Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 12

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 78 : Episode 79 - 03 September 2018
Promo 1

Eviction Nomination Process, Aishwarya and Mumtaz on Target

Promo 2

Aishwarya Cries - Eviction Nomination Process

Promo 3

Eviction Nomination Process, Aishwarya and Mumtaz on Target

Eviction Nomination Process

Eviction Nomination Process - Each Housemates has to take 3 other for interrogation in activity room

Choose 2 out of 3

And in the end nominate 2 for the eviction nomination list

Yashika feel the power

Yashika tells Aishwarya that she might get power as leader to choose someone directly for eviction nomination or save someone from nomination list

Defend During Interrogation

Housemates are said to defend themself from getting nominated

Mumtaz Gets Anger

Bhalajie complaints Mumtaz gets angry during interrogation and puts hand behind Aishwarya, later took off after seeing Bhalajie looking at it

Mumtaz Nominates Aishwarya As Well

Mumtaz also nominates Aishwarya for the eviction nomination list

Bang on Target

Riythvika made firm points while making housemates accepting the fault

Ready to Face People Judgement

Riythvika nominated Aishwarya by saying that Are you ready to face people challenge

Clash During Interrogation

Aishwarya gets mad on Vijayalakshmi during Interrogation

Aishwarya in Super Angry Mode

Big Argument sparked between Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya stating that Tamil people are not fool and Aishwarya needs to face people challenge

Yashika Support

Yashika immediately goes in support of Aishwarya after getting to know she is pain after fight with Vijayalakshmi

Yashika Helping Words for Aishwarya Cry

Yashika provided some strong words of support when Aishwarya cries

You Made Mumtaz Famous

Yashika said to Aishwarya that she made Mumtaz famous by fighting with her, do not repeat the same

No Bond

Yashika also said All are individual do not create any bondness or closeness

All Nominated Aishwarya

Vijayalakshmi nominated Aishwarya saying she is not willing to play games with immatured Aishwarya

Use Your Brain

Yashika told Aishwarya to use brain, smile and stay calm

Aishwarya Smiled

Aishwarya realised to behave well and started to smile after Senrayan did not take her for interrogation

Senrayan Fun

Senrayan nominated Janani and Mumtaz, then danced crazily by singing Selfie Pulla Song

Aishwarya Nomination

Aishwarya Nominated Janani and Vijayalakshmi

Yashika Plans

Yashika plans to nominate housemates so she can have more number of people for nomination list

Yashika Smart Play

Despite Janani, Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi feels that Yashika might call them but Yashika played smart and took Balaji, Senrayan and Aishwarya for Interrogation and nominated Balaji and Senrayan to bring Senrayan in the nomination list

Eviction Nomination List

Aishwarya, Janani, Mumtaz, Senrayan and Vijayalakshmi are in this week eviction nomination list

Smile With Colgate Task

Housemates were asked to share their happiest moment

Final Pose with Smile

Housemates pose for the group pic with big smile in their face

Day 79 : Episode 80 - 04 September 2018
Promo 1

Bhalajie Shaves Head for Janani Task

Promo 2

Bhalajie Vs Aishwarya

Promo 3

Vijayalakshmi Vs Aishwarya

People Opinion AV

Housemates were shown how people feel about each housemates in the house through Audio Visual

Aishwarya Happy Dance

Aishwarya felt very happy and danced with happiness after looking at how people feel about her

Phone Task

Aishwarya attended the phone and she was told that she needs to convince Senrayan to color his hair in red in order to get herself save from the next week direct nomination cause of attending the call

Aishwarya Lied

Aishwarya lied Senrayan that he will get saved if he color his hair but reality is she will get save, Mumtaz identified that she is lying

False Information

Aishwarya gets another call from Bigg Boss, she agreed that she is cheating Senrayan now

She will Pay Back

Aishwarya said she will do any task if it has to be done for Senrayan in future

Truth Revealed to Yashika

Aishwarya tells truth to Yashika that she is cheating Senrayan and it is a strategy

Aishwarya applied color

Aishwarya applied color on Senrayan Hair

Sad but its a task

Aishwarya said to Yashika that she feels sad for cheating Senrayan but it is a task strategy

Call for Janani

Janani has to convince Bhalajie to shave his head completely

Janani Tried with Options

Janani told Bhalajie that she do not like force but she asked him to help her from next week eviction

Aishwarya Vs Vijayalakshmi

When Housemates found Aishwarya is lying, each of them started to question. And when Vijayalakshmi started question, Aishwarya gets mad and replied that she is not answerable to her

Janani Try Again

Bhalajie unwilling to save his head and make bald

Angry on Vijayalakshmi

Aishwarya asked Mumtaz why Vijayalakshmi is getting involved. Mumtaz replied everyone has right to say their opinions

