Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 1

Bigg Boss Tamil is a reality show based on the Hindi show Bigg Boss which too was based on the original Dutch Big Brother format developed by John de Mol. A number of contestants (known as "housemates") live in a purpose-built house and are isolated from the rest of the world. Each week, housemates nominate two of their fellow housemates for eviction, and the housemates who receives the most nominations would face a public vote. Eventually, one housemate would leave after being "evicted" from the House. In the final week, there were three housemates remaining, and the public voted for who they wanted to win.


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Daily Highlight

Episode 1 - 25 June 2017 : An Introduction

Kamal Hassan show cases the place and invited the contestants.

Day 1 : Episode 2 - 26 June 2017 : First Week Leader

Snehan - A New Leader. Wake Up Song: Vishwaroopam - Nyabagam Varukiratha

Day 2 : Episode 3 - 27 June 2017 : Elimination Process

Sree, Juliana and Anuya Nominated. Wake Up Song: Maari - Maari

Day 3 : Episode 4 - 28 June 2017 : Snehan confronts Oviya

Dishwashing Team Issue. Wake Up Song: Osthi - Kalasala

Day 4 : Episode 5 - 29 June 2017 : Sree Quits

Reason - Health Issue. Wake Up Song: Padayappa - Vetri Kodi Kattu

Day 5 : Episode 6 - 30 June 2017 : Ganja Karuppu Talks

Ganja Karuppu forms team to talk about people not in presence. Wake Up Song: Kabali - Neruppu Da

Day 6 : Episode 7 - 1 July 2017 : Ganja Karuppu Vs Bharani

Ganja Karuppu went onto hit Bharani with fire extinguisher. Wake Up Song: Mankatha - Vilayaadu Mankatha

Day 7 : Episode 8 - 2 July 2017 : Anuya Eviction and her Observation

Anuya about Inmates. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 8 : Episode 9 - 3 July 2017 : Second Week Eviction Nomination, New Leader

Bharani, Ganja Karuppu and Oviya for Eviction Vote, Gayathri becomes leader for 2nd Week. Wake Up Song: Kadhalan - Muqabala

Day 9 : Episode 10 - 4 July 2017 : Gayathri Vs Juliana

Gayathri and Co corners Juliana again. Wake Up Song: Neram - Pistah Song

Day 10 : Episode 11 - 5 July 2017 : Gayathri Vs Juliana

Gayathri atrocity continues, Namitha health issue, Sakthi home sick and Ganja Karuppu as usual back talks. Wake Up Song: Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu - Karka Karka

Day 11 : Episode 12 - 6 July 2017 : Harathi and Gayathri Vs Juliana

Harathi and Gayathri make problems again to Julie. Wake Up Song: I - Mersalayitten

Day 12 : Episode 13 - 7 July 2017 : Bigg Boss Back to School Tasks continues, Bharani Targetted. Sakthi says Gayathri worries of eviction before Julie if it happens

Julie asks Sorry to both Gayathri and Harathi, trying to be good person. Wake Up Song: Sivakasi - Deepavali Deepavali

Day 13 : Episode 14 - 8 July 2017 : Bigg Boss Eviction Selfie

Second week nomination candidates takes selfie. Wake Up Song: Paruthiveeran - Oororam Puliyamaram

Day 14 : Episode 15 - 9 July 2017 : Ganja Karuppu Eviction

Ganja Karuppu displays observation of housemates as a game. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 15 : Episode 16 - 10 July 2017 : Bharani Quits, Oviya Breaks Up with Aarav

Horrible inmates cornered Bharani, resigned by himself - Evicted stating breaking the rules. Ganesh becomes 3rd week leader. Oviya said enough of flirting, only friendship to Aarav. Julie, Oviya, Vaiyapuri and Harathi nominated for next week eviction. Wake Up Song: Anjaan - Ek Dho Teen

Day 16 : Episode 17 - 11 July 2017 : Gayathri Vs Oviya - Harathi Oscar performance to impress Audience for Votes

Dance Marathon - Kamal Songs. Aarav says bad about Oviya to Gayathri. Aarav - Raiza Mike Issue. Wake Up Song: Pokkiri - Pokkiri Pongal

Day 17 : Episode 18 - 12 July 2017 : Julie in love

Dance Marathon - Rajni Songs. Gayathri and Co makes fun of Julie love. Wake Up Song: Jilla - Mama Treat

Day 18 : Episode 19 - 13 July 2017 : Gayathri, Snehan and Sakthi talks bad about Julie asusual

Dance Marathon - Ajith Vijay Songs. Sakthi, Gayathri and Snehan makes fun of Aarav and Julie. Wake Up Song: Devi - Chal Maar

Day 19 : Episode 20 - 14 July 2017 : Namitha, Raiza and Harathi Vs Juliana

Dance Marathon - Multi Actors Songs. Namitha says inmates treat Julie like how they did to Bharani. Wake Up Song: Ethir Neechal - Sathyama Nee Enakku

Day 20 : Episode 21 - 15 July 2017 : Kamal anger and questions inmates about their behavior

Oviya announced as the person got maximum vote and safe from week eviction. Wake Up Song: Vivegam - Surviva

Day 21 : Episode 22 - 16 July 2017 : Harathi Evicted

Kamal announced 3rd week eviction and had talks with Bharani. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 22 : Episode 23 - 17 July 2017 : Gayathri gets emotional cause of Chocolate powder issue.

Sakthi becomes 4th week leader, Oviya, Namitha and Ganesh nominated for weekend eviction. Wake Up Song: Velaiilla Pattadhari - Udhungada Sangu

Day 23 : Episode 24 - 18 July 2017 : Luxury Budget Task - Diamond Stealing Drama

Each contestant takes a role and all have to watch and keep safe of the diamond to get the points but Sakthi has to replace the original with duplicate to keep away from next week eviction nomination. Raiza directly nominated for next week eviction for breaking the rule - Not to discuss about eviction nomination list. Wake Up Song: Romeo Juliet - Dandanakka

Day 24 : Episode 25 - 19 July 2017 : Diamond Stealing Drama - Sakthi agrees that he is the theif

Oviya and Sakthi had some arguement but Julie seems to be the person who is invoking all the issues by saying wrong about Oviya. Wake Up Song: Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva - Hara Hara Mahadevaki

Day 25 : Episode 26 - 20 July 2017 : All turning against Oviya again, Special apperance by Pro Kabaddi League Team Tamil Thalaivas

Julie plays double game play with Oviya and Gayathri with Namitha. Wake Up Song: Soodhu Kavvum - Kaasu Panam

Day 26 : Episode 27 - 21 July 2017 : Julie joined up with Gayathri and Namitha to corner and evict Oviya

Housemates planning to kick out Oviya by saying she is not doing the job assigned to her. Wake Up Song: Irumbu Kuthirai - Penne Penne

Day 27 : Episode 28 - 22 July 2017 : Oviya has been saved once again

Housemates able to understand the truth (Julie Double Face) happened in last few days. Wake Up Song: Jigarthanda - Pandi Naatu Kodi

Day 28 : Episode 29 - 23 July 2017 : Week 4 Eviction

Namitha got evicted and shares her observation. Julie continues to defend herself that she is genuine. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 29 : Episode 30 - 24 July 2017 : Snehan becomes leader again. Raiza is in fake eviction list already, Oviya, Julie and Aarav also got nominated

Housemates supports Julie has interrogation with Aarav and Julie to clear things but still decides to support Julie and started to maintain distance with Aarav. Wake Up Song: Remo - Senjitaley

Day 30 : Episode 31 - 25 July 2017 : Luxury Budget Task - Cycling for Stress Relief and Physical Fitness

Contestants have to ride cycles for others to use Bedroom, Kitchen or Bathroom. Evening fun play with ball and basket. Wake Up Song: Vanakkam Chennai - Chennai Gangsta

Day 31 : Episode 32 - 26 July 2017 : Twist in Luxury Budget Task - Interviewing Task for Oviya and Gayathri

Gayathri and Oviya made as Reporters and asked to interview others, this task clears the misconception between the two, Successful completion of Interviewing ends the Cycling task. Finally Bigg Boss Family had a happy day with smiles in all face. Wake Up Song: Kushi - Oru Ponna Onnu Naan Paarthen

Day 32 : Episode 33 - 27 July 2017 : Special Power Small Bigg Boss Task - Making Clay Doll to represent Bigg Boss Character

Aarav and Gayathri become small Bigg Boss has special power to appoint someone (Oviya) as assistant, to Punish someone (Raiza) for lazyness, to keep away someone (Julie) from family till night, to nominate someone (Vaiyapuri) for next week eviction and to save someone (Snehan) from next week eviction. Wake Up Song: Guru - Mayya Mayya

Day 33 : Episode 34 - 28 July 2017 : Change in attitude of Oviya and Gayathri surprises everyone, something wrong with Oviya

Julie has been given a power to judge Food Competition, chooses losers of the competition Oviya as Red Carpet holder, Ganesh as Massage person, Snehan as Cook and Vaiyapuri as Assistant. Wake Up Song: Yennai Arindhaal - Adhaaru Adhaaru

Day 34 : Episode 35 - 29 July 2017 : Kamal Hassan discussed issues with Housemates especially the problem between Oviya and Julie

Housemates divided in to two teams and acted the scene as a drama, Raiza is the host. Kamal also plays tricks in the mind by telling housemates that the rest 5 who are not nominated are asked to chose one to save from the current week eviction. Wake Up Song: Kalakalappu - Mokkamanusha

Day 35 : Episode 36 - 30 July 2017 : New Entry to the Bigg Boss House

Bindu Madhavi is the new housemate. Yesterday task - Contestants decided to save Aarav from eviction, Later Kamal Hassan announced this week a No Eviction Week. Game of Imitation and Thoughts by each contestant about others. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 36 : Episode 37 - 31 July 2017 : New contestant Bindu started the stay with a task to place the number plate on each contestant from 1 to 9 based on her most liking to the least.

