Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 13

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 85 : Episode 86 - 10 September 2018
Promo 1

Eviction Nomination Process

Promo 2

Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants Visiting Bigg Boss House again

Promo 3

Kamal nominated Aishwarya for Eviction

Mumtaz comforts Yashika

Mumtaz comforts Yashika when she cried fearing that she spoiled her name and her parents would have felt bad about her

Janani comforts Aishwarya

Janani comforts Aishwarya with words after see her crying

Riythvika and Mumtaz

Aishwarya continues to cry. Riythvika and Mumtaz told Aishwarya to stay strong

Yashika Cry

Yashika cries alone inside the smoking room

Aachi Masala Cooking Task

Aachi Masala Cooking Task - Housemates were divided in to 2 teams, one which compose of Vijayalakshmi, Janani and Bhalajie to cook Veg Item. Another team with Mumtaz, Yashika and Aishwarya to cook Non Veg Item. Riythvika to judge the task

Cooking Flaws

Both team did mistake when cooking - Oily Bhajji and Over Burned Non Veg Biriyani

Riythvika Judgement

Riythvika tasted the food prepared and told the mistakes to the respective team

Veg Team Wins

Riythvika announced Veg Team Wins

Winners Cake

Housemates together cut the Winners Cake

Yashika and Aishwarya

Yashika and Aishwarya both decides and made their statement that they will goto Final for sure

Nomination Process

Bigg Boss told Housemates has to accept completely and nominate 2 to join Riythvika for the Eviction Nomination list

Nomination Process

Housmates literally divided into 2 teams, one had Mumtaz, Aishwarya and Yashika asking for Vijayalakshmi in the list and the other team has Bhalajie, Riythvika, Vijayalakshmi and Janani asking for Aishwarya and Mumtaz in the nomination

Aishwarya, Mumtaz, Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi for Eviction List

Clashes started between Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi, then Aishwarya against Bhalajie and Janani. When Housemates took more time to say 2 people in the list, Bigg Boss increased to 3. But finally Riythvika told the majority wishlist. Aishwarya, Mumtaz and Vijayalakshmi added along with Riythvika in the list

Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants

Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants Snehan, Gayathri, Harathi, Suja and Vaiyapuri enters the Bigg Boss House

Fun Talks

Both the season contestants joined together and had fun conversation. Vaiyapuri said Janani is the Bindu Madhavi of Season 1

Made Fun Of Bhalajie

Snehan gave idea to Gayathri that we came to take Bhalajie with them and leave the house. Housemates had fun playing with Bhalajie


Season 1 contestants get their luggage for their stay in the house

Room Allotment

Season 1 contestants were given Blue Room and Bhalajie moved to Pink Room to make all Season 2 contestants in one room

Dance Time

Housemates had fun dancing for the Pistah Summa Kidra Song from Neram Movie

Harathi Advices Aishwarya

Harathi advices Aishwarya not to get very emotional and asked her to be happy, smile always and be kind with others

Day 86 : Episode 87 - 11 September 2018
Promo 1

Treats Equally - Mumtaz on Target

Promo 2

Mumtaz Vs Bhalajie

Promo 3

Proverb for Each Housemates

Morning Fun Dance

Housemates had fun dancing in the morning for the wake up song Pottu Thaaku from Kuthu Movie

Mumtaz Heels

Gayathri questions Mumtaz about why she is using big heels shoe when she has back issue

Mumtaz Special Treatment

Bigg Boss Season 1 notices that Mumtaz gets Special Treatment in the house - Buffalo Milk Yogurt, Olive Oil for Cooking, Separate Bathroom Space

Janani Dress

Snehan made fun of Janani dress with Tamil Letters, told her that she wore to impress him. Snehan asked Janani to say letters, Janani struggled to say it

Season 1 Contestants Play

Season 1 Contestants say thanks to all and asked for best wishes from people for their start of the play

Steeling Mumtaz Items

Season 1 Housemates takes items of Mumtaz to Store Room

Why Special Treatment

Season 1 Housemates question the special treatment of Mumtaz in the house

Thatti Vidu Mama Thatti Vidu Task

Competition between Season 1 and Season 2 contestants to build the structure of levels with cups

Season 2 Performed Well

Season 2 did well in building and protecting their structure

Season 2 Contestants Wins

Season 2 contestants easily beat the Season 1 contestants by breaking their structure built by Season 1 Snehan

Harathi Made Fun Of Bhalajie

Harathi made fun of Bhalajie when he said about the garbage bag issue. Harathi and Snehan said they suffered more than this suffer

Why Only Tamil Girls?