Aishwarya questioned Yashika

Aishwarya questioned Yashika that why she told the truth to Mumtaz. Yashika replied she did not say anything to anyone

Do You Understand

Janani, Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi tried to clear Senrayan that Aishwarya will get save when Senrayan color his hair not Senrayan will get benefit from it

Senrayan calls Aishwarya

Senrayan calls Aishwarya to do the coloring properly and complete the task

Bhalajie gets mad

Bhalajie said that all are asking questions to Aishwarya which are supposed to be asked by Senrayan for cheating him

I Did Not Ask For Sorry

Bhalajie angrilly said i didnt ask your mom say sorry, after Aishwarya says that Bhalajie talks back of her, even though her mom said sorry on her behalf

Give and Take

Yashika said Aishwarya said that she will do any task for Senrayan if it comes in the future, So it is kind of give and take tactics where none of us required to get involved cause it is between them

She did Mistake

Yashika said Aishwarya did mistake of lie thinking that Senrayan will not accept for the task

Color Again

Senrayan continues to get color again believing that it needed more coating for color to show

Janani Try Again

Janani asked Bigg Boss can we cut when Bhalajie is in Sleep. Still Janani unable to convince Bhalajie, she is kind of given up

Janani gets call again

Janani was told she wasnt trying to convince, started with option that Bhalajie dont have to do. Janani told she wants to try again

Day 80 : Episode 81 - 05 September 2018
Promo 1

Aishwarya Cut Hair for Senrayan

Promo 2

Mumtaz Vs Vijayalakshmi

Promo 3

Eye as Tatto not I

Janani Try Again

Janani continue to try again but Bhalajie reluctant to shave his head

Coloring Continues

Senrayan coloring of hair continues

Bhalajie Agreed

Bhalajie agreed to shave his head for Janani cause she is also like a daughter for him, telling he would definitely done for his daughter Poshika similarly he is doing for Janani

Janani in Tears

Janani cried after seeing Bhalajie agreed to save her from next week eviction by shaving his head

Bhalajie Head Shave

Bhalajie gets his head shaved

Senrayan Red Hair

Senrayan shows his red hair in the camera

Mumtaz call

Mumtaz has to convince Vijayalakshmi to get into the cow dung till her neck

Vijayalakshmi Agreed

Vijayalakshmi agreed to enter into the cow dung with tears flowing through her eyes

Mumtaz No for Physical Task

Mumtaz revealed that she will never do any task with her physical body involved in it

Stay Together

Mumtaz said Janani, Riythvika, Bhalajie felt and also she wanted to see Aishwarya and Yashika together all the time. When Aishwarya go away from Yashika stating for goodness of Yashika

Yashika Call

Yashika has to convince Janani to bleach her eye brows to get herself save from next week eviction

Yashika Try

Yashika revealed the task and tried to convince Janani

Janani Agreed

Janani accepted to Bleach her eyebrows and did it

Janani without Eye Brows

Janani looks completely weird without her eye brows but deserver good appreciation for accepting the task

Do Not Blame Me

Yashika feels like there is a high possibility of this is being the last week for Aishwarya and we have to be happy. And Do Not Blame me for all the mistakes you guys do, Yashika replied when she was questioned by Aishwarya that why did you tell to Mumtaz

Vijayalakshmi Call

Vijayalakshmi has to convince Riythvika to get permanent tattoo of the Bigg Boss Logo Eye

Wrong Understanding

When Vijayalakshmi understood wrongly Letter I in the Bigg Boss. Mumtaz corrected her saying it is the eye in the Bigg Boss Logo to be the tattoo for the task

Riythvika Agreed

Riythvika Agreed to get permanent Tattoo

Bigg Boss Eye Tattoo

Bigg Boss Eye as Tattoo on the Riythvika hand permanently to stay

Vijayalakshmi Vs Mumtaz

Senrayan complaints about the food and said there is a possibility of clashes between Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi in the following days to come

Senrayan Call

Senrayan has to convince Aishwarya to do boy cut

Senrayan Says to Aishwarya

As Aishwarya told before that she is ready to do for Senrayan anything. Senrayan revealed that she has to cut her hair

Aishwarya Instantly Agreed

Aishwarya immediately agreed but Senrayan gave her some time. She thought for a while and later she agreed cut her hair

Aishwarya New Hair Style

Aishwarya had her new hair style after cutting her hair cause of the task

Day 81 : Episode 82 - 06 September 2018
Promo 1

Mumtaz Refused to do Task for Riythvika Save

Promo 2

Mumtaz The Target

Promo 3

Mumtaz Vs Senrayan

Cooking Issue

Housemates blame eachother complaining about cooking team not being good this time

Senrayan appreciate Aishwarya

Senrayan appreciated and praised Aishwarya in front of everyone stating she sacrificed her hair for Senrayan