Bindu trying to understand the difference between each contestant in her own gender. Julie, Oviya and Vaiyapuri got nominated for this week eviction. Wake Up Song: Avan Ivan - Dia Dia Dole

Day 37 : Episode 38 - 01 August 2017 : Luxury Budget Task - Mental Asylum

Annoying Oviya using the sitaution of the task to show her love for Aarav. Aarav says that he see her just friend but Oviya says that she wanted the thing she gave to him then she will leave him. Wake Up Song: Kakapo - Kakapo

Day 38 : Episode 39 - 02 August 2017 : Complicated Aarav and Oviya Chapter

When Aarav decides to avoid Oviya, Oviya called Aarav a Cheater. Aarav wants to show that he is not interested in Oviya when other housemates are around them, but speaks smoothly with her without any problem when no one is present. Oviya revealed the thing she asked yesterday that she needs the kiss back. Gayathri still wanted to show others that Oviya is not doing any work at home. Wake Up Song: Bogan - Kooduvittu Koodu

Day 39 : Episode 40 - 03 August 2017 : Oviya continues to Annoy, Housemates started showing some care for her. In The End, Its Curtain fall for the Love

Everyone except Sakthi shows some care for Oviya but she avoids them and ignores all the task (Cookery show, Aadhar Card Drama and Fitness Coach show) and reacting Weird, hurts everyone with Sarcasm especially bugging Aarav to the core. Vaiyapuri and Snehan assures Oviya that they will support her if there is any mistake by Aarav, then she reacted that is her mistake not Aarav saying Aarav never said Love to her but even later all the conversation of self realization, she continued to ask Aarav Yes or No and Aarav replied No to it. Then Finally she said no more Aarav in her life. Full stop to the Love.. Wake Up Song: Pokkiri - En Chella Peru Apple

Day 40 : Episode 41 - 04 August 2017 : Oviya attempts Suicide and decided to leave the show

Oviya says Aarav cheated her and he is a big playboy in the house. Aarav got nominated for next week eviction after the Tug of war competition. Oviya looks confused, having some mental disorder and unstable all the time. Oviya decided to leave and says cannot stay in this house anymore. Wake Up Song: Ninaithale Inikkum - Banaras Pattu Katti

Day 41 : Episode 42 - 05 August 2017 : Oviya Quits

Oviya looked unstable and finally decided to leave the show after three consultation with Doctor. Kamal talks with Oviya, she left the show saying she still loves Aarav and waiting for him, ignoring fans opinion that he dont deserve her. Later Kamal talks with Bindu, Ganesh and Raiza, trying to understand reason for Oviya exit. Ganesh was asked why the word INHUMAN not used when Bharani was cornered, Raiza says Gayathri and Sakthi are INFLUENTIAL people and have some dominating character. Wake Up Song: Ethir Neechal - Ethir Neechal

Day 42 : Episode 43 - 06 August 2017 : Julie Evicted

Kamal talks with Snehan ends in tears, Aarav was questioned on his love invoking activities and also about the Kiss, Aarav called it as Medical Treatment Kiss, Kamal asked Aarav to tell about treatment kiss to other housemates. Kamal asked Sakthi about why he didnt apology to Oviya. Later Kamal questioned Gayathri about the vulgar words used in the house. In the end, Kamal announced Julie as the person for weekend eviction. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 43 : Episode 44 - 07 August 2017 : Raiza was made Week Leader by Bigg Boss, Rest for Eviction List

All Housemates other than Raiza was added in the Eviction List cause everyone nominated Vaiyapuri and Ganesh without any proper reason. Bigg Boss made Raiza as leader of the week, rest was made to compete for the other activities leadership. Gayathri blast angrily against Kamal remarks which says why to use bad words repeatedly. Wake Up Song: Thalaivaa - Vaanganna Vanakkanganna

Day 44 : Episode 45 - 08 August 2017 : Luxury Budget Shopping Task - Laundry Center

Housemates are divided into 2 teams, Snehan, Aarav, Raiza and Bindu a team and other team mates are Sakthi, Gayathri, Ganesh and Vaiyapuri. Each team has to frame shopping list, Winning team shopping list will be accepted as Luxury budget shopping list. Both team has to do laundry, Clothes and resources are provided thru Slide. Press clothes properly using antique charcoal iron and pack it as new item in the provided plastic bags. One member from each team will be the quality controller for the other team for the approval and rejection of the finished items. Winning team will get 450 points for each day. Vaiyapuri continues to show his frustration by talking to himself. Snehan and his team wins 450 points and each team have to do their own cooking and eat. Wake Up Song: Aadukalam - Yathe Yathe

Day 45 : Episode 46 - 09 August 2017 : Luxury Budget Shopping Task Continues and ends in the evening

Housemates told Ganesh about his involvement with other things and problems. Snehan and his team continues to win 2 consecutive days and later Bigg Boss announced end of the task. For Daily Task, Each Housemates has to share a ghost story to others. At the night, Snehan, Sakthi and Aarav went on to scare Bindu and Raiza. Wake Up Song: Aayirathil Oruvan - Atho Antha Paravai Pola Remix

Day 46 : Episode 47 - 10 August 2017 : Gayathri Vs Raiza

Bigg Boss requested Housemates to save one among Snehan and Vaiyapuri from the weekend Eviction. Gayathri and Co saved Vaiyapuri, and reason given by Gayathri saying she can handle all her problems on her own and dont need Snehan advice as Raiza told, made Raiza laugh, it made Gayathri angry. A new problem started cause of Ego. Wake Up Song: Kaakha Kaakha - Ondra Renda Aasaigal

Day 47 : Episode 48 - 11 August 2017 : Gayathri was saved from the current week eviction by winning a competition

Raiza unable to control her tears with so much stress in her mind. Daily Task - Do Not Mind Task: Housemates were asked not to mind about anything. First a THEIF, then a CLOWN. Wake Up Song: Gemini - Oh Podu

Day 48 : Episode 49 - 12 August 2017 : Special Appearance by Actors Sri Priya and Sathish. Housemates Bindu and Ganesh are safe from the Current Week Eviction

Actors visited the show to clarify some doubts. Sri Priya questions on Aarav Medical Kiss and Gayathri Eviction Save by Bigg Boss, Sathish mde fun of Snehan and Aarav. Bigg Boss explained the nomination process done by housemates have flaws, this show is a game of International format with different concept, return of evicted or walked person are possible and all housemates are educated with whom to nominate in upcoming weeks. Each Housemate says their opinion about others. Later Kamal announced Bindu and Ganesh are safe from Eviction, One among the rest three will get evicted tomorrow. Wake Up Song: Pudhupettai - Variya

Day 49 : Episode 50 - 13 August 2017 : Sakthi gets Eliminated

Sakthi eliminated from the Bigg Boss House. Gayathri cries and says everyone she likes are leaving the show. Sakthi plays a game and shares his opinion about Vaiyapuri, Bindu and Gayathri as a movie name and reviews about it. Housemates watches clips and feels the moments of the show in the event of Bigg Boss 50th Day celebration. Later Kamal also announced there are new housemates are expected for the Independence day special. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 50 : Episode 51 - 14 August 2017 : Gayathri and Raiza nominated for Weekend Eviction, Bindu the New Leader

Gayathri says to Ganesh, Snehan and Aarav that Raiza attitude has changed which is not good. Snehan asked Raiza not to react at anything. Raiza replied Everyone just go die. Bindu wins the competition and becomes the week leader. Gayathri and Raiza nominated for Weekend Eviction. Housemates has to make someone believe Ghost exist in Bigg Boss House. Bindu is the Target. Wake Up Song: Silambattam - Where Is The Party

Day 51 : Episode 52 - 15 August 2017 : Ghost Task: Housemates target Bindu Madhavi

While all other Housemates cooperating for the task, Raiza continues to ignore stating it spoiling her sleep. Housemates share their opinion about India and wishes Independence Day to everyone. Housemates seeting up to scare Bindu. Wake Up Song: Pandavar Bhoomi - Avaravar Vazhkaiyil

Day 52 : Episode 53 - 16 August 2017 : Suja Varunee is the new Bigg Boss Housemate

Housemates continue to fool Bindu for Ghost Task. Bigg Boss sent a priest to complete the Ghost task making Bindu to get in to the Swimming Pool, Later in the night, Suja Varunee entered in to the house as a new Bigg Boss Housemate. Wake Up Song: Jai Hind - Thayin Mani Kodi

Day 53 : Episode 54 - 17 August 2017 : Harish Kalyan makes entry as new Bigg Boss Housemate

Snehan continues to act like good human to other housemates by talking bad about Aarav. Suja works as a part of cleaning team. Housemates started to fool Suja saying they have to act like fighting eachother, Snehan and Bindu act like they have some problem eachother. Open Sesame Task, Housemates has to steal key to open surprise box, Suja has to protect keys, Task results in Aarav surviving from next week eviction, Power for Ganesh to save someone from next week eviction, 200 luxury points for Snehan. Punishment for Suja to push her into Swimming Pool. Gayathri and Aarav talks bad about Snehan. Later in the night, New Contestant Harish Kalyan makes entry into the Bigg Boos House, pranking girls, separating them in to teams for quick bite food and making fun of Snehan as doctor in the house. Wake Up Song: Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva - Aadaludan Paadalai Kettu

Day 54 : Episode 55 - 18 August 2017 : Kaajal Pasupathi enters Bigg Boss House as a new contestant

Episode started with Gayathri getting details from Harish. Gayathri, Bindu, Raiza, Snehan, Vaiyapuri and Aarav continue to prank Suja that everyone is acting based on Bigg Boss instructions. Raiza told all Snehan opinion about others to Gayathri and Aarav. Daily Task Housemates separated in to 2 teams, Snehan, Ganesh, Vaiyapuri and Suja in White team, another team named Red and its members are Gayathri, Aarav, Raiza and Bindu. Harish the Referee. Winning Team get the Lunch from Bigg Boss, results in argument between Snehan and Aarav for sharing Lunch. Winning team wants to share food while the other team ignores it. Gayathri feels happy about Snehan and Aarav argument, Vaiyapuri and Snehan notices it. Aarav says he didnt like the word Politics used in the conversation. Snehan said he didnt use it but he actually used it. Vaiyapuri asked Aarav that is anyone igniting the issue between the two but Aarav replied that he can take his own decisions. Snehan asks sorry to Aarav for the argument with tears, Aarav says sorry too for his anger but tells Gayathri that he didnt says sorry to Snehan. Kaajal comes in Auto, surprises all the housemates, discusses about Aarav and Oviya Issue. Wake Up Song: Vettaikaaran - En Uchi Mandaila

