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Episode 1 - 17 June 2018 : An Introduction

Kamal Hassan show cases the place and invited the contestants. Oviya enters as Guest. Kamal requested Oviya to pretend like contestant of the show and also confirmed that there is no elimination in the first week but did not reveal it to contestants.

Day 1 : Episode 2 - 18 June 2018 : Janani Iyer - First Week Captain

Oviya departed the same night she came in the house, she revealed she came to say hi and all the best to everyone. Housemates were asked to find 3 envelopes hidden in the house to compete for First Week Captainship. Mahat, Janani Iyer and Mumtaz found the envelopes and were asked to canvas for getting the votes from housemates to become the First Week Captain. Janani Iyer wins maximum votes from housemates to become the First Week Captain. Janani Iyer informed the housemates with the rules and regulation of the house especially battery changes and not to sleep in day time. Janani Iyer as the leader assigned jobd for few of the housemates as asked by Bigg Boss. Each housemates were asked to nominate 2 housemates for this week eviction which is not available as Kamal already mentioned. Wake Up Song: En Magan - Neengal Athanai Perum

Day 2 : Episode 3 - 19 June 2018 : Luxury Budget Tasks Started. Yashika Anand - Aishwarya Dutta works as a team

Senrayan talks with Bhalajie about the good character of Nithya, Bhalajie responded with its time that made their separation. Yashika and Aishwarya join as team to defend them from other contestants. Yashika and Aishwarya Combo continues to irritate other housemates, The Combo also feels they are getting trolled cause of the Language issue. Each team discusses about their issues with housemates. Housemates were given question and each one shared their answer for the Luxury Budget Points, Housemates wins full 800 points for the proper completion of the task. Bigg Boss praised Janani Iyer for the coordination to complete the task well. Yashika and Aishwarya talks about their plan for the future and calls it as Game Plan Gods Plan. Housemates were divided into 2 teams, one team has to say stories while other has to identify is that story real or reel. Wake Up Song: Gulaebaghavali - Guleba

Day 3 : Episode 4 - 20 June 2018 : Mumtaz Vs Janani Iyer / Nithya

Housemates gets full 800 points as both the teams identified Feel Real or Lie Story equally in Luxury Budget Task 2 - Feela Peela. Nithya as a cooking team member was not interested in Bhalajie suggestion to add onions in the dish, resulted in a big misunderstanding between members of cooking team. Captain Janani Iyer asked housemates not to use other languages to talk and also requested not to sleep during day time. Though the issue might have looked like problem between Nithya and Mumtaz but in reality, the clash between Janani Iyer and Mumtaz clearly visible throughout the whole argument. Wake Up Song: Thaanaa Serndha Koottam - Sodakku Mela

Day 4 : Episode 5 - 21 June 2018 : Luxury Budget Tasks Continue

Bhalajie trying to reunite with Nithya by trying to communicate with her during her cooking time. Vaishnavi Pranks Daniel with tears saying that he hurts her with teasing words. Housemates were divided into 2 teams and each team members has to write some story has to identified by other that who wrote the story. Housemates entertains themself with dance and fun. Though Housemates gets 500 points from Luxury budget task 3 - Can you Identify who? but later Bigg Boss anounced the deduction of 900 points cause of 9 housemates later appearance during task briefing. Housemates had fun changing the hair style of Senrayan. Senrayan looks completely different with his new hair style. Mumtaz gets emotional by looking at Sharif, tells he looks like her nephew. Senrayan tries to resolve the issue between Nithya and Bhalajie by talking with her but she feels that she has seen enough of pain and its hard for her to get back with Bhalajie. Housemates were divided in to 7 pairs and each pair were given a task with audio clip to perform in the Luxury Budget Task 4 - Do as said. Janani Iyer and Vaishnavi got Gender change act task. Yashika Anand and Daniel got Peel and Cut Onion Task. Wake Up Song: Kalakalappu 2 - Oru Kuchi Oru Kulfi

Day 5 : Episode 6 - 22 June 2018 : Housemates not happy with Nithya behaviour

Ponnabalam and Nithya pushed into Pool by Housemates as a task for Luxury Budget Points. Senrayan and Riythvika got their head hit with Eggs by Housemates. Mumtaz and Bhalajie performed as Baby Twins for the Luxury Budget Task. Janani Iyer and Vaishnavi performed Gender change act task. Janani Iyer and Aishwarya Dutta acted like romancing in the house with a kiss. Mumtaz and Nithya had a minor argument cause of cooking activity. Bigg Boss anounced points with some deduction cause some housemates did not do well in the task but Mumtaz, Daniel and Yashika performed well in the task to fetch some bonus points. Hence Bigg Boss asked the three to choose the Luxury Budget Items, while other housemates are not allowed to involve during the selection of items. Janani Iyer cried as she was asked by Bigg Boss to choose 2 housemates who did not do well in the Task. Janani choosed Bhalajie and Nithya as poor performer of the task. Wake Up Song: Mersal - Aalaporan Thamizhan

Day 6 : Episode 7 - 23 June 2018 : Host Kamal returns for the weekend show

Host Kamal Hassan makes apperance for the weekend show. Ananth not happy with captainship, asked about fairness other being involved in the cooking team, resulted in an argument with Captain Janani Iyer. Janani cried for the second consecutive day, this time cause of Aishwarya not willing to listen to Janani Iyer. Again an argument between Mumtaz and Nithya cause of Garlic Peel. Shariq Hassan started to like Aishwarya Dutta, but Aishwarya tells that she has lot of family responsibilities, cant think of anything but Sharif replied that he will think about it after the end of the show. Kamal makes fun of Senrayan English and warned Senrayan to follow the rules of Speaking in Tamil inside the house. Mumtaz and Nithya also warned for using English alot. Feeling of true family love felt by both Shariq and Mumtaz, both had tears in their eyes. Kamal discussed about Onion Problem, also adviced Nithya to take this show as a great opportunity. Wake Up Song: Velaikkaran - Karuthavanlaam Galeejaam

Day 7 : Episode 8 - 24 June 2018 : Nickname Game and No Eviction for the Week Announced

Mumtaz and Vaishnavi not happy with Housemates behaviour as someone took additional Sandwich, also this lead to argument between Vaishnavi and Ananth. Vaishnavi complained about Ananth Rude Behaviour to Others, Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya danced their fun steps. Daniel shared his nick names of housemates with Kamal, which angered Ananth as Daniel called him Music which he called its originated from Bathroom. Kamal showed some cards to housemates to determine who deserves it as their nickname. Few Housemates performed some scenes of Kamal act. Kamal had some fun with Housemates by scaring them about eviction and finally revealed them about no eviction for the first week.

Day 8 : Episode 9 - 25 June 2018 : Nithya - Second Week Captain, Ananth, Ponnambalam, Mahathy and Mumtaz in the Eviction List

Most of the Housemates nominated Nithya as the person does not deserve to be in the house. Mumtaz and Mamathi always passes some comment wrong about Nithya, which really hurted Nithya. Bigg Boss announced Nithya as this week captain by direct selection cause of betterment of the house. Mahat laid in the girls bed between Yashika and Aishwarya as fun but Bhalajie and Ponnambalam found it as not good behaviour. Bigg Boss asked Housemates to divide into Guys and Girls team and then choose 2 to represent each team. Daniel and Senrayan beat Mumtaz and Mamathi for grocery shopping competition. Ananth, Ponnambalam, Mamathi and Mumtaz are in Eviction List. Wake Up Song: Meyaadha Maan - Enga Veetu Kuthuvilakkey

Day 9 : Episode 10 - 26 June 2018 : Owner-Servant Luxury Budget Task, Mahat Enjoys, Mumtaz and Mamathi Refused to do uncomfortable tasks

Yashika, Aishwarya, Vaishnavi and Ramya are not happy with Ponnambalam comment on Aishwarya when she requested him to move to next bed so she can talk with Mahat and Shariq. Comment is if he moves he will babies to her, upsets Aishwarya. Mumtaz explained the girls anger to Ponnambalam but he said he was upset and not happy with those girls making noise. so that anger made him to comment that way and also apologized to girls thru Mumtaz. Bigg Boss makes Grocery task winning Guys team as Owners and losing team girls as servants. Girls makes all the task assigned by guys. Successful completion of task will give 1600 points as Luxury Budget Task Points. Mahat true character came out as he took advantage of the task to get closer to girls he liked especially Yashika and Janani. Though he might have relationship outside but he still enjoys inside with this task but called that he is assigning tasks to Yashika. Mahat continues to enjoy the task by commenting he got tempted by something when Bhalajie asked what he was looking at. Mumtaz fine with feeding Shariq and Mahat but not Senrayan. Fair Skin Rules, untouchability do continue to exist in public media as well but not many notices it. Senrayan always treated as third person where Shariq and Mahat treated like son and brother respectively. Though the guy Senrayan not been respected completely among his own gender, he continues to have fun with people he was given respect. Mumtaz refused to listen Senrayan again when he asked to fold hands in front of him, rest did fold except her. Housemates are not happy with Mumtaz and Mamathi as they commented them that they are not taking tasks sportively. Guys team reported Mumtaz and Mamathi as poor performers as asked by Bigg Boss to identify and name them. Girls team has been given separate place to live during the task duration. Mumtaz do not want to continue task in night time as she is not comfortable with her dress, made others not happy about it as they worry about Luxury Budget Points. Wake Up Song: Velai Illa Pattadhaari - What A Karvaad

Day 10 : Episode 11 - 27 June 2018 : Mumtaz and Mamathi under Target Radar

Luxury Budget Owner-Servant Task continues with ladies getting up early to prepare break fast for the other team. Mumtaj not willing to change her dress in bathroom as she is not comfotable cause of the floor being wet, so she wanted to talk with Bigg Boss to open Emergency Bathroom. Hence she removed mic and demanded Bigg Boss attention. Mamathi comment about Ponnambalam task assigning to Janani for the patience she has, Mamathi said Janani deserves a temple to be built for her and pray. Ponnambalam upset about her comment. Owner Guys team not happy with Mumtaz and Mamathi poor performance in the task, as they assigned punishment like Mamathi should not talk till rest of the task and Mumtaz to clean the pool for number of hours she delayed for dressing up in the morning which they told 2 hours, Mumtaz refused to do the punishment task. Also conversation went about certain task like feeding food doesnt look like servant task but like a slave task, but Aishwarya said she is comfortable in doing that to certain people such as Shariq and Mahat. Senrayan not happy with the comments made by other guys as he said he do not wanted to tease by others, he got really upset and even cried a bit due to aggression by Mahat countering Senrayan words to stop teasing him. By End of the Day, Bigg Boss assigned job to Servant team to entertain the Owner team by singing song and dancing for the song. Aishwarya, Mumtaz and Nithya Won Awards. Wake Up Song: Yennai Arindhaal - Adhaaru Adhaaru

Day 11 : Episode 12 - 28 June 2018 : Day of Fights and Tears

Nithya unable to forget past and she refused to patch up with Bhalajie. Mumtaz asked Bhalajie why Nithya is sad and upset. Mumtaz not well and told Captain Nithya that she cannot continue doing the task. Ananth complaints about Mahat to Daniel. Bhalajie do not want any work done by Nithya for him and sweared her with Abusive words. Nithya identified as worst servant and Daniel named as Best Boss by Guys Boss Team as requested by Bigg Boss. Nithya not happy with the decision and told Bhalajie did not want her to do task and also used cursed words on her. Role Swapped, Girls become Boss and Boys become Servants, this luxury budget task will also give 1600 points for successful completion. Aishwarya questions for getting to know about Romance feeling of Shariq. As role reversed Nithya assign jobs to Bhalajie but he is in complete anger thinking that she is taking revenge on him. Bhalajie do not want to work for Nithya but enjoys with rest. Nithya unable to control her emotions cause of Bhalajie abusive words, cried and complained about Bhalajie to Bigg Boss. Nithya, Vaishnavi and Ramya cried cause of the behaviour by some male contestants performing task as servants was not appropriate in showing respect to others. Bhalajie makes fun of Mahathi with facial expression cause of talks of her to reduce the voice tone volume, rest of the housemates laughed. Then later in the night, Guys team performed variety activities as treat for the eyes of Ladies Boss Team. Wake Up Song: Vaanam - Evandi Unna Pethan

Day 12 : Episode 13 - 29 June 2018 : Housemates Trolls and Funs

Mahat was not happy with Nithya throwing food in the dustbin, Nithya blames on Bhalajie Behaviour. Mahat asks girls not to choose anyone of Vaishnavi, Nithya and Mahathi for best boss in the task. Vaishnavi makes conversation with Mumtaz to have a good relationship with her, noticed by Yashika. Yashika told Bhalajie, Daniel and Mahat whatever she observed from conversation between Vaishnavi and Mumtaz. Mahat continues to flirt with Yashika and makes lustful activity. Guys talk about Vaishnavi Gossip Character and commented she is not good. Mahat continues to enjoy with girls. Mahat dominates house with commanding character along with Daniel. Mahat and girls had fun trolling Bigg Boss cameras. Girls team saved Riythvika for her good performance in the task and choosed Ananth for next week direct eviction Bigg Boss announced Guys team did the Boss job well and won 1600 Points but Girls team did not do well and won only 200 points, so housemates totally won 1800 points. Bigg Boss asked Guys team to do the shopping for the upcoming week. Housemates had fun teasing Senrayan when he was having chat with Nithya and Riythvika. Housemates acted fighting at eachother to troll Mumtaz. Mahat, Senrayan, Vaishnavi and Daniel performed well in acting. Debate between Guys and Girls for who sacrifices and gives chances for other, Girls team won adjudged by Mahat. Wake Up Song: Anegan - Danga Maari Oodhari

Day 13 : Episode 14 - 30 June 2018 : Ponnambalam saved from Bigg Boss Eviction

Kamal answered few questions raised by viewers especially spoke about Housemates are being Fake. Senrayan accidetally dropped pickle on Mumtaz dress. Mumtaz was angry initially then later asked sorry for being in that state but told mainly that she lost her favourite dress. Housemates took selfie as requested. Housemates discussed about Vaishnavi Behaviour. Kamal warned about Mumtaz not following the rules mainly removing Mic. Kamal told Bhalajie using bad words are not appropriate. Even there should be decency in separation. Kamal asked Yashika and Aishwarya to use Tamil during conversation so viewers can understand, told Karka Kasathara Kural as funny act to scold them. Kamal announced Ponnambalam is saved from Eviction. Wake Up Song: Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara - En Veetula

Day 14 : Episode 15 - 1 July 2018 : Mamathi Chari Eviction - Viswaroopam 2 Music Special

Kamal and Shruthi sung a song in the show as Viswaroopam 2 Song Release. Kamal and Shruthi had conversation with Housemates, also surprised with Viswaroopam 2 Trailer. Viswaroopam 2 Music Director Ghibran also present in the occasion with the whole music team. Mumtaz adviced Bhalajie for benefit in his life. Kamal told Ananth Saved by people from Eviction. Kamal announced Mamathi Chari as the person for this week eviction. Mamathi Chari clicks final selfie with Housemates. Mamathi Chari got evicted and had final conversation with Kamal. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 15 : Episode 16 - 2 July 2018 : Vaishnavi New Captain - Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, Bhalajie, Ananth and Nithya in Eviction List

Mumtaz not happy cause she feels she is the reason of her Mamathi Exit. Shariq got some tee shirts from his Ex Love, asked by about it Yashika, Janani and Mahat. Mahat continues to have fun with Yashika. Aishwarya upset with Shariq Ex Love Issue but she portrayed outside as everyone acting fake. Bigg Boss announced the first 2 housemates enter in to the confession room will compete for this week leadership. Bigg Boss announced secret task to get hugs from housemates for Senrayan and Vaishnavi to win the week leadership competition. Senrayan indirectly revealed it to the Housemates by asking hugs by token of appreciation for cleaning bathroom, Housemates especially Mahat supported him to get more hugs. Vaishnavi does perform emotional talks with housemates by asking apology to get hugs, and she did get it from few. later Housemates came to know about it, Janani felt very bad about as she thought it was real apology. Janani asked others not to hug Vaishnavi cause Janani and some others feel Vaishnavi will be dangerous if she becomes captain. Aishwarya and Yashika had conversation about other housemates in the house, even Vaishnavi says people are fake and not showing the real face and hiding things, basically she was upset about Shariq not revealed about his ex love to her. Vaishnavi becomes Captain for the week as Senrayan is disqualified for revealing the secret task to get hugs. Mahat cools down the situation between friends but enjoys it with some act. Though he might like doing it cause of his character but he forgot people are watching the show. Hugging girls and showing it as pleasure is not appropriate for a show which is said to be not scripted. Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Mumtaz gets nominated and joins Ananth and Nithya for this week eviction list. Wake Up Song: Ethir Neechal - Sathiyama Nee Enakku

Day 16 : Episode 17 - 3 July 2018 : Water Luxury Budget Task

Bhalajie dried idly plate rubbing on his back, noticed by Ananth and Senrayan, created some rift between Housemates, later sorted it out by playing safe by captain Vaishnavi. Housemates were divided into 2 teams for Luxury Budget Task - Problem with Water, where both should save water from dropping of Tank by holding with their hands. Also they should not talk in English, if they do so, the other can take 5 mugs of water from mistake committed team tank. Mumtaz and Mahat had problems between them as Mumtaz asked Mahat not to talk but Mahat did not like the way she told, he continued to talk but Mumtaz told so cause Mahat losing water to other team by talking in English. Rain interrupted the task for a while. Housemates had fun talking about Senrayan. 3 Members from each team competed resulted in victory for Mahat, Mumtaz and Daniel (Ramya, Aishwarya, Riythvika and Ananth) against Yashika, Nithya and Shariq (Janani, Bhalajie, Ponnambalam and Senrayan). Winners get 2 buckets of water from the other team. Shariq was not happy as Vaishnavi told she should have disqualified the other team but she didnt do it, instead made other team winners. Task continues with increased punishment of 1 bucket instead of 5 mugs. Wake Up Song: Aambala - Pazhagikalam

Day 17 : Episode 18 - 4 July 2018 : Water Luxury Budget Task Continues, Mumtaz Secret Task

Janani not happy with Mumtaz bad attitude way of talking with others like commanding someone. Housemates continue with the luxury budget task. Janani and Mahat talks about head weight attitude of Mumtaz. Aishwarya not happy being a side help for the cook as she wants to be prime cook, so Daniel asked her to cook for dinner. Mahat and Shariq collected letters from pool to form Save Water. Shariq wins the competition to get 2 buckets of water from other tank. Siren blowed when Aishwarya talked in English, 5 Housemates jumped in the pool for breaking the rules. Mahat, Daniel, Mumtaz and Team wins this competition to gain more water. Bigg Boss gave secret task for Mumtaz to lose more water from her own team tank - reduce it to 1200 before the dawn of next day. Mumtaz continues to talk in English but this time she did it intentionally to lose water from her own team tank. Mumtaz makes reason to lose water, one such when Bhalajie sprayed for mosquitoes, she felt uncomfortable and dropped the hold of the tap gap. Mumtaz acted like she got disturbed cause of frog presence in the bathroom, she ran out talking in English and without the mic, lost 4 buckets of water. Mumtaz successfully completed the secret task. Wake Up Song: Osthi - Kalasala Kalasala

Day 18 : Episode 19 - 5 July 2018 : Luxury Budget Task Ends, Mumtaz Birthday Celebration