Bhalajie Call

Bhalajie has to convince Yashika to keep all her dress, make up kits, lotion and foot wear in the store room and wear the dress provided by Bigg Boss

Yashika Convinced

Bhalajie was able to convince Yashika

Yashika in Saree

Yashika was given saree to wear

Remove Make Up and Hearings

Bhalajie was told to make Yashika to remove make up and Hearings

Riythvika call

Riythvika has to convince Mumtaz to colour her hair with Electric Green

Mumtaz Refused

Mumtaz refused to do the task, worrying about her hair will get spoiled

Riythvika Try

Riythvika tried to explain many things to convince Mumtaz

Housemates Try

Mumtaz refusal cannot be changed even after other housemates try to convince her

Housemates Upset

Housemates get upset by looking at Mumtaz refusal to do task and save Riythvika

Bhalajie Try

Bhalajie tried to convince Mumtaz as well but Mumtaz refused to do it

Riythvika Tried Again

Mumtaz said chanceless and she cannot do this task at all even if they mention they will give Bigg Boss Trophy for it

Riythvika gets Direct Nominated

Riythvika gets direct nominated for the next week eviction nomination cause she was not able to convince Mumtaz to do the task

Bhalajie Call Again

Bhalajie gets call again and he was told that Yashika did not keep all the items in the store room

From Hair Clip to Foot Wear

Yashika keeps everything inside the store room now from lotion to foot wear

Kitchen Champ

Senrayan gets most of the badges for Kitchen Champ

Mumtaz Surprise

Mumtaz surprised Housemates by giving badge to Janani

Senrayan the Kitchen Champ

Senrayan was given the kitchen champ cause he has more badges than others

Mumtaz Vs Senrayan

Senrayan thanked Mumtaz that she is the one who told senrayan dont know to do anything and made him to take cooking serious. Mumtaz gets offended and told she did not say anything like that before

Day 82 : Episode 83 - 07 September 2018
Promo 1

Vijayalakshmi Vs Mumtaz

Promo 2

Aishwarya Vs Mumtaz

Promo 3

Aishwarya Copy Oviya?

Talks in English

Aishwarya and Mumtaz converse in English about Leg Tear of Aishwarya

Siren Blows

Siren blows cause of English being used for communication and 5 housemates has to enter the swimming pool

Aishwarya enters Pool

Aishwarya without asking anyone, she entered the pool

Yashika enters Pool

Yashika enters pool as well for her friend Aishwarya

Senrayan enters Pool

Senrayan enters pool too

Yashika asks for Aishwarya

Yashika asked on behalf of Aishwarya for other 2 to enter the pool

Courtesy Request

Vijayalakshmi told Yashika that would have been nice if Aishwarya or Mumtaz request

Bad Attitude

Riythvika and Janani complaints about the bad attitude of Aishwarya

Riythvika and Janani enters Pool

Riythvika and Janani enters pool without any wish to do it

Talks in English, Siren Blows Again

When Riythvika and Janani said that Aishwarya giving hard time for others. Aishwarya talked in English saying yes i will continue to talk in English, Siren blows again

Yashika Enters Pool Again

Yashika entered to the pool again

Senrayan enters again

Senarayan entered pool again

Aishwarya Upset

Aishwarya gets upset when Yashika said Aishwarya lied. Aishwarya said Even this girl says i am a liar by pointing Yashika

Mumtaz Intervene

Mumtaz intervened to say dont lose friendship to Yashika and Aishwarya

Mumtaz uses Streamer

Mumtaz uses Stream Machine for her dress

Mumtaz Left

Mumtaz left the room without turning off the Streamer

Vijayalakhmi Points Out

Vijayalakshmi points out that the streamer was not turned off by Mumtaz

Aishwarya Cry

Aishwarya cries saying she dont have any support

Mumtaz Vs Vijayalakshmi

Earlier Mumtaz told Vijayalakshmi that do not keep the streamer hanging and When Vijayalakshmi pointed out the mistake of streamer did by Mumtaz, Mumtaz gets angry and had an argument between them

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates did luxury budget shopping by playing Ring a thing game

Senrayan Throws

Senrayan throws the ring and Vijayalakshmi did the writing of the items in the board

Senrayan Safe Play

Riythvika and Janani said Senrayan playing Safe Game

Next Week Captain Task

Housemates has to balance to make the wooden pieces with each letter of the word Captain

Riythvika New Captain

Riythvika were able to balance the letters and becomes the new captain

Eviction Discussion

Mumtaz started to converse with Janani about Week Eviction

Eviction Discussion

Mumtaz continued to talk about Eviction discussion with Bhalajie

Mumtaz about Vijayalakshmi

Mumtaz complained about Vijayalakshmi voice tone. Janani and Bhalajie complained about Aishwarya told that Mumtaz is showing love to others but backstabbing

