Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 10

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 64 : Episode 65 - 20 August 2018
Promo 1

Nomination Process

Promo 2

Yashika can Save a housemate who is in Eviction Nomination list this week

Promo 3

Mahat about Mumtaz

Vivo V9 Bokeh Mode Task

Housemates were divided into 2 teams and asked to click pictures for Year Calendar using Vivo V9 Bokeh Mode

Vivo V9 Bokeh Mode Task

Daniel and Mahat shows their creative idea on taking pictures for their team

Vivo V9 Bokeh Mode Task

Teams present their pictures for Calendar, Janani present for a team

Vivo V9 Bokeh Mode Task

Daniel present for his team, Yashika judges and told Mahat, Janani, Senrayan and Riythvika win the task

Housemates about Yashika

Janani, Bhalajie and Riythvika told Mahat and Aishwarya that they are triggered by Yashika

Mahat and Yashika Clears

Mahat and Yashika clears out their misconception by talking separately and revealed that they care for eachother and Aishwarya

Treat for Task

Housemates were feeded with special food for the successful completion of Vivo V9 Bokeh Mode Task

Eviction Nomination

Eviction Process was done as Housemates were divided into pair of 2 and asked to nominate one each for the eviction list

Mahat and Bhalajie

Mahat nominated Mumtaz, Bhalajie nominated Aishwarya

Mumtaz and Daniel

Daniel nominated Janani, Mumtaz nominated Mahat saying he behaves like 12 year old

Janani and Senrayan

Janani nominated Daniel but Senrayan had confusion on choosing either Mahat or Aishwarya. Janani saved Mahat by saying good about him

Senrayan Nomination

Senrayan nominated Aishwarya saying she is getting more angry than Mahat

Aishwarya and Riythvika

Riythvika nominated Mahat for his aggressive behaviour

Aishwarya Nomination

Aishwarya nominated Mumtaz saying that Mumtaz called Mahat as 12 year old but Mumtaz behaves like 2 year old

Yashika saves Aishwarya

Yashika was given power to save one from nominated housemates. Yashika saved Aishwarya

Bhalajie Sweet Poison

Yashika says Bhalajie a sweet poison. Mahat says people dont vote for him as there he struggles with mental torcher of words from others

French Cricket

Housemates were divided into two teams and Mumtaz were made umpire and scorer for Cricket Task


Green Team comprises of Mahat, Senrayan, Janani and Yashika. Yellow Team have Daniel, Bhalajie, Aishwarya and Riythvika

Mahat and Janani Batted Well

Mahat and Janani batted well to score 20 runs for their team. Mahat and Mumtaz had issues calculating runs as Mahat one extra run for each shot which Mumtaz disagreed

Mahat Good Bowling

Mahat picks 3 wickets for no runs

Bhalajie Scored Some

Bhalajie scored some runs but unable to win the game

Green Team wins

Green Team easily wins the game

Pizza for Entertainment

Housemates were given Pizzas for the good entertainment playing Cricket

Mahat about Mumtaz

Mahat intervene the talks about him by Janani, Bhalajie and Riythvika

Day 65 : Episode 66 - 21 August 2018
Promo 1

BIGG BOSS Awards - Mumtaz Vs Aishwarya

Promo 2

BIGG BOSS Awards - Yashika Vs Mumtaz and Janani

Promo 3

Mahat accepts he loves Yashika

Mumtaz Wake Up Song Dance

Housemates got surprised when Mumtaz danced for the fast beats of the Wake Up Song

Mahat Made Fun of Mumtaz

Mahat made fun of Mumtaz as she says she is in pain but she started to dance

Mumtaz Justified

Mumtaz told her body pains to Daniel and told she is finding hard in living with it but Daniel felt like she told him cause he will say to others like a messenger. Daniel confused like that why she has to tell all these things to him

Clear Your Doubts

Bigg Boss gave Yashika a Task to clear all her questions or views about other housemates in a court setup