Mumtaz adviced Aishwarya not to allow any guy (Shariq last night) to lay on the bed along with Aishwarya and Mumtaz told next time she will say in front of everyone. Aishwarya told to Shariq about what Mumtaz told to her. Shariq told the same to Mahat, Mahat replied do not fear for anything, if you get afraid you will be crushed. Cleaning Issue made problems between Bhalajie and Mumtaz with Bhalajie showing his bad attitude. Mahat slept during task saying health issue made problem between few Housemates and Vaishnavi. Mumtaz acts and continues to lose water from her team tank as part of her secret task. Senrayan, Yashika and Nithya defeated Mahat, Daniel and Riythvika to gain 3 more buckets of water. Bhalajie said Happy Birthday dai to Mahat for losing bucket of water and Mahat also said Seth ki Betti but refused to give water for other team cause it was told 2 hours ago, this is second time for Bhalajie for today. Earlier he said you do i do to Aishwarya. Mumtaz not happy with Daniel way of conveying messages to others. Mahat and Yashika thought that camera will show them if they make unwanted bad activity during the conversation between Daniel and Mumtaz but Bigg Boss did not show them. They show them when Bhalajie spit at them and Nithya laughed at them. Mumtaz and Vaishnavi thought Daniel way of talking is not proper. Ponnambalam accepted for leadership but he told Daniel to use words with him properly as he shouldnt get anger cause of those words. Senrayan adviced Daniel to give respect to elders as others like Mahat are different and told do not try to emulate the same behaviour of others. Mumtaz won in balancing the pot on her head and walk for distance with obstacles to win 3 buckets of water for her team. Mumtaz won the secret task which has some benefit both for her as well as all housemates which will be revealed later by Bigg Boss. A Task where each housemate has to tell about the strategy of any other housemate without telling their name. Mumtaz celebrated her Birthday with Housemates, gets the surprise cake from Bigg Boss. Wake Up Song: Subramaniapuram - Madura Kulunga

Day 19 : Episode 20 - 6 July 2018 : Mahat Senrayan Words Exchanged, Heart with Message shared with Loved One

Housemates were given option to select any 4 pockets of Maggie Products for the successful completion of Luxury Budget Task. Aishwarya having issues with Cooking team and she end up crying for it. Vaishnavi had trouble calling for jumping into the pool for Daniel English Usage. Housemates gets 3300 points in total for successful completion of Luxury Budget task and they shopped for it. Mahat and Senrayan had words exchanged cause of Senrayan did not clean the cup properly and also due to Mahat aggressive behaviour calling Senrayan Mentally Retarded. Mumtaz took Senrayan out to stop the argument. Mahat tries to soften the situation but Senrayan asked Mahat to leave him freely and adviced Mahat to see a doctor for anger management. Each Housemates were given a plant to grow and whoever grows it properly will get special mention and if someone exit the house, they can give the plant to someone who they like to continue growing it. Each Housemates were given Heart gift with message to convey someone who they miss alot, each one choosed their missed person and made an emotional feeling shared in the screen. In the end, Mumtaz gets special card from her brother and also Bigg Boss presented housemates with nice feast of Biriyani. Wake Up Song: Roja Kootam - Subbamma Subbamma

Day 20 : Episode 21 - 7 July 2018 : Mumtaz Saved from Week Eviction

Ananth was not happy with the remarks of Ponnambalam which was given due to the question "Are you hungry?" asked by Ananth. Senrayan and Ponnambalam talked about the bad behaviour of Mahat. Mumtaz, Aishwarya and Ananth discussed about the anger attitude of Bhalajie. Riythvika, Nithya and Ponnambalam discussed about Eviction and Nomination for the upcoming days. Riythvika and Nithya says everyone are playing the game with a plan, Mumtaz and Ananth denied it, saying that they are living naturally. Housemates were given Red and Black Roses to give to other member. Red for Favourite and Black for whom they dont like. Kamal asked Housemates to rank the captains of the last 3 weeks, Most Housemates gave first place to Janani second to Vaishnavi, followed by Nithya. But Bigg Boss gave ranking as Vaishnavi number one, Nithya second and Janani last. Kamal announced Mumtaz has been saved by people from the week eviction. Wake Up Song: Salim - Maskara Pottu Mayakuriye

Day 21 : Episode 22 - 8 July 2018 : Ananth Evicted

Kamal Hassan is back to host the show with great outfit says Housemates. Kamal asked few questions about counts of Household items in the house to the housemates. Similarly each individual called for a question to answer True or False, also checked with other people answer the same question. Both Bhalajie and Nithya saved from the eviction. Ananth got evicted and got power to send someone to the Jail. Ananth Choosed Ponnambalam for projecting Yashika and Aishwarya in wrong sense according to his observation. Ananth clicked final selfie with Housemates. Ananth gave his plant to Daniel. Kamal asked Ananth to state a character for each Housemates. Kamal not satisfied with Ponnambalam going to Jail, warned Yashika, Aishwarya, Mahat and Shariq indirectly for bad behaviour in the House. Ponnambalam going to Jail or not is Bigg Boss decision as Kamal said he can not cancel it when requested by Janani. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 22 : Episode 23 - 9 July 2018 : Ponnambalam In and Released from Jail. Ramya as New Captain. Yashika, Ponnambalam, Nithya and Bhalajie are in Eviction List

Daniel asked other housemates why they did noy raise issue and he would have definitely ignored this issue but would not have made big issue as Ponnambalam did, other housemates denied his view. Ponnambalam told Shariq to give respect for his age. Housemates are not happy with the decision made by Ananth to put Ponnambalam in Jail. Yashika and Aishwarya upset with they are being cornered and asked Bigg Boss to change the decision else send them to Jail. Mahat and Shariq also requested for the same, not to send Ponnambalam to Jail. Bigg Boss commanded Housemates to send Ponnambalam to Jail else they will lose Luxury Budget Task Points. Aishwarya and Yashika are anger cause of the comment made by Ponnambalam in front of Kamal and People that something happened night before last night, Girls requested what was it, Ponnambalam replied he got disturbed cause of their talks near his bed. Housemates are not happy cause that comment made bad impression on those girls. Ponnambalam not happy with the bright light in Jail, found hard to sleep. Ponnambalam Released from the Jail as per Bigg Boss announcement. Ramya wins save water in bowl competition to get captain post for the week. Bigg Boss asked Housemates to appear in group and choose one among them for Eviction List. Yashika selected among her, Mahat and Aishwarya. Similarly Nithya got selected among her, Daniel, Ramya and Riythvika. Bhalajie got selected among him, Mumtaz and Janani. Ponnambalam got selected among him, Senrayan, Vaishnavi and Shariq. Wake Up Song: Veera Sivaji - Soppanasundari

Day 23 : Episode 24 - 10 July 2018 : Mahat Anger, Ponnambalam Unusual Words

Ponnambalam once again made unusual comment saying he can lift a girl in night but not in day and that comment made small issues in the house. Vaishnavi expert in gossiping, talks about comment passed by Ponnambalam to Janani. Daniel showing interest on getting information about comment passed by Ponnambalam from Vaishnavi. Senrayan, Bhalajie, Nithya and Janani discuss same about Ponnambalam comment. Mahat and Daniel makes fun of Senrayan with the anger on Ponnambalam. Housemates were divided in to three teams. Mahat, Mumtaz and Senrayan made Police. Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya made Thiefs. Rest made General Citizens. All team has to save and earn money from what they got from task as well as other team and whichever team has more points in the end will win the task. Mahat unable to control his angry outburst. This time is because of Yashika facial reaction after a comment made by him and due to naming her for eviction. Ponnambalam spoke with other housemates and clear the issue. Mahat asked Bhalajie to tell Nithya to mind her own business cause its the issue between him and Yashika. Daniel and Aishwarya enjoys robbing the housemates things. Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya doing task with lot of fun. Police were given rights to frame rules and based on that they can earn money as fine amount. Daniel and Aishwarya had fun teasing Senrayan. Yashika arrested cause of stealing items. Mahat gets angry again when Yashika asked why he did not support her when the whole were against them. Mumtaz, Daniel and Ramya suspecting the issue between Bhalajie and Nithya might already been sorted out and they are just here to make some content for the show. Wake Up Song: Gulaebaghavali - Heartukulla

Day 24 : Episode 25 - 11 July 2018 : Mahat Vs Bhalajie - Ramya removed from Captainship, Nithya Took Charge

Police and Thief Team planning to join together and eat dinner without paying money. Meanwhile Riythvika told Ponnambalam people who spoke in front of camera to bring him out of jail were appreciating Ananth for the decision he made. While Thief Team tries to steal food, Police did not intervene. Ponnambalam blocked Daniel and dropped food on the floor. Senrayan complaints Mahat that no one is respecting him, Mahat replied back in anger by questioning his ability. Later Nithya got arrested and put into jail for not respecting Police. Thief Team opened a garage sale to sell their the items they steal from the house. Bhalajie and Ramya took the job as Reporter and Camerawoman respectively to cover the happenings in the house, Mahat was angry on Press entering his office. Daniel gave idea for their food, that made problems with Police and Citizens. Problems ending up in Mahat loses his temper, ate apple in front of Citizens. By seeing it, Bhalajie told Mahat better to beg for food instead eating like this by cheating. Mahat asked not to talk in loud tone, Bhalajie replied Daniel also speaks in the same tone. Mahat told Bhalajie talks always in bad behaviour with Bhalajie replying that Mahat also uses bad words with others like he used on Yashika. This statement made Mahat lost his control completely started to shout at Bhalajie. Then both had worst argument at eachother. Mahat called Bhalajie a comedy piece and brainless person. Bhalajie started to cry in shame, By seeing Mahat went in and asked for apology by touching Bhalajie feet. Bhalajie requested Mahat to leave him peacefully. When Citizens team members said they are not willing to continue the task, Mumtaz took it as an opportunity to eat food, joined by Senrayan. Shariq intervened and stopped them from eating. By seeing Mumtaz planning to eat, girls return back to play the game. Senrayan upset on Shariq stopping him from eating food but Shariq replied back that this is his task. Daniel gave stolen apple for Senrayan to eat. Later Citizens accepted give food for all for release of Nithya, hence she got released and everyone had their food with Daniel arrested for stealing items. Then Thief team said they dont want to play as well, took items from inside the house, brings back to their place and said they are back to play the game as well. This made Citizen team to completely withdraw from the task, which resulted in Ramya removal from Captainship. Then Nithya took charge voluntatilly when Bigg Boss requested. Bigg Boss appreciated Thief Team for doing the task well. Wake Up Song: Thaanaa Serndha Koottam - Peela Peela

Day 25 : Episode 26 - 12 July 2018 : Janani has Panchayat Captain sends Mahat to Jail

Janani do not like to continue task as she is upset with the housemates behaviour during task. Thief team continue to steal items even from Police Station. Senrayan needs money to buy lemon for his head but Mumtaz not willing to give money to him, created an argument between them. Mahat continues to sleep during task. Thiefs converts the stolen board from Police Station as Advertisement Board. Housemates appreciate eachother for the fair play in the task. Mahat and Senrayan had fun by Mahat arresting Senrayan for Eve Teasing. Thief Team compensate with their stolen item for Food to eat. Thiefs had fun by dancing in the rain. Bigg Boss made Janani as Panchayat Captain, as she discuss with housemates with their views to identify who made mistake. Panchayat Captain Janani marked most of the mistakes on Police team especially on Mahat and Mumtaz. She got intervened when she took votes for people view who made most mistakes and irresponsible in the duty being a police. Janani after had discussion with Bigg Boss, announced Mahat has to go to Jail for not doing task properly. Wake Up Song: Vikram Vedha - Tasakku Tasakku

Day 26 : Episode 27 - 13 July 2018 : Karthi and Soori in Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss asked a member of each team to count the total money they have for the Luxury Budget Task. Thief team seems to be having saved more money than other 2 teams. Daniel and Mumtaz discuss about the behaviour of other housemates during the task as Daniel said those people will fight eachother soon. Mahat got released from the Jail. Few housemates getting to know about the love story of Bhalajie and Nithya. Mahat helping girls and say few nice words about women to get good name inside the house. After Nithya explained to Daniel about the shame that Senrayan has gone because of not knowing the full form of SI. Daniel had discussion with Senrayan to clear misunderstandings between them. Bigg Boss Announced Thief team saved more money in Luxury Budget Task and wins the task to get points only for them to shop. Thief team did Luxury Budget Shopping alone and the products they buy is only for them. Kadaikutty Singam Movie team comprises of Karthi, Soori and Director Pandiraj enters Bigg Boss House for Promotion of their movie. Karthi, Soori and Pandiraj made funny comments about Housemates and enjoyed their presence in the house. Housemates were shown the Kadaikutty Singam Movie Trailer and Housemates were divided in to 2 teams with one lead by Karthi and the other by Soori to play Dumb Charades before they leave the house. Thief team got their ordered items of Luxury Budget Shopping and they enjoyed having food as a victory party. Wake Up Song: Vedalam - Aaluma Doluma

Day 27 : Episode 28 - 14 July 2018 : Ponnambalam Saved Again

Ponnambalam not feel like doing Breakfast, Mumtaz requested for it. Vaishnavi and Ramya volunteered to help as they said how to make the dish. Ponnambalam requested help for cooking but later felt it is not required cause his team mates said it would cause problems later. Bigg Boss gave Yashika the best performer award for the task, Citizen team discussed and gave Shariq the worst performer award for the task. Ramya was given the ribbon of not fit for captainship by stating her mistake. Kamal told it was given cause there should not be any of this case in the future. Teams blame and appreciate eachother for their task performance. Senrayan also shared his hungry problem. Mahat told Mumtaz took the commissioner post instead of her given post of constable. Kamal spoke with Bhalajie regarding his issue with Mahat. Kamal told do not use the word Comedy for scolding someone. Mahat apologized for his angerness. Mumtaz feels she is being cornered and told that she wont mind and worry about it. Kamal announced Ponnambalam is saved from Eviction once again. Wake Up Song: Mersal - Mersal Arasan

Day 28 : Episode 29 - 15 July 2018 : Nithya Evicted, Bhalajie Talks with his Daughter after 8 Months

Housemates had fun by doing Dubsmash for other housemates performance. Aishwarya gets upset because Ponnambalam comments every weekend and she worries it is still continuing. Kamal announced Bhalajie is saved this week. Unexpectedly Nithya gets evicted this week that really made big doubt on the Bigg Boss Voting system as most of the viewers expected Yashika Eviction. Nithya clicks her final selfie with housemates. Nithya gave her plant to Bhalajie. Nithya shares her observation about each housemates in single word. Nithya daughter Poshika also visited the show. Dad Bhalajie gets opportunity to talk with his daughter after 8 months, a very emotional moment of the episode. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 29 : Episode 30 - 16 July 2018 : Mahat - Week Captain. Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Aishwarya and Janani joins Ramya in the eviction list

Housemates had their free time filled with some self made fun task to pass the time. Housemates were asked to find flower garland and put it on the housemates they like. Daniel puts on Mahat, Riythvika on Bhalajie and Yashika on Shariq. Each competitor for the week leader were asked to choose a helper, Mahat choosed Daniel but later Daniel refused for warer task, changed to Senrayan. Bhalajie Choosed Janani and Shariq choosed Yashika. Helper has to unlock the chain, so the one who gets released from chain lock will be the week leader. Senrayan unlocked all the locks, so Mahat emerges the week captain. Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Aishwarya and Janani joined already nominated Ramya are in Eviction List. Few housemates are shocked with Janani in the nomination list, Senrayan and Bhalajie not happy with youngsters group in the house. Bigg Boss asked each housemates to pretend themself as finalist and choose 2 among others as other finalist by giving reason. Wake Up Song: Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen - Lalaa Kadai Saanthi

Day 30 : Episode 31 - 17 July 2018 : Snehan in the House as Lecturer to teach Tamil, Back to School Task

Yashika and Aishwarya talks in Hindi and Mahat as captain did not say anything about it but Bigg Boss blows the siren as the punishment of 5 housemates must enter swimming pool. As no one in the house wanted to go against Mahat, he becomes king of the house and commands people to do the job especially not happy with whatever Vaishnavi does. With Mahat being too bossy, Vaishnavi is not happy with his attitude. Housemates did a task of going back to school with Riythvika termed as the head master of the house. Snehan enters the house as Tamil lecturer. Snehan gave Kural, Poem or Proverb as the lesson for each Housemate. In the end, he choosed Ponnambalam as the best performer of the task by considering his interest at his age. Snehan gave remarks that no one in this house are real that comment made few housemates upset. Snehan were asked to leave by Bigg Boss. Snehan told Housemates to take this show as the great opportunity for making a bright future. Ramya gave feedback for Snehan Judgement to Daniel, saying how can he figure out that we are not real, respected and welcomed him but who asked for his comment said Ramya sarcastically. A Task was given to Riythvika to judge and asked to name catcher and that catcher cannot catch housemates who stand as a pair. Mahat and Shariq wins the task. Captain Mahat decided to keep Daniel and Vaishnavi in Radar and discussed with other housemates. Wake Up Song: Vettaikaaran - En Uchimandai

Day 31 : Episode 32 - 18 July 2018 : Music Class, and Letter Writing Task in Bigg Boss School. Vaishnavi as Counsellor

Ulaga Needhi Othamal Oru Naalum as the morning prayer in the School Task. Housemates attend Music Class in Bigg Boss House with Ramya being the Instructor. Housemates were divided in to teams to perform musical entertainment show. Housemates were asked to write a letter for a missed one, Aishwarya emerges as the winner. Aishwarya explain what she wrote in letter to Shariq and shared the concern that she care for her. Bigg Boss made Vaishnavi the counsellor to provide support for the issues faced by Housemates in the house. Mahat cries and said that he misses his mom and looked like he is kind of acting to make people belive in him that he is a nice person and continue to project himself as emotional person not the arrogant guy. By End of the Day, Bigg Boss asked Vaishnavi asked about her concern, she explained about housemates tagging her as a gossiper right from the first week. Wake Up Song: Naadodigal - Aadunga Da

Day 32 : Episode 33 - 19 July 2018 : Good Life Orphanage Kids in Bigg Boss House

Senrayan and Vaishnavi had small argument due to Vaishnavi hesitation and delayed to prepare tea in the morning. Bhalajie and Mahat gossips about Daniel. Housemates discussed about sending Senrayan to cooking team but Mumtaz complained that he is unhygenic also told the same for Daniel. Riythvika ranked Senrayan as the Topper. Daniel gets Jealous. Good Life Orphanage Kids visited Bigg Boss House. Kids had fun by Drawing Art Work with Housemates. Kids enjoyed Payasam and got Gifts as well. Kids and Housemates danced together for Aasluma Doluma song. Housemates and Kids took photo together. Vaishnavi, Mumtaz and Vaishnavi cried thinking about the struggles of kids, Few felt they are acting to win people hearts. Daniel gossip about Senrayan to Shariq. Bhalajie continues to gossip saying housemates are fake crying to show them good. Wake Up Song: Paruthiveeran - Vuroram Puliamaram

Day 33 : Episode 34 - 20 July 2018 : Mahat - Daniel Issue - Sleep Continues - Bhalajie sent to Jail

Mahat complaints about Daniel facial expression to others, but Daniel asked Mahat directly that who told that to him and there is no purpose to make any expression about him. In fact Yashika told that Daniel made the facial expression on Mahat. Housemates were asked to click selfie with 5 Housemates and choose special one among the 5 and talk about that person. Yashika, Aishwarya, Shariq and Captain Mahat sleeping during the day team. Most of the Housemates choosed Janani and Ponnambalam as special one and talked about them. Bigg Boss announced 800 points deducted for Yashika, Aishwarya, Shariq and Captain Mahat sleeping during the day team. Bigg Boss made Daniel as the interviewer and asked to interview five housemates in the eviction list. Housemates asks random questions to housemates in eviction list. Daniel announced Aishwarya being truthful and answered questions well, got special power. And Bhalajie not being truthful, sent to Jail. Wake Up Song: Thaarai Thappattai - Hero Intro Theme

Day 34 : Episode 35 - 21 July 2018 : Ponnambalam Vs Aishwarya - Bhalajie Vs Daniel - Mumtaz Multiple Facial Reactions - Senrayan Frustration

