakudi Ilavarasi

Day 18 : Episode 19 - 11 July 2019 : Luxury Budget Task Ends. Vanitha Dominates. Losliya Upset

Bigg Boss called Kavin and Meera, made Inspector and Constable respectively. Sandy was made Ghost Medium. Kavin and Meera took few housemates for Interrogation. Kavin getting closer with Losliya when Sakshi stays outside as Ghost. Cheran called Sakshi to check what Kavin doing with Losliya. Vanitha and Mugen has to take gun of Kavin and hide it to kill him. Kavin Dead and Joined other Ghosts in the Graveyard. Vanitha revealed that She and Mugen did all the Murders. Special video displayed how the Murder done by Vanitha and Mugen during the task. Housemates named Vanitha, Mohan and Sakshi as best performers, first two for the task and last for overall week respectively. Cheran and Saravanan was choosed as worst performers. Worst performers was told to go to Jail. Few Housemates were not happy and talked whether someone else can go instead of them. Losliya asked can she goto Jail instead of Cheran which instigate angerness on Vanitha, hurts Losliya. Losliya asked Kevin to stop talking with her. Kavin asked Losliya not to cry. Saravanan in complete angerness and thorough upset cause nobody talked in support of him. Wake Up Song: Petta - Petta Paraak

Day 19 : Episode 20 - 12 July 2019 : Cheran and Kavin in Jail. Released Next Day. Tharshan Vs Vanitha cause Captaincy Task. Sakshi - Next Week Captain.

Cheran and Kavin went to Jail for poor performance but released next day. Tharshan called Meera a Chameleon which upset her. Both Meera and Tharshan spoke eachother to clear misunderstanding. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping with 2500 Points(3000 - 500 points deducted cause of using other languages to speak but not Tamil). Next Week Captain Task between Vanitha, Sakshi and Mohan with Catch and Stick Skull badge on Contestant, with whoever has it sticked on them during Buzzer will relegate. Mohan gave up as he was unable to run and catch others to stick the badge. Sakshi caught Vanitha easily and stick the badge but Vanitha unable to catch Sakshi back which angered her and blame the task as the stupidest one and not fair. Tharshan went against Vanitha and spoke his opinion that Vanitha should not be stubborn and must play the game according to the rules. Vanitha become Furious and started cursing Tharshan but Tharshan gradually gets support from other contestants in the house. Vanitha blamed Captain Abhirami for not taking charge to avoid the problem. Cheran gets involved to reduce the tension between Vanitha and Tharshan. Nippon Paint Finger Print Task for Memories. Wake Up Song: Velai Illa Pattadhaari - What A Karvaad

Day 20 : Episode 21 - 13 July 2019 : Mohan Saved from Week Eviction

Kavin flirts and having fun with Losliya. Sandy and Kavin sings Song for Kamal. Kamal questions Vanitha and Sakshi about Abhirami. Kamal appreciate Tharshan for his Braveness. Kamal had discussion with housemates regarding Vanitha attitude during Captaincy Task. Kamal announced People saved Mohan with their votes. Wake Up Song: Thaanaa Serndha Koottam - Sodakku

Day 21 : Episode 22 - 14 July 2019 : Vanitha Evicted

Meera likes Tharshan but Tharshan rejected it which created a news in the house. Saravanan saved by people but he wants to leave the house as he worries about his family. Kamal announced Madhumitha saved but Sandy made fun of her by imitating her. Kamal announced Vanitha eviction this week. Vanitha exit shocked Housemates as nobody expected it. Vanitha was asked by Bigg Boss to break the medal given by Kamal when she entered the house and she did it. Wake Up Song: Hey Ram - Ram Ram

Day 22 : Episode 23 - 15 July 2019 : Abhirami, Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan are in Eviction List