Day 55 : Episode 56 - 19 August 2017 : Kamal angry on Old Housemates, talks individually with New Contestants

Kamal felt housemates are irresponsible and not committed to the show, decides to stop talking to the old housemates for rest of the day. Housemates especially Snehan, Vaiyapuri and Ganesh asks Sorry on behalf of all and requested Kamal to come back to host the show. Later Bigg Boss announced Kamal will talk with New housemates individually. Kamal discusses with Suja, Harish and Kaajal individually about them, how they feel inside the house and whom they want back, all said they want to see Oviya back to the show. All 3 new contestants were given questions asked by people through #AskHousemates Facebook Post to question old housemates. Wake Up Song: Devi - Kokka Makka Kokka

Day 56 : Episode 57 - 20 August 2017 : Gayathri Out Of Bigg Boss Show

Suja was angry and upset for prank and song. Vaiyapuri cried for his funny comment passing attitude especially singing Kattipudi song during the entry of Suja. After the eviction, Gayathri was questioned by crowd present in the show. Gayathri danced with Kamal and exit the show on a happy note by apologizing, completely out of expectation. When Julie left no one bothered her but when Gayathri lefy she had a good ovation and support. This is like Initiator getting better name and support than the muderer, slightly looked idiotic, may be people was restricted in asking questions. Kamal credits audience for their Culture and Politeness. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 57 : Episode 58 - 21 August 2017 : Harish Becomes Week Leader. Raiza, Snehan and Vaiyapuri in Eviction List

New Leader Competition between Harish, Suja and Kaajal resulted in Harish win and he become Leader of the week. Raiza, Snehan and Vaiyapuri nominated for current week eviction. Aarav was already saved cause of Open Sesame Task resulted in no one can nominate him, similarly Ganesh decides to use the save someone option for later weeks. Bindu was totally involved in the show today in expressing everything with sense of Humour supported by Vaiyapuri. Sure Victory Daily Task where every housemate has to say who will become the star and who will lose this opportunity. Later Suja and Harish individual talk with Bigg Boss. Wake Up Song: Kazhugu - Aambalaikum Pombalaikum

Day 58 : Episode 59 - 22 August 2017 : Day saw the direct eviction nomination swing from one person to another cause of luxury budget task

Suja Morning Rangoli with words Oviya Come Soon shows few housemates needs Oviya back in the Bigg Boss House but Kaajal tells Harish it is just a tactics to get the people support. Aarav hits the Buzzer started the luxury budget task, got nominated for the next week eviction, Bindu, Suja and Kaajal compete in the competition selected by Aarav, the loser will replace the Aarav for direct nomination for next week eviction. Aarav choosed Suja as the loser. Bigg Boss told Suja she can escape from next week eviction by playing a task but she needs to make someone accept to stay awake with her to do the task till the next day wake up song. Snehan accepted and continues to play the task with the help and motivation from few other housemates. Wake Up Song: Vikram Vedha - Yaanji

Day 59 : Episode 60 - 23 August 2017 : Raiza cries and told she like to get evicted, Night task continues with Bindu for today

Suja completed her night task successfully with the help from Snehan and Ganesh. Suja identified Bindu, Kaajal and Harish for the task of pulling Suja on tyre the distance in quicker time. Bindu lost the task and set to do the night task. Eggs stolen from Bigg Boss as the punishment for Raiza sleep. Raiza unable to control her tears, said she do not have to explain the reason for her sleep and making fun to others cause that is her originality and said she can better get evicted. Daily Task Hit The Pot saw Snehan awarding victory to Ganesh led team, while the Aarav team members suspect about the judgement by Snehan. Bindu started to do her night tailoring machine task with the help of other housemates. Wake Up Song: Naadodi - Thoongathe Thambi

Day 60 : Episode 61 - 24 August 2017 : Day full of fun with Kaajal, Housemates call her Dummy Piece, Kaajal Cries

Housemates divided into 2 teams based on friendship bond, compete in building and saving the castle task, judged by Ganesh. In the end, Aarav led team beat Snehan and his team. After Bindu completed her night task in the morning, she nominated Ganesh, Aarav and Snehan for the Next Task. They all competed in the mud and ball task. Ganesh easily defeated the other two, Snehan finished Last. Bigg Boss individually told each housemates their role in the task. Aarav and Harish are murderers, Kaajal and Vaiyapuri are cops. Each have their codewords (Hey Buddy, Paramanandham for Cops) or secret object (Torn Dummy 100 Rs Currency Note for Thieves) to identify their partner. Wake Up Song: Thirumalai - Thamthakka Theemthakka

Day 61 : Episode 62 - 25 August 2017 : Aarav and Harish Murders Ganesh and Raiza

Housemates celebrated Ganesh Chathurthi with the traditional pooja. Harish and Aarav planned and feed Egg to Ganesh to murder him. Housemates suspect Snehan and Suja for their weird activities. Head Constable Vaiyapuri and Inspector Kaajal interrogated with other housemates, but that part looked like Vaiyapuri is Inspector and Kaajal is Constable. After getting instructions from Bigg Boss, Aarav and Harish managed to kill Raiza by making her to say Ada Pongaiya thrice by playing a game with her. Housemates was made to fight at eachother as practice first, then they wrestle with professional later. Ganesh and Suja emerged as Winners, got Egg as prize. Ganesh and Raiza was made to wear white cloth to look as Ghost near a Tree outside the house, they have to eat and sleep only outside, both are not allowed to enter inside the house. Wake Up Song: Vikram Vedha - Tasakku Tasakku

Day 62 : Episode 63 - 26 August 2017 : Aarav and Harish completed Who is the Killer Task successfully. Housemates fought and defend with words in Court Scenario.

The Day started with Police Vaiyapuri talks with Ganesh and Raiza to identify the killers. Ganesh was spot on saying both Aarav and Harish looks very suspicious. Aarav got next instructions to kill Kaajal and Bindu, Kaajal needs to hug either Aarav or Harish to get killed, Aarav finishes it easily. To get Bindu killed which is tougher job, Aarav and Harish played a game for her to say Hello Buddy by wearing Police Cap, and they successfully killed her too. Bigg Boss asked Vaiyapuri to name the killers, Vaiyapuri predicted almost correctly but finally Bigg Boss requested Aarav to reveal the truth, which surprised the dead housemates and that concludes the task, Bigg Boss mentioned Aarav and Harish will receive gift for the successful task later. Bigg Boss asked housemates to write complaints about other fellow contestants, and those points are discussed as the court scenario where each housemate takes up the position as proscuting lawyer as well as defendant. Kamal being the people judge listened to all the discussion. All the common issues between housemates are all discussed. Vaiyapuri named as best prosecutor and Ganesh won as the best defendant. Wake Up Song: Iru Mugan - Halena

Day 63 : Episode 64 - 27 August 2017 : Raiza Strange Eviction, did not get opportunity to say final good bye

Aarav angry and complains that Bigg Boss projecting him wrongly to the public. To clear all the misunderstanding about Aarav sorry conversation with Snehan, Kamal asked Bigg Boss to play short film of the incident. Raiza gets evicted strangely, did not get opportunity to say final bye to the other housemates properly.Bigg Boss team teased Raiza stating that barking dog which wakes up people who sleep, gets admitted to the hospital cause of often barking to wake up Raiza from sleep. Raiza was not sent back to say final bye to the other housemates, instead she said thru Aaham TV. Julie, Harathi, Shakthi, Gayathri and Bharani are invited as special guest for the day show, Bharani gets big support with claps from the crowd. Kamal asked few questions and gets anger with the crowd for emotional reactions, requested to show the emotions in Political Elections. Kamal requested 2 out of 5 from the guest to enter house as Wild Card entry and told to wait till next episode to know who are they. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 64 : Episode 65 - 28 August 2017 : Julie and Harathi reenters Bigg Boss House for a week as Guest

The episode started as Kaajal saddened by thinking that she is the reason for Raiza eviction. Snehan and Vaiyapuri felt bad about Aarav talks. Second time open nomination at the Bigg Boss House, Aarav and Kaajal along with already listed Snehan in the Nomination list. Julie reenters Bigg Boss House as a guest for a week, mixed feelings among the housemates, Julie purposely avoided huggung male housemates especially Snehan and Aarav. Suja showed her anger towards Julie with some punches. Harathi already made some comments from confession room before entering the house one more time, both Harathi and Julie noticed housemates behavoiur are changed. At the end of the day, Housemates played Truth or Dare as the daily task. Wake Up Song: Rum - Hola Amigo

Day 65 : Episode 66 - 29 August 2017 : Harish Becomes Week Leader. Raiza, Snehan and Vaiyapuri in Eviction List

After Julie and Harathi back in the house, few housemates feel happy especially Ganesh and Bindu. Luxury Budget Basket Ball Task - Housemates were separated in to 2 team and the losing team has to do all the work for rest of the week and have to be under the other team instruction and commands with task. To use bathroom, the losing team have to sing song until they finish, For the use of smoking zone, the losing team person need someone from winning team to carry them. To use Kitchen and Bedroom, the losing team must get permission from winning team. Housemates dressed up like NRI and Madurai people to perform the task. NRI Team - Harathi, Aarav, Bindu, Ganesh and Kaajal easily win against Madurai Team - Vaiyapuri, Snehan, Harish, Suja and Julie 2 - 0. Housemates took pictures of them when they are dressed up like NRI and Madurai Folks. Losing Madurai team can not avoid doing the task else they will get punished by winning NRI team member. Winning team member Bindu carried Harish of losing team. Losing madurai team members danced to entertain winning NRI team. Wake Up Song: Remo - Vaadi En Tamil Selvi

Day 66 : Episode 67 - 30 August 2017 : Power changed from NRI team to Madurai team

Harathi questions Aarav that will he accept Oviya proposal after going out of Bigg Boss house. Kaajal asks Julie that who she likes among Aarav and Harish. Joined by Harathi to ask Julie about her love towards Aarav, Julie continued to lie that Aarav eyes were like her dad. Madurai team member hold umbrella for NRI team member Bindu. Task resulted in Suja has to hug someone she hates and say the reason. Suja choosed Julie. Bigg Boss announced the power has changed to Madurai team. Some additional power given to Julie, Julie asked Harathi to jump into the pool as task. Same scenario were in the list even before but NRI team didnt give big task to Madurai team. Vaiyapuri looked sick the whole day, tried his best to join in the luxury budget task. Madurai team asks Bindu to sing song and some petty task. Suja asked Aarav to feed her Nuts and Water resulted in Fun. Madurai team asked NRI team to dance and entertain them. Daily Task Seven Stones game played resulted in NRI team victory. Wake Up Song: I - Ladio