Suja brought the topic of why only Tamil girl deserve to win this show, anybody can win it cause we are all Indians

Truth or Dare

Housemates had fun playing Truth or Dare. Truth like Riythvika is the genuine person and can win the show. Yashika told Aishwarya hurted her alot cause she is the one who Yashika likes alot

Season 1 Contestants Plans

Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants plans to prank the Season 2 Contestants

Janani in the Prank

Season 1 contestants had fun pranking Janani then pulled her in the prank to make fun of others. Bhalajie also aware about this prank plan

Mumtaz Care

Mumtaz started to get closer to Janani as Janani pretended that she is very sad cause of Season 1 contestants revealed some news about her eviction. Janani repeatedly asked Gayathri and other Season 1 contestants that is it true like whatever they said

Mumtaz Eagerness

Mumtaz very eager to get the information from Janani, so she moved closer to Janani many times to extract the information from her

Items Are Given Back

Special Items of Mumtaz taken by Season 1 contestants were given back to her and Bigg Boss told Snehan that items can be hidden inside the house but cannot be taken by the Bigg Boss

Poem on Aishwarya

Snehan composed an excellent poem on Aishwarya and said it in the show

Proverb Task

Both the Season Contestants were given set of proverbs, Both should choose 10 and has to say which one suits for which Housemates, they can also defend if they are not satisfied. Everyone accepted except Suja which was with comparison with Oviya

Day 87 : Episode 88 - 12 September 2018
Promo 1

Snehan talks about disrespect of Housemates

Promo 2

Mumtaz feels after she realized that she behaved disrespectful

Promo 3

Vijayalakshmi Injured

Continuing Prank

Snehan continues his prank with the support of Janani to scare Housemates. The prank is to Janani has to do something before Kamal Weekend Show to save herself from eviction

Bhalajie Not Happy

Bhalajie not happy with Mumtaz cause she is not listening to what Snehan says

Brookside Chocolates

Promotion of Brookside Chocolates - Chocolates will be given at the successful completion of the task which will be briefed later this week

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Aishwarya as Kajol, Snehan as Shah Rukh and Housemates had fun imitating Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Scene

Stick The Balloon Task

Season 1 and Season 2 Contestants has been told to compete in a task of sticking balloon, game of 3 rounds

Serious Play

Vijayalakshmi and Snehan played with full interest to win the task

Snehan Crushed Vijayalakshmi

Snehan completely crushed Vijayalakshmi in the task. She gave her best. Both took the task very seriously

Strong Suja

Like Snehan, Suja looked very strong for the Season 1 Contestants. Aishwarya and Yashika had difficult time blocking her. But Vijayalakshmi able to stick more balloons wins first round for Season 2

Mumtaz Back Off

Mumtaz unwilling to run and stick the balloon with the fear of Snehan play of holding people and using hands to push

Failed Yashika

Second Round started with Yashika failed against powerful Suja and Harathi

Snehan Full Effort

Snehan puts complete effort and successful against block of Mumtaz and Riythvika. Season 1 easily wins second round

Injured Snehan

Snehan had blood scratches on his body, gets medical treatment from others

Vaiyapuri Rocks

Third round with competition between Vaiyapuri and Bhalajie. Vaiyapuri were able to easily run through the blocks of Janani and Vijayalakshmi

Failed Bhalajie

Bhalajie was not able to stick even a single balloon with the blocks of Snehan and Suja. Vaiyapuri easily win the third round for Season 1

Vijayalakshmi Injured

Vijayalaksmi fell down and injured her neck during the task

Season 1 Contestants Wins

Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants easily won the task

Throw The Weaknesses

Snehan asked why Yashika being very silent. Yashika replied that she is earning bad names cause of being with people doing mistake and She felt which has become a great weakness of not being very active. Snehan cried and asked Yashika to throw those weakness away

Be Yourself

Harathi also added to Snehan points that be yourself, forget that people will feel wrong. Being fake is not good

Whats The Answer for the Question Task

New Task with one season contestants can watch clips of other season contestants and ask question regarding it. Both the seasons questions eachother and reveal how they feel being there in the house

Give Respect to Kamal Sir

Snehan gets emotional saying the housemates are not giving respect to Kamal. After hearing it, Mumtaz cried realizing her mistakes

Day 88 : Episode 89 - 13 September 2018
Promo 1

Aarav enters Bigg Boss House

Promo 2

Ticket To Finale Task

Promo 3

Snehan Vs Aarav

Ganesh Chathurthi

Housemates Celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi in the house

Ganesh Prayers

Housemates did prayers in front of the Ganesh idol

Group Wishes

Housemates wished everyone a Happy Ganesh Chathurthi


Housemates wishes eachother the celebration. Snehan kissed Janani and blessed her a good future

Long Live Bigg Boss

Yashika and Aishwarya said Long Live Bigg Boss cause they see eachother a best friend and Bigg Boss becomes the place to find that friendship between them

Stranger in a Bike

A Stranger entered the house in a bike

Aarav Enters the House

Stranger removed the helmet and revealed his identify and he is none other than Bigg Boss Season 1 Winner Aarav

Aarav welcomed back

Aarav welcomed both by Bigg Boss and Housemates with happiness

Whats The Answer for the Question Task

Whats the answer for the question task with clips continued - Mumtaz and Aishwarya was appreciated for being real and did not do task by faking says Gayathri