Kamal answered few questions raised by viewers and raised questions about being fake to Housemates now told by one of the housemates itself and he revealed that is Bhalajie. Vaishnavi raised question to Daniel that why did he sent Bhalajie to Jail. Daniel replied that is his wish, easily looked like taking a vengence, Later Bhalajie got released from the Jail. Ponnambalam cried by thinking his childhood and told how his school helped him to make a life. Senrayan got completely frustrated and told everyone is living fake in the house and it is hard to live real cause it could end up seeing blood river. Senrayan upset about his mucus on swimming pool issue and controlled his anger. When Vaishnavi commented about Daniel nature of talk. Kamal gave feedback as that Daniel talks everything in loud tone and Vaishnavi dont know to complete the sentence with full stop as she was continously talking. Ponnambalam raised concern about how Daniel is spoiling girls name with his attitude. Aishwarya replied that is their wish and she can chose what she can do. And when Aishwarya named housemates of her group, Mahat waved his hand saying he do not belong to any group. Mumtaz gave millions of reaction today showing her not happy with the talks she is hearing from Ponnambalam and Senrayan. In fact Mumtaz said what nonsense he is talking for Senrayan comment and What the hell he is saying to Ponnambalam words. When Aishwarya tried to talk with Ponnambalam, he replied its not the time to talk and shouted at Aishwarya. Mumtaz came defending Aishwarya saying you cannot shout at a girl to Ponnambalam. Later Aishwarya cried saying that her name got spoiled because of Ponnambalam every weekend comments. Wake Up Song: Thaarai Thappattai - Vathana Vathana Vadivelan

Day 35 : Episode 36 - 22 July 2018 : Ramya NSK Evicted

Housemates defend Ponnambalam and said to Mumtaz that he explained many times to girls about the issues with them. Kamal said People saved Janani, Aishwarya and Ponnambalam in order from Eviction. Ramya evicted this week and Bhalajie saved by the people. Ramya took final selfie pic with Housemates. Ramya gave the plant to Mumtaz. Ramya displayed her observation about other housemates thru icon resembles character placing game. Highlight being giving Mask icon to Senrayan saying he is fake sometimes. Kamal asked who is Jalra Jing Jung (Saying yes for all) among the housemates. Most of them said Vaishnavi but Ponnambalam, Senrayan and Bhalajie said Mumtaz. Emotional Senrayan expressed his desire to adopt a child. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 36 : Episode 37 - 23 July 2018 : Ponnambalam, Mahat, Mumtaz, Yashika and Vaishnavi in the Eviction List. No Captain for the Week

Riythvika wish to see atleast one girl contestant should enter the final and if that girl is a Tamil, she will be very happy. Senrayan wants to be in Cooking Team but Mumtaz interrupted and told she wish to be in that team. Janani revealed secret to Mahat after getting promise from him to not to say anyone and even Shariq, the secret is that Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Riythvika and Vaishnavi are discussing to nominate Mahat for eviction and she refused to co-operate with them. Bigg Boss showed videos of the housemates being careless in following the rules and sleeping in the day time. No Captain for the week. Most of the rules broken by Mahat. Mahat voluntarilly choosed himself to get nominated as the housemates who didnt follow the rules properly and housemates also agreed to it. Bigg Boss gave punishment of direct nomination for the eviction list and also sent to jail. Conversation between Aishwarya and Yashika was also been shown during the video session, Riythvika asked Vaishnavi for translation of those words and got to know it was about beating Ponnambalam. Mahat told the secret (nominating him in the eviction list by Ponnambalam and Bhalajie told by Janani by getting promise not to say it to even Shariq) to Shariq. Aishwarya gets pissed off after seeing Vaishnavi is translating those hindi words to everyone in the house. It continued as big argument, some even felt like that Vaishnavi is trying to calm the situation to escape from eviction list but that single translation job made many housemates to nominate her for the eviction later that night. Bhalajie joins few housemates such as Ponnambalam, Riythvika and Janani as team and set on target on few. Senrayan must have listened but he nominated based on his likings. Transparent Nomination happened tonight with each housemates asked to nominate two with reason in the garden area with Mahat can not nominate any one he is under punishment. Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, Yashika, Vaishnavi and Aishwarya were nominated along with directly nominated Mahat. Aishwarya had power after winning last week task which can save anyone including her from the eviction list. She chosed herself and got away from the eviction nomination list. Wake Up Song: Kakki Chattai - Singaari Sarakku

Day 37 : Episode 38 - 24 July 2018 : Luxury Budget Task - Blue Vs Yellow, Occupying Area - Blue Takes Kitchen and Garden Area

Daniel clears the issue with Ponnambalam and asked him not to say anything wrong. Mahat gets Prison food Kali for dinner. Bhalajie performs acting skill like he is feeling for Mahat eating Kali. Yashika says to Mahat that Daniel is brainwashing her and Aishwarya stating he wants to leave the house. Bigg Boss nominated Mumtaz and Janani as leader of teams to compete in a task named Dont enter my area. Also named Shariq as the referee for the task. Team Blue led by Janani and its members are Daniel, Aishwarya, Senrayan and Ponnambalam. Team Yellow led by Mumtaz and its members are Yashika, Riythvika, Vaishnavi and Bhalajie. The Task is about occupying the area by winning tasks. Team Blue Contestant Senrayan wins the Food Eating Task against Team Yellow Riythvika to occupy Kitchen area. Team Blue celebrated their victory with the flag hoist in the Kitchen area. So according to the rules of Dont enter my area task, if the loser team wants to have food, the winning team can give a task and food will be given once a member of losing team complete it. Second Task of phyical ability to occupy Garden area. Again Team Blue wins the task and occupied Garden area. Team Yellow occupying Kitchen area in the absence of Team Blue. Blue team furious about the stupidity of Team Yellow. Refree Shriq interupted and said that their is no such rule to occupy the area in the absence of winning team. Task victory is the only way to occupy the area. Later Yellow team tried to steal Fruits as well. Mahat thanked Bigg Boss for keeping him in the jail as he would have not controlled his anger if he has done the task. Bhalajie complaints about Janani being joining with Daniel and shouting. Mahat told it to Janani and in turn she told Daniel she has never said that he is shouting in the house. Team Blue angry on Tea being shared by the members of Team Yellow allowed by Referee Shariq. Aishwarya anger on Team Yellow laughing on her and she shouted out Riythvika that she is not a puppet to do job for her. Riythvika upset about the behaviour of Aishwarya and she explained other members what really happened. Mumtaz again increased her tone when she wanted to say something to Janani, made Janani to lose control of her and just walked away closing her ears. Mahat and Yashika told Aishwarya not to cry and told not to react for others comments. Wake Up Song: Pattikada Pattanama - Adi Ennadi Rakkamma

Day 38 : Episode 39 - 25 July 2018 : Luxury Budget Task - Blue Vs Yellow, Occupying Area - Yellow Takes Bedroom, Mahat Replaced Bhalajie

Yellow Team does task to have tea in the morning for the Luxury Budget Task Do Not Enter My Area. Mumtaj adament and refused to do task to have morning break fast. Mahat shows his full anger on Vaishnavi whenever he gets the chance to show it. Housemates were given task to write a letter to wish army for their contribution of defence for our country and victory in Kargil War. Daniel wins the Thanks Wishes letter for Army task and wins the TVS Bike judged by Shariq. Mahat continues to find fault on Vaishnavi, blamed her for not happy during Daniel win. Mumtaz stubborn character for not doing the task and raising the voice, Shariq not happy about it and gave punishment. Mumtaz refused to do it, created rift between them. Two Members from each team has to attend the competition for get the locks and unlock the door. Yashika and Vaishnavi competed for Yellow Team, Daniel and Ponnambalam participated for Blue Team. Yashika and Vaishnavi for Yellow Team wins and took over Bedroom. Bigg Boss gave option for Yellow team to replace Mahat in Jail with Weak Contestant in the Team. Bhalajie volunteered but Mahat wants Vaishnavi to Replace him. Mahat released from Jail but by replacing Bhalajie. Mahat is not happy about it as he wants Vaishnavi inside the Jail. Riythvika does task to have dinner from Blue Team. Wake Up Song: Kumudham - Maama Maama Maama

Day 39 : Episode 40 - 26 July 2018 : Dont Enter My Area Task - Yellow Team Captured Bathroom

Riythvika points out Mahat that not to give any thing to opponent team. Yellow team upset about Senrayan entering the bedroom without permission but he said he got permission from referee Shariq. One(Mahat and Senrayan) from each team contested in the soap competition. Mahat wins stating that Senrayan did foul play. Janani tries to clear the understanding of Mumtaz about her but Mumtaz is not ready to trust her. Mumtaz gave hard time for Senrayan by asking him to sing Selfie Pulla Song stating that he won the best student award so he has to sing it five times without any mistake. Daniel, Senrayan and Janani turned off the stove to revenge Mumtaz. Daniel lied and refused to accept that he turned off the stove. Aishwarya performed Task to enter Bathroom. Wake Up Song: Uthamaputhiran - Yaradi Nee Mohini

Day 40 : Episode 41 - 27 July 2018 : Yellow Team wins Luxury Budget Points, Aishwarya becomes next week Captain

Two teams competed in throw the cushion in Basket to win the Living Room Area. Task continued extremely that Shariq the referee counted with Yellow 16 - 15 Blue Score in th end. Team Yellow captured Living Room Area after winning the task. Both Mahat and Mumtaz are not happy at eachother as Mahat giving easy task on his own to the Blue Team which upset Mumtaz and Yellow Team. Ponnambalam gave Task to Mahat asking him to say 5 bad qualities of Mumtaz. Mahat replied she is arrogant, stubborn, dominating, not fit for leadership etc. Bigg Boss told Housemates can capture area by placing the flag by anyway. Resulted in Daniel injured his finger. Clashes and Bloody War like Scenario. Housemates asked teams to choose their best and worst performers. Yellow Team choosed Yashika as Best and Captain Mumtaz nominated herself as Worst. Blue Team choosed Senrayan as Best and Ponnambalam as Worst. Best being saved from Next Week Nomination for Eviction, Worst were asked to polish the basket full of Kids shoes. Emotional Daniel feeling low and cried without showing it to others in the house. Bigg Boss congratulates both team but gave full luxury budget points 2200 to team yellow and asked team blue not to involve in shopping, sent to bedroom. Team Yellow along with Referee Shariq did shopping for the items of next week use. Mumtaz getting chance to make an attachment with Yashika through this task. Mahat trolls Mumtaz that she is choosing one for a week and this week it is Yashika as he told that the list as Mamathi, Ananth, Vaishnavi, Daniel, Aishwarya and Now Yashika. Yashika ignores Mahat as it upset him and made him think like Mumtaz is the reason for her ignoring him. Mumtaz after giving the feeling of that she is the reason for the breaking the friendship between Mahat and Yashika, she asked Yashika not to talk with her but Yashika replied that she has rights to choose whom she can talk or not to talk. Housemates has to enter a house, the last two entrants will be out of the task everytime when the horn blows. Aishwarya wins the task and become the next week leader. Aishwarya missed Yashika and asked why she is not talking well with her and she asked that Mumtaz told anything to her. Yashika replied she is good and no problem, then told she dont care about anyone. Aishwarya cried missing Yashika, Janani consoled her and told she will come back soon and will talk well. Wake Up Song: Sooriyan - Laalaku Dole

Day 41 : Episode 42 - 28 July 2018 : Vishwaroopam 2 Team Song Release. Mumtaz Adamant Behaviour on Focus

Kamal peeked thru the side window to see what housemates are doing. Vishwaroopam 2 Team comprises of Pooja, Andreah, Music Director and a singer enters the Bigg Boss House. Music director Gibran and Andreah with a singer performed melody song from the movie. Viswaroopam 2 team and housemates divided themself and played Antakshri. Housemates were shown Vishwaroopam 2 movie trailer. Kamal praised the contribution of his friend's friend Vir Chakra Recipient Colonel Lalit Rai during the Kargil War. Housemates Surprised Kamal wearing Vishwaroopam 2 Tee Shirt. Each Housemates called individually to have conversation with Kamal in the confession room to identify who they feel stronger, who they feel that person shouldnt win and who they feel existance in house of no use just like a dummy. Kamal realised Riythvika answered all questions honestly. Kamal asked housemates about the arrogant and adamant behaviour of Mumtaz, all felt that she always raise voice and commands others in the house. Shariq, Senrayan, Mahat and few others feel the same that Mumtaz adamant behaviour is not good. Kamal also feel the same. Wake Up Song: Malaikottai - Eai Aatha Aathorama Remix

Day 42 : Episode 43 - 29 July 2018 : Vaishnavi Sent To Secret Room

Housemates were shown the mistakes made by them as Bloopers, raised concern on Hygiene. Kamal asked Mumtaz to include Senrayan in the cooking team. Mumtaz refused but Kamal made it as an assignment for her. Kamal questioned the bad misconceptions and calculation which is in the mind of Ponnambalam and questioned his culture by showing him his behaviour in Kurum Padam. Kamal announced Yashika is saved by the people. Kamal told Ponnambalam also safe from the eviction. Kamal announced Vaishnavi as the person for this week eviction after saying its a close call cause of less margin in votes count. Vaishnavi clicks final selfie with Housemates. Vaishnavi gave the plant to Daniel. Vaishnavi gets another opportunity to continue in the show by entering Secret Room. Vaishnavi observes whatever Housemates say about her to Kamal. Kamal gave encouragement and motivation to Vaishnavi by getting strong from Secret Room. Mumtaz and Senrayan does not get good sync as they have issues being in the same team of cooking. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 43 : Episode 44 - 30 July 2018 : Aishwarya in Power

Aishwarya plans to add Janani in to the cooking team along with Mumtaz and Senrayan. Vaishnavi watches everything from the secret room and told Aishwarya is planning and doing for something. Aishwarya forced Janani to be in cooking team even after many times that she is not a good cook and Bhalajie ready to be in cooking team. Aishwarya divided housemates in to teams with major twist being she wanted to make Cooking team as Mumtaz, Senrayan and Janani. Then when Mumtaz raised concern both Senrayan and Janani not good in cooking, Aishwarya suggested Ponnambalam but later changed to add Bhalajie in the team with the thought having both Mumtaz and Ponnambalam being a major cook need not be in the same team rather take turns for the weeks to come. Daniel was told to support whenver needed as he has injured his finger. Aishwarya commands Janani not to clean rice as it is the duty of cooking team to do it. Aishwarya told Shariq not to help cooking team to arrange items in the shelf and told these are the duties of cooking team, Mumtaz and Bhalajie get irritated. Aishwarya told Mumtaz and Bhalajie that she wants to be in the leader position firmly and wants to do it properly. Mumtaz warned Aishwarya not to give her hard time and be in a limit else she will lose temper. Housemates were divided in to two teams to compete for Maggi Masala Cooking Competition with one team cooks Veg and other does Non Veg dishes. Ponnambalam, Riythvika, Janani and Senrayan comprises Veg Side. Whereas Daniel, Shariq, Aishwarya and Yashika in the Non Veg Side. Mahat and Bhalajie made Judge to decide which items are good. Non Veg team Dishes made with Maggi Masala wins the competition. Mahat called housemates for meeting and told be transparent rather than doing back biting, others clarified too and one major being do not use abusive words which made an argument between Aishwarya and Bhalajie. Senrayan upset on Bhalajie that why he always blame on him without any reason. Wake Up Song: Kumki - Soi Soi

Day 44 : Episode 45 - 31 July 2018 : Aishwarya as Dictator in a Task, threw Garbage on Bhalajie

Housemates did open eviction process shredding nominated housemates pic. Bhalajie upset on Mahat indirect comment on him to talk directly instead talking at the back. Bhalajie wanted to speak with Bigg Boss and refused to nominate. Aishwarya cried saying Bhalajie did scold her badly and spoiled her name. Yashika in Abdomen Pain and wanted to consult doctor. Yashika was taken inside for the treatment for her Abdomen Pain. Mumtaz cried because he felt being the reason for Bhalajie upset. Senrayan celebrated his Birthday with Cake Cutting. Bigg Boss made Aishwarya the Dictator, Janani the Advisor and Daniel the Body Guard and rest being common people. Bigg Boss also mentioned that Aishwarya will get the immune power if she does the task well. Yashika said to play Spy for the dictator. Dictator were asked to make their own rules and watches what is happening inside the house thru special TV. Bhalajie, Shariq, Riythvika and Ponnambalam made comments about her. Dictator Bodyguard announced all the rules with the last 5 one being anonymous, will be made any time she wants. People has to sing Rani Maharani song both morning as well as night time. Dictator Queen Aishwarya throwed Garbage on Bhalajie as punishment. Dictator Aishwarya unable to control her anger and went furious on those who talked bad about her. Senrayan, Mumtaz, Riythvika tried to clean the garbage but Balji not to do it. Mumtaz unable to stop crying. Aishwarya commanded to throw Shariq and Riythvika clothes to be throwed in to the swimming pool for making comments like breaking and burning the queen statue. Aishwarya asked Senrayan to scold Balji with five bad words and he did say to Bhalajie. Wake Up Song: Rajadhi Raja - En Kitta Modhadhey

Day 45 : Episode 46 - 01 August 2018 : Aishwarya continued her Dictator Task

Mahat gets angry by seeing Aishwarya actions, Bhalajie asks him to control. Shariq angry as well, tearing posters of Aishwarya. Senrayan does his cooking task with no experience. Aishwarya disturbs Bhalajie when he decided to stay away from the task and sleep. Mahat was asked to feed Bhalajie but he refused to eat and spit food. Aishwarya were emotional saying that some people spoke about her and her family badly. Bhalajie gets food to eat during late night with the help of Senrayan. Aishwarya took the cup away from Senrayan when he tried to have tea in the morning, resulted in big clash between the two. Senrayan refused to apology for his angry reactions and words used on dictator queen Aishwarya. Senrayan were splashed with water mixed with shampoo and eggs as a punishment. Mahat were asked to kneel down as the punishment for sleeping. Shariq duty is to protect the Dictator Queen Statue. Wake Up Song: Aboorva Sagodharargal - Annathey Aadurar

Day 46 : Episode 47 - 02 August 2018 : Dictator Task Ends, Aishwarya Cried

Senrayan was asked to apology so everyone can have breakfast, but Senrayan refused to do it. Housemates had meeting and asked Senrayan to apology at the Dictator Queen. Dictator Queen Aishwarya and her Advisor and Body Guard watches the housemates meeting live thru the TV from the activity room. Senrayan apologized by considering the breakfast of the Housemates. Aishwarya with her assistants checked Bhalajie is in task or not. After confirming Bhalajie is in the task, he was asked to clean bathroom, then by considering the health, he swapped his job with the Statue Protector Shariq. Yashika asked Riythvika to say bad things straight on her face instead of talking at the back. Dictator Queen Aishwarya gets mad and took away the Curry to the activity room after seeing some bad conduct of common people. Senrayan was asked to feed Mumtaz so that everyone can have the lunch. Mumtaz initially refused to get feed by someone but later agreed for just one time feed. Riythvika was asked to kiss all the posters of the queen. Mahat has to do things to irritate Cooking Team which comprises of Riythvika and Yashika. Similarly Shariq has to irritate Mumtaz with some activities and Ponnambalam has to always advice Mumtaz. Senrayan punishment to splash water on the arrested people. Dictator Queen along with her subordiantes watches everything live which is happening in the jail. Arrested people started to protest inside the jail. Bigg Boss calls Ponnambalam and asked him to push Aishwarya into the pool to finish the task. Aishwarya pushed into the Swimming pool to complete the task. Aishwarya with huge frustration, ran towards the confession room and started to cry without any control. Housemates initially felt holding her in the throat was bad but later justified it is just a task, so nothing to worry as Aishwarya also did similar treatment to others. Bigg Boss appreciated Aishwarya for her excellent performance in the task. Wake Up Song: Pokkiri - Aadungada Yennai Suthi

Day 47 : Episode 48 - 03 August 2018 : Shariq next week Captain. Ghajinikanth Movie Promo

Aishwarya was given Immunity power of no eviction nomination for next week for her good performance in the task. Janani pointed out throwing Garbage on Bhalajie is the only mistake. Housemates discuss about Bhalajie Behaviour. Vaishnavi is back from Secret Room. Vaishnavi ranked housemates based on being honest. Vaishnavi explained Housemates how some looked fake when she saw from Secret Room. Senrayan trolls her in response to it. Aishwarya punished for splashing water on Camera, she was asked to apology each and every camera. Ponnambalam isolated from the house for physical violance to others especially strangling Aishwarya. Aishwarya said Sorry to Bhalajie and asked to be like before. Housemates get 2200 Luxury Budget Points from the total 2400 Points. 200 Points deducted for Bhalajie not involvement in the task. Aishwarya selected best performers Shariq and Riythvika from the People and they competed for leadership task to planting the rose on the ground. Shariq wins the competition and becomes captain of the week, made teams. Daniel lied housemates can eat only after Bhalajie finished eating. Bhalajie agreed to eat and ate the food. Ghajinikanth team comprises Arya, Satish and Director Santhosh enters the Bigg Boss House. DD also enters the house along with Ghajinikanth Team. Arya and others share their experience of the movie. Ghajinikanth Trailer was shown to the Housemates. Satish told that Garbage incident made him anger. Wake Up Song: Ghilli - Appadi Podu