Saravanan Imitation when he spoke with Mohan, completely disappointed him and broken Mohan emotionally. Saravanan clears the issue with Mohan saying sorry but with rudeness. Saravanan hurts Madhumitha while cooking with his words. Abhirami cries after hearing her name in the eviction Nomination list. Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan are others in the list. Task to state good and bad person in house with some random questions for each housemate. All projected Meera as bad in House. Sakshi looks like a responsible captain, getting involved with whoever gets into an issue to reduce the tension. Starting from Mohan, then Madhumitha and later Meera. Cheran and Losliya involves more in house after the exit of Vanitha. Kavin and Losliya have fun talking with Sandy. Wake Up Song: 7UP Madras Gig - Orasaadha

Day 23 : Episode 24 - 16 July 2019 : Kavin Worst Words and Sakshi Cunning Mind Hurts Meera Peace of Mind

Mohan request Sakshi to change him from Bathroom cleaning team to Cooking Team but Sakshi asks him to goto Dishwashing team to avoid Saravanan in Cooking Team. But created a scene for no reason just to show his presence. In the end, Mohan kisses both Reshma and Abhirami. Sakshi upset because of Kavin gave her chocolate to Losliya. Sakshi asked Kavin to leave her alone. Losliya return the chocolate to Kavin by seeing the issue grtting created for him with Sakshi. Losliya cried infront of Cheran, which upset Cheran as well. Luxury Budget Task Tik Tik Tik to stop 2 alarms within 10 seconds to get full 700 points but Sandy and Meera stopped those by taking 18 seconds to get 600 points. Kavin comments calling Meera waste one more time causes problem again. Cunning Mind Sakshi and Criminal Head Reshma pulled Meera to find fault and hurt Kavin, but created issue and breaks peace mind of Meera by saying she started the meeting. Meera Cried as she felt really bad as some people always show her as negative person in the house. Wake Up Song: Jilla - Jingunamani

Weekly Summary

Viewers Opinion

Week 1

Brand New Season. Not Big Face. Week started with lot of Emotional cries and completed with some clashes at the end of the week. Abhirami and Vanitha Hyper, Sandy and Mohan Fun, Kavin Flirt, Meera, Reshma, Losliya and Madhumitha Isolation, Fathima, Tharshan and Mugen Love, Cheran and Saravanan Advice, Sakshi and Sherin Friendship are the highlights of the week.

Week 2

Vanitha Rules and keeps everyone under control, people against her are separated and cornered. Madhumitha was the one getting cornered. Meera relaxed and avoided issues but finally become a friend with Vanitha group because of Vanitha Mastermind plan to get her away from Fathima after Fathima told She is an angel and goddess. Abhirami do not like Meera, so she wanted to vote against Meera, disappointed Vanitha and group cause Abhirami did not vote against Madhumitha. Vanitha and Group (Sherin, Sakshi, Kavin and Reshma) not happy with Abhirami but she got relieved after getting to know her so called friends got saved from Eviction. Only Tharshan and Losliya looks like doing right things, supporting for correct things. Meera and Mohan getting closer to Vanitha Group. Sandy, Cheran and Saravanan plays safe. Sakshi loves Kavin but Kavin told in public that she does all for fun with girls and not interested in any of them. Unfortunately in the end, Scapegoat Fathima Babu gets evicted.

Week 3

This Week is all about Vanitha domination and finally someone stood up to question her which made him hero, he is Tharshan. But she is all set to leave the house at the end of the week, all happened as per people wish. Vanitha had an opinion stating that Vijay TV wont evict people who make content and person who create issue to increase channel TRP but everyone in the house shocked when Kamal announced her eviction. Sandy continues to create fun. Losliya continues to shine and make good name. All in all the week did not see any big fight other than one between Vanitha and Tharshan. Now the show lost the primary contestant who creates content, lets see how the show going to continue without trouble maker Vanitha.

Weekly Evictions

1st Week

No Eviction This Week

2nd Week
Second Week Eviction Nomination

Cheran, Fathima, Kavin, Madhumitha, Meera, Sakshi and Saravanan

Second Week Eviction

Fathima Babu

3rd Week
Third Week Eviction Nomination

Madhumitha, Meera, Mohan, Saravanan and Vanitha

Third Week Eviction

Vanitha Vijayakumar

4th Week
Fourth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan

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