Day 67 : Episode 68 - 31 August 2017 : Day of Drama filled with Marriage Drama Fun

Housemates played a marriage drama between Harish and Bindu as the characters of Luxury Budget Task. Again for the task, Ganesh brushed the teeth of Vaiyapuri with Neem Tree Stick. As part of the task, Bindu was asked to cook Payasam and Vada. Julie angry on viewers reaction and said she is getting stronger. A task For the confirmation of the marriage, resulted in Marriage stoppage as the Aarav (W Suja) beat Harish (W Bindu) in the find ornaments in the pool task. Cricket task for additional luxury products, won by Greean team against Yellow team, where Housemates felt Harish as a batsman and Vaiyapuri as a bowler did well. Wake Up Song: Subramaniapuram - Madura Kulunga

Day 68 : Episode 69 - 01 September 2017 : Bindu Delayed Secret Love Task, Julie Cries again with problem with Harathi

Bindu started to act like she is in love with Harish and her objective has to make the Housemates believe this as sensitive issue but the problem with her is she started the task very delayed. She also told to get support from Harathi and Julie by Bigg Boss. Houusemates were seperated into two teams as Red and Blue, supported and judged by Julie and Harathi. Task resulted in bad relationship between Julie and Harathi in choosing the winning team. Julie cried again in emotional outburst as she doesnt want to spoil her name again. Snehan says to Vaiyapuri and Ganesh that he expected Kaajal will be a terror contestant but now she has become a comedy villain piece. Bigg Boss revealed the truth of Bindu acting to harish, and asked him to push Bindu into Swimming pool as the punishment for delayed task and to end it as well. Harathi and Julie talked again in private as requested by Julie to clear the misunderstanding, that is not easy to clear. Wake Up Song: Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara - En Veetula Naan Irunhteaney

Day 69 : Episode 70 - 02 September 2017 : Kamal Emotional Talk about Anita Demise, Some Secret Task both for Kamal and Housemates

Kamal emotional outburst for Anita Demise who were committed suicide after she was not able to clear NEET exam to study MBBS. Housemates recreated the old memories of the Bigg Boss House especially Bharani-Ganja Karuppu, Oviya-Snehan and Julie-Oviya Scene. Julie felt very upset after seeing her past acted by Harathi for her role. Kamal asks questions to two housemates at the time, the quicker to press buzzer can answer for the question, questions basically about things at Bigg Boss House. Similar to last task, Kamal asks questions to two housemates at a time about one among the two, both has to write the answer in the slate provided and compare to check how much they know about other housemate. Bigg Boss has given task to both Kamal and Housemates to make the other say few words by indirectly mentioning the other, Like Housemates has to make Kamal say Short Film, Action and Cut and Maarugo Maarugo Song. Kamal has to make Housemates say Fake or Trigger, People Representative and Annathey Aaduraar Song. Wake Up Song: Engeyum kaadhal - Valliye Sakkara Valliye

Day 70 : Episode 71 - 03 September 2017 : Kaajal gets Evicted. Sakthi back to House as Guest

Harathi feels huge change in Snehan and Aarav behaviour but Julie says she cannot see any big change. Harathi and Julie allowed to stay as guest, Kamal asked them to mock as leaving till the exit but send only the evicted person out. Kamal shows the envelope and announced Kajal eliminated from the Bigg Boss House. Unlike last week where Raiza didnt get opportunity to say final bye to housemates, Kaajal gets chance to say Final Bye. Snehan whenever he gets chance to show him as good person, he uses it very well. He asked Sorry to Kaajal thru the camera, saying he did not get any opportunity to speak with her. Almost all the housemates including Kaajal feels Snehan has changed alot, trying to show himself as good person. There is a clear impression on Kaajal during the talk with Kamal that she has huge inferiority complex inside her. Sakthi said he felt very bad after returning home and watched episodes, And to reveal the real face of Snehan and Vaiyapuri, Sakthi told he is willing to get back into the House as the Guest. Sakthi enters house as the Mafia Gang leader in a Bike. Sakthi after entering, he hugged Snehan first then other housemates and asked his gang to arrest Aarav and take him outside the house. Sakthi revealed himself to the housemates. Snehan hugged him and started crying. Suja and Julie started arguing cause of weird anger reaction by Julie which Suja felt it is not required. Snehan emotional outburst in tears surprises other housemates especially Harathi started questioning is this cry for Aarav exit or Sakthi reentry. Sakthi asked reason for his cry and said that he has people here to talk and care, he have Vaiyapuri and Ganesh then questions what is the reason for him to cry. Vaiyapuri asked questions to other and getting to know about the incident of Sakthi Reentry. To clear all the misunderstanding between Suja and Julie, they talked privately and told Julie not to react quickly. Aarav came back to the house through the confession room and told show will be more interesting from now on after looking at Sakthi reentry, housemates felt happy as well as surpised at Aarav comment. Julie told Aarav that his abduction lead to a fight between her and Suja. Suja says to Harathi that Julie is doing things which is not required. Sakthi started to tease Vaiyapuri that how come he is still there in the house who was asking for the exit right from the first week. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 71 : Episode 72 - 04 September 2017 : Snehan saved by Ganesh. Bindu added in the Eviction list along with Ganesh, Harish and Suja

Housemates were asked to select the competitors for the leader of the week. Housemates selected Snehan, Ganesh and Vaiyapuri for the competition, Harathi did not like Snehan and Ganesh competing again cause they have been leaders before. Big Boss asked Competitors to do election canvas individually with other housemates. Housemates make Vaiyapuri win the election by casting the vote as badges. Green for good, Red for bad. Vaiyapuri had more green badges, becomes week leader. Bigg Boss asked Housemates including guest to nominate, resulted in Snehan, Ganesh, Harish and Suja for weekly eviction list. Ganesh with the power to save someone for long time has been asked by Bigg Boss to save one among the foure in the eviction list, inturn the called person can name a housemate in the eviction list, Ganesh saved Snehan from Eviction list. After getting saved from Ganesh help, Snehan named Bindu for the eviction list. Guest Julie, Sakthi and Harathi were asked to give Bigg Boss awards for all the contestants, Julie awarded Bindu as Dull Person, Suja as Drama Queen and Harish as Dummy. Sakthi awarded Vaiyapuri Cry Face and Snehan as Master Mind. Harathi awarded Ganesh as Selfish and Aarav as Idiot. Suja talked with all other housemates justifying she is not acting like anyone else. Snehan told Sakthi that he never played any Master Mind Game in the house. Harish also asked Harathi for the reason for the dummy award. Suja says few points to Housemates to justify that she is not like anyone else. Snehan told Suja that do not care what other feels and never try to justify. Wake Up Song: Jilla - Pattu Onnu

Day 72 : Episode 73 - 05 September 2017 : Snehan is good says himself, Freeze and Release Luxury Budget Task

Harathi feels for her dad and mom, Snehan says he hide many things which avoided many issues. Bindu teases Snehan for naming her in eviction list and also asked him remove the dull mask, Snehan says other housemates that he is good. Luxury Budget Task - Freeze and Release Task Part 1 saw fun among housemates playing the game, Suja failed the task because of Snehan, resulted in Housemates pushing her in Swimming Pool many times with rewind term. Luxury Budget Task - Freeze and Release Task Part 2 saw little more advanced version with release has to follow the instruction of the Bigg Boss and perform. Task such as Harathi put flour on Julie, Sakthi threw 10 clothes of Aarav in to the pool, collected by Aarav multiple times cause of Rewind mode. More Task such as Julie has to make Harish Sneeze, Snehan has to make Pig sound, Bindu has to dance and Harish has to use slate and scratch with nails. Suja asks Snehan about what Gayathri told about her to him, Sakthi talks to himself that he wants to clear few doubts which can be cleared only by Snehan. Wake Up Song: Velaikkaran - Karuthavanlaam Galeejaam

Day 73 : Episode 74 - 06 September 2017 : Housemates Family Members and Friends entering Bigg Boss House during Freeze and Release Task

Day started with the continuation of Freeze and Release Luxury Budget Task. Sakthi and Julie says Snehan playing his Mastermind Game to win the Bigg Boss Title, Snehan refuses it. Day also saw the entries of family members, they are Vaiyapuri and Harish Family. Also visit includes Bindu Childhood Friends. Each Housemates called to confession room and were asked to write 5 opinions about other Housemates in a card. All the Housemates have to find their own Opinions Card and take Selfie with it. Make Housemate stand up from the chair Task: Housemates divided into two teams of %, One person from each team has to sit and the rest from other side has to make them stand up from the sitting position in the chair. Gnaesh and Harathi competed and both didnt give up till the end, Snehan and Julie has to get special mention in the task, Snehan started aggressively hurted Ganesh, then later poured Chilli Powder Mixed Water on all over Ganesh body, Snehan went violent, later asked Sorry to Ganesh. Julie went very emotional and prayed for the health of Ganesh and Harathi. Wake Up Song: Aambala - Pazhagikalam

Day 74 : Episode 75 - 07 September 2017 : Snehan Dad and Ganesh Wife Nisha visited Bigg Boss House

Ganesh suffering from Eye Injury cause of Yesterday Task, Snehan had guilty feeling that he is responsible for the injury. Ganesh asked Snehan not to worry about it and told Snehan here as the Mom of the House. Snehan dad enters during Freeze and Release task, met Snehan after 16 Years, Snehan and other housemates cried in realizing the power of Dads Love. Harish and Suja feels that this is not the time to leave the Bigg Boss House and they said that they will feel nice if there is no eviction this weekend. Ganesh spouse Nisha visited Bigg Boss House and spent some time with Ganesh and calls it as a dream. Ganesh wife Nisha gave some chocolates to Housemates, Ganesh allowed Bindu to have it. Bindu hide from others and said she do not want to share with others. Housemates were divided into two teams with Sakthi as Referee and Ganesh as Spectator, Aarav, Vaiyapuri, Suja and Julie team beat the other members team. Wake Up Song: Bogan - Damaalu Dumeelu

