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Season 2 Week 11

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 71 : Episode 72 - 27 August 2018
Promo 1

Housemates Reads Family Members Letter

Promo 2

I am not an Assistant, I am a Contestant says Vijayalakshmi

Promo 3

Yashika and Aishwarya Plan

Yashika and Aishwarya Surprised

Bigg Boss announced only the poor performers of the last week Super Heroes Vs Super Villains Task is in the Eviction Nomination and no nomination process for the current week surprised Yashika and Aishwarya

Surprises Other Housemates Too

Housemates wondering why there is no eviction nomination process

Senrayan is Mahat Favourite

Yashika told Senrayan that Mahat always favourite is Senrayan and he was about to leave the leadership task for him

Do The Best

With All Housemates against them, Yashika and Aishwarya talks to eachother to do best in all the task to come

Not An Assistant

When Senrayan told Vijayalakshmi about food not suitable for Mumtaz, Vijayalakshmi replied if she wants on her choice she can do for herself and she is a contestant not an assistant

Angel and Devil Smiley Batch Task

Mumtaz got maximum Angel Smiley

Angel and Devil Smiley Batch Task

Aishwarya got maximum Devil Smiley

Batches on the Award

Yashika and Aishwarya puts their Devil batches on the Animal Awards

Happy Times

Housemates spent their time happilly and decides to hide themself before Senrayan comes from the confession room

Letter Task

Bigg Boss told Senrayan that housemates will get letter from their loved ones and each one of them have to read out loud in front of the plasma tv

Housemates Hides

Senrayan surprised by looking at the whole house is empty, all were hiding in the bathroom

Yashika and Aishwarya hides too

Yashika and Aishwarya hides behind the sofa

Janani Letter

Janani reads the letter she got from home

Daniel Picture

Daniel gets picture of his love framed

Daniel Letter

Daniel reads the letter she got from his love

Riythvika Letter

Riythvika reads the letter she got from her Dad

Yashika Letter

Yashika reads the letter she got from her mom

Senrayan Letter

Senarayan reads the letter she got from his Wife

Senrayan Gift

Senrayan gets the gift Krishna Radha statue

Yashika Scared

Mumtaz scared Yashika

Aishwarya Doll

Aishwarya gets Teddy Doll

Aishwarya Gifts

Aishwarya gets some gift in bag as well

Aishwarya Dress

Aishwarya gets dress as well

Aishwarya Letter

Aishwarya cries reading letter

Day 72 : Episode 73 - 28 August 2018
Promo 1

Freeze Task: Mumtaz Family Members Visit

Promo 2

Nithya and Poshika Letter to Bhalajie

Promo 3

Freeze Task: Janani Family Members Visit

Mumtaz Gift

Mumtaz gets gift from her brother to give Senrayan the white shirt

Mumtaz gave to Senrayan

Mumtaz gave that shirt to Senrayan

Senrayan tries wearing shirt

Senrayan immediately wore the dress

Daniel Miss his love

Daniel looks at the picture sent by his love and feels

Freeze Task

Housemates went emotional after hearing the freeze task


Riythvika made Freeze


Senrayan frozen too


Janani and Riythvika in loop


Bhalajie in Loop


Aishwarya in Loop


Daniel in Loop


Bhalajie and Aishwarya frozen

Mumtaz Family

Mumtaz Mom, Brother and Nephew enters Bigg Boss House

Mumtaz Emotional

Mumtaz went emotional and hugs her mom and brother with tears

Bhalajie Letter

Bhalajie letter has the content that Nithya still see him only as friend and stop talking other back

Bhalajie Cries

Bhalajie cries and looks at the picture of his family

Janani Family

Janani Mom and Sister enter Bigg Boss House

Be Careful of Bhalajie

Janani mom adviced Janani to be careful with Bhalajie

Do Not Cry and Be Strong

Janani sister and mom told Janani not to cry and be strong

Bye to Janani

Janani sister and mom says bye and left the house

India Gate Task

Mumtaz cooks for India gate Task

Yashika Family

Yashika Sister and Brother enters Bigg Boss House

Good Times

Yashika Brother and Sister had some nice talking time with housemates and told Yashika mom and dad comes to Bigg Boss show every Saturday to see her