Day 48 : Episode 49 - 04 August 2018 : Aishwarya Questioned. Riythvika is safe from the Current Week Eviction

Aishwarya Upset about Mumtaz raising the question to Sathish abouth the Garbage Incident. Vaishnavi told Bhalajie whatever Ponnambalam did like strangling the throat of Aishwarya during task is wrong. Bigg Boss announced Ponnambalam punishment time is over. Yashika celebrated her birthday with cake cutting. Kamal asked Aishwarya come back to normal, not the Dictator Aishwarya and start loving others. Kamal pointed out strangling the throat of Aishwarya during task looked bad. Kamal asked Bhalajie about the behaviour of Bhalajie and about the dictator task. Kamal asked about Mumtaz, Mahat and Shariq reactions during the task. Kamal showed Kurum Padam of Bhalajie having food during night time after saying other he is fasting and avoiding having food during task. Kamal makes fun of Mahat saying Night Vision videos is working well and people can notice well what is happening in the night time and said Kurum padam will be shown later, not now. Kamal asked Housemates in Eviction list about their views of them during eviction nomination. Kamal announced Riythvika is saved from Eviction. Wake Up Song: Anjathaey - Kathala Kannala

Day 49 : Episode 50 - 05 August 2018 : Shariq Evicted, Yashika New Captain

Aishwarya and Bhalajie apologized eachother to remain good. Both now joined together and showed their respect and care for eachother. Housemates were shown Kurum Padam of Bhalajie using abusive words. Kamal adviced Bhalaji to mind his words. Kamal announced Mumtaz Saved from this week eviction by people. Regular Eviction List Contender Ponnambalam also Saved by the people. Kamal announced Shariq Hassan as the person for this week eviction. Few Housemates such as Janani and Bhalajie nominated cause there were no other people to nominate got upset because of Shariq Eviction. Shariq said final bye to housemates by giving some gifts. Shariq took final selfie with the housemates. Shariq gave his plant to Aishwarya. Shariq said bye and left the house. Aishwarya, Yashika, Mumtaz and Janani cried for the Shariq Exit. Shariq joined by his Mom Uma Riyaz Khan and friends to have final talks with Kamal Hassan. Supposed to be Week Captain Shariq got evicted, so he was given a responsible to choose next week captain, He chosed Yashika as the next week captain. Aishwarya, Yashika and Mahat planned to nominate Riythvika, Senrayan, Bhalajie and Janani for next week eviction nomination. Mahat agreed to nominate Rasam Riythvika and Sendu Senrayan. Aishwarya and Yashika decided to nominate Riythvika for sure. Housemates celebrated Riythvika Birthday with cake cutting. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 50 : Episode 51 - 06 August 2018 : Yashika nominated Janani directly to add her in Eviction List with Ponnambalam and Senrayan

Captain Yashika did the Team Separation job for Cooking, Washing and Cleaning Tasks. Housemates were asked to come individually like traditional way to Confession Room and asked to do Eviction Nomintaion process. Yashika with her power added Janani into Eviction Nomination list along with Senrayan and Ponnambalam. Janani is upset with Group formation with Daniel saying others to choose Janani for nomination with codewords as Fried Rice. Bhalajie and Riythvika felt bad and included their views as well. Housemates were asked to write and put their complaints about other housemates. Yashika were set to judge the task. Housemates were divided into two teams and set to play a game. Team Red and Yellow. Red comprises of Daniel, Mumtaz, Senrayan, Riythvika and Vaishnavi. Team Yellow comprises of Mahat, Janani, Aishwarya, Bhalajie and Ponnambalam. And whichever team finishes the game first has to pack their luggages. Then goto Activity Room, Read Slogan, Put the luggages in the dicky and then get into Car. Team Red finished everything first but forgot about the Slogan. Eventually Team Yellow wins the Task. Each Housemates were asked with their questions. At one instance Mumtaz pulls all the Housemates asking why she was not treated like the other Housemates. Janani questioned Daniel about his technique of forming groups and nominating people who he dont like. Especially today he did in case of her calling out as Veg Fried Rice. Senrayan requested all housemates that do not see him as innocent and he told out clearly that he is not an idiot. Mahat got furious when Bhalajie said asking feedback from visitors entering the house is a stupid thing to do. Mahat went mad and shouted as usual with no one to control him. Daniel took the situation of Mahat angerness as advantage and asked Housemates not to complaint about people forming group and asked leave everyone as they want to do. Wake Up Song: Velayutham - Chillax

Day 51 : Episode 52 - 07 August 2018 : Yennaipol Oruvan Task - Bhalajie Vs Daniel Continues

Bhalajie talks with Daniel and said it is getting projected bad when he take an advantage after Mahat Angerness to share his views of Gang formation. Bhalajie advices Daniel that he is getting projected bad because of those 2 girls but Daniel replied that everyone have impotance for their group as Bhalajie takes care of closed ones. Mahat said Janani that All are scapegoats in Bigg Boss House cause of Daniel and Bhalajie Cold War. Janani upset with Daniel cause of using codewords as Veg Fried Rice during nomination. Daniel replied her that Vaishnavi was his target not Janani. Housemates discusses about codewords being used in the house. Vada Curry for Ponnambalam, Poriyal for Ponnambalam, Rasam for Riythvika, Szechuan Fried Rice for Senrayan and Basmati for Bhalajie. Housemates must impersonate another housemate after wearing the Tee Shirt with the pictur of the housemate to impersonate. Riythvika Judges the Task. Daniel imitates Yashika, Mumtaz imitates Aishwarya, Senrayan imitates Ponnambalam, Janani imitates Senrayan, Ponnambalam imitates Mahat, Mahat imitates Mumtaz, Yashika imitates Vaishnavi, Vaishnavi imitates Bhalajie, Bhalajie imitates Daniel. Housemates had fun doing the task, imitated Baby Baby Song of Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya Group. Daniel and Mumtaz acted perfectly as Yashika and Aishwarya respectively. All Housemates gave full effort for doing the task well, Mahat was missing at few instances. Few Housemates did plan as well pointing other people mistakes. Senrayan as Ponnambalam complaint about dressing showing Belly Button of Daniel as Yashika. Yashika unable to control her laughter when acts goes on talking about exposing of Belly Button. Senrayan as Ponnambalam touched Belly Button of Daniel as Yashika. Housemates acted like complaining against bad behaviour of Senrayan imitating Ponnambalam. Ponnambalam acted like Mahat went on to beat Senrayan acting like Ponnambalam. Housemates had great fun. Senrayan as Ponnambalam apologized for his bad behaviour. Secret Task for Team Blue to make the other team member to do any 2 of the following - to get angry, to say quitting the game, to laugh, to beat somone, to get fear. Ponnambalam were deeply performing the task, did almost everything of the secret task. Team Blue plans even in smoking zone about the secret task implementation. Bhalajie imitates Daniel. Daniel gets pissed off after seeing the performance of Bhalajie. Daniel wanted to react by making Mahat as Mumtaz to say Kusu Bhalajie but Mahat ignored it as he is performing Mumtaz. Wake Up Song: Devi - Chalmaar

Day 52 : Episode 53 - 08 August 2018 : Housemates saddened cause of Kalaigner Demise. End of Luxury Budget Task

Mahat Dressed Up like Mumtaz adding few things to make back look bigger like Mumtaz. Mumtaz and Daniel well acted like Aishwarya and Yashika respectively by shouting at the barking dog for sleep. Daniel again brought up the Belling Button Scenario Stating Senrayan acting like Ponnambalam trying to touch her Belly Button. Yashika gets upset with belly button issue been brought up again. Mahat acting like Mumtaz removed his bottom dress to make Mumtaz feel embarrassed. Daniel asked Mumtaz as Aishwarya to see something yellow in the bathroom to make her feel embarrassed. Ponnamabalam disguised as Mahat were given idea by Yashika to say Boo Boo I Love you to pull the legs of Mahat, Mahat in response says Umapathy as the lover of Yashika. As Yashika and Mumtaz planned, Mumtaz as Aishwarya acted like she is having ligament tear to check the involvement of Daniel as Yashika and Mahat as Mumtaz will come for helping Mumtaz as Aishwarya, but none came for help. So Mumtaz and Yashika concluded the blue team was not doing their task at all. Blue team guys pretended like they caught a lizard to throw at the one of the members of red team. Mahat throwed tissue as lizard on Janani as Senrayan to make her scared. Janani scared of the blue team guys of throwing lizard so she called Ponnambalam as Mahat for security. Blue team Senrayan teases Vaishnavi as Bhalajie by calling Kusu Bhalajie to make real Bhalajie anger to complete the secret task, but Bhalajie did not react. Judge Riythvika asked Housemates not to get personal information of a housemate in the task, like bringing up lover name and family issues. Ponnambalam controlled Mahat angerness with his hugs and made him cool. Yashika upset about how people showing her characters, indirectly saying how Daniel projecting her showing belly button all the time and playing with it using Senrayan and clearing the view of Aishwarya that ligament tear incident used to show how well the blue team in the task where Daniel as Yashika and Mahat as Mumtaz did not react when Mumtaz as Aishwarya was pretending like being in pain. Vaishnavi as Bhalajie removes dress in front of Bhalajie to make him feel embarrassed. Housemates felt happy and relief once Bigg Boss Announced end of the task. Bigg Boss Shares the information of Kalaigner M Karunanidhi Death. Housemates saddened and shared their condolences of people greatest loss. Wake Up Song: Bairavaa - PaPa PaPa

Day 53 : Episode 54 - 09 August 2018 : Yennai Pol Oruvan Task Result, Janani mistake during Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates show their sadness cause of M Karunanidhi Demise. Little argument erupted cause of Vaishnavi said Riythvika that Riythvika will not look good with makeup, that she dont need makeup, upset Riythvika a bit and she replied that Vaishnavi dont have to say anything and she knows she is already beautiful. Yashika and Aishwarya talks about Mahat and Shariq as they have given more space to them and they spoiled their name. Yashika said Mahat will say lies if he has to say something about her to his girlfriend. Vessel Washing team comprises of Daniel, Mumtaz and Ponnambalam had confusions among them who has to do washing at which shift. Bigg Boss asked Riythvika to choose Best and Worst performers for each task. Riythvika choosed Janani and Aishwarya as best performers. And choosed Daniel and Ponnambalam as Worst performers. Bigg Boss gave full points for task 2200 points plus secret task 500 points minus 200 points ends in 2500 points. Housemates did luxury budget Shopping. Janani who was writing made mistake in calculation. By Janani mistake who puts blame on Mumtaz as she shouted 2100 instead 0f exact 2200. Now Housemates are in fear of losing whole luxury budget points. Vaishnavi cries cause of Daniel not treating her properly. Housemates shared their condolences for Kalaigner Death. Housemates were given topics to debate with the format 2 housemates against 2 other housemates. Janani made judge for the task. Janani judged Vaishnavi as best performer and Senrayan as worst performer of the task. Wake Up Song: Baahubali 2 - Vandhaai Ayya

Day 54 : Episode 55 - 10 August 2018 : Yashika Upset cause of her feelings with Mahat, Pyaar Prema Kadhaal Team enters Bigg Boss House

Janani justified her decision with others that Senrayan lost by complaining about Mumtaz. Aishwarya upset about Daniel comment that Aishwarya was still in the house cause of Yashika existance. Yashika says that Aishwarya is not well matured. Housemates lost Luxury Budget Shopping Points cause of total mistake by Janani. Janani took full responsibility and asked Sorry to other housemates. Aishwarya and Janani competed in the Weekly Captain Physical competition to push the other competitor to the pool by using club. Aishwarya beats Janani 2 - 0 to become the new leader, gave full freedom to Housemates in choosing the team they want to be. Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Movie Crew comprises Harish Kalyan, Raiza and Director Elan enters Bigg Boss House and played a task asking questions to each Housemate, one has to hide the answer while the rest show and later the corresponding person will reveal his answer for the question. Questions like asking Mahat is that the relationship with Yashika is more than Friendship, Mahat replied No while rest including Yashika replied Yes. Question on Vaishnavi compared with Julie, everyone said yes to it. Later it hurted Vaishnavi. Housemates were shown Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Trailer. Harish Kalyan praised Bigg Boss House and advised Housemates to take this as a great opportunity to get a nice career. Mumtaz supported Yashika when she was feeling bad of Mahat reveals of there is no relationship than friendship between them. Yashika explained how he started liking Mahat cause of his actions getting closer towards her. Yashika unable to control her feelings. Yashika cried saying that she has given more importance to others especially Mahat. Mumtaz said Whatever Mahat behaves with Yashika is not right and after all that he said that this is just a friendship. Yashika supported by Aishwarya pretending to spit and flush out all the feelings to get relief from it, Aishwarya said she already did it before for Shariq case. Girls back to happiness after decided to forget everything. Mahat feels by staying alone and thinking about whatever he has done. Wake Up Song: Kutty - Kannu Rendum

Day 55 : Episode 56 - 11 August 2018 : Yashika Love Sacrifice, Daniel Useless Complaint, Mumtaz never in the Cleaning team

Kamal Shares the moment of Kalaigner praising him. Kamal said he wants to start with Eviction process but later it was about a letter by Daniel to him. Daniel said the information in the letter is just to say out that who all will defend his points of Ponnambalam still behaving same like scolding girls but he wants to show others that Ponnambalam now changed. Kamal felt the letter is silly and throwed it away. Kamal also pointed out that Vaishnavi needs 5 minutes to tear everyone faces in the house due to her being treated badly Daniel during Task. Kamal gave time but she said she is not the person to do that way and win. Kamal questioned many times that why she do not get involve in cleaning bathroom, she points her health issue. Mumtaz and Ponnambalam were the two who havent done cleaning job yet. Mumtaz and Yashika felt bad they have been projected bad by Mahat and Daniel respectively. Yashika and Aishwarya questioned by Kamal about nickname on housemates. Poriyal for Ponnambalam, Rasam for Riythvika, Jalapeno for Janani, Basunthi for Bhalajie, Vada Curry for Vaishnavi, Szechuan Fried Rice for Senrayan and just now made up nicknames for Maggi for Mahat and Dalda for Daniel said Daniel Himself. Yashika revealed her love with Mahat and said she will sacrifice it for Mahat cause he is already in love with someone else. Wake Up Song: Kaththi - Selfie Pulla

Day 56 : Episode 57 - 12 August 2018 : Ponnambalam Evicted From The Bigg Boss Show

Housemates praise Yashika for the excellent reply for her love feeling question. Yashika told Mahat as well as others that she dont want Mahat to get bad name, so she saved her. Aishwarya says everything to Mahat that whatever Yashika told about Mahat to others. Mahat is confused and said what makes Yashika feel like that he is getting saved by her from getting bad name. He also said both have affair outside which is mutually known and he said Aishwarya and Mumtaz that why Yashika is saying out that she is saving Mahat from getting bad name. Housemates were asked eachother to troll Sarcastically. Kamal Hassan enters house saying that he has seen every other Bigg Boss House, so he felt like saying his own house. He also came into emphasize the Panchayat days which 4 days a year - 26 Jan, 1 May, 15 Aug and 2 Oct. Ponnambalam evicted from Bigg Boss House this week, he felt very happy that Kamal came into take him. Ponnambalam gave his Plant to Janani. Ponnambalam clicks final selfie with housemates. Ponnambalam showed a demo like how he hold Aishwarya during the task, which he and kamal said that wont hurt anyone. Kamal performed the same stunt with ponnambalam. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 57 : Episode 58 - 13 August 2018 : Daniel, Janani, Riythvika, Senrayan and Vaishnavi in Eviction List

Janani questioned Mumtaz that why Yashika did not say in public media she is already in love with someone else outside and why she told that she fell in love with Mahat. Mumtaz replied that Mahat told many times to Yashika that he is in love with her but when it comes to public reveal he changed it to just liking her. Mahat confused and looks for some alone time. Mahat looks completely down and upset. Housemates divided into 3 teams and each team has to choose a image clicking mode and click picture of the Model Janani. Team 1 comprises of Vaishnavi, Yashika and Aishwarya clicks images in Bokeh Mode. Team 2 has Mumtaz, Bhalajie and Riythvika. Third Team has Daniel, Mahat and Senrayan. Daniel clicks image creatively. Mahat finds fault and made fun of it when Senrayan clicking the pic which upsets Senrayan. When Bhalajie started to discuss on Eviction Nomination plan, Mumtaz told him that is not fair to discuss about nomination before the process. Asusual like evert week, Daniel started his discussion job before Eviction Nomination process. Housemates were asked to do nomination openly using Dart game. Bhalajie reveals the truth of Shariq used to say those talks and fun with the Girls are just for Time Pass, then Bhalajie Adviced Yashika and Aishwarya to concentrate on their careers. Though Mumtaz Earlier told Bhalajie not to discuss about Nomination process but later she herself started the discussion to feed her idea with Aishwarya for captainship direct nomination power. Mumtaz desperate and keen on bringing in Janani into the thoughts of Aishwarya, so Aishwarya can nominate her for direct nomination. Aishwarya had Janani and Riythvika in her mind. Daniel seeking help for Nomination idea, Aishwarya told him to nominate Janani and Vaishnavi. Then he nominated them. Apart from already nominated Daniel, Janani, Senrayan and Vaishnavi. Aishwarya with her power added Riythvika to the list. Janani choosed the Image clicked by Daniel as the best one for the VIVO V9 Image Clicking Task. Wake Up Song: Easan - Jilla Vittu

Day 58 : Episode 59 - 14 August 2018 : Clashes During Doll Making Task

Housemates were divided into Two Teams Blue and Orange, Blue Team comprises of Mumtaz, Mahat, Janani, Senrayan and Vaishnavi. Orange team members are Bhalajie, Daniel, Aishwarya, Yashika and Riythvika. Teams have to collect the materials and make the dolls with it, Mumtaz and Bhalajie will do the quality check as the supervisor. Vaishnavi gave ideas to Mumtaz who can make dolls, then who can collect and who can block other team from collecting materials. Aishwarya told Supervisor Bhalajie to reject dolls which are lean as well as hefty. Teams collects materials and made dolls with it. Blue Team dominated in making many dolls. Supervisors did their part by checking the quality of the other team dolls. Blue Team dominates by making more dolls than Orange Team. Blue Team Earns more as they were able to make more dolls. Both teams were asked to keep the money in the safe and protect it. Mahat and Daniel had physical clash during the collecting the materials. Aishwarya shouted at Vaishnavi for Vaishanavi locking Yashika during the task. Teams continue to work hard to make more dolls. Mumtaz steals the money from the Orange Team Safe. Blue Team completely dominates the task by making and earning more than the Orange Team. Daniel and Bhalajie complaints about the phyical violence of the Mahat. After the third round of collecting materials, Mahat went furious and entered Orange team working place and took one of their collected materials and returned, showed his complete guts and nobody wants to or scared to mess with him. Yet again a small and friendly clash between Bhalajie and Senrayan. Wake Up Song: Kadhalan - Urvasi Urvasi