Yashika Court

Yashika posted her question and got it cleared from housemates. Senrayan about egg incident cause of his bad words to Yashika but Senrayan replied that dialgue comes from a movie, so he used it

Clears Doubt

Yashika posted question about the group to Janani especially Daniel showing partiality to Aishwarya and Yashika

Mahat loves Yashika

Mahat confirms his love towards Yashika and all about the rest will come to know after he left the house

Mumtaz upset on Mahat

Mumtaz upset and complaints to Senrayan about the behaviour and words used by Mahat

Janani, Riythvika and Bhalajie

Janani, Riythvika and Bhalajie feels Aishwarya is getting triggered and also felt sorry for Mumtaz as she gets isolated these days but these three decided to talk with her whenever they are called

Bigg Boss Award for Mahat - Sheep

Bhalajie gave Mahat a sheep saying he is scapegoat being used by others for their benefit

Bigg Boss Award for Aishwarya - Donkey

Mumtaz gives Aishwarya Donkey award for being stupid and behaving senseless

Bigg Boss Award for Daniel - Fox

Senrayan gave Daniel the fox award stating he is good in planning and does all with well executed plan

Bigg Boss Award for Janani - Chicken

Mahat gave Janani the chicken award saying she fears to speak out

Bigg Boss Award for Riythvika - Black Cat

Janani awarded Riythvika a Black Cat saying she is a silent killer. Good in observing and plays the game well

Bigg Boss Award for Aishwarya - Buffalo

Riythvika awarded Aishwarya the Buffalo award stating she easily gets anger and shows out violently

Bigg Boss Award for Senrayan - Tortoise

Daniel awarded Senrayan the Tortoise award stating out positively remainding he will be like Tortoise by being slow but he will finish first with victory

Bigg Boss Award for Mumtaz - Snake

Aishwarya awarded Mumtaz the Snake award saying she is sweet poison in the house

Bigg Boss Award for Mumtaz - Rat

Yashika awarded Mumtaz the Rat award saying that she says bad about others and triggers confusion between people in relationship

Bigg Boss Award for Bhalajie - Chameleon

Yashika awarded Bhalajie the Chameleon award as he has been compared with this animal even before

Bigg Boss Award for Mumtaz - Leach

Yashika awarded Mumtaz with Leach award stating that she cares only about her, an example being nominating herself for the best performer and taking credits of other housemates job

Bigg Boss Award for Janani - Crocodile

Yashika awarded Janani the Crocodile award saying she uses cry as the weapon to get benefit. Janani refused to accept the award rejecting the reason, later accepted it to finish the task

Mumtaz Do Not Feel

Mumtaz told Senrayan that she do not feel for whatever happening and she said she has strong faith in God and he will take care of everything

Group Talk

One Group comprises of Mahat, Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya talks with their opinions about others

Group Talk

Similarly another group comprises of Bhalajie, Senrayan, Janani and Riythvika talks their views about others. Mumtaz looks isolated and do not mingle in ant group conversation

Day 66 : Episode 67 - 22 August 2018
Promo 1

Mahat Assaults Mumtaz

Promo 2

Mahat Assaults Daniel

Promo 3

Janani and Riythvika Teases Bhalajie and Aishwarya

Vaishnavi would have been Victim of Awards

Bhalajie, Janani and Riythvika talks if Vaishnavi was in the house, she would have been the victim and got all the awards

Super Hero Vs Super Villain Task

Housemates were divided into 2 Teams, Super Hero and Super Villain. Super Hero has Mumtaz, Daniel, Bhalajie, Yashika and Aishwarya. Super Villains are Mahat, Senrayan, Janani and Riythvika

Super Hero Vs Super Villain Task

Super Heroes were given costume. Super Heroes objective is to put the star key on the jail locks to release Helena Character which is Mannequin in the jail. Super Villains can do anything they want to frustrate Super heroes and then Super Villains has to make Super Heroes to press Buzzer with frustration cause of Super Villains Activity on them