Mumtaz asked Backstabbing Comment

Mumtaz asked about the Backstabbing Comment, Aishwarya told that was said with upset

Day 83 : Episode 84 - 08 September 2018
Promo 1

Blames on people not casting Vote

Promo 2

Kamal Says Aishwarya deserves Red Card

VIVO V11 Pro Task

House captain were asked to introduce new product of Vivo that is VIVO V11 Pro Phone

Make A Story With Pics

Housemates were divided into 2 teams and asked to click pics with Vivo V11 Pro phone modes to make a story. Captain Riythvika has to judge the task

Team A

Bhalajie, Janani and Vijayalakshmi makes Team A

Team B

Senrayan, Aishwarya and Yashika makes Team B

Teams Story

Teams say the stories they made

Team A Wins, Vijayalakshmi Best Performer

Team A Wins and Vijayalakshmi was chosed by her team mates by best performer

Winner gets Vivo V11 Pro

Vijayalakshmi was awarded with Vivo V11 Pro Phone

Winner Clicks

Vijayalakshmi asked to click 5 pics with the Vivo V11 Pro Phone and was told she will be awarded with the phone when she leaves the house

Session with Kamal

Housemates had their regular time with Kamal

I have Grown Hair Too

Kamal points out the stubborness of Mumtaz for not doing the task of coloring her hair and Kamal he has grown hair too

Mumtaz Worry

Mumtaz said Cutting hair will take time to grow and Coloring hair will spoil the hair

100 Percent Effort

When Kamal pointed out the lies of Aishwarya. Aishwarya wanted to give 100 percent to continue be in the house

Janani Pointed Out Aishwarya Lies

Janani along with Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi pointed out the lies of Janani

Mumtaz Vs Vijayalakshmi

Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi justified eachother with the incident of the streamer

Aishwarya Cries

Aishwarya cries to Yashika that she has been blamed from day one in the show

Aishwarya deserve Red Card

Kamal said if he has to judge Aishwarya, he would have given Red Card to her

Aishwarya Saved

But Kamal said People has saved Aishwarya

Housemates Interupted

Kamal abruptly interupted the conversation with Housemates to show the people Votes Count

Votes Count

Votes Count were shown in the big screen, showing Aishwarya got maximum votes

Less Votes saved Aishwarya

Right from the start of the show, Kamal said People clapping hands for each section of the show and now it is understood even he did not expect this result of Aishwarya getting Saved. So he insisted people to vote

Day 84 : Episode 85 - 09 September 2018
Promo 1

Surprise on Week Eviction

Promo 2

Aishwarya Cry in Pain

Housemates Opinion About Aishwarya Saved

Vijayalakshmi shared her opinion that Aishwarya would have got votes just enough to get saved to stay in the house

Eviction Process

Housemates ready for Eviction Process

Kamal with Eviction Card

Kamal also ready for the eviction process with the result card

Thanks Senrayan

Vijayalakshmi said Thanks for the appreciation by Senrayan for her cooking

Mumtaz Vs Senrayan

Luxury Budget Shopping Fish requested by Senrayan which was avoided by Mumtaz, created an arguement between Mumtaz and Senrayan

Vijayalakshmi Saved, All predicted Mumtaz for evict

Vijayalakshmi predicted Mumtaz will leave the house today, Senrayan copied it. Janani said Vijayalakshmi spent less days, so she can get evicted, copied by Mumtaz. Vijayalakshmi Saved

Mumtaz Saved

Kamal announced Mumtaz saved by people

Senrayan Evicted

Senrayan gets Evicted, Janani Saved. Janani said Senrayan eviction is unfair

Aishwarya Intervene

Aishwarya intervene to say he will leave instead of Senrayan but Kamal asked her to sit down and said that she can not make that judgement

Votes Count

Kamal asked Bigg Boss to show vote counts of this week eviction

Kamal Upset

Kamal upset about why people are not casting votes that resulted in Senrayan to get evicted

Respect For The House

Senrayan shows respect to the Bigg Boss House

Plant Pot

Senrayan gives his plant pot to Riythvika

Final Selfie

Senrayan takes final selfie with the Housemates


Senrayan sat on the places where he has memories before leaving

Senrayan Final Bye

Senrayan said final bye to the housemates

Aishwarya Cries

Aishwarya cries and says that she has lost everything in the house

Yashika Cried and Mumtaz Support

Yashika cried by looking at her friend Aishwarya cry and Mumtaz consoled Aishwarya

Senrayan Parents

Senrayan parents were present to see senrayan out of the house

Senrayan Cries

Senrayan cries in guilty for beating his parents

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Twelfth Week Eviction Nomination

Aishwarya, Janani, Mumtaz, Senrayan and Vijayalakshmi

Twelfth Week Eviction


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