Day 59 : Episode 60 - 15 August 2018 : Doll Making Task Clashes

Mahat, Yashika and Aishwarya Talks in the smoking room about giving up task victory for eachother but all are very serious to win in the task. Mumtaz completely involved the game and protected the safe by keeping the head on it while sleeping. Task resumed in the night time. Mahat Steals Materials from other team, Blue team able to win and earn more money where Orange did not earn anything during this round. Supervisor changed for the Orange team for the poor performance of Bhalajie. Orange team other members choosed Yashika as the Supervisor. Task resumed with Aishwarya totally wanted to give fight to Mahat. Mahat and Aishwarya involved in clashes to collect materials. Apart from Red line where Housemates were asked to stand behind it during collecting materials. Mumtaz and Yashika created the line with their hands but of no use. Both Mahat and Aishwarya are uncontrollable. Orange Team finally able to win the task with Yashika strict quality checking. Mahat after hearing the result from Yashika, he ran to steal money from Orange team safe but Riythvika followed to protect it. Mahat pushes Riythvika down as she tried to get money from Blue team safe. Riythvika questions about the fair play of Blue Team especially Mahat Strange Behaviour. Daniel joins the conversation and complaints with Bhalajie but Mahat backlashed him saying that he is joining with the same guy that is Bhalajie who he used to scold before. As the game gets little eased out, Yashika and Aishwarya plans to make use of opportunity and steal money from Blue Team Safe. Same round collection resumed without the report that there wont be any more siren and same furious collecting continued by Mahat and Aishwarya. Orange team Supervisor Mumtaz frustrated as Yashika is not stopping Aishwarya from crossing the red line. Mumtaz fell down on her hip without Balance. Orange Team decided to attack the safe of Blue Team to steal money. Mahat lifts Yashika and put her out of the Blue team area. Mahat attacks the safe of Orange team but was saved by Yashika and Daniel. Wake Up Song: Padaiyappa - Vetrikodi Kattu

Day 60 : Episode 61 - 16 August 2018 : Doll Making Task To The Next Level

>Mumtaz approved 3 dolls of the opponent side during the winner will 500 Bigg Boss Money Bonus. Yashika approved only one, upset Mumtaz. Mumtaz wanted to change her judgement but it was too late. Orange team wins Bonus 500 Bigg Boss Money. Mahat upset about happenings in the house and cries. Housemates performed for wake up song AR Rahman Vande Maataram. Yashika and Aishwarya bored of lazy game and they said the want to fight. Yashika and Aishwarya wanted to steel money from the Blue Team Safe. Yashika question Janani When Mahat steels that is not wrong but when they try to steel, it has been told that is not fair play. Both Yashika and Mumtaz rejected all dolls in the last round. Steeling is the only option for Orange team to win, so Yashika and Aishwarya tries to steel money from the Blue team safe. Senrayan gets angry and pulled Aishwarya hair after her weird behaviour to steel things from Blue team. Blue Team wins the task cause of having more Bigg Boss Money. Housemates were asked to choose best cook in the House, Everyone except two choosed Daniel as the Kitchen Champ. Daniel and Bhalajie choosed Senrayan for his help to Daniel during Task. Yashika was choosed as the best performer and Bhalajie has been choosed as the Worst Performer in the Orange Team. Mahat as the best and Senrayan as the worst performer choosed in the Blue Team. Yashika listens well to whatever Mumtaz says to her, Mumtaz justified why she choosed Senrayan as Least performer in her side. Mahat shouted at everyone that do not trust Mumtaz as she is acting as good in the house. Mahat was complete upset cause Mumtaz wanted choose herself as the best performer, he feels that he fought with others in the task and completely deserves the best performer. Wake Up Song: A R Rahman - Vande Mataram

Day 61 : Episode 62 - 17 August 2018 : Yashika New Week Captain. Mumtaz On Target By Mahat and Aishwarya

Mahat and Aishwarya complaints about Mumtaz to Janani and asked do not trust her as she acts and make her enemy closer to take revenge. Yashika asked Mahat why he has to save Janani and asked him to ignore certain things. Yashika reveals the truth to Janani infront of Mumtaz that Mumtaz asked her to nominate Janani. Janani asked the things clearly and was surprised with what things happening around her. Janani was shocked that why people get closer and ask someone else to choose them for eviction nomination. Mahat told Janani not to trust Mumtaz and Janani unable to control her tears ended up crying in the bedroom. Mahat continues to complaint about Mumtaz to everyone continously and asked all not to trust her. Housemates were divided into 2 Teams, and was given less water accessibility to clean Clothes and Vessels. With Mahat and Vaishnavi are the judges, Team 1 comprises of Daniel, Senrayan, Yashika and Aishwarya. Team 2 comprises of Janani, Mumtaz, Riythvika and Bhalajie. Team 2 emerges as winners as they were able to wash more clothes and clean more vessels than other team. Housemates were shown promo to save water by consuming less water. Luxury budget shopping did by winning blue team by collecting items from broken balloon. Best Performers Mahat and Yashika competed in the week leader task, they were asked to canvas and get 3 housemates for support to throw paint ball in the task. The less the paint in the body wins the task. Yashika easily wins the week leader and assigns job for all. Mahat completely against Mumtaz as he is completely upset about her play of showing love and cheating others. Mahat continues to complaint about Mumtaz even during the Panchayat Task, headed by Bhalajie. Wake Up Song: Sethupathi - Hey Mama

Day 62 : Episode 63 - 18 August 2018 : Riythvika Saved. Mumtaz continued to be the target for Aishwarya and Mahat

Senrayan feels now he has taken the spot of Ponnambalam to get nominate for eviction every week. he also not happy with why has been choosed as the least performer of the task. Mahat wonders why Yashika is behind Mumtaz as she is the one who gave points to talk against Mumtaz. Yashika responded and asked what wrong she told about Mumtaz except Janani issues and saying she keeps enemies closer to finish them. Mahat and Aishwarya shouted at Mumtaz saying she is a good actor and cheating all in the house by showing Love. Aishwarya wanted to leave the house as she is getting stress cause of issue with Mumtaz. Mahat questions Yashika that why she is behind Mumtaz after saying bad about her, Mahat asked Yashika as is she planning for something. Yashika responded saying that put all the blame on her and finally said Fuck Off. Mahat and Aishwarya complaints to Kamal. Mahat and Aishwarya says Mumtaz a big evil cause she acts, keep enemies nearer and finishes them showing love. Kamal announced that people saved Riythvika from the eviction. After seeing Aishwarya said she wanted to leave earlier in the episode, Kamal said the main door will opened for 5 mins, people wish to leave can exit. Aishwarya said she is getting bad name every day so she wants to leave, stopped by Mahat, Daniel and Bhalajie. Daniel accepted he was scared at Mahat when he came to hit him and so he got away from his view during the task. Kamal punished Mahat for his fighting Behaviour against Daniel and especially against Riythvika. Mahat was punished to hold umbrella for Riythvika and help Daniel whenever he needs. Senrayan said he also suffered cause of Mahat. Senrayan punished for his assault against Aishwarya, asked to hold umbrella for Aishwarya. Kamal well in control in taking the episode in very interesting way by implementing his own task by bringing housemates to activity room. Each Housemate has to stand alone and others has to say their views about that Housemate. Unlike others, Riythvika said Mumtaz is real genuine person and she shows love naturally. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 63 : Episode 64 - 19 August 2018 : Vaishnavi gets Evicted

Most of the housemates said Mahat is not having any strategy to be in the house and win. Most of the housemates said Daniel is playing well with good plans and all set to go for the win. Riythvika was choosen as the best person to have given best opinions about other housemates. Kamal said she deserves prize for it and it will be announced by Bigg Boss soon. Kamal announced People have Saved Janani from the evcition. Daniel also been saved. Kamal asked Senrayan to go to Store room and Vaishnavi to the Confession Room for some news. Vaishnavi waited in the Confession room for the news. Similarly Senrayan waited in the Store room. Kamal revealed to the viewers that Vaishnavi is the housemate to get evicted today. Housemates went to see the Senrayan waiting in the confession room. Vaishnavi shared her opinions about each and every housemate in the house. Senrayan made fun of Vaishnavi in the end asking Kamal to end the show as its for Vaishnavi to stop talking. Bhalajie adviced Yashika to leave Aishwarya alone for a while cause Aishwarya is showing attitude once she is in a group. Mahat and Senrayan did their punishment by holding umbrella for Riythvika and Aishwarya respectively. Mahat asked Housemates to nominate him for the Eviction and gets promise from them. Mahat points out Yashika who started every issues with Mumtaz but she remained calm and silent but he became furious. And Mahat said this information to Janani. Janani adviced Mahat not to listen to anyone and react. Mahat said that love and affection will continue to remain the same even if Yashika stays away from him and Aishwarya. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 64 : Episode 65 - 20 August 2018 : Yashika Saves Aishwarya. Bhalajie, Senrayan, Mahat and Mumtaz in Eviction Nomination List

Housemates were divided into 2 teams and asked to click pictures for Year Calendar using Vivo V9 Bokeh Mode. Daniel and Mahat shows their creative idea on taking pictures for their team. Teams present their pictures for Calendar, Janani present for a team. Daniel present for his team, Yashika judges and told Mahat, Janani, Senrayan and Riythvika win the task. Janani, Bhalajie and Riythvika told Mahat and Aishwarya that they are triggered by Yashika. Mahat and Yashika clears out their misconception by talking separately and revealed that they care for eachother and Aishwarya. Eviction Process was done as Housemates were divided into pair of 2 and asked to nominate one each for the eviction list. Mahat nominated Mumtaz, Bhalajie nominated Aishwarya. Daniel nominated Janani, Mumtaz nominated Mahat saying he behaves like 12 year old. Janani nominated Daniel but Senrayan had confusion on choosing either Mahat or Aishwarya. Janani saved Mahat by saying good about him. Senrayan nominated Aishwarya saying she is getting more angry than Mahat. Riythvika nominated Mahat for his aggressive behaviour. Aishwarya nominated Mumtaz saying that Mumtaz called Mahat as 12 year old but Mumtaz behaves like 2 year old. Yashika was given power to save one from nominated housemates. Yashika saved Aishwarya. Yashika says Bhalajie a sweet poison. Mahat says people dont vote for him as there he struggles with mental torcher of words from others. Housemates were divided into two teams and Mumtaz were made umpire and scorer for Cricket Task. Green Team comprises of Mahat, Senrayan, Janani and Yashika. Yellow Team have Daniel, Bhalajie, Aishwarya and Riythvika. Mahat and Janani batted well to score 20 runs for their team. Mahat and Mumtaz had issues calculating runs as Mahat one extra run for each shot which Mumtaz disagreed. Mahat picks 3 wickets for no runs. Bhalajie scored some runs but unable to win the game. Green Team easily wins the game. Housemates were given Pizzas for the good entertainment playing Cricket. Mahat intervene the talks about him by Janani, Bhalajie and Riythvika. Wake Up Song: Neram - Pistah, Next Day: Pennin Manathai Thottu - Nan Saltu Kottai

Day 65 : Episode 66 - 21 August 2018 : Mahat confirms his Love with Yashika. Mumtaz cornered in Bigg Boss Awards

Housemates got surprised when Mumtaz danced for the fast beats of the Wake Up Song. Mahat made fun of Mumtaz as she says she is in pain but she started to dance. Mumtaz told her body pains to Daniel and told she is finding hard in living with it but Daniel felt like she told him cause he will say to others like a messenger. Daniel confused like that why she has to tell all these things to him. Bigg Boss gave Yashika a Task to clear all her questions or views about other housemates in a court setup. Yashika posted her question and got it cleared from housemates. Senrayan about egg incident cause of his bad words to Yashika but Senrayan replied that dialgue comes from a movie, so he used it. Yashika posted question about the group to Janani especially Daniel showing partiality to Aishwarya and Yashika. Mahat confirms his love towards Yashika and all about the rest will come to know after he left the house. Mumtaz upset and complaints to Senrayan about the behaviour and words used by Mahat. Janani, Riythvika and Bhalajie feels Aishwarya is getting triggered and also felt sorry for Mumtaz as she gets isolated these days but these three decided to talk with her whenever they are called. Bhalajie gave Mahat a sheep saying he is scapegoat being used by others for their benefit. Mumtaz gives Aishwarya Donkey award for being stupid and behaving senseless. Senrayan gave Daniel the fox award stating he is good in planning and does all with well executed plan. Mahat gave Janani the chicken award saying she fears to speak out. Janani awarded Riythvika a Black Cat saying she is a silent killer. Good in observing and plays the game well. Riythvika awarded Aishwarya the Buffalo award stating she easily gets anger and shows out violently. Daniel awarded Senrayan the Tortoise award stating out positively remainding he will be like Tortoise by being slow but he will finish first with victory. Aishwarya awarded Mumtaz the Snake award saying she is sweet poison in the house. Yashika awarded Mumtaz the Rat award saying that she says bad about others and triggers confusion between people in relationship. Yashika awarded Bhalajie the Chameleon award as he has been compared with this animal even before. Yashika awarded Mumtaz with Leach award stating that she cares only about her, an example being nominating herself for the best performer and taking credits of other housemates job. Yashika awarded Janani the Crocodile award saying she uses cry as the weapon to get benefit. Janani refused to accept the award rejecting the reason, later accepted it to finish the task. Mumtaz told Senrayan that she do not feel for whatever happening and she said she has strong faith in God and he will take care of everything. Wake Up Song: Kaadhalan - Mukkala Mukkabla

Day 66 : Episode 67 - 22 August 2018 : Mahat Arrogance and Aggressiveness in the Task but Real

Balaji, Janani and Riythvika talks if Vaishnavi was in the house, she would have been the viction and got all the awards. Housemates were divided into 2 Teams, Super Hero and Super Villain. Super Hero has Mumtaz, Daniel, Bhalajie, Yashika and Aishwarya. Super Villains are Mahat, Senrayan, Janani and Riythvika. Super Heroes were given costume. Super Heroes objective is to put the star key on the jail locks to release Helena Character which is Mannequin in the jail. Super Villains can do anything they want to frustrate Super heroes and then Super Villains has to make Super Heroes to press Buzzer with frustration cause of Super Villains Activity on them. Senrayan tried to frustrate Bhalajie dressed like Chitti but Bhalajie replied him with bad words like take shit from my ass. Daniel as Bahubali of Super Heroes Team were able to unlock the first lock of the 5 the top one to start the task well. Janani and Riythvika made fun on Jesse Trisha Dressed Aishwarya by imitating her saying Shariq Paiya Paavam. Do you want water or garbage to Bhalajie sentence were used to make Aishwarya anger but she did not show any reaction other than smiles. Billa Nayan Thara dressed up Yashika were able to unlock the second lock from top. Mahat started his gameplay by cutting the key from Bhalajie and put it inside the jail. Mahat pours water on Mumtaz and Aishwarya to make them anger. Super Villain Team made fun of the Mannequin saying that is the same queen used in the dictator task now been used as helena, trolled Aishwarya. Yashika told Bhalajie that he has to take the key from the jail when the buzzer blows and everyone is concentrating on saving or unlocking the lock. Janani wanted to take food from Daniel but failed cause of Daniel licked the food which is omelete. Both Super Hero and Super Villian team trolled eachother. Mahat called Daniel for Fight but Daniel looked feared and stayed calm. Mahat uses cloth to disturb and frustrate Bhahubali Rajamatha like dressed up Mumtaz. Mahat uses words to make Mumtaz feel bad but she stayed smiled and stayed calm. Mahat pulls the pyjama of Daniel. Mahat tries to feed Mumtaz with Omelete, all to make her angry. Mahat tries to take key from Yashika, involved in Physical violence. Mahat attempted to pull key from Mumtaz. Daniel complained it as Physical Violence for everything what Mahat does. Mahat shows his wound on the camera of what is physical violence but he says he never wanted to complaint about it as it is the part of the task. When all concentrating on saving and unlocking the lock, Bhalajie took key from inside the jail. Aishwarya unlocked the third lock that is the bottom of the five in front the jail. Mahat gets angry and wanted to hit Daniel. Daniel fears and backed up from the incident. Mahat told Daniel always complaint for Physical violence like girl and put blame on him to get sympathy from the people. Mumtaz intervened and tried to cool the situation. Mahat gets angry and told Mumtaz not to act. Third Green light confirms the third lock has been unlocked. Mahat told he, Aishwarya and Yashika are all injured but no one complained but he told that Daniel and Mumtaz complaints like school kids. Mumtaz talks with Daniel about Mahat worst behaviour. Mahat along with Janani and Riythvika made noise with vessels in an attempt to frustrate Daniel and Mumtaz but both stayed calm. Yashika says it is her to Mahat idea to change the condition of the task. Yashika and Aishwarya looked at Janani then spits and told why she is getting saved every week for not doing anything inside the house. Mahat said Daniel walks like a girl and Mumtaz walks like a guy. Yashika gave idea to use egg and pour on the head of Daniel, Mahat did it. Daniel stayed calm in complete fear. Wake Up Song: Enthiran - Irumbile Oru Irudhayam

Day 67 : Episode 68 - 23 August 2018 : Daniel Complaints Mahat Physical Violence

Yashika and Aishwarya asked Mahat to do extreme best in the task to get saved from the eviction. Yashika and Aishwarya said that they will be with Mahat if anything bad happens during the task. Mahat Sprays Oil on the face of Aishwarya. Daniel and Bhalajie are not happy with Mahat aggressiveness and seems unwilling to continue task. Mahat says Daniel is Coward and he cannot involve in any physical task. Mahat pours egg on Yashika Head. Super Hero Team unlocks the fourth lock. Unlock of the fourth lock is confirmed with Lights turned On. Bhalajie and Mumtaz Comments on Mahat Activity which is going violent. Yashika supports completely to Mahat. Task Role Reversed. Super Heroes Met Bigg Boss and they were asked to perform task well. Yashika told her plan to collect the keys from Super Heroes and throw away outside or flush it in the restroom. Yashika and Aishwarya breaks Egg on Hasini Dressed Janani Head. And also pours oil on Janani Head. Yashika and Aishwarya removes Wig and Dhoti of Senrayan and enjoys the task. Yashika and Aishwarya made fun of Janani by giving Crocodile Award. Aishwarya pours Spicy gravy on Riythvika Head. Daniel gets involved by chasing Senrayan. Riythvika unable to bear the pain cause spicy gravy got in to her eyes. Mumtaz made comment as Mahat called Yashika as Time Pass. Yashika asked Am i time pass to Mahat. Super Villain team threw away the keys of Super Heroes outside which was warned by Bigg Boss as housemates can keep keys with themself but do not throw away. Mumtaz told Senrayan why your whole team including you to give keys to Mahat, Dont you guys have guts to keep it with you. Mahat puts the first key to turn on the first light on the board. Daniel complaints Mahat is aggressive and beating him. Daniel complaints Mahat is getting involved in Physical Violence. Bhalajie Supports Daniel saying Mahat is violent and beats Daniel. Mahat overhears what Daniel and Bhalajie talking about him with the help of Yashika open the door for him to hear. Mahat confused and asked about the complaint of Daniel saying that Mahat beats and bite him. Mahat asked Yashika and Aishwarya when did he bite Daniel. Mahat, Yashika and Aishwarya combinely agreed that all doing phyical violence. Yashika and Aishwarya throws dress Senrayan in the pool. And also pushes Senrayan in to the pool. Yashika and Aishwarya pours water on Mahat, Janani and Riythvika lap. Yashika and Aishwarya makes mix to pour on Mahat Head. Yashika and Aishwarya pours the mix on the head of Mahat. Mahat gets his head filled with Foam. Wake Up Song: Theri - Jithu Jilladi

Day 68 : Episode 69 - 24 August 2018 : Vijayalakshmi Enters Bigg Boss House as Wild Card Entry