Senrayan fun with Bhalajie

Senrayan tried to frustrate Bhalajie dressed like Chitti but Bhalajie replied him with bad words like take shit from my ass

First Lock Unlocked

Daniel as Bahubali of Super Heroes Team were able to unlock the first lock of the 5 the top one to start the task well

Janani and Riythvika fun on Aishwarya

Janani and Riythvika made fun on Jesse Trisha Dressed Aishwarya by imitating her saying Shariq Paiya Paavam. Do you want water or garbage to Bhalajie sentence were used to make Aishwarya anger but she did not show any reaction other than smiles

Second Lock Unlocked

Billa Nayan Thara dressed up Yashika were able to unlock the second lock from top

Mahat Action

Mahat started his gameplay by cutting the key from Bhalajie and put it inside the jail

Mahat Activity

Mahat pours water on Mumtaz and Aishwarya to make them anger

Super Villain Fun

Super Villain Team made fun of the Mannequin saying that is the same queen used in the dictator task now been used as helena, made fun of Aishwarya

Yashika Idea

Yashika told Bhalajie that he has to take the key from the jail when the buzzer blows and everyone is concentrating on saving or unlocking the lock

Janani Failed

Janani wanted to take food from Daniel but failed cause of Daniel licked the food which is omelete

Made Fun Of Eachother

Both Super Hero and Super Villian team made fun of eachother

Mahat calling for Fight

Mahat called Daniel for Fight but Daniel looked feared and stayed calm

Mahat Vs Mumtaz

Mahat uses cloth to disturb and frustrate Bhahubali Rajamatha like dressed up Mumtaz

Mahat with Words

Mahat uses words to make Mumtaz feel bad but she stayed smiled and stayed calm

Mahat Weird Actions

Mahat did all possible action to make Mumtaz feel bad

Mahat Pulls Dress

Mahat pulls the pyjama of Daniel

Mahat tries to Feed

Mahat tries to feed Mumtaz with Omelete, all to make her angry

Mahat on Yashika

Mahat tries to take key from Yashika, involved in Physical violence

Mahat tries to pull key

Mahat attempted to pull key from Mumtaz. Daniel complained it as Physical Violence for everything what Mahat does

Mahat shows his wound

Mahat shows his wound on the camera of what is physical violence but he says he never wanted to complaint about it as it is the part of the task

Bhalajie takes key from Jail

When all concentrating on saving and unlocking the lock, Bhalajie took key from inside the jail

Third Lock Unlocked

Aishwarya unlocked the third lock that is the bottom of the five in front the jail

Mahat Vs Daniel

Mahat gets angry and wanted to hit Daniel. Daniel fears and backed up from the incident

Mahat wants Fight

Mahat told Daniel always complaint for Physical violence like girl and put blame on him to get sympathy from the people

Mumtaz Intervene

Mumtaz intervened and tried to cool the situation

Mahat gets angry

Mahat gets angry and told Mumtaz not to act

Unlock Confirmation

Third Green light confirms the third lock has been unlocked

Mahat on Physical Violence

Mahat told he, Aishwarya and Yashika are all injured but no one complained but he told that Daniel and Mumtaz complaints like school kids

Mumtaz talks with Daniel

Mumtaz talks with Daniel about Mahat worst behaviour

Mahat Action to Aggrevate

Mahat along with Janani and Riythvika made noise with vessels in an attempt to frustrate Daniel and Mumtaz but both stayed calm

Yashika idea

Yashika says it is her to Mahat idea to change the condition of the task

Yashika and Aishwarya about Janani

Yashika and Aishwarya looked at Janani then spits and told why she is getting saved every week for not doing anything inside the house

Mahat Gender Comment

Mahat said Daniel walks like a girl and Mumtaz walks like a guy

Egg on Daniel Head

Yashika gave idea to use egg and pour on the head of Daniel, Mahat did it. Daniel stayed calm in complete fear