India Gate Task

Mumtaz shows what she cooked with India Gate Rice

Day 73 : Episode 74 - 29 August 2018
Promo 1

Freeze Task: Aishwarya Mom Visit

Promo 2

Freeze Task: Daniel Lover Visit. Bhalajie Talks about Janani

Promo 3

Senrayan Irritate Mumtaz with Fun Comments

Housemates Fun

Housemates had fun talking together, enjoyed Freeze task


Vijayalakshmi in Loop

Daniel Family

Daniel Lover and Mom enters Bigg Boss House


Daniel and his Love kisses eachother many times even in his mom presence

Janani Fun

Janani made fun of Mumtaz when she refused that she dont have women support

Nice Times

Janani and Mumtaz both had fun pulling their legs eachother

Joker in the House

Picture time with Aishwarya

Joker in the House

Joker crazy about Janani Beautiful Eyes

Joker in the House

Joker fun with Senrayan

Aishwarya Mom

Aishwarya mom enter Bigg Boss house

Aishwarya Mom

Aishwarya mom hugs Yashika

Aishwarya Mom

Aishwarya mom hugs Janani

Aishwarya Mom Sorry

Aishwarya mom asked Sorry to Mumtaz

Aishwarya Mom Sorry

Aishwarya mom asked Sorry to Bhalajie

Aishwarya Mom about Mumtaz

Aishwarya mom told Aishwarya that Mumtaz is like her mom

Aishwarya Mom about Bhalajie

Aishwarya mom told Aishwarya that Bhalajie is like her Dad

Riythvika Family

Riythvika dad shown in plasma tv

Riythvika family

Riythvika mom and dad enters Bigg Boss house as Riythvika cries

Time Talking

Riythvika mom and dad spent some time talking with others in the house before leaving


Riythvika in loop beating Bhalajie

Day 74 : Episode 75 - 30 August 2018
Promo 1

Senrayan Wife Reveals that he became a Father

Promo 2

Nithya says Sorry to Bhalajie

Promo 3

Nithya advice to Mumtaz

India Gate Task

Daniel cooks for India Gate Rice Task


Senrayan in loop saying Kushbhu Idly

Senrayan Dad to be

Senrayan wife enter Bigg Boss House and revealed Senrayan will be dad soon

Senrayan Mom and Dad

Senrayan mom and dad enters Bigg Boss House as well

Rituals at the House

Senrayan parents performs rituals at home

Mumtaz Caring

Mumtaz shows her care for Senrayan Wife

Senrayan in Joy

Senrayan in joy, celebrating his soon to be dad moment

Bhalajie Family

Bhalajie wife Nithya and Kid Poshika enters House

Nithya Cries

Nithya cries saying she felt very bad after seeing Bhalajie cried

Come Out As Winner

Nithya told Bhalajie that she wants to see more changes in him and come out as winner

Nithya Advice

Nithya advices all the housemates, saying Yashika and Aishwarya to stay strong, Daniel to change his strategy, Mumtaz not to win using others weakness, Janani and Riythvika fine and good

Bhalajie Time With Kid

Bhalajie had some nice time with his daughter Poshika

Vijayalakshmi Family AV

Housemates shown with Vijayalakshmi Family Video

Vijayalaksmi Family

Vijayalakshmi Husband and Baby enters house

Vijayalashmi Husband Advice

Vijayalakshmi Husband adviced her to do more and show her presence

Baby Play

Vijayalakshmi Baby had some play time in the house

Feels like Family

In The Task to share their experience, Yashika said she feels like family now after the freeze task

Negativity is Gone

Aishwarya said her mom took away all her negativity and now she feels happy

Mumtaz on her family

Mumtaz says that her time in the house is great and memerable

Senrayan Cries

Senrayan cries saying that he is very happy to get the great news of becoming dad after 4 years of pain

Day 75 : Episode 76 - 31 August 2018
Promo 1

Balaji Views about others to Daniel

Promo 2

Senrayan Vs Others

Promo 3

Zero Luxury Budget Points

India Gate Task

Senrayan cooks for India Gate Task

India Gate Cooking Experience

Housemates shared their cooking experience

Bigg Boss Announcement

Vijayalakshmi was given a task to read the paper in front of the Housemates

Zero Luxury Budget Points

Housemates were given Zero Luxury Budget Points

Task for Next Week Leadership

Housemates except Bhalajie, Daniel and Janani can participate for next week leadership task to collect balls in the basket. Maximum balls collected by the housemate wins, judged by Bhalajie

Next Week Leadership Task

Housemates collected Balls which was thrown from ouside

Janani Upset

Janani upset as she is unable to participate in the task

Yashika looks Strong

Yashika in complete control of the game, good fight given by Vijayalakshmi

Yashika advice

Yashika adviced Aishwarya to give her best but do not strain

Some Tumble

Housemates inbetween tumble eachother, at once Senrayan loses his balls collected by others including Mumtaz

Mumtaz took Senrayans but not Yashikas

Yashika loses her balls too but Mumtaz gave her balls back

Balls Counted

Bhalajie with the help of Daniel and Janani counted Balls

Yashika New Leader

Yashika wins the task and becomes leader

Senrayan would have been Disqualified

Bhalajie revealed that he would have disqualified Senrayan if he had won, pinpointing that he removed basket many times