Day 75 : Episode 76 - 08 September 2017 : Aarav and Suja Family Members Visit and Tough Daily Task

Aarav elder brother, nephew and his friend visit Bigg Boss House. Ganesh Chocolate hidden by Bindu yesterday, stolen by Suja, Sakthi, Aarav and Harish to tease Bindu today. Suja Mom and Sister spent some time with Suja and Housemates in the Bigg Boss House. Houseamates had Freeze and Release Fun especially Julie received most damage. Housemates were divide into 2 teams Blue and Green, Blue team Harish, Vaiyapuri, Harathi and Julie beats the other members in Green Team. Suja with back pain, asks Julie and Bindu that why the houseamtes said to stop only to her during the task but not to Harathi. Wake Up Song: Maan Karate - Darling Dambakku

Day 76 : Episode 77 - 09 September 2017 : Vishnu and Catherine Tresa visit for Katha Nayagan Movie Promotion, Ganesh is Safe

Housemates were divided in to 3 teams, Old Contestants Team, New Contestants Team and Jury Team consist of Guest who are already evicted members. Old Contestants has to choose one from new members as one who is not fit to be in Bigg Boss House. Similarly New Contestants has to select one from old memebers. Both team has to convince their selection with Jury Team. Finally Jury members agrred to it. Vishnu and Catherine Tresa visit the Bigg Boss House for Katha Nayagan Movie Promotion. Vishnu and Catherine Tresa announced the choosen members Bindu from New Contestant and Vaiyapuri from the Old Contestant as Not To Be Fit To Stay in the Bigg Boss House for other members, Later they made food and also did Luxury Budget Shopping for Housemates. When Kamal were talking about last week happenings with Housemates, Suja went emotional and unable to control her cry, said she wants her dad to come home and eat atleast once. Kamal consoles her saying he can be her father and eat the food if her dad does not visit home after all these happenings. Kamal says just 3 weeks left and it is all about competition to win, if anyone feels that they will hurt the other housemates by playing these games hard, the door will be open for 2 minutes, any housemate who do not willing to play hard and tough games can walk off from the show. Everyone accepted the challenge and stayed. Kamal announced Ganesh is saved by the people from the weekend eviction and we will see about the position of Bindu, Harish and Suja tomorrow. Wake Up Song: Salim - Maskara

Day 77 : Episode 78 - 10 September 2017 : Suja into Secret Room, Guests Left. Tough Task Ahead to win Victory Ticket for Housemates

Suja expresses to Harathi that her cry was cause of feelings due to her dad left her house after her birth, she want to be real in expressing emotions and do not want to hide it. Kamal asked Suja to leave the house along with the Guest. Suja gave her final bye as advice to all other housemates. Snehan cried again during the exit of Suja. Suja not got evicted, moved to Secret Room where she has stay alone, with no human connection and watch what housemates are doing thru TV. Kamal announces a straight passage to Finale by winning the Victory Ticket by completing set of Tasks successfully with maximum cummulative scores. Talk in Gibberish language for maximum time is the first task of Golden Victory Ticket Tasks. Harish did well. Kamal announced scores will be announced later. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 78 : Episode 79 - 11 September 2017 : Suja back into Bigg Boss House from Secret Room

Bindu surprises Housemates by making Rangoli at the Bigg Boss House. Suja watches everything from Secret room, from Morning Dance, then Aarav talk of he expected Suja Eviction and the Snehan talk about Suja as she is a loose(Mentally Retarded) and very emotional. These talks made Suja upset. Suja returned back to Bigg Boss House with grumpy face and didnt talk with anyone for a while, which made other housemates upset. Suja spoke with Snehan regarding the comments he made about her. Snehan replied her that he took rights on her and commented and also apologized if it is wrongly felt by Suja. Snehan came out of the living room and started doing the asusual complaints to other housemates about Suja. Bindu also was not happy with Suja attitude but later Suja justified the reason for the behaviour and hugged Bindu. Washer to get access to all necessities in House. Housemates to choose one for 3 questions and that person has to find Washer. Aarav - One for Money Resign, Harish - Not to Win and Suja - Betrayal for Win. Golden Victory Ticket Task - Request, Steal or Trade Task where each Housemates has to make 13 cards with their picture, they can also use hidden golden cards as joker. A Housemate can request, beg, steal or trade with other Housemate. Bindu completed first, rest follows. Suja was able to find one golden cards(but no points awarded for it) during the task but Bigg Boss told there are many hidden golden cards still exist and each carries 2 points, Snehan able to find 3 while Vaiyapuri and Ganesh found 1 each. Bigg Boss told one more card left which carries 5 points. Suja and Snehan continues to search in the night. Wake Up Song: Velai Illa Pattadhaari - What A Karvaad

Day 79 : Episode 80 - 12 September 2017 : Housemates faced 2 Tough Tasks for the day, Stitching Bed Sheet Task and Staying Comfortless in the Car Task

Aarav found the remaining one golden card to get 5 points. A new cooking task where each housemate has to cook a day in this week, receipe provided and task sponsored by India Gate. Aarav cooked Lemon Quinoa Poha for the day. Started by Snehan and continueed by Harish to Tease Bindu, saying she is not doing any work in the house. Clothes wrapped in Balls are throwed inside the house, Houseamtes has to catch and make bed sheet with it, An additional black clothes also throwed, The Housemate who has black cloth can request from other housemate cloth of same size, that other housemate should not refuse to give cloth. Person finish first gets 10 points, and second, third, so on will get 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 and person finish last will get 0. Vaiyapuri struggled alot. Task is stopped in the night time temporarily to start the daily task. Daily Task wher Housemates has to stay in car for long time to get 10 Points for Golden Ticket Win. At each Buzzer, Housemates has to discuss and send someone out of the house. Housemates started the task with Snehan, Aarav and Vaiyapuri sitting in the front of the car. Suja, Ganesh, Bindu and Harish at the back. Starting from Bindu, Vaiyapuri, Aarav, Harish and Ganesh left in the order one by one with Snehan and Suja fighting for 10 Points overnight. Bigg Boss called each housemate and asked for reason of self resign from the task. Each replied with the reason followed by Bigg Boss reply that the door will open again in the future, Housemates can leave if not interested to play tasks. Wake Up Song: Maan Karate - Open the Tasmac

Day 80 : Episode 81 - 13 September 2017 : Snehan is good says himself, Longest Car Stay Golden Ticket Task

Snehan and Suja fight for 10 Golden ticket points while Harish made Quinoa Upma for Cook Alone Task. Bindu finished the Bed Sheet Task first followed by Harish, Aarav, Ganesh, Vaiyapuri, Snehan and Suja. Bigg Boss gave time for Suja and Snehan discuss and decide who wants to give up, later Bigg Boss asked Housemates choose one to give up the task, Housemates refuse to give up then Bigg Boss announced points will be increased from 10 but task will be made tougher. Suja agreed. Bigg Boss announced competitors to do foot board in the car. Bigg Boss asked Ganesh to check how fair Snehan and Suja are doing the task secretly. While checking Ganesh noticed Snehan not standing in one leg rather he rest the other on a metal edges of the car, also confirms it with other housemates. Later Ganesh reported about Snehan act to Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss told Ganesh to call housemates in the garden and report the issue then announce Suja is the winner of the task, Ganesh does it but Snehan become angry and told that he wont step down till the announcement from Bigg Boss. Later Bigg Boss announced Suja is the Winner. Snehan become angry and complaints inf front of housemates that few are mean to him and told to him this is not fair and he did not cheat, then Snehan cried in emotions of defeat. Score Board shows Bindu leads the table with 24 Points, followed by Ganesh, Aarav, Harish, Snehan, Suja and Vaiyapuri. Points of Car Task are not included in the Score Board. Wake Up Song: Velaiyilla Pattathari - Velaiyilla Pattathari

Day 81 : Episode 82 - 14 September 2017 : Pair Tasks without Vaiyapuri Participation

Snehan complaints to Bindu that Ganesh partial towards Suja. Ganesh cooked Quinoa Paneer Salad which was appreciated by all other housemates. Golden Ticket Rope task, Housemates has to work form 3 couple teams, the pair removes rope or holdes for long time gets 5 points for each member. Bigg Boss asked Housemates to compete 6 people for competition and make as 3 team with one to not participate in the competition. Housemates chooses Vaiyapuri not to participate in the competition. Ganesh and Snehan, Harish and Aarav, Bindu and Suja forms 3 couple team, none able to get the 5 Bonus points each. Housemates divided into 2 teams named Nippon and Blobby, Nippon team members Ganesh, Snehan and Suja made more objects with good quality than the Blobby team and wins the competition judged by Vaiyapuri. During this task, Aarav and Harish lost control of the rope, loses 5 bonus points each. Housemates compete in the competition of pair task again, wher housemates has to collect coins with points from swimming pool and pin on the effigy of each housemates. Points will be detected from 2000. And the effigy with the more points after deduction wins the competition. Four rounds of play with Snehan gets special single play in the end. Ganesh, Aarav and Suja awarded with big 500 points in the competition. Wake Up Song: Velayudham - Chillax

Day 82 : Episode 83 - 15 September 2017 : Bad Day for Bindu to win Golden Ticket Task

Suja cooked Quinoa Kheer, appreciated by all Housemates. Housemates had fun dressed up in opposite and had fun with dance. Housemates divided in to 2 teams with Ganesh as the judge for the task. Team od Bindu, Aarav and Vaiyapuri wins the trophy. All were given with Balls, Basket and Ice Bucket. Each has to take balls from others and step in to Ice Bucket to stop others from taking balls from them. Issue between Bindu and Snehan resulted in Bindu Giving Up in the task. Housemates were choose one who do not require Bonus point for Golden Ticket and that onw who left out has to divide rest into 2 teams and judge the task. Result should be mentioned in the confession room privately by the Judge. Bindu ignored the task cause she did not even present during task as judge, so the results were unknown at the end of the task. Wake Up Song: Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam - Oodha Color Ribbon

Day 83 : Episode 84 - 16 September 2017 : Final Day of Golden Ticket Task, Harish is safe from Weekend Eviction