Day 67 : Episode 68 - 23 August 2018
Promo 1

Role Reversed, Mahat Vs Daniel

Promo 2

Vijayalakshmi enters house as Wild Card Entry

Yashika and Aishwarya Plan to Mahat

Yashika and Aishwarya asked Mahat to do extreme best in the task to get saved from the eviction

We Will Be With You

Yashika and Aishwarya said that they will be with Mahat if anything bad happens during the task

Mahat Activity

Mahat Sprays Oil on the face of Aishwarya

Daniel and Bhalajie Unwillingness

Daniel and Bhalajie are not happy with Mahat aggressiveness and seems unwilling to continue task

Daniel is Coward

Mahat says Daniel is Coward and he cannot involve in any physical task

Egg on Yashika Head

Mahat pours egg on Yashika Head

Fourth Lock Unlocked

Super Hero Team unlocks the fourth lock

Unlock Confirmation

Unlock of the fourth lock is confirmed with Lights turned On

Bhalajie and Mumtaz Comment

Bhalajie and Mumtaz Comments on Mahat Activity which is going violent

Yashika Supports Mahat

Yashika supports completely to Mahat

Role Reversed

Task Role Reversed

Super Heroes Meet

Super Heroes Met Bigg Boss and they were asked to perform task well

Yashika Plan

Yashika told her plan to collect the keys from Super Heroes and throw away outside or flush it in the restroom

Egg on Janani Head

Yashika and Aishwarya breaks Egg on Hasini Dressed Janani Head

Oil Too

And also pours oil on Janani Head

Removes Wig and Dhoti

Yashika and Aishwarya removes Wig and Dhoti of Senrayan and enjoys the task

Crocodile Award

Yashika and Aishwarya made fun of Janani by giving Crocodile Award

Spicy Gravy on Riythvika Head

Aishwarya pours Spicy gravy on Riythvika Head

Daniel Getting Involved

Daniel gets involved by chasing Senrayan

Riythvika in Pain

Riythvika unable to bear the pain cause spicy gravy got in to her eyes

Am I Time Pass

Mumtaz made comment as Mahat called Yashika as Time Pass. Yashika asked Am i time pass to Mahat

Do Not Throw Keys

Super Villain team threw away the keys of Super Heroes outside which was warned by Bigg Boss as housemates can keep keys with themself but do not throw away

Mumtaz Made fun of Senrayan

Mumtaz told Senrayan why your whole team including you to give keys to Mahat, Dont you guys have guts to keep it with you

First Switch Turned On

Mahat puts the first key to turn on the first light on the board

Mahat Aggressive

Daniel complaints Mahat is aggressive and beating him

Daniel Complaints

Daniel complaints Mahat is getting involved in Physical Violence

Bhalajie Supports Daniel

Bhalajie Supports Daniel saying Mahat is violent and beats Daniel

Mahat Overhears

Mahat overhears what Daniel and Bhalajie talking about him with the help of Yashika open the door for him to hear

Mahat Confused

Mahat confused and asked about the complaint of Daniel saying that Mahat beats and bite him. Mahat asked Yashika and Aishwarya when did he bite Daniel

Everyone does Physical Violence

Mahat, Yashika and Aishwarya combinely agreed that all doing phyical violence

Throws Dress

Yashika and Aishwarya throws dress Senrayan in the pool

Senrayan in pool too

And also pushes Senrayan in to the pool

Pours Water

Yashika and Aishwarya pours water on Mahat, Janani and Riythvika lap

Makes Mix

Yashika and Aishwarya makes mix to pour on Mahat Head

Mahat gets head mix

Yashika and Aishwarya pours the mix on the head of Mahat

Foam Head

Mahat gets his head filled with Foam

Day 68 : Episode 69 - 24 August 2018
Promo 1

Mahat feels Vijayalakshmi avoids them

Promo 2

Vijayalakshmi says viewers see housemates fake

Promo 3

Bhalajie about Senrayan

Bhalajie and Daniel Unwillingness for Task

Bhalajie and Daniel told Janani that they are not willing to do task because of Mahat aggressiveness