Bhalajie and Daniel told Janani that they are not willing to do task because of Mahat aggressiveness. Janani told Mahat that Daniel and Bhalajie do not want to participate in task. Senrayan asked Daniel and Bhalajie why they do not want to do task. And Janani was questioned by Daniel and Bhalajie when did they say that they do not want to do the task. Janani asked sorry to them saying that she has understood that they do not want to do the task. Housemates gets Bakrid Biryani from Kamal. With only Yashika and Aishwarya playing the task, Mahat turned on the second switch. Yashika and Aishwarya tried to remove the dhoti of Senrayan. When Senrayan wanted to talk with Bhalajie and Daniel. Janani came inside and said Senrayan that he has the key and asked to come when buzzer goes on. Daniel and Bhalajie said Janani came to protect key of Senrayan. Senrayan complaints about Bhalajie to Mahat that the guys always talk differently according to the situation. Senrayan turned on the Third Switch. As Mumtaz hides 2 keys with her, Super heroes team ran short of keys to continue the task. Yashika and Aishwarya saved the 3 keys which is already been plugged in. Yashika wanted to take keys from Mumtaz and put it in the board. Daniel said it is not required to be done. Janani and Riythvika accepted worst performers of Super Heroes team. Bhalajie and Daniel accepted worst performers of Super Villains team. Yashika replied to that this is the true colour of Daniel when Aishwarya said Daniel has changed. Vijayalakshmi Enters Bigg Boss House as Wild Card Entry. Vijayalaksmi Talks with Housemates at late night. Daniel made fun of Senrayan saying that he does not mind about Mahat aggressiveness to others. Housemates did the Luxury Budget Shopping with the points they got from Super Heroes Vs Super Villains Task. Mahat, Senrayan, Yashika, Aishwarya and Mumtaz were asked to participate in the week leader task. Mahat wins the task and becomes Captain of the week. Housemates were asked to cook with Maggi Ingredients. Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi were made judges. Senrayan Masala Dosa without Potato wins the task. Senrayan was given a exercise cycle and a year supply of Maggi as prize for the task. Mahat feels Vijayalakshmi avoding him, Yashika and Aishwarya. Aishwarya replied that Vijayalakshmi knows that they are dangers in the house, so she fears to talk. Wake Up Song: Sakkarakatti - Taxi Taxi

Day 69 : Episode 70 - 25 August 2018 : Kamal Thrashed Mahat and Aishwarya With Words

Kamal askes People why they are Furious. People replied Mahat and Aishwarya are doing too much in the house. Kamal acknowledged that he will cook Mahat and Aishwarya, means he will points and asks their rudeness. Housemates were divided into 2 teams with Aishwarya to judge the task and Yashika is absent. Aishwarya judged that she liked the crispy snacks made by Senrayan, Mahat, Janani and Riythvika. Housemates wrote their wishes in Balloon and made it fly. Aishwarya and Mumtaz had issues while washing as Mumtaz commented that does Aishwarya have any brain, Made Aishwarya anger that Mumtaz cannot get too personal comment. Aishwarya cries after the arguement with Mumtaz. Mumtaz was made judge for the fashion Task. Housemates walks on the ramp and answers a question asked by Mumtaz. Yashika does it. Janani walks on the Ramp. Senrayan rocks the Ramp. Mumtaz declared Yashika and Janani are the winners of the fashion task. Mumtaz ends up the task with funny ramp walk with Senrayan. Kamal questioned Yashika that why Mahat getting involved in physical violence and is she influence for all his activities. Kamal smashed Mahat with questions and people applause for remarks against him. Bhalajie cries as he realised that he also did the same mistake in his life by being rude with others. Daniel complaints about Mahat getting involved in Sexual Abuse and Physical Violence. Daniel shows his injury in the camera. Mumtaz was appreciated for maintaining the patience and behaving well. Kamal made fun of relationship between Mahat and Yashika. Vijayalakshmi said that she enjoys the talks of Kamal and told Mahat has made many mistakes of being violent. Riythvika said Mahat is a nice person but Love covered his eyes. Mahat went violent against Mumtaz cause he feels Aishwarya angry on Mumtaz is his problem. All because of Yashika and Aishwarya friend, Mahat does all for love. Kamal played Kurm Padam to Mahat showing his bad behaviour. Aishwarya points Mumtaz lies about the Snake award. Mumtaz asked other is she saying wrong. Vijayalakshmi shares her opinions about Housemates, she pointed out Yashika is Negative person. Wake Up Song: Vedi - Ichu Ichunnu Icchu Kodu

Day 70 : Episode 71 - 26 August 2018 : Mahat evicted with Red Card from Bigg Boss House

Bhalajie, Janani and Riythvika talks if Vaishnavi was in the house, she would have been the viction and got all the awards. Janani adviced Mahat to see his girl friend Prachi Mishra. Mahat Hugs as she unable to stop her cry. Yashika and Aishwarya cried continuously. Balaji told Mahat that even now God has saved him from something bad to happen. Mahat took final selfie with the housemates. Mahat gave the plant pot to all. Yashika unable to stop her cry. Daniel tries to intervene, Aishwarya told she will come out with Yashika after 2 or 3 minutes. Yashika continuous to cry. Daniel adds up story and said that Aishwarya replied very rude to him, so he came out from the place. Kamal advices Mahat to control the anger and spoke regarding the reason for his anger. Mahat replied about his childhood and college days where ragging do exist among students. Mahat final talks with Housemates. Riythvika was praised for saying good about Mahat and Mahat told her shje is the perfect Tamil girl. Yashika and Mahat were silent for few seconds reveals their love. Yashika asked Mahat to meet Prachi Mishra. Mahat left the Bigg Boss House with the hug from Kamal. Housemates had happy faces after Mahat with his aggressiveness left from the house. Senrayan was made new leader by housemates after Mahat left. Yashika shares her feelings of Mahat with Aishwarya. Senrayan asked housemates to spent half an hour everyday with skit on Village Panchayat. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 71 : Episode 72 - 27 August 2018 : Family Members Emotional Letter Reading Task

Bigg Boss announced only the poor performers of the last week Super Heroes Vs Super Villains Task is in the Eviction Nomination and no nomination process for the current week surprised Yashika and Aishwarya. Housemates wondering why there is no eviction nomination process. Yashika told Senrayan that Mahat always favourite is Senrayan and he was about to leave the leadership task for him. With All Housemates against them, Yashika and Aishwarya talks to eachother to do best in all the task to come. When Senrayan told Vijayalakshmi about food not suitable for Mumtaz, Vijayalakshmi replied if she wants on her choice she can do for herself and she is a contestant not an assistant. Mumtaz got maximum Angel Smiley. Aishwarya got maximum Devil Smiley. Yashika and Aishwarya puts their Devil batches on the Animal Awards. Housemates spent their time happilly and decides to hide themself before Senrayan comes from the confession room. Bigg Boss told Senrayan that housemates will get letter from their loved ones and each one of them have to read out loud in front of the plasma tv. Senrayan surprised by looking at the whole house is empty, all were hiding in the bathroom. Yashika and Aishwarya hides behind the sofa. Janani reads the letter she got from home. Daniel gets picture of his love framed. Daniel reads the letter she got from his love. Riythvika reads the letter she got from her Dad. Yashika reads the letter she got from her mom. Senarayan reads the letter she got from his Wife. Senrayan gets the gift Krishna Radha statue. Mumtaz scared Yashika. Aishwarya gets Teddy Doll, some gift and dress in bag as well. Aishwarya cries reading letter. Wake Up Song: Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga - Oru Porambokku

Day 72 : Episode 73 - 28 August 2018 : Family Members enters in Freeze Task

Mumtaz gets gift from her brother to give Senrayan the white shirt. Mumtaz gave that shirt to Senrayan. Senrayan immediately wore the dress. Daniel looks at the picture sent by his love and feels. Housemates went emotional after hearing the freeze task. Housemates were made Frozen, Played in Loop, Rewind for Freeze Task. Mumtaz Mom, Brother and Nephew enters Bigg Boss House. Mumtaz went emotional and hugs her mom and brother with tears. Bhalajie letter has the content that Nithya still see him only as friend and stop talking other back. Bhalajie cries and looks at the picture of his family. Janani Mom and Sister enter Bigg Boss House. Janani mom adviced Janani to be careful with Bhalajie. Janani sister and mom told Janani not to cry and be strong. Mumtaz cooks for India gate Task. Yashika Sister and Brother enters Bigg Boss House. Yashika Brother and Sister had some nice talking time with housemates and told Yashika mom and dad comes to Bigg Boss show every Saturday to see her. Wake Up Song: Rajinimurugan - Jigiru Jigiru

Day 73 : Episode 74 - 29 August 2018 : More Family Members and Joker Entered Bigg Boss House

Housemates had fun talking together, enjoyed Freeze task. Daniel Lover and Mom enters Bigg Boss House. Daniel and his Love kisses eachother many times even in his mom presence. Janani and Mumtaz both had fun pulling their legs eachother. Joker crazy Time in the House. Aishwarya mom enter Bigg Boss house, hugs all and asked sorry to Mumtaz, Bhalajie and Daniel. Aishwarya mom told Aishwarya that Mumtaz is like her mom and Bhalajie is like her Dad. Riythvika dad shown in plasma tv. Riythvika mom and dad enters Bigg Boss house as Riythvika cries. Riythvika mom and dad spent some time talking with others in the house before leaving. Wake Up Song: Bangalore Naatkal - Thodakkam Mangalyam

Day 74 : Episode 75 - 30 August 2018 : Senrayan Will Be Dad Soon, Nithya with Poshika entered House

Daniel cooks for India Gate Rice Task. Senrayan in loop saying Kushbhu Idly. Senrayan wife enter Bigg Boss House and revealed Senrayan will be dad soon. Senrayan mom and dad enters Bigg Boss House as well. Senrayan parents performs rituals at home. Senrayan in joy, celebrating his soon to be dad moment. Bhalajie wife Nithya and Kid Poshika enters House. Nithya cries saying she felt very bad after seeing Bhalajie cried. Nithya told Bhalajie that she wants to see more changes in him and come out as winner. Nithya advices all the housemates, saying Yashika and Aishwarya to stay strong, Daniel to change his strategy, Mumtaz not to win using others weakness, Janani and Riythvika fine and good. Bhalajie had some nice time with his daughter Poshika. Housemates shown with Vijayalakshmi Family Video. Vijayalakshmi Husband and Baby enters house. Vijayalakshmi Husband adviced her to do more and show her presence. In The Task to share their experience, Yashika said she feels like family now after the freeze task. Aishwarya said her mom took away all her negativity and now she feels happy. Mumtaz says that her time in the house is great and memerable. Senrayan cries saying that he is very happy to get the great news of becoming dad after 4 years of pain. Wake Up Song: Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam - Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam

Day 75 : Episode 76 - 31 August 2018 : Yashika becomes Next Week Captain, Zero Luxury Point

Senrayan cooks for India Gate Task. Housemates shared their cooking experience. Vijayalakshmi was given a task to read the paper in front of the Housemates. Housemates were given Zero Luxury Budget Points. Housemates except Bhalajie, Daniel and Janani can participate for next week leadership task to collect balls in the basket. Maximum balls collected by the housemate wins, judged by Bhalajie. Housemates collected Balls which was thrown from ouside. Janani upset as she is unable to participate in the task. Yashika in complete control of the game, good fight given by Vijayalakshmi. Yashika adviced Aishwarya to give her best but do not strain. Housemates inbetween tumble eachother, at once Senrayan loses his balls collected by others including Mumtaz. Yashika loses her balls too but Mumtaz gave her balls back. Bhalajie with the help of Daniel and Janani counted Balls. Yashika wins the task and becomes leader. Bhalajie revealed that he would have disqualified Senrayan if he had won, pinpointing that he removed basket many times. Senrayan gets upset and angry that he was not communicated that he would have been so he would have stopped playing inbetween. Janani reveals her love break up cause of she did not enough money to match the status of the groom family. Aishwarya told about her Love break up as the guy left and marry someone else in Mumbai. Yashika shares her first movie happiness, getting IIFA award. Daniel shares the story of struggle during his dad death. Mumtaz says she cannot sleep for taking someone else balls so she gave back to Yashika. Wake Up Song: Paiya - Adada Mazhaida

Day 76 : Episode 77 - 01 September 2018 : Daniel Do Not Deserve To Be In House Says Bhalajie

Housemates were divided into two teams and asked to paint with message. Team A took concept of Child Abuse, well explained by Janani. Team B had some problem explaining their multiple concepts. Senrayan gets upset as he did not get any support from his team. Daniel says Child Abuse concept as the winner. Kamal back for the weekend show, said Freeze and Release but Housemates did not hear Freeze stayed frozen the whole break time. Senrayan happy to be a would be dad and promises Kamal that he will adopt another child as well. Kamal makes fun of kisses of Daniel and his girl friend with his mom presence. Yashika Mom and Dad were present. Yashika dad adviced Yashika Play for sure, do not leave without playing. Only when you play you can win. Aishwarya mom had chat with Kamal. Yashika and Aishwarya were blamed for getting saved many times. Kamal asked what Janani Mom told, she replied Bhalajie will feel upset and revealed that her mom asked her to be careful with Bhalajie. Kamal reveals Mumtaz has changed from angry to soft Mumtaz. Kamal asked housemates who do not deserve to be in the house. Bhalajie initially chooses himself and later pointed Daniel. Riythvika, Janani, Vijayalakhmi and Mumtaz all felt that Aishwarya do not deserve to be here and luck saving her often and she has to face people votes challenge. Wake Up Song: Eesan - Intha Iravu Thaan

Day 77 : Episode 78 - 02 September 2018 : Daniel Out Of The Bigg Boss House

Each Housemates gave mock victory speech. Bhalajie, Janani and Daniel were asked to reveal boxes with green ball presence denoted they are safe. Bhalajie is saved by the people and he gets green ball in his last box. Both Janani and Daniel were locked in to a box. Housemates were asked to try unlocking with the keys given one by one, the box which opens housemates will be evicted. Housemates tried to unlock. Senrayan were able to unlock Daniel. Daniel gets evicted from the Bigg Boss House. Janani in relief after seeing Daniel is out from the box. Daniel clicks final selfie with Housemates. Daniel gives his plant to Mumtaz, Yashika, Aishwarya and Senrayan. Kamal made fun of Daniel by asking him to understand why people whistle. Eventually it is for his exit. Daniel gave nicknames to housemates. Housemates watches the nicknames given by Daniel shown in the plasma tv. Daniel made surrounding with happiness by his comments, making fun of Mahat saying Veri Kondu with action. Daniel watches his happy video especially the dance with Yashika and Aishwarya. Daniel says tough to stay inside as not sure how it is getting reflected outside. Kamal hugs Daniel when Daniel tried to touch Kamal feet. Daniel gave up and change side leaving Yashika and Aishwarya. Where those girl still see him as friend said Riythvika - Shows the character of Daniel being a Chameleon. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 78 : Episode 79 - 03 September 2018 : Interrogation Nomination Process, Colgate Smile Task

Eviction Nomination Process - Each Housemates has to take 3 other for interrogation in activity room. And in the end nominate 2 for the eviction nomination list. Yashika tells Aishwarya that she might get power as leader to choose someone directly for eviction nomination or save someone from nomination list. Housemates are said to defend themself from getting nominated. Bhalajie complaints Mumtaz gets angry during interrogation and puts hand behind Aishwarya, later took off after seeing Bhalajie looking at it. Mumtaz also nominates Aishwarya for the eviction nomination list. Riythvika made firm points while making housemates accepting the fault. Riythvika nominated Aishwarya by saying that Are you ready to face people challenge. Aishwarya gets mad on Vijayalakshmi during Interrogation. Big Argument sparked between Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya stating that Tamil people are not fool and Aishwarya needs to face people challenge. Yashika immediately goes in support of Aishwarya after getting to know she is pain after fight with Vijayalakshmi. Yashika provided some strong words of support when Aishwarya cries. Yashika said to Aishwarya that she made Mumtaz famous by fighting with her, do not repeat the same. Yashika also said All are individual do not create any bondness or closeness. Vijayalakshmi nominated Aishwarya saying she is not willing to play games with immatured Aishwarya. Yashika told Aishwarya to use brain, smile and stay calm. Aishwarya realised to behave well and started to smile after Senrayan did not take her for interrogation. Senrayan nominated Janani and Mumtaz, then danced crazily by singing Selfie Pulla Song. Aishwarya Nominated Janani and Vijayalakshmi. Yashika plans to nominate housemates so she can have more number of people for nomination list. Despite Janani, Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi feels that Yashika might call them but Yashika played smart and took Balaji, Senrayan and Aishwarya for Interrogation and nominated Balaji and Senrayan to bring Senrayan in the nomination list. Aishwarya, Janani, Mumtaz, Senrayan and Vijayalakshmi are in this week eviction nomination list. Housemates were asked to share their happiest moment. Housemates pose for the group pic with big smile in their face. Wake Up Song: Aranmanai 2 - Party With The Pei

Day 79 : Episode 80 - 04 September 2018 : Phone Task

Housemates were shown how people feel about each housemates in the house through Audio Visual. Aishwarya felt very happy and danced with happiness after looking at how people feel about her. Aishwarya attended the phone and she was told that she needs to convince Senrayan to color his hair in red in order to get herself save from the next week direct nomination cause of attending the call. Aishwarya lied Senrayan that he will get saved if he color his hair but reality is she will get save, Mumtaz identified that she is lying. Aishwarya gets another call from Bigg Boss, she agreed that she is cheating Senrayan now. Aishwarya said she will do any task if it has to be done for Senrayan in future. Aishwarya tells truth to Yashika that she is cheating Senrayan and it is a strategy. Aishwarya applied color on Senrayan Hair. Aishwarya said to Yashika that she feels sad for cheating Senrayan but it is a task strategy. Janani has to convince Bhalajie to shave his head completely. Janani told Bhalajie that she do not like force but she asked him to help her from next week eviction. When Housemates found Aishwarya is lying, each of them started to question. And when Vijayalakshmi started question, Aishwarya gets mad and replied that she is not answerable to her. Bhalajie unwilling to save his head and make bald. Aishwarya asked Mumtaz why Vijayalakshmi is getting involved. Mumtaz replied everyone has right to say their opinions. Aishwarya questioned Yashika that why she told the truth to Mumtaz. Yashika replied she did not say anything to anyone. Janani, Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi tried to clear Senrayan that Aishwarya will get save when Senrayan color his hair not Senrayan will get benefit from it. Senrayan calls Aishwarya to do the coloring properly and complete the task. Bhalajie said that all are asking questions to Aishwarya which are supposed to be asked by Senrayan for cheating him. Bhalajie angrilly said i didnt ask your mom say sorry, after Aishwarya says that Bhalajie talks back of her, even though her mom said sorry on her behalf. Yashika said Aishwarya said that she will do any task for Senrayan if it comes in the future, So it is kind of give and take tactics where none of us required to get involved cause it is between them. Yashika said Aishwarya did mistake of lie thinking that Senrayan will not accept for the task. Senrayan continues to get color again believing that it needed more coating for color to show. Janani asked Bigg Boss can we cut when Bhalajie is in Sleep. Still Janani unable to convince Bhalajie, she is kind of given up. Janani was told she wasnt trying to convince, started with option that Bhalajie dont have to do. Janani told she wants to try again. Wake Up Song: Nedunchalai - Nandooruthu Nari Ooruthu

Day 80 : Episode 81 - 05 September 2018 : Phone Task Continues

Janani continue to try again but Bhalajie reluctant to shave his head. Senrayan coloring of hair continues. Bhalajie agreed to shave his head for Janani cause she is also like a daughter for him, telling he would definitely done for his daughter Poshika similarly he is doing for Janani. Janani cried after seeing Bhalajie agreed to save her from next week eviction by shaving his head. Mumtaz has to convince Vijayalakshmi to get into the cow dung till her neck. Vijayalakshmi agreed to enter into the cow dung with tears flowing through her eyes. Mumtaz revealed that she will never do any task with her physical body involved in it. Mumtaz said Janani, Riythvika, Bhalajie felt and also she wanted to see Aishwarya and Yashika together all the time. When Aishwarya go away from Yashika stating for goodness of Yashika. Yashika has to convince Janani to bleach her eye brows to get herself save from next week eviction. Janani accepted to Bleach her eyebrows and did it. Janani looks completely weird without her eye brows but deserver good appreciation for accepting the task. Yashika feels like there is a high possibility of this is being the last week for Aishwarya and we have to be happy. And Do Not Blame me for all the mistakes you guys do, Yashika replied when she was questioned by Aishwarya that why did you tell to Mumtaz. Vijayalakshmi has to convince Riythvika to get permanent tattoo of the Bigg Boss Logo Eye. When Vijayalakshmi understood wrongly Letter I in the Bigg Boss. Mumtaz corrected her saying it is the eye in the Bigg Boss Logo to be the tattoo for the task. Riythvika Agreed to get permanent Tattoo. Senrayan complaints about the food and said there is a possibility of clashes between Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi in the following days to come. Senrayan has to convince Aishwarya to do boy cut. Aishwarya immediately agreed but Senrayan gave her some time. She thought for a while and later she agreed cut her hair. Aishwarya had her new hair style after cutting her hair cause of the task. Wake Up Song: Boss Engira Baskaran - Mama Mama Un Ponna