Senrayan angers

Senrayan gets upset and angry that he was not communicated that he would have been so he would have stopped playing inbetween

Janani Love Break Up

Janani reveals her love break up cause of she did not enough money to match the status of the groom family

Aishwarya Love Break Up

Aishwarya told about her Love break up as the guy left and marry someone else in Mumbai

Yashika First Movie

Yashika shares her first movie happiness, getting IIFA award

Daniel Struggle

Daniel shares the story of struggle during his dad death

I Cannot Sleep

Mumtaz says she cannot sleep for taking someone else balls so she gave back to Yashika

Day 76 : Episode 77 - 01 September 2018
Promo 1

Kamal back for Weekend Show for Last Week Review and Eviction Process

Promo 2

Aishwarya Often Saved - Housemates Talks

Nippon Paint With Message Task

Housemates were divided into two teams and asked to paint with message

Nippon Paint With Message Task

Team A took concept of Child Abuse, well explained by Janani

Nippon Paint With Message Task

Team B had some problem explaining their multiple concepts

Nippon Paint With Message Task

Team B Mates are not happy in Senrayan Explanation

Nippon Paint With Message Task

Senrayan gets upset as he did not get any support from his team

Winning Paint

Child Abuse Paint Wins

Daniel Decision

Daniel says Child Abuse concept as the winner

Winning Team

Winning Team gets Blobby Award


Kamal back for the weekend show, said Freeze and Release but Housemates did not hear Freeze stayed frozen the whole break time

Happy Senrayan

Senrayan happy to be a would be dad and promises Kamal that he will adopt another child as well

Mutham Marutham

Kamal makes fun of kisses of Daniel and his girl friend with his mom presence

Yashika Mom and Dad

Yashika Mom and Dad were present

Need Not For Win But Play for Sure

Yashika dad adviced Yashika Play for sure, do not leave without playing. Only when you play you can win

Aishwarya Mom

Aishwarya mom had chat with Kamal

Yashika and Aishwarya

Yashika and Aishwarya were blamed for getting saved many times

Janani Mom

Kamal asked what Janani Mom told, she replied Bhalajie will feel upset and revealed that her mom asked her to be careful with Bhalajie

Mumtaz Change

Kamal reveals Mumtaz has changed from angry to soft Mumtaz

Housemates Opinions

Kamal asked housemates who do not deserve to be in the house

Daniel Do Not Deserve says Bhalajie

Bhalajie initially chooses himself and later pointed Daniel

Aishwarya to face people

Riythvika, Janani, Vijayalakhmi and Mumtaz all felt that Aishwarya do not deserve to be here and luck saving her often and she has to face people votes challenge

Day 77 : Episode 78 - 02 September 2018
Promo 1

Rehearsal Victory Speech

Promo 2

Eviction Process

Victory Speech

Each Housemates gave mock victory speech

Elimination Process

Bhalajie, Janani and Daniel were asked to reveal boxes with green ball presence denoted they are safe

Bhalajie is Safe

Bhalajie is saved by the people and he gets green ball in his last box

Second Elimination Process

Both Janani and Daniel were locked in to a box

To Unlock

Housemates were asked to try unlocking with the keys given one by one, the box which opens housemates will be evicted

Housemates Try

Housemates tried to unlock

Daniel gets unlocked

Senrayan were able to unlock Daniel

Daniel gets Evicted

Daniel gets evicted from the Bigg Boss House

Janani in relief

Janani in relief after seeing Daniel is out from the box

Final Selfie

Daniel clicks final selfie with Housemates

Plant Pot

Daniel gives his plant to Mumtaz, Yashika, Aishwarya and Senrayan

Final Bye

Daniel leaves the house

Why they Whistle

Kamal made fun of Daniel by asking him to understand why people whistle. Eventually it is for his exit

Pettah Nick Names

Daniel gave nicknames to housemates

Housemates watches

Housemates watches the nicknames given by Daniel shown in the plasma tv

Veri Kondu

Daniel made surrounding with happiness by his comments, making fun of Mahat saying Veri Kondu with action

Happy Video

Daniel watches his happy video especially the dance with Yashika and Aishwarya

Tough to Stay

Daniel says tough to stay inside as not sure how it is getting reflected outside

Kamal Hugs Daniel

Kamal hugs Daniel when Daniel tried to touch Kamal feet

Daniel gave up on Friends

Daniel gave up and change side leaving Yashika and Aishwarya. Where those girl still see him as friend said Riythvika - Shows the character of Daniel being a Chameleon

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Weekly Eviction

Eleventh Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Daniel and Janani

Eleventh Week Eviction

Daniel Annie Pope

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