Janani told Mahat

Janani told Mahat that Daniel and Bhalajie do not want to participate in task

Janani was questioned

Senrayan asked Daniel and Bhalajie why they do not want to do task. And Janani was questioned by Daniel and Bhalajie when did they say that they do not want to do the task. Janani asked sorry to them saying that she has understood that they do not want to do the task

Bakrid Biryani

Housemates gets Bakrid Biryani from Kamal

Second Switch On

With only Yashika and Aishwarya playing the task, Mahat turned on the second switch

Fun with Senrayan

Yashika and Aishwarya tried to remove the dhoti of Senrayan

Bhalajie and Daniel about Janani

When Senrayan wanted to talk with Bhalajie and Daniel. Janani came inside and said Senrayan that he has the key and asked to come when buzzer goes on. Daniel and Bhalajie said Janani came to protect key of Senrayan

Senrayan complaints about Bhalajie

Senrayan complaints about Bhalajie to Mahat that the guys always talk differently according to the situation

Third Key Inserted

Senrayan turned on the Third Switch

No Keys Available

As Mumtaz hides 2 keys with her, Super heroes team ran short of keys to continue the task. Yashika and Aishwarya saved the 3 keys which is already been plugged in

Task Ends

Yashika wanted to take keys from Mumtaz and put it in the board. Daniel said it is not required to be done

Worst Performers

Janani and Riythvika accepted worst performers of Super Heroes team

Worst Performers

Bhalajie and Daniel accepted worst performers of Super Villains team

Daniel True Colour

Yashika replied to that this is the true colour of Daniel when Aishwarya said Daniel has changed

Vijayalakshmi Enters Bigg Boss House

Vijayalakshmi Enters Bigg Boss House as Wild Card Entry

Vijayalaksmi Talks

Vijayalaksmi Talks with Housemates at late night

Daniel Made fun of Senrayan

Daniel made fun of Senrayan saying that he does not mind about Mahat aggressiveness to others

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates did the Luxury Budget Shopping with the points they got from Super Heroes Vs Super Villains Task

Task for Week Leader

Mahat, Senrayan, Yashika, Aishwarya and Mumtaz were asked to participate in the week leader task

Mahat becomes Leader

Mahat wins the task and becomes Leader of the week

Maggi Cooking Task

Housemates were asked to cook with Maggi Ingredients. Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi were made judges

Senrayan wins task

Senrayan Masala Dosa without Potato wins the task

Maggi Prize for Senrayan

Senrayan was given a exercise cycle and a year supply of Maggi as prize for the task

Vijayalakshmi Avoids

Mahat feels Vijayalakshmi avoding him, Yashika and Aishwarya. Aishwarya replied that Vijayalakshmi knows that they are dangers in the house, so she fears to talk

Day 69 : Episode 70 - 25 August 2018
Promo 1

People Complaints About Mahat and Aishwarya to Host Kamal

Promo 2

Kamal angry on Mahat

People Furious

Kamal askes People why they are Furious. People replied Mahat and Aishwarya are doing too much in the house

Ready to Cook

Kamal acknowledged that he will cook Mahat and Aishwarya, means he will points and asks their rudeness

Crispy Snacks Cooking Task

Housemates were divided into 2 teams with Aishwarya to judge the task and Yashika is absent

Aishwarya Judgement

Aishwarya judged that she liked the crispy snacks made by Senrayan, Mahat, Janani and Riythvika

Balloon with Wishes

Housemates wrote their wishes in Balloon and made it fly

Aishwarya Vs Mumtaz

Aishwarya and Mumtaz had issues while washing as Mumtaz commented that does Aishwarya have any brain, Made Aishwarya anger that Mumtaz cannot get too personal comment