Day 81 : Episode 82 - 06 September 2018 : Mumtaz refused to do Task and Save Riythvika. Senrayan The Kitchen Champ

Senrayan appreciated and praised Aishwarya in front of everyone stating she sacrificed her hair for Senrayan. Bhalajie has to convince Yashika to keep all her dress, make up kits, lotion and foot wear in the store room and wear the dress provided by Bigg Boss. Bhalajie was able to convince Yashika. Yashika was given saree to wear. Bhalajie was told to make Yashika to remove make up and Hearings. Riythvika has to convince Mumtaz to colour her hair with Electric Green. Mumtaz refused to do the task, worrying about her hair will get spoiled. Riythvika tried to explain many things to convince Mumtaz. Mumtaz refusal cannot be changed even after other housemates try to convince her. Housemates get upset by looking at Mumtaz refusal to do task and save Riythvika. Bhalajie tried to convince Mumtaz as well but Mumtaz refused to do it. Mumtaz said chanceless and she cannot do this task at all even if they mention they will give Bigg Boss Trophy for it. Riythvika gets direct nominated for the next week eviction nomination cause she was not able to convince Mumtaz to do the task. Bhalajie gets call again and he was told that Yashika did not keep all the items in the store room. Yashika keeps everything inside the store room now from lotion to foot wear. Senrayan gets most of the badges for Kitchen Champ. Mumtaz surprised Housemates by giving badge to Janani. Senrayan was given the kitchen champ cause he has more badges than others. Senrayan thanked Mumtaz that she is the one who told senrayan dont know to do anything and made him to take cooking serious. Mumtaz gets offended and told she did not say anything like that before. Wake Up Song: Theri - Raangu

Day 82 : Episode 83 - 07 September 2018 : Riythvika becomes New Captain. Breaking Rules of Talking in English Breaks House Again. Mumtaz and Aishwarya Vs Vijayalakshmi

Aishwarya and Mumtaz converse in English about Leg Tear of Aishwarya. Siren blows cause of English being used for communication and 5 housemates has to enter the swimming pool. Aishwarya without asking anyone, she entered the pool, followed by Yashika, Senrayan and finally unwillingly Janani and Riythvika after Yashika asked on behalf of Aishwarya for other 2 to enter the pool. Riythvika and Janani complaints about the bad attitude of Aishwarya. When Riythvika and Janani said that Aishwarya giving hard time for others. Aishwarya talked in English saying yes i will continue to talk in English, Siren blows again. Yashika entered to the pool again, followed by Senrayan again. Aishwarya gets upset when Yashika said Aishwarya lied. Aishwarya said Even this girl says i am a liar by pointing Yashika. Mumtaz intervened to say dont lose friendship to Yashika and Aishwarya. Mumtaz uses Stream Machine for her dress. Mumtaz left the room without turning off the Streamer. Vijayalakshmi points out that the streamer was not turned off by Mumtaz. Aishwarya cries saying she dont have any support. Earlier Mumtaz told Vijayalakshmi that do not keep the streamer hanging and When Vijayalakshmi pointed out the mistake of streamer did by Mumtaz, Mumtaz gets angry and had an argument between them. Housemates did luxury budget shopping by playing Ring a thing game. Senrayan throws the ring and Vijayalakshmi did the writing of the items in the board. Riythvika and Janani said Senrayan playing Safe Game. Housemates has to balance to make the wooden pieces with each letter of the word Captain. Riythvika were able to balance the letters and becomes the new captain. Mumtaz started to converse with Janani about Week Eviction. Mumtaz continued to talk about Eviction discussion with Bhalajie. Mumtaz complained about Vijayalakshmi voice tone. Janani and Bhalajie complained about Aishwarya told that Mumtaz is showing love to others but backstabbing. Mumtaz asked about the Backstabbing Comment, Aishwarya told that was said with upsetWake Up Song: Attakathi - Aadi Pona Aavani

Day 83 : Episode 84 - 08 September 2018 : Aishwarya Saved By Votes Count But Kamal Showed She Deserved Red Card

House captain were asked to introduce new product of Vivo that is VIVO V11 Pro Phone. Housemates were divided into 2 teams and asked to click pics with Vivo V11 Pro phone modes to make a story. Captain Riythvika has to judge the task. Bhalajie, Janani and Vijayalakshmi makes Team A. Senrayan, Aishwarya and Yashika makes Team B. Team A Wins and Vijayalakshmi was chosed by her team mates by best performer. Vijayalakshmi was awarded with Vivo V11 Pro Phone. Vijayalakshmi asked to click 5 pics with the Vivo V11 Pro Phone and was told she will be awarded with the phone when she leaves the house. Kamal points out the stubborness of Mumtaz for not doing the task of coloring her hair and Kamal he has grown hair too. Mumtaz said Cutting hair will take time to grow and Coloring hair will spoil the hair. When Kamal pointed out the lies of Aishwarya. Aishwarya wanted to give 100 percent to continue be in the house. Janani along with Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi pointed out the lies of Janani. Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi justified eachother with the incident of the streamer. Aishwarya cries to Yashika that she has been blamed from day one in the show. Kamal said if he has to judge Aishwarya, he would have given Red Card to her. But Kamal said People has saved Aishwarya. Kamal abruptly interupted the conversation with Housemates to show the people Votes Count. Votes Count were shown in the big screen, showing Aishwarya got maximum votes. Right from the start of the show, Kamal said People clapping hands for each section of the show and now it is understood even he did not expect this result of Aishwarya getting Saved. So he insisted people to vote. Wake Up Song: Meesaya Murukku - Adiye Sakkarakatti

Day 84 : Episode 85 - 09 September 2018 : Senrayan Evicted From Bigg Boss House

Vijayalakshmi shared her opinion that Aishwarya would have got votes just enough to get saved to stay in the house. Housemates ready for Eviction Process. Kamal also ready for the eviction process with the result card. Vijayalakshmi said Thanks for the appreciation by Senrayan for her cooking. Luxury Budget Shopping Fish requested by Senrayan which was avoided by Mumtaz, created an arguement between Mumtaz and Senrayan. Vijayalakshmi predicted Mumtaz will leave the house today, Senrayan copied it. Janani said Vijayalakshmi spent less days, so she can get evicted, copied by Mumtaz. Vijayalakshmi Saved. Kamal announced Mumtaz saved by people. Senrayan gets Evicted, Janani Saved. Janani said Senrayan eviction is unfair. Aishwarya intervene to say he will leave instead of Senrayan but Kamal asked her to sit down and said that she can not make that judgement. Kamal asked Bigg Boss to show vote counts of this week eviction. Kamal upset about why people are not casting votes that resulted in Senrayan to get evicted. Senrayan gives his plant pot to Riythvika. Senrayan takes final selfie with the Housemates. Aishwarya cries and says that she has lost everything in the house. Yashika cried by looking at her friend Aishwarya cry and Mumtaz consoled Aishwarya. Senrayan parents were present to see senrayan out of the house. Senrayan cries in guilty for beating his parentsWake Up Song: Unknown

Day 85 : Episode 86 - 10 September 2018 : Season 1 Contestants in the House. Aishwarya, Mumtaz, Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi in the Eviction Nomination List

Mumtaz comforts Yashika when she cried fearing that she spoiled her name and her parents would have felt bad about her. Janani comforts Aishwarya with words after see her crying. Aishwarya continues to cry. Riythvika and Mumtaz told Aishwarya to stay strong. Yashika cries alone inside the smoking room. Aachi Masala Cooking Task - Housemates were divided in to 2 teams, one which compose of Vijayalakshmi, Janani and Bhalajie to cook Veg Item. Another team with Mumtaz, Yashika and Aishwarya to cook Non Veg Item. Riythvika to judge the task. Both team did mistake when cooking - Oily Bhajji and Over Burned Non Veg Biriyani. Riythvika tasted the food prepared and told the mistakes to the respective team. Riythvika announced Veg Team Wins. Housemates together cut the Winners Cake. Yashika and Aishwarya both decides and made their statement that they will goto Final for sure. Bigg Boss told Housemates has to accept completely and nominate 2 to join Riythvika for the Eviction Nomination list. Housmates literally divided into 2 teams, one had Mumtaz, Aishwarya and Yashika asking for Vijayalakshmi in the list and the other team has Bhalajie, Riythvika, Vijayalakshmi and Janani asking for Aishwarya and Mumtaz in the nomination. Clashes started between Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi, then Aishwarya against Bhalajie and Janani. When Housemates took more time to say 2 people in the list, Bigg Boss increased to 3. But finally Riythvika told the majority wishlist. Aishwarya, Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi added along with Riythvika in the list. Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants Snehan, Gayathri, Harathi, Suja and Vaiyapuri enters the Bigg Boss House. Both the season contestants joined together and had fun conversation. Vaiyapuri said Janani is the Bindu Madhavi of Season 1. Snehan gave idea to Gayathri that we came to take Bhalajie with them and leave the house. Housemates had fun playing with Bhalajie. Season 1 contestants get their luggage for their stay in the house. Season 1 contestants were given Blue Room and Bhalajie moved to Pink Room to make all Season 2 contestants in one room. Housemates had fun dancing for the Pistah Summa Kidra Song from Neram Movie. Harathi advices Aishwarya not to get very emotional and asked her to be happy, smile always and be kind with others. Wake Up Song: Pandiyanaadu - Fy Fy Fy Kalaachify

Day 86 : Episode 87 - 11 September 2018 : Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants Questions Mumtaz Special Treatments, Had Fun Pranking Season 2 Contestants

Housemates had fun dancing in the morning for the wake up song Pottu Thaaku from Kuthu Movie. Gayathri questions Mumtaz about why she is using big heels shoe when she has back issue. Bigg Boss Season 1 notices that Mumtaz gets Special Treatment in the house - Buffalo Milk Yogurt, Olive Oil for Cooking, Separate Bathroom Space. Snehan made fun of Janani dress with Tamil Letters, told her that she wore to impress him. Snehan asked Janani to say letters, Janani struggled to say it. Season 1 Contestants say thanks to all and asked for best wishes from people for their start of the play. Season 1 Housemates takes items of Mumtaz to Store Room. Season 1 Housemates question the special treatment of Mumtaz in the house. Competition between Season 1 and Season 2 contestants to build the structure of levels with cups. Season 2 did well in building and protecting their structure. Season 2 contestants easily beat the Season 1 contestants by breaking their structure built by Season 1 Snehan. Harathi made fun of Bhalajie when he said about the garbage bag issue. Harathi and Snehan said they suffered more than this suffer. Suja brought the topic of why only Tamil girl deserve to win this show, anybody can win it cause we are all Indians. Housemates had fun playing Truth or Dare. Truth like Riythvika is the genuine person and can win the show. Yashika told Aishwarya hurted her alot cause she is the one who Yashika likes alot. Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants plans to prank the Season 2 Contestants. Season 1 contestants had fun pranking Janani then pulled her in the prank to make fun of others. Bhalajie also aware about this prank plan. Mumtaz started to get closer to Janani as Janani pretended that she is very sad cause of Season 1 contestants revealed some news about her eviction. Janani repeatedly asked Gayathri and other Season 1 contestants that is it true like whatever they said. Mumtaz very eager to get the information from Janani, so she moved closer to Janani many times to extract the information from her. Special Items of Mumtaz taken by Season 1 contestants were given back to her and Bigg Boss told Snehan that items can be hidden inside the house but cannot be taken by the Bigg Boss. Snehan composed an excellent poem on Aishwarya and said it in the show. Both the Season Contestants were given set of proverbs, Both should choose 10 and has to say which one suits for which Housemates, they can also defend if they are not satisfied. Everyone accepted except Suja which was with comparison with Oviya. Wake Up Song: Kuthu - Pottu Thakku

Day 87 : Episode 88 - 12 September 2018 : Balloon Task and Q and A With Video Clips Task

Snehan continues his prank with the support of Janani to scare Housemates. The prank is to Janani has to do something before Kamal Weekend Show to save herself from eviction. Bhalajie not happy with Mumtaz cause she is not listening to what Snehan says. Promotion of Brookside Chocolates - Chocolates will be given at the successful completion of the task which will be briefed later this week. Aishwarya as Kajol, Snehan as Shah Rukh and Housemates had fun imitating Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Scene. Season 1 and Season 2 Contestants has been told to compete in a task of sticking balloon, game of 3 rounds. Vijayalakshmi and Snehan played with full interest to win the task. Snehan completely crushed Vijayalakshmi in the task. She gave her best. Both took the task very seriously. Like Snehan, Suja looked very strong for the Season 1 Contestants. Aishwarya and Yashika had difficult time blocking her. But Vijayalakshmi able to stick more balloons wins first round for Season 2. Mumtaz unwilling to run and stick the balloon with the fear of Snehan play of holding people and using hands to push. Second Round started with Yashika failed against powerful Suja and Harathi. Snehan puts complete effort and successful against block of Mumtaz and Riythvika. Season 1 easily wins second round. Snehan had blood scratches on his body, gets medical treatment from others. Third round with competition between Vaiyapuri and Bhalajie. Vaiyapuri were able to easily run through the blocks of Janani and Vijayalakshmi. Bhalajie was not able to stick even a single balloon with the blocks of Snehan and Suja. Vaiyapuri easily win the third round for Season 1. Vijayalaksmi fell down and injured her neck during the task. Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants easily won the task. Snehan asked why Yashika being very silent. Yashika replied that she is earning bad names cause of being with people doing mistake and She felt which has become a great weakness of not being very active. Snehan cried and asked Yashika to throw those weakness away. Harathi also added to Snehan points that be yourself, forget that people will feel wrong. Being fake is not good. New Task with one season contestants can watch clips of other season contestants and ask question regarding it. Both the seasons questions eachother and reveal how they feel being there in the house. Snehan gets emotional saying the housemates are not giving respect to Kamal. After hearing it, Mumtaz cried realizing her mistakes. Wake Up Song: Jilla - Kandaangi

Day 88 : Episode 89 - 13 September 2018 : Season 1 Winner Aarav in the House. Ticket to Finale Task and Seasons Comparison Video Clips

Housemates Celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi in the house. Aarav Entered the House. Whats the answer for the question task with clips continued - Mumtaz and Aishwarya was appreciated for being real and did not do task by faking says Gayathri. Clip was shown which has the clashes between Snehan and Suja. Snehan and Suja unable to control their laugh by looking at how they played that task. In the other end, Bindu was getting crushed by Ganesh. Mumtaz said Vengeance becomes the main difference comparing both the seasons. Video Clip was played showing that Riythvika and Janani says that Aishwarya lied to Senrayan, the task is to save from next week direct nomination. But both said Aishwarya intially told for current week. But Aishwarya did not say for current week, she said for next week clearly. Janani also misunderstood the task for both the weeks after clearly listening for to save from next week direct nomination. Aishwarya felt really bad that she was blamed as a liar for no reason. Gayathri made Aishwarya and Janani hug eachother to cool off the situation. Bigg Boss Season 1 Clip was shown with Harathi and Ganesh was attending a very hard task of taking things on their body. Throwing Chilli powder, eggs, shampoo, cream and garbages on the head of Harathi and Ganesh. Bigg Boss Season 2 Clip was shown with Garbage was thrown on Bhalajie. And his reactions after the incident. Gayathri said Riythvika told in the intro video that she cannot take if she gets cornered but now she is strong. But the real person who was cornered in the house is Aishwarya. Gayathri questioned why she was not provided comfort when she was crying alone last weekend. Yashika questioned Bhalajie that last weekend everyone played aggressively but no one complained and it did not become a big issue. But this season, people show body to show the injury and complain. Bhalajie unable to reply properly. Yashika also added if red card started last season, everyone would have got it. Brookside Chocolates Task - Housemates divided into 3 teams of 2, one from Season 1 and another from Season 2, has to put the ball in the chocolate shaped basket. Snehan and Vijayalakshmi basket 6 balls to win the task. Ticket to Finale Task - Season 2 Housemates has to go around the round structure carrying bowl filled with colored water in their hand. At each buzzer whichever housemates has less water in the bowl will get exit from each round. Season 1 Contestants are the judges in the task. Season 2 Contestants started to go around the structure carrying water bowl. Task seems to be difficult one for hands and shoulders. Bhalajie out cause of his bowl had less water compared to others after first round. Similarly Aishwarya, Mumtaz and Riythvika gets out in the following rounds. Aarav asked anyone willing to give up the task? Nobody willing to give up. Yashika strongly and quickly replied she do not want to give up the task. Yashika, Janani and Vijayalakshmi are still in the competition to win the ticket to finale task. Wake Up Song: Vedalam - Veera Vinayaka

Day 89 : Episode 90 - 14 September 2018 : Janani Wins Ticket To Finale

Ticket to finale task continues with Janani, Yashika and Vijayalakshmi. Vijayalakshmi out of the competition cause of less water in her bowl. Final Round went on to next day morning with Janani and Yashika. Season 1 contestants unable to find the winner among the two, resulted in Bigg Boss extended the competition with one more round. Aarav told Yashika and Aishwarya that Task needs to continue to find the winner, but this time only one hand needs to be used to hold the bowl. Janani and Yashika continued the task holding the bowl in one hand without any body support. Janani lost control and dropped half of the bowl. Yashika dropped the bowl and breaks it. Janani Wins Ticket To Finale. Aishwarya upset after hearing the celebration of Janani Win. Janani celebrated her win with victory dance for Boomi Enna Suthudhe Song from Ethir Neechal. Aishwarya consoles Yashika for her loss. Both the season contestants combined and did Luxury Budget Shopping. Yashika not well after Ticket to Finale Task, was taken to confession room for treatment. Colgate Finding Card Task - One from each season has to find card to complete the puzzle. Riythvika was made judge. Aarav from Season 1 and Vijayalakshmi from Season 2 competed in the task to find the cards. Rest constructed the puzzle. Season 1 contestants win the Colgate task. Housemates dressed up Bhalajie like lady and had fun with Aarav. Aarav revealed his movie first look poster Raja Bheema. Aarav celebrated his happiness with a cake cutting in the house. Entertainment Time - Season 1 Contestants danced for Sodakku Mela Song and Season 2 for Guleba Song. Aarav wished Season 2 contestants best luck and left the house. Wake Up Song: Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva - Hara Hara Mahadevaki

Day 90 : Episode 91 - 15 September 2018 : Ticket to Finale Awarded to Janani. Riythvika Saved

Kamal Hassan Thanked people for turning out to double the voting count of last week. Season 1 and 2 contested in the Nippon Paint Building and Painting Task as teams. Both the season contestants showed their full interest and finish the task successfully. Judge Mumtaz gave the announcent as Season 1 are the Winners. Season 1 Contestants enjoyed their victory with Blobby Trophy and Cake Cutting. Kamal had discussion about Ticket to finale task with Janani and Yashika. Janani awarded with ticket to Finale. Season 1 Housemates shared their current status after Bigg Boss Show with Kamal and also everyone except Harathi said Riythvika will get saved from this week eviction. Riythvika saved with the record number of percentage in the Voting. Wake Up Song: Maari - Thappa Dhaan Theriyum

Day 91 : Episode 92 - 16 September 2018 : Mumtaz Evicted, Double Eviction Next Week

Season 1 Contestants gets chance to talk with Kamal once again. Housemates were asked to choose one they like and one they dont like from the other season with reason. Kamal made fun act of evicting the Season 1 contestants from the house. Season 1 contestants left the house. Season 2 Contestants ready for eviction. Vijayalakshmi saved by the people. Mumtaz gets evicted this week. Mumtaz warned Riythvika about Using Tamil Girl Racial Discrimination. Mumtaz hugged and said bye to Housemates. Mumtaz clicks final selfie with the remaining housemates. Mumtaz gave her plant pot to Yashika and Aishwarya. Mumtaz asked sorry to Kamal if she has disrespected him. Mumtaz reveals her true love of brother and her nephew. Kamal revealed there will be double eviction at the end of the next week. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 92 : Episode 93 - 17 September 2018 : Individual Task to Win Something Special. All but Janani in Eviction Nomination