Snehan cooks Tamarind Quinoa for Cook Alone Task. Golden Ticket Take It and Win Task Continues with housemates playing for the finish of the task. Housemates has to steal items belongs to each of the housemates and put one item a round in the basket named after each Housemates. Dispute between Aarav and Harish as Aarav said he went to bathroom but rest started it, so Harish returned back Aarav item but later came to know he started playing in the Bathroom itself. Vaiyapuri banged his head on the mirror door and injured his nose during the task. Housemates has to put one item a round but Bindu put all the item in the first round itself without understanding the rules properly, expected to lose some points cause of this mistake. By looking at how Aarav plays the game, Harish got frustrated and even went on to say in front of the camera that he dont like to continue staying in the house. Harish even agreed to lose one point to Ganesh and Aarav cause of yesterday tease task victory. Ganesh and Aarav took 2 points from it but Harish settled with single point. Snehan had a issue understanding the rules about number of rounds and started questioning Aarav about it. Kamal asusual talks with Housemates regarding the happenings of the week especially questioning the fair play, Talks majorly revolves around Harish - Aarav Steal Task Issue and Suja - Snehan Car Task Issue. Kamal announced Harish is saved by the people from the weekend eviction and we will see about the position of Snehan, Aarav and Vaiyapuri tomorrow. Wake Up Song: Vedalam - Aaluma Doluma

Day 84 : Episode 85 - 17 September 2017 : Kamal enters Bigg Boss House to announce Snehan as the Golden Ticket Winner, Vaiyapuri gets Evicted

Kamal enters Bigg Boss House to announce Golden Ticket Winner. Kamal spent some time with Housemates. Snehan finished first in the points table to win Golden Victory Ticket, surprises Himself. Snehan is the first person to get confirmed that he will stay for 100 days. Vaiyapuri leaves the Bigg Boss house as per the weekend Eviction. Housemates went emotional and cried except smiled only during Selfie time. Vaiyapuri had final chat with Kamal before leaving the show, assured he will be back for 100th day. And also Vaiyapuri predicted one among Ganesh, Aarav or Snehan will win the show. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 85 : Episode 86 - 18 September 2017 : All but Snehan in the Eviction List. Snehan becomes leader for third time

Harish is sad about whats happening in the house especially he said he didnt enjoy Kamal Visit as he was sad with things happened during last task involving Aarav. Aarav discusses with Bindu about Vijay TV funny troll shows of other channels programs. Bigg Boss announced Everyone except Snehan got nominated for the weekend eviction and Snehan becomes week leader for third time. Housemates divided in to 2 teams of 3, 2 have to stick balloon and the rest 1 has to defend the board from getting balloon sticked. One team with Harish, Suja(Attackers) and Ganesh(Defender). Aarav, Bindu(Attackers) and Snehan(Defernder) in the other Team. First round won by Ganesh, Harish and Suja. Suja and Snehan getting involved in clash, literally fighting eachother. Big difference in defence play by Snehan and Ganesh. Snehan is very aggressive. Daily Task Break if you can comes to an end with many injuries, Finally Ganesh, Harish and Suja wins, shares points 4, 3 and 3 respectively. Wake Up Song: Kaaki Sattai - Kattikida

Day 86 : Episode 87 - 19 September 2017 : Task in Phone Calls, Snehan forms New Team to earn more points

Harish attended Phone, Did task of colouring on Suja Hair. Each gets 5 points after completing the task. Snehan attended Phone, Did Waxing on Aarav One Leg and One Hand. Each gets 5 points after completing the task. Ganesh attended Phone, Cut 4 pairs of foot wear belongs to Suja. Each gets 5 points after completing the task. Suja attended the Phone, Did painting on Ganesh face but Ganesh washed the face before Bigg Boss Instruction, So both Ganesh and Suja failed to get 5 points. Aarav attended the Phone, asked Snehan to use mat for sleep and sit, Snehan should not use bed or sofa. Task is still undergoing. Ganesh attended the call, asked Bindu to eat a platter of spices, Both Ganesh and Bindu gets 5 points each. Snehan attended the call, asked Aarav to to clean shave his facial hair. Each gets 5 points after completing the task. Aarav attended the phone, asked Bindu to sing and dance with him till he gets instruction from Bigg Boss. Each gets 5 points after completing the task. Snehan told Bindu to work as team, requested to give chance only to him and Aarav when she attends any call. Bigg Boss announced the points after second day, it stands like Aarav 20, Suja 18, Snehan 15, Ganesh 14, Bindu 10 and Harish 8. Snehan attends third call of the day, undergoing task with Bindu after Bigg Boss told either choose Suja or Bindu but Snehan chosed Bindu to do the task with him, to protect the lamp light for the whole night till next day wake up song. Wake Up Song: Irudhi Suttru - Vaa Machaney

Day 87 : Episode 88 - 20 September 2017 : Relax Task Day - Ludo and Angel-Devil Task

Snehan and Bindu completed the task successfully by protecting the lamp light whole night. Snehan continues to do back talks, first about Suja to Bindu, the about the show to Harish. Bigg Boss asked Housemates divided in to 2 teams to play Ludo. Ganesh, Aarav ans Suja received 39 Points (20 for winning the task, 19 during the play )by winning the task, they all divided points among them by 13 each. Losing team Harish, Bindu and Snehan gets play points of 12 after losing the task, they separated 4 points each. Devil team comprised of Aarav, Harish and Bindu has to steal the key and open the box in pink room while Angel team of Ganesh, Snehan and Suja has to protect it. Wake Up Song: Podaa Podi - I Am A Kuthu Dancer

Day 88 : Episode 89 - 21 September 2017 : Suja, Ganesh and Snehan fetches more points today

Ticket to Finale Task 1 Part 1 - Angels and Demons Task continues : Demons team planned to open in night but Angels team sleeping near the door, Demons continues to irritate Angels, especially doing more of it to Suja. Demons team failed and gave up, resulted in Angels team of Ganesh, Snehan and Suja winning the first part of the task. Ticket to Finale Task 1 Part 2 - Angels and Demons Task : Team Members changes team from Demons to Angels and vice versa. Now it is Suja turn to give it back to Harish and Bindu. Snehan smartness with Cooking Gloves, gave opportunity to Ganesh opening the locker. Harish complains about Suja poured gravy on his mic, meanwhile Demon team open the locker and wins the task. Harish asks Suja to be cool after the task, rather he looked more disturbed and angered throughout the task. Aarav says Suja will do anything to win, while Harish praises Ganesh for his flexibility and adjustment with others after the task. Daily Task - Closed Eyes Talent Task : Housemates divided into 2 teams, Bowl and Stick tail on elephant closed eyes. Aarav, Snehan and Bindu wins. Suja wishes Birthday for her fiancee along with housemates. Angels and Demons Task Points : Suja, Ganesh and Snehan got 25 points overall. Suja asks for remaining 1 point for her, after all agreed to take 8 points each. So Suja gets 9, rest get 8 points each. Harish and Suja withdrew from Ticket to Finale Task 2 - Pick And Run Task stating they cannot run, Housemates has to pick box and run crossing the line from where they started, if they cross gets 3 points, if opponent team member catches the person with the box, opponent team gets 3 points. Losing team has to tie their legs all together. so Ganesh and Aarav get additional round, Ganesh dominated first round. Ganesh did mistake and lose points but manage to win game for his team. Ganesh as always played fair in separating points among team, even Suja did not involve in the game. Losing team tied their legs and produced some funny entertainment. Wake Up Song: Nadodigal - Aadungada Machan Aadungada

Day 89 : Episode 90 - 22 September 2017 : Housemates feels Ganesh and Suja play as team irrespective of Ganesh invited Harish to play the game but he refused to play

Bigg Boss announced end of the tied legs punishment, Bindu and Snehan makes Countdown for the remaning days of Bigg Boss show. Housemates divided into 2 teams, has to find and stick the pictures together as solving the puzzle. Find and Stick It Task winning team of Harish, Snehan and Bindu took pics with losing team members.Suja and Ganesh shares Tasks among themselves as one task of clips failed while other of applying flour result in win. Bindu attended call, asked Harish to wear tore tee shirt. Save The Egg task has made housemates to hold a egg, hang it in their neck and to protect from others fetch 10 points, steal 10 points, breaking others will give 2 points. Everyone has to draw something on their egg to make it look unique from others. Housemates were given run and hop sack race task to make their egg falls and based on finishing time they are given points from 10 to 0 divisible by 2, but all manages to save their eggs. Bindu and Harish decides to share 5 points each. Ganesh and Suja plays tactically as Suja gets 10(9 and 1 from 2 tasks) and Ganesh gets 9(0 and 9 from 2 tasks) and they announced in private. Aarav, Snehan, Bindu and Harish continues to talk about Suja and Ganesh and tells they are selfish in playing games as team. Aarav more particularly makes funny imitation of Ganesh. Final points of each housemates at the end of the day Suja 58, Ganesh 52, Snehan 48, Bindu 40, Aarav 37 and Harish 23. Wake Up Song: Romeo Juliet - Adiyae Ivalaey

Day 90 : Episode 91 - 23 September 2017 : Fate of Ganesh and Suja in the Hands of Snehan

With additional tasks from Bigg Boss, All Housemates but Harish broke their egg. Harish gets full points. Housemates performed for a situation as Bingo Daily Task. Housemates were asked to rank other housemates from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most Fake. Harish wins the competition, Ticket to Grand Finale Tasks final points: Suja 63, Snehan 53, Ganesh 52, Bindu 45, Harish 40 and Aarav 37. Kamal talked with Housemates and asked them to give points that why they should win and later why others not to win. In the end, Kamal said Snehan can give his points and save one of Ganesh or Bindu cause they have less votes and this has to be mentioned by Snehan tomorrow. Wake Up Song: Jilla - Jingunamani Jingunamani

Day 91 : Episode 92 - 24 September 2017 : Snehan saves Ganesh, Suja gets Evicted

Snehan decides to give his points to Ganesh to save him, resulted in Suja Eviction. Suja talks with Kamal and explained her observation about other Housemates. Suja also answered few questions asked by the people present there as spectators of the show, She replied them and with final supporting words of Kamal, she left the show. Kamal announced out of the remaining five housemates, 4 will goto the final of the show and one will gets evicted in the coming mid week. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 92 : Episode 93 - 25 September 2017 : Anjali Visits Bigg Boss House for Balloon Movie Promotion and had some fun time with Housemates with Tasks