Aishwarya Cries

Aishwarya cries after the arguement with Mumtaz

Fashion Task

Mumtaz was made judge for the fashion Task. Housemates walks on the ramp and answers a question asked by Mumtaz. Yashika does it

Janani on the Ramp

Janani walks on the Ramp

Senrayan Walk

Senrayan rocks the Ramp

Yashika and Janani Wins

Mumtaz declared Yashika and Janani are the winners of the fashion task. Mumtaz ends up the task with funny ramp walk with Senrayan

Kamal Questioned Yashika

Kamal questioned Yashika that why Mahat getting involved in physical violence and is she influence for all his activities

Kamal Smashes Mahat

Kamal smashed Mahat with questions and people applause for remarks against him

Bhalajie Cries

Bhalajie cries as he realised that he also did the same mistake in his life by being rude with others

Physical Violence

Daniel complaints about Mahat getting involved in Sexual Abuse and Physical Violence

Daniel Injury

Daniel shows his injury in the camera

Mumtaz was appreciated

Mumtaz was appreciated for maintaining the patience and behaving well

Kamal Made fun of Relationship

Kamal made fun of relationship between Mahat and Yashika

Vijayalakshmi Views

Vijayalakshmi said that she enjoys the talks of Kamal and told Mahat has made many mistakes of being violent

Love Covered the Eyes

Riythvika said Mahat is a nice person but Love covered his eyes. Mahat went violent against Mumtaz cause he feels Aishwarya angry on Mumtaz is his problem. All because of Yashika and Aishwarya friend, Mahat does all for love

Mahat Kurum Padam

Kamal played Kurm Padam to Mahat showing his bad behaviour

Mumtaz Lies

Aishwarya points Mumtaz lies about the Snake award

Mumtaz confused

Mumtaz asked other is she saying wrong

Vijayalakshmi about Housemates

Vijayalakshmi shares her opinions about Housemates, she pointed out Yashika is Negative person

Day 70 : Episode 71 - 26 August 2018
Promo 1

Week Eviction Process

Promo 2

Mahat out of Bigg Boss House with Red Card

Red Card to Mahat

Bhalajie, Janani and Riythvika talks if Vaishnavi was in the house, she would have been the viction and got all the awards

Janani Advice

Janani adviced Mahat to see his girl friend Prachi Mishra

Mahat Hugs

Mahat Hugs as she unable to stop her cry

Yashika and Aishwarya Cries

Yashika and Aishwarya cried continuously

Balaji Advice

Balaji told Mahat that even now God has saved him from something bad to happen

Final Selfie

Mahat took final selfie with the housemates

Plant Pot

Mahat gave the plant pot to all

Yashika Cry

Yashika unable to stop her cry

Daniel Intervene

Daniel tries to intervene, Aishwarya told she will come out with Yashika after 2 or 3 minutes

Yashika feelings

Yashika continuous to cry

Daniel Exaggerate

Daniel adds up story and said that Aishwarya replied very rude to him, so he came out from the place

Kamal Advice To Mahat

Kamal advices Mahat to control the anger and spoke regarding the reason for his anger. Mahat replied about his childhood and college days where ragging do exist among students

Final Talks

Mahat final talks with Housemates

Riythvika Tamil Girl

Riythvika was praised for saying good about Mahat and Mahat told her shje is the perfect Tamil girl

Yashika and Mahat Silence

Yashika and Mahat were silent for few seconds reveals their love. Yashika asked Mahat to meet Prachi Mishra

Final Bye

Mahat left the Bigg Boss House with the hug from Kamal

Happy Faces

Housemates had happy faces after Mahat with his aggressiveness left from the house

Senrayan New Leader

Senrayan was made new leader by housemates after Mahat left

Yashika misses Mahat

Yashika shares her feelings of Mahat with Aishwarya

Panchayat Idea

Senrayan asked housemates to spent half an hour everyday with skit on Village Panchayat

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Tenth Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Mahat, Senrayan and Mumtaz

Tenth Week Eviction

Mahat Ragavender

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