Housemates divided into 2 teams, one with Janani and Riythvika, the other with Vijayalakshmi and Bhalajie. Yashika and Aishwarya becomes the Referee for the task. Yashika announced Vijayalakshmi and Bhalajie wins the task. Bigg Boss announced everyone except Janani in the Eviction Nomination. Also announced Individual tasks carries points displayed in the big screen in the garden. Vijayalakshmi competed first in the Hold the Buzzer Task. Vijayalakshmi never gave up and won the task to get 120 points. Rest gets minus 10 for not showing interest. Janani competed second in the hold the buzzer task. Housemates gave her hard time. Janani unable to hold the wet towel, took her hands off to remove towels from her. Yashika competed 3rd, hold the buzzer strongly. Vijayalakshmi complained Aishwarya helping her friend Yashika in the task. Aishwarya and Vijayalakshmi were named for not deserve to be in the final. Wake Up Song: Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum - Ka Ka Ka Po

Day 93 : Episode 94 - 18 September 2018 : Buzzer and Memory Task

Hold the Buzzer task continues with Aishwarya being the fourth competitor. Aishwarya unable to hold the Buzzer, Lost, cried in pain. Riythvika continued the task as next competitor, took her hands off in Pain. Bhalajie competed as the last competitor. Bhalajie gave up, after unable to hold Bucket filled with Water. Housemates were asked to arrange the coloured blocks as told in order by Bigg Boss to check their Memory Ability. Aishwarya did well in the task, Bhalajie being the poor performer. Wake Up Song: Kaththi - Pakkam Vanthu

Day 94 : Episode 95 - 19 September 2018 : Building Blocks, Rank Yourselfand Score Goals Points Task

Housemates were given task on building blocks and break others with 3 balls given. Second round continued with 10 balls given to break, if you break you can get max of 4 blocks from others which carries more marks. Yashika scored more points with bonus as she build the blocks with others wooden block. Housemates negotiated to rank themself among them. Yashika scored more points in Hit the board with ball to score points. She hit mostly the 50 points board. Wake Up Song: Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai - Theeratha Vilaiyattu Pillai

Day 95 : Episode 96 - 20 September 2018 : Balance Box and Defend Flour Task

Housemates were asked to hold the box and balance it by joining hands. Balajie Wins the Task. Housemates were asked to say about Postives and Negatives of eachother. Man Vasanai Task - Task of defending the flour. Yashika played aggressive game, thrases Vijayalakshmi. Yashika breaks Vijayalakshmi Basket. Vijayalakshmi asked to continue game. Aishwarya tried to open Janani Basket when everyone was providing first aid to Vijayalakshmi. Janani becomes upset and asked Aishwarya to continue her criminal strategy. Vijayalakshmi injured and cannot continue the task. Aishwarya went on aggressively against Janani. Riythvika injured after an encounter with Yashika, interupted the game. Wake Up Song: Aadukalam - Vazhkai Oru Porkalam

Day 96 : Episode 97 - 21 September 2018 : Yashika wins 5 Lakhs Prize Money

All targeted Aishwarya, resulted in increasing her angerness. Aishwarya gets angry then breaks Janani Basket. Janani breaks Aishwarya Basket in response. Aishwarya unable to control her anger, breaks Bhalajie Basket. Aishwarya started to defend Yashika Basket. Yashika and Aishwarya said they will beat Vijayalakshmi and Janani if they see them outside. Yashika and Riythvika get points from the task. Yashika continues to lead. Yashika told Aishwarya that they should not allow Vijayalakshmi to take lead. Aishwarya and Yashika win the cooking task. Yashika wins 5 Lakh Prize Money. Congratulations Yashika for her excellent job of winning tasks. Vijayalakshmi and Bhalajie shared Cooking Champ with 2 badges each. Collect words to make sentence for the win of Luxury Budget Points. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping. Wake Up Song: I - Mersalaayitten

Day 97 : Episode 98 - 22 September 2018 : Bhalajie Evicted

Amazon SMS Contest Winners brought Luxury Budget Products. Kamal made funny comment about Yashika and Aishwarya words usage. Example being Velila vaa adikiren then Mavaney. Kamal requested Housemates to use proper words as kids watches the show as well, discussed about his experience with a kid. Kamal told there is double eviction this weekend. Bhalajie Evicted. Nithya and Poshika also present during Bhalajie Eviction. Wake Up Song: Maryan - Sonapareeya

Day 98 : Episode 99 - 23 September 2018 : Yashika Evicted

Phone Call with Close one. Yashika gets evicted. Aishwarys starts to cry for her friend, she gave her Mom gift Teddy to Yashika. Yashika made her parents proud with her achievement. Janani and Riythvika felt happiness as they did they said, Tamil girls in the final. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 99 : Episode 100 - 24 September 2018 : Ramya and Vaishnavi in the House

Housemates asked to pen their wishes to others in Tee Shirt. Ramya and Vaishnavi enters the house. Vaishnavi and Ramya fooled Housemates with empty card saying today a eviction. Wake Up Song: Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai - En Jannal Vandha

Day 100 : Episode 101 - 25 September 2018 : Nithya and Shariq in the House

VIVO V11 Pro Finger Touch Unlock demo by Vijayalakshmi. Nithya and Shariq visits House. Moments of Aishwarya and Riythvika in Video. Shariq is not happy with Aishwarya saying she has spoken alot on his back. Wishes from Family Members and Friends. Wake Up Song: Chekka Chivantha Vaanam - Mazhai Kuruvi

Day 101 : Episode 102 - 26 September 2018 : Bhalajie and Yashika enters and enjoyed Dance Marathon in the House

Riythvika as Ajith, Vijayalakshmi as Vijay, Janani as Trisha and Aishwarya as Nayan Thara in Dance Marathon. Bhalajie enters house as Rajini for Neruppu da Song. Yashika enters house as Simran. Moments of Vijayalakshmi and Janani in Videos. Wake Up Song: Arrambam - Stylish Thamizhachi

Day 102 : Episode 103 - 27 September 2018 : Mahat and Senrayan in the House

Amazon people entered to give a task for Housemates. Housemates were asked to find the hidden cards with items and points. Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya did well in the task, finished 1st and 2nd in the task respectively. Senrayan entered the house and directly went to restroom to clean it. Senrayan said everyone have very good name outside. Mahat enters House, composed his own task and gave to Housemates. Housemates were told to dress up for the final and give victory speech. Housemates were ranked according to Mahat and Senrayan. Bigg Boss talks with Vijayalakshmi to understand how she feels. Her main concern seems to be late entry as Wild Card as she regrets for it. Wake Up Song: Romeo Juliet - Idarkuthaane Aasaipattai

Day 103 : Episode 104 - 28 September 2018 : Evicted Housemates Visits for Dinner and Dance

All 3 except Vijayalakshmi has 2 Mutual Fund Plants each. Bigg Boss talks with Riythvika to understand how she feels. She cries saying she will miss everything after she leaves this place, including the Mic. Amazon SMS Winners enters house to give Vijayalakshmi her prize of winning yesterday task. Bigg Boss talks with Aishwarya to understand how she feels. She cries saying she will miss all fun in Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss talks with Janani to understand how she feels. She cries saying she will miss Bigg Boss Voice. Housemates enjoyed Dance and Dinner. Wake Up Song: Kaakha Kaakha - Oru Ooril Azhage Uruvai

Day 104 : Episode 105 : Grand Finale - 29 September 2018 : Janani Finished Fourth

All Evicted Housemates returned for Grand Finale Show. Housemates friends visit to greet them final wish. Vijay Devarkonda Visit House to give housemates the trophy touch feel and to promote his movie NOTA. Drone flied and droped an option of 10 Lakhs for Housemates to quit at this stage. Aishwarya made up her mind that if she walk off if this 10 lakhs is not from 50 lakhs Prize Money else she will stay. She continued to stay after getting to know that 10 lakhs will be taken from prize money 50 Lakhs. Dancers enters house for an fourth place eviction. Dancers took Janani away from the house, brought her to the Stage. That showed she finished fourth. Kamal said Diplomacy is best in the real life, may not suit for this game. Wake Up Song: Baahubali 2 - Kanna Nee Thoongada

Day 105 : Episode 106 : Grand Finale - 30 September 2018 : Riythvika Wins Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. Aishwarya Finished Runner Up

Kamal entered well dressed Traditionally for the final day. Kamal said Housemates well dressed and looked like Cake Dolls. Housemates answered questions from Fans. Evicted Housemates gave a nice dance performance. Kamal answered question from evicted housemates acting like a contestant. Housemates watched as they get teased by Kalakka Povathu Yaaru Contestants. Housemates relatives asks question and shared their opinions. Angry Mumtaz Brother questioned Nithya. Nithya and Mumtaz went out of control. In the end, Mahat asked Sorry to Mumtaz Brother. Aarav entered house to bring someone out as 3rd place. Vijayalakshmi exit the house as 3rd Place. Yashika gets Best Dancer and Best Task Person. Nithya gets for Best Leader. Daniel for Cook. Mumtaz for Hygiene and Bhalajie for Comedy. Vijayalakshmi and Janani gets VIVO phone for finishing as finalist. Kamal assured he will get phone for all. Oviya Visited the House and answered questions from the viewers. Kamal enters House to bring out the final 2 to the stage. Kamal Kisses Aishwarya Hand, but raises the hand of Riythvika to show all that she is the winner. Riythvika wins 50 Lakhs and the Bigg Boss Trophy. Aishwarya finished as Runner Up. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Weekly Summary

Viewers Opinion

Week 1

New Season, New Contestants but the whole week seemed like all are playing the game safe by knowing the game rules and people reaction after watching the Season 1. But some are being honest and showing the real face while others are seems to wear a mask and playing the game. Hard to judge on anyone by the people at this stage, hopefully the true face of all will come soon until then lets enjoy the show and see how it is going to do in the following weeks to come.

Week 2

Housemates are continuing their act of safe play but Nithya is the lone person who is suffering in the house as she is not treated like others cause she is not celebrity as well as Bhalajie a reason. Bhalajie needs to learn to respect others as he uses abusive words especially because of his personal issue with Nithya. But one thing is sure, the way he behaves will never take him closer to Nithya. Viewers have their own perspective of seeing things, it will differ from one perrson to another. Some people says Girls behaviour especially Yashika and Aishwarya with Mahat and Shariq looks bad for the show but it depends on individual how seeing it but Mahat enjoying it to the max. Housemates also feel Vaishnavi behaviour is bad but they should that she is trying to play well, did not liked by others. As a viewer, we should also need to understand that it is not easy show the reality all the time. Lets continue to see how they are going to face in the upcoming days.

Week 3

Mahat dominates this week living in the house without any mask but his behaviour has to be questioned for sure, his attitude with people he dont like and his actions with girls in the house are awful. Vaishnavi had lot of struggles cause of Captainship but she managed to play smooth in many situations, taking mostly the side of people who have power especially supporting Mahat in the task at maximum level. Bigg Boss helped Mumtaz to regain some name among Housemates by giving her secret task during the Luxury Budget Task where she has already made many mistakes. Ponnambalam says that everyone is fake but we people feel like he himself needed to be in real, he never care about any clashes going inside the house, he just sits in the corner and watch whats going on. One such situation where Mumtaz took Senrayan out to make the situation cool when there is a clash with Mahat. Aishwarya had issues with Cooking team. Janani, Riythvika and Ramya talks. Yashika had both fun time as well as serious time during task. Daniel and Bhalajie talk in Raised voice. Ananth getting ready to leave. Overall Housemates coming out of the nutshell and starting to remove their mask but many unable to do it.

Week 4

Unlike last few weeks, this week saw many clashes and some housemates are trying to show their original face but only for few hours. It happened with Mahat and Bhalajie. Mahat lost his temper, showed his original character and after sometime he felt that will spoil his reputation and immediately changed his approach for the next few days like helping girls to fold clothes and saying out that he wont have ladies as servent. Daniel plays the role of safe but he does it very well by trying to please all. Yashika and Aishwarya enjoyed this week as they get the task of their liking. Mumtaz always looks bossy and trying to command and argue to state something to the other housemates. Rest plays safe but better than before as speaking out whenever something needed to be communicated with others.

Week 5

Nothing great to say about this week after the biggest disappointment of voting result to save Yashika from eviction and sent Nithya home. Lot of viewers felt that Vijay TV cheated them by changing the voting result to have Yashika in the house for the purpose of increasing the TRP. Mahat not questioned again properly for sleeping even as captain. Daniel having issue with Bhalajie, Ponnambalam having issue with Aishwarya and Yashika. Mumtaz having issue with Ponnambalam. Senrayan with inferiority complex, unable to speak out what he wanted to say, struggle to frame sentence cause of fear. Rest play safe. Nothing much to say than the show looks scripted confirmed by the weekend eviction of Nithya instead of Yashika

Week 6

A Week of lot of clashes and fights with mostly dominated by Mumtaz and Janani indirect clashes in terms of Teams Yellow Vs Blue Competition. Though both Mumtaz and Janani continues to show both are good and getting the good name around Housemates but this week Mumtaz made a big impact on people mind by showing her as a brave and honest figure which impressed some, nominating herself for worst performer, makes even more popular among people. Daniel tried to show his skill but failed against Mahat power during the task. After Ramya NSK exit of last feel, people started to get the feeling of the honest people will soon get evicted, only one who acts well will get famous among people as Mumtaz did well this week as showing herself unique when compare to others but she continued her racism especially with Senrayan. Bigg Boss was losing TRP but now regained a bit after making task difficult and also people started to get the feel of getting the Wild card entry at this time. Bigg Boss voting lost its genuinity among people but the show keep entertaining the people.

Week 7

The week removed the mask of few housemates especially Aishwarya. She dominated the whole week, she did her task well but she took revenge on people she dont like. But whatever Bhalajie receives action from Aishwarya, he really deserves it cause of using abusive words but it was seemed bad among people especially the event of throwing the garbage on him made her bad among people. Another thing noted for the week is about Vaishnavi entering Secret room, could have been used for some other housemates. Aishwarya dictator task clearly overshadowed the event of Vaishnavi being in secret room. Mahat and Mumtaz at most of the times looks real but not all the time. Rest all clearly seems like playing safe. One thing is sure, it would have been better that someone else got the use of secret room instead of Vaishnavi, she always looks fake and playing safe, no improvement of her character.

Week 8

The week started with surprise eviction nomination list with main contestants of the show. And also many surprise where housemates started to reveal their true face but some playing safe. Mumtaz looks odd woman out with getting angry for bad things for her and showing love to the people who needs it. The love looks nice but sometimes it looks fake as well. Kalaigner demise saddened housemates and also shortened the Luxury Budget Task where few housemates did very bad. Especially Daniel pretended like Yashika dressed very bad and Mahat adding some cushion in the back showing Mumtaz in a bad way. These kind of activities looks very weird. One thing for sure is that no one wants to go or talk against Mahat. Mahat always looked like the special person in the house. Most of the times during the task, he sleeps with the reason of health is not good. This week eviction will surely going to be a big thing cause one of the main contestants will be leaving and will be missed.

Week 9

The week went furious with lot of clashes with the main being the one between Mahat and Mumtaz. Mahat with Aishwarya says Mumtaz is evil and it is surely not safe to trust her and he says it was told by Yashika but interestingly Yashika remains in contact with Mumtaz. Mumtaz feels Mahat is disrespectful and immatured. Remaining Housemates play the low voice as they all feel scared to spoil their image. Vaishnavi completely changed and become silent, all set to get evicted in this week. Show goes more interesting than before cause people started to engage in clashes and fight for the win.

Week 10, 11 and 12

These 3 weeks are surely the roller coster of the show as people were getting involved in physical violence, removed their mask but still some play safe. When we talk about Physical violence, one person comes in our mind is Mahat. Mahat being such a honest guy who never knows to wear mask and act, ofcourse he did in the first week but after he saw few bad acts were happening he become violent. Mahat also looks he have some mental problem as he is not able control his emotions and turns like a wild animal quickly. Daniel got really scared of Mahat, as he continued to stay away from Mahat as much as he can. Mumtaz is the great actor in the house, she always wanted to trigger people with her innocent look and makes people fool by showing love and care. She is clearly wearing mask as she well read the show. Some videos were getting released online stating that Mumtaz is copying Hindi Bigg Boss Season 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde. She, Daniel and Bhalajie complained the violent behaviour of Mahat and got him kicked out of the house. Mahat exit gives a big setback for Yashika and Aishwarya. Aishwarya also were very violent with Mahat to call Mumtaz a Snake many times. But Aishwarya always gets lucky when it comes to eviction nomination. Someone or the other save Aishwarya from Eviction. It may be Yashika or Bigg Boss. After 10th Week Exit of Mahat, Daniel exit the show in the following week. Daniel is like Chameleon, he saw that Mahat, Yashika and Aishwarya does not have people support. So he joined Mumtaz and Bhalajie. He once told that his love told that Yashika and Aishwarya are back stabbing him just to get closer with Bhalajie group. Bhalajie always talks back of the others, which is really bad character. But he is also just like Yashika and Aishwarya getting saved by Bigg Boss. But Housemates enjoyed the Freeze task with housemates getting chances to see their family members after long time. Then follows the Phone Task. With all agreeing except Mumtaz to do the task, puts Riythvika in the next direct eviction list but Riythvika has got more people support. With the thought of Aishwarya exit this week, but Surprisingly Senrayan gets evicted in this week. Kamal blamed on People stopped casting Vote. But the reality people lost trust in Voting. So Bigg Boss also started to look like other shows Vijay TV as they are making their favourite one to win the show

Week 13, 14 and 15

The show saw lot of emotions mixed with bond and clashes, an excellent visual to teach people how to lead and live the life properly, eventually in the end the good prevailed the winner. Congrats Riythvika for winning the Bigg Boss Season 2.

Weekly Evictions

1st Week

No Eviction This Week, though the housemates were unaware about it and each nominated two housemates for eviction.

2nd Week
Second Week Eviction Nomination

Ananth, Ponnambalam, Mamathi and Mumtaz

Second Week Eviction

Mamathi Chari

3rd Week
Third Week Eviction Nomination

Ananth, Nithya, Ponnambalam, Bhalajie and Mumtaz

Third Week Eviction

Ananth Vaidhyanathan

4th Week
Fourth Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Nithya, Ponnambalam and Yashika

Fourth Week Eviction


5th Week
Fifth Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Aishwarya, Ponnambalam, Janani and Ramya

Fifth Week Eviction

Ramya NSK

6th Week
Sixth Week Eviction Nomination

Mahath, Ponnambalam, Yashika, Vaishnavi and Mumtaz

Sixth Week Eviction - Sent To Secret Room


7th Week
Seventh Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Mahat, Riythvika, Mumtaz and Shariq

Seventh Week Eviction

Shariq Hassan

8th Week
Eight Week Eviction Nomination

Senrayan, Ponnambalam and Janani

Eight Week Eviction


9th Week
Ninth Week Eviction Nomination

Daniel, Janani, Riythvika, Senrayan and Vaishnavi

Ninth Week Eviction


10th Week
Tenth Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Mahat, Senrayan and Mumtaz

Tenth Week Eviction

Mahat Ragavender

11th Week
Eleventh Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Daniel and Janani

Eleventh Week Secret Room

Daniel Annie Pope

12th Week
Twelfth Week Eviction Nomination

Aishwarya, Janani, Mumtaz, Senrayan and Vijayalakshmi

Twelfth Week Eviction


13th Week
Thirteenth Week Eviction Nomination

Aishwarya, Mumtaz, Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi

Thirteenth Week Eviction


14th Week
Fourteen Week Double Evictions Nomination(Least Votes)

Aishwarya, Bhalajie, Riythvika, Vijayalakshmi and Yashika

Fourteenth Week 1st Eviction


Fourteenth Week 2nd Eviction

Yashika Anand

15th Week
Vote for Winner(Maximum Votes)

Riythvika, Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi and Janani



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