Aarav and Bindu feels displaying Struggle and Sympathy will never make people to vote for the person, they both realized it is the big reason for Suja eviction. LED TV in the house displays only 6 days to go amuses Housemates. Anjali visits Bigg Boss House for the Balloon Movie Promotion, Made Housemates to perform task. Harish Sings, Bindu and Ganesh Danced, Aarav Mimicry are the highlights. Anjali chooses Harish Performance is the best of all. Housemates were asked to eat biscuit placing it on forehead, without using hands. Snehan wins by eating 3 biscuits, Aarav able to eat 1. Anjali tried for fun, able to eat 1. After the task, Anjali along with Housemates danced for the Neenga Shut Up Pannunga song from Balloon Movie, surprised all for that popularity of the words from Oviya. Housemates divided into 2 teams with Bindu as the Judge. Snehan and Aarav team able to pocket more balls than Harish and Ganesh team makes them win. Again in this task, Housemates were asked to divide into 2 teams, Ganesh were made Judge decided by housemates cause of his health. Aarav and Bindu able to win cause of not damaging any cup and cross the boundary. Wake Up Song: Bairavaa - Papa Papa Papparappa

Day 93 : Episode 94 - 26 September 2017 : Housemates seems Happy and Emotional as just 5 days to go

Housemates has to tie balloon a leg and protect from others breaking it. Ganesh finished Winner. Harish gets a minute time to canvas for getting votes cause of winning a task judged by Anjali. Harish used that time properly to seek votes for his win. Best Tasks of Bigg Boss Show will replayed this week, started with Dance Marathon. Each Housemate given an actor, Snehan for Ramarjan, Aarav for Rajinikanth, Ganesh for Ajith Kumar, Harish for Simbu and Bindu for Nayanthara. Housemates has to be in that actor character and dance for their 2 songs. Housemate were divided in to 2 teams while Snehan judged the task. Aarav and Harish emerges Victors, defeating Ganesh and Bindu. Housemates were divide into 2 teams again with Ganesh being the judge for the task, Aarav and Harish wins the task defeating Snehan and Bindu. Snehan went emotional and started to cry, saying that he will miss the Bigg Boss House. Wake Up Song: Settai - Edhathan Kandutte

Day 94 : Episode 95 - 27 September 2017 : Bigg Boss Money Offer, Repeat of the Thiruda Thiruda Task

Housemates were divided into 2 teams with Ganesh as Judge of the Task. The more the time stands on the wood in the pool, wins the task. Team Snehan and Aarav beats Harish and Bindu team and gets 30000 Rupees Max Gift Voucher. Housemates were again divided into 2 teams with Aarav as the Judge. Ganesh and Snehan team beats Harish and Bindu team to win the task 3 - 2. Bigg Boss offered the Housemates that one of them can take 10 Lakhs Rupees and leave thw show. 10 Lakhs Rupees will be deducted from Prize Money of 50 Lakhs Rupees. All Housemates refused the offer. Bigg Boss offered the Housemates with the increased amount that one of them can take 11 Lakhs Rupees and leave thw show. 11 Lakhs Rupees will be deducted from Prize Money of 50 Lakhs Rupees. All refused the offer again. Best tasks are Repeated for the last week of the show, Thiruda Thiruda with Harish as the thief. Rest are to save the diamond from the thief. Harish stole the diamond successfully. Wake Up Song: Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam - Indha Ponnungalae

Day 95 : Episode 96 - 28 September 2017 : Bindu Madhavi Gets Evicted

Harish successfully completed the Thiruda Task of Stealing Diamond. Bigg Boss offered the Housemates with the increased amount that one of them can take 13 Lakhs Rupees and leave thw show. 13 Lakhs Rupees will be deducted from Prize Money of 50 Lakhs Rupees. All refused the offer again. Housemates were asked to perform Selfie Drama individually pretending as the winner of the Bigg Boss Show. Bigg Boss offered the Housemates with the increased amount that one of them can take 15 Lakhs Rupees and leave thw show. 15 Lakhs Rupees will be deducted from Prize Money of 50 Lakhs Rupees. All refused the offer again. Housemates were asked to write appropriate name for each awards and based on majority awards were presented, unlike last time, these awards are for good characters among Housemates. An Another suit case but this time is not with money, ather it was with the words Get Ready for Eviction. Housemates were asked to appear in Garden area, asked to stand on the object with their name in it, with the green light for safe and red for eviction. In the order of Snehan, Ganesh, Aarav and Harish were saved, with the red light hitting on Bindu face, she gets evicted in the night time. Wake Up Song: Thaarai Thappattai - Vathana Vathana Vadivelan

Day 96/97 : Episode 97 - 29 September 2017 : Housemates enjoyed the last day before final show happilly

Housemates convey their wishes and burden through Lesa Lesa Heart Day Wishes Task. Snehan asked Sorry to Bharani is the highlight. Housemates individually went to Confession Room and express their feelings. Housemates had fun playing Freeze and Release game again. Snehan composed a song on Bigg Boss as requested by Bigg Boss and sung with all other Housemates. Housemates were asked to write wishes or memories on other housemates tee shirt as the task. Housemates had great enjoyment dancing for Dost Bada Dost Song from Saroja as the Day 97 Wake Up Song. Day 96 Wake Up Song: Vaanam - Evan Di Unna Pethan. Day 97 Wake Up Song: Saroja - Dosth Bada Dosth

Grand Finale - 30 September 2017 : Aarav Nafeez Wins Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1

Dancer Sandy started the show with a nice dance performance with the happenings of the house like memories before Kamal Entry. All old evicted or walked Housemates back to House for Grand Finale celebration including Oviya met Aarav were shown in the episode after people response for the Bigg Boss show as an Audio Visual clip. Kamal spoke with Housemates through Aaham TV, then came out. Then Housemates enjoyed watching kids reaction of the show, Later Director Shankar announced lauch of Indian 2 project with Kamal. Ganesh Wife Nisha went inside the house and brought Ganesh out of the house, displayed Ganesh finished 4th in the show. Suja was furious and expected Ganesh victory, told Nisha that Ganesh is a genuine person. Oviya went inside the house and brought out Harish Kalyan from the house to display that Harish finished 3rd in the show. Harish told definitely one who stayed 100 days deserved the Bigg Boss Winner Title. Kamal walked inside the house abd brought out both Aarav and Snehan. In the end Announced Aarav is the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Winner and he bags 50 Lakhs Indian Rupees. Snehan finished as Runner Up. Wake Up Song: Mersal - Aalaporaan Thamizhan

Weekly Summary

Viewers Opinion

Week 1

Oviya is pretty cool girl. Not a drama person. She, Riza and Aarav looks a team of youth. Snehan, not eligible to be a leader, Gossips and show double face - Not genuine. Ganesh is the best person to be a captain, may be even to win this Bigg Boss Season. Harathi and Gayathri are dangerous in this group. Julie and Bharani forming a team, so as Ganja Karuppu, Sakthi and Vaiyapuri. Namitha trying best to be genuine but still finding faults in others. Anuya and Sree yet to partcipate in the show.

Week 2

Gayathri, Harathi (and Raiza become friends recently), Namitha, Snehan, Sakthi and Ganja Karuppu are all in the same group, they decided to corner Bharani and Julie right from the First week. Bharani avoiding issue by being silent guy. Julie wanted to adjust with others but unfortunately it has been termed as she is faking by Gayathri and Co. Vaiyapuri gossips about others, not playing game seriously. Oviya, Ganesh and Aarav are being good human so far in this show.

Week 3

Oviya looks like the person going to win the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, have huge people support. As usual Gayathri, Harathi, Snehan, Sakthi, Namitha talks bad about people they dont like, Raiza and Aarav joined the group. Vaiyapuri wants to leave the house desperately. All but Oviya spoke bad about Bharani and made him to quit which is the stupidest and most cruel activities by all, and portraying his character as bad which is atrocious. People always felt Bharani is the nice person and doesnt deserve this worst treatment, All problem started by Ganja Karuppu. By seeing all these activities, Oviya decided to ignore Coward Aarav and said she will be just friend with him. Aarav dissapointed and started talking bad about Oviya to others. Bigg boss team tried to tie up Aarav with Raiza but the twist ends up with Julie started to fall for Aarav. Ganesh being the leader of the week, trying to play safe to satisfy all. The show is going thru difficult phase in media but overall Bigg Boss Tamil is a great success.

Week 4

An unassailable support from the viewers to Oviya (Trending SaveOviya and OviyaArmy in Social Networking Sites), as she survived the two consecutive eviction nomination with the maximum votes count. And she continues to impress the crowd with sheer care and love to the person who need it. That person we talking about who needs help is Julie, she gets it thoroughly from Oviya but Julie in return backstabs her just like she did to Bharani. Two face Juliana looks like the devil of the show at the end of this week as she creates more problems to Oviya. Another person who triggers others to create issue to Oviya is Namitha, as she holds such a worst nature of character. Asusual Gayathri plays the boss in the house, expects everyone to be under her. Gayathri, Namitha and Julie Combo is the worst throughout the whole week. Raiza is waste in this show, she just plays safe with all girls other than Oviya but she dont trust Julie. Aarav seems to be better understanding person about Oviya kind nature, not interested to the issues triggered by Julie and Namitha. Sakthi, Snehan, Vaiyapuri and Ganesh are all just wants to play as the chorus of Gayathri. All in all the whole week, Oviya has been cornered just like Bharani but Oviya stands strong to fight this gang play, not running away like Bharani.

Week 5

The week with lots of twist and turn in the family, started with cycling for accessing bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Unity prevails but issues cause of few housemates breaks the rule. The management brought up new reporting activity to stop the cycling activity which causes twist in family by making housemates closer to Oviya. But the cunning groups one (Gayathri, Snehan and Sakthi) and other (Julie and Raiza) always gossips about others. Oviya and Aarav joins together with Oviya falling in love for him strongly while Aarav always in confuse when comes in point of love. Aarav impressing Oviya with words but stays away from romance. Ganesh and Vaiyapuri talks with all but most of the time Vaiyapuri talks bad about Ganesh in humour sense. This week looks like the week of Oviya cry as she almost cried everyday, also people feel like Gayathri has been given importance and shown well by putting Oviya down with some activity results in tears. The reality show always have twist and turns with lot of emotions. When the emotions burts, it will automatically results in tears. This week is no eviction week, the fun part of it is Housemates unaware and discuss about it. The show so far has been a good experience for the viewers as they can learn social things to deal with in their life.

Week 6

Very sad and disappointing week for Bigg Boss and all Oviya fans as she has to leave cause of her health issue, The whole week she was very depressed due to the task filled with rules and very importantly her love rejection by Aarav. She continues to annoy Aarav, finally she decided to attempt suicide and quit the show stating her mental issue needs some medical treatment. She might have left the house empty handed but she earned all the love and care by the people who like her genuiness and truthful character. Rest of the family members are scared and started to ignore her activities, took some care especially Snehan did his best to support Oviya. Vaiyapuri and Bindhu sounds favourable too for her. Rest ignored her and afraid even to get near to her. In the end the sad part is Oviya said she continues to love Aarav, waiting for him and he is the strength and backbone of her while she walk away from the show. Surely Oviya will be missed for sure in this show, such a strong contestant, a big competition for all, At some point evryone was thinking Oviya could easily walked away with the title but she ruined her own opportunity but whats important is she won the hearts of people around the world. Trully Bigg Boss is the life experience, teaching new lessons almost in all the shows.

Week 7

The week has seen the low when it comes to people viewing interest. Without Oviya and Julie presence, The show TRP rate is going down and it is clearly visible. The week has been boring as Gayathri just controlling from what she is capable of doing. And the raise of Raiza does not make big impact as Oviya. Snehan playing safe by being good and gentle, quite different from last 6 weeks. Rest are just passing time and pretending to be good in the house. All in all, Big Boss needs big change to bring back people interest to see the show. People basic opinion after Oviya departure, People vote is not enough to save their favourite contestant from eviction, other contestants needs to isolate and torture to evict them. Bharani falls in this category as well. Still many people believe Oviya will come back to the show as Wild card entry.

Week 8

This is the week of New Entries. Though people looking for Oviya come back but all of us should understand that Vijay TV management cannot force someone to come back to the house. Vijay TV might have tried to bring back to the house but unfortunately she might have opted out the option to come back. One thing for sure that Oviya has to always credit and thank Vijay TV for getting the platform to show her chararcter to the public. Suja, Harish and Kaajal have been included to increase the masala in the house. Existing housemates getting some happiness of playing prank task but new entries have surprised them alot. Show missing the fights of Oviya and Gayathri, Acting of Julie and Harathi, Talks of Sakthi and Ganja Karuppu. But people hoping that new enties will increase the interest of the show.

Week 9

The week saw more fun than any other week, full of comedy especially by Vaiyapuri supported by Bindu. Ganesh activities already looks funny cause he can be seen as the innocent among all. Raiza continued her annoying activity, looks like not interested to be in the house, she is trying her best to get evicted, mostly she is the one expected to get eliminate this weekend. Suja weird kiddish behaviour, pretending Oviya annoys other housemates. Snehan continues to control his emotions, stopped his back talks, so that he can be seen as a good person, he has learned alot, so he will do whatever he can to be shown as good human in the house. Kaajal looked more terror when she entered the house, but now other housemates started to tease her by saying her a dummy comedy piece. Aarav and Harish playing the game well especially who is the killer task and providing good entertainment for the viewers. The week is very calm and beautiful, No Gayathri fights, Julie Lies, Sakthi Triggers and Oviya Emotions. A nice fun to watch week.

Week 10

The Show losing content brought back Harathi and Julie to provide some masala as housemates in the home who were making trouble before started playing safe, best example being Snehan and Aarav, both have read the show well in how to behave among other and started doing it now, Snehan has completely changed his character to play safe but it always we as the people can feel good about as there is a person who has understand his mistakes and willing to change for good. Not a big change in other housemates behaviour, but the show saw most problems in the week between guest entries Harathi and Julie, Harathi feels she knows everything and she is the only good but Julie seems not have changed that much, continues to lie. Show nearing to its end and definitely lost the TRP weightage as the housemates play safe and does not want to spoil their name, example, expectation from Kaajal was more of fighting character but she has seen as a comedy piece at the Bigg Boss House.

Week 11

The week started with lot of vengence clash between Evicted Guests and Snehan. Sakthi were more on pointing the mistakes done by Snehan but Snehan deplomatically replied all his question showing that he has no regrets and bad intention. Sakthi told Snehan that he is playing the game with mastermind but overall when we see from viewers point of view, some feel Snehan is Genuine while others feel Snehan is acting as good person just to win the show. The week also saw the true gentlemanship of Ganesh, inspite of Snehan nominated Ganesh for eviction, Ganesh saved him from the eviction list and told that he see Snehan as the mother of the house, deserved to get saved. Week also saw Housemates Relatives and Friends making visit and it also had the weird and tough games resulted in lot of clashes but everything ends in happiness as housemates learned to forgive and live life at the house hapilly. All in all its fun, emotional and tough games week with the tough eviction list for the weekend, all top winning contestants. Some viewers requesting for no eviction week with the post in social networking sites.

Week 12

After the exit of Guests, even the Kamal told contestants to play game serious rather than playing it safe but it looks like except Snehan and Suja, everyone else are not completely into winning the golden ticket for moving closer to win the show. This week saw Snehan frustration and Suja Tension in competing to win the longest task in terms of time. The task judged by Ganesh chosed Suja as the winner creats more grudge in the mind of Snehan. Bindu also feeling low with the poor coordination with Snehan in the Task. Moreover the recent tasks started to reveal the true face of Snehan but some people trusting him and believes he is good at heart, may be these few did not see the show completely or just going by emotions of making someone who speaks our mother tongue. While the rest feels the winner has to decided fairly based on the human quality. Rest of the Housemates remains the same like how they used to be before but we can see this week there was more involvement from Ganesh in all the tasks. All started raising voice including Bindu says out clearly if something went wrong in any of the tasks.

Week 13

The show more focus on getting housemates back on fighting mode again so the Show TRP can be increased but housemates apart from certain circumstances always trying to live in harmony. What really surprises among the supporters group that the votes has been casted considering his or her language or religion, Typical example, some commenters in the social media website says Snehan should win cause he is Tamilian and Most of the commenters who support Aarav are all Muslim, very surprising that Language and Religion gets them some votes as quota votes as they belong to some community which is a big shame. Suja has been trying her best to get points but in the public she has been portrayed badly as Snehan keeps commenting bad about her in the show. Later in the week Aarav also started to do the same to Ganesh as makes fun of him by imitating his character as selfish person just to make Bindu, Harish and Snehan laugh. As a general viewer, i always feel the show title winner should be the appropriate person, not the one who did all the back talks and evicted others with criminal mind, now acting like innocent. Cried to win Golden ticket, now the whole week of relaxation with smile and comments bad about others especially Suja and Ganesh. Snehan has not changed at all and he will never change. If Snehan or Aarav wins this show, Bigg Boss Show will become a Big Flop show.

Week 14

The week started with lot relaxed and old tasks with fun and entertainment but all changed once Bindu evicted in the middle of the week with 4 players still left in the show as the finalist. #Ganesh - Great Lovable Person and Inspirational character, if this show held in some other place, this kind of character would have easily won the show. Such a gem. A true deserving winner. #Harish - Good and Honest Personality, Give up sometimes, always try to live under the shadow of influence person. Raised voice few times but just gave up later to maintain good relationship. #Aarav - Lots of shame and disgrace, the boy has committed lot of mistakes in the past but accepted all, leaving all the sorrows behind, ignored all the bugging and media defame. Fought well, only physically fit person equivalent to #Ganesh, Definite heart throb for lot of teenage girls. He survived for the 100th day celebration successfully with lot of struggles. #Snehan - An Excellent Player and Hard Worker, Great manipulator of surrounding, plans very well. Reads everyone mind including people, knows what to talk to impress people. Very emotional character, express feelings in tears without any hesitation. A great change after first 5 weeks, become a true hero for many people cause of the attachment with #Oviya. Great Poet, Impress People with activities and words. he knows what to do and when to do and he can change any one as an enemy to the crowd. People went against him, got evicted in the coming weekend. he touches people heart with emotional words with tears. The man of action and words, in a great position to win the title. The result of the show did not satisfy many but the show really deserve a good support as it followed the voting system genuinely. Lets appreciate the hard work of Aarav and congrats him for the great win.

Weekly Evictions

1st Week
First Week Eviction Nomination

Sree, Juliana and Anuya

First Week Eviction


2nd Week
Second Week Eviction Nomination

Bharani, Ganja Karuppu and Oviya

Second Week Eviction

Ganja Karuppu

3rd Week
Third Week Eviction Nomination

Oviya, Juliana, Vaiyapuri and Harathi

Third Week Eviction

Harathi Ganesh

4th Week
Fourth Week Eviction Nomination

Oviya, Ganesh and Namitha

Fourth Week Eviction


5th Week

No Eviction This Week

6th Week
Sixth Week Eviction Nomination

Oviya, Juliana and Vaiyapuri

Sixth Week Eviction


7th Week
Seventh Week Eviction Nomination

Sakthi, Snehan, Aarav, Ganesh, Bindu, Gayathri(Saved by Task) and Vaiyapuri(Saved by Task)

Seventh Week Eviction


8th Week
Eight Week Eviction Nomination

Gayathri and Raiza

Eight Week Eviction

Gayathri Raghuram

9th Week
Ninth Week Eviction Nomination

Snehan, Vaiyapuri and Raiza

Ninth Week Eviction

Raiza Wilson

10th Week
Tenth Week Eviction Nomination

Snehan, Aarav and Kaajal

Tenth Week Eviction

Kaajal Pasupathi

11th Week
Eleventh Week Eviction Nomination

Ganesh, Harish, Suja and Bindu

Eleventh Week Secret Room

No Eviction - Suja into Secret Room

12th Week
Twelfth Week Eviction Nomination

Snehan, Aarav, Vaiyapuri and Harish

Twelfth Week Eviction


13th Week
Thirteen Week Eviction Nomination

Aarav, Bindu, Ganesh, Harish and Suja

Thirteen Week Eviction

Suja Varunee

14th Week
Fourteen Mid Week Eviction Nomination(Least Votes)

Aarav, Bindu, Ganesh, Harish and Snehan

Fourteen Mid Week Eviction

Bindu Madhavi

Vote for Winner(Maximum Votes)

Aarav, Ganesh, Harish and Snehan



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