Violence in Season 1

Clip was shown which has the clashes between Snehan and Suja

Vengeance is the Difference

Snehan and Suja unable to control their laugh by looking at how they played that task. In the other end, Bindu was getting crushed by Ganesh. Mumtaz said Vengeance becomes the main difference comparing both the seasons

Is Aishwarya a Liar

Video Clip was played showing that Riythvika and Janani says that Aishwarya lied to Senrayan, the task is to save from next week direct nomination. But both said Aishwarya intially told for current week. But Aishwarya did not say for current week, she said for next week clearly

Riythvika and Janani are Liars

Janani also misunderstood the task for both the weeks after clearly listening for to save from next week direct nomination

Aishwarya Feels

Aishwarya felt really bad that she was blamed as a liar for no reason

Hug Eachother

Gayathri made Aishwarya and Janani hug eachother to cool off the situation

Then and Now

Clips were played to compare Bigg Boss Season 1 and Season 2


Bigg Boss Season 1 Clip was shown with Harathi and Ganesh was attending a very hard task of taking things on their body

Chilli Powder, Eggs and Garbages

Throwing Chilli powder, eggs, shampoo, cream and garbages on the head of Harathi and Ganesh


Bigg Boss Season 2 Clip was shown with Garbage was thrown on Bhalajie. And his reactions after the incident

Strong Riythvika and Isolated Aishwarya

Gayathri said Riythvika told in the intro video that she cannot take if she gets cornered but now she is strong. But the real person who was cornered in the house is Aishwarya. Gayathri questioned why she was not provided comfort when she was crying alone last weekend

Phyical Violence?

Yashika questioned Bhalajie that last weekend everyone played aggressively but no one complained and it did not become a big issue. But this season, people show body to show the injury and complain. Bhalajie unable to reply properly. Yashika also added if red card started last season, everyone would have got it

Brookside Chocolates Task

Housemates divided into 3 teams of 2, one from Season 1 and another from Season 2, has to put the ball in the chocolate shaped basket

Snehan and Vijayalakshmi Wins

Snehan and Vijayalakshmi basket 6 balls to win the task

Ticket to Finale Task

Season 2 Housemates has to go around the round structure carrying bowl filled with colored water in their hand. At each buzzer whichever housemates has less water in the bowl will get out from each round

Ticket to Finale Task Judges

Season 1 Contestants are the judges in the task

Ticket to Finale Task

Season 2 Contestants started to go around the structure carrying water bowl

Ticket to Finale Task

Housemates were walking on the lower layer of the structure

Concentration and Support

Housemates were in complete focus and did get support from Season 1 Housemates

Drops sometime

Housemates finding hard to hold the Bowl, and some drops water as well

Hand Hurts

Task seems to be difficult one for hands and shoulders

End of First Round

Season 1 contestants checked the water level of all the bowls

Bhalajie Out

Bhalajie out cause of his bowl had less water compared to others

Second Round

Second Round - Task continued with 6 Housemates

Aishwarya Out

At the Second Round, Aishwarya is out cause of less water compared to others

Third Round

Third Round - Task continued with 5 Housemates

Mumtaz Out

At the third Round, Mumtaz is out cause of less water compared to others

Fourth Round

Third Round - Task continued with 4 Housemates

Yashika Fainted

Yashika fainted at the end of the fourth round

Riythvika Out

At the Fourth Round, Riythvika is out cause of less water compared to others

Give Up?

Aarav asked anyone willing to give up the task? Nobody willing to give up. Yashika strongly and quickly replied she do not want to give up the task. Yashika, Janani and Vijayalakshmi are still in the competition to win the ticket to finale task

Day 89 : Episode 90 - 14 September 2018
Promo 1

Final Stages of Ticket To Finale Task

Promo 2

Yashika Sick

Promo 3

Dance Task

Ticket to Finale Task

Ticket to finale task continues with Janani, Yashika and Vijayalakshmi

Vijayalakshmi Out

Vijayalakshmi out of the competition cause of less water in her bowl

Final Round

Final Round went on to next day morning with Janani and Yashika

Buzzer Blows

Buzzer blows made both the contestants are down cause of tiredness

No Winner

Season 1 contestants unable to find the winner among the two, resulted in Bigg Boss extended the competition with one more round

Task to continue

Aarav told Yashika and Aishwarya that Task needs to continue to find the winner, but this time only one hand needs to be used to hold the bowl

Ticket To Finale Task Continued

Janani and Yashika continued the task holding the bowl in one hand without any body support

Janani Lost Control

Janani lost control and dropped half of the bowl

Yashika dropped

Yashika dropped the bowl and breaks it

Janani Wins

Janani Wins Ticket To Finale

Janani Happy Mood

Janani felt relief and happy winning the Ticket To Finale

Aishwarya Upset

Aishwarya upset after hearing the celebration of Janani Win

Victory Dance

Janani celebrated her win with victory dance for Boomi Enna Suthudhe Song from Ethir Neechal

Aishwarya Consoles Yashika

Aishwarya consoles Yashika for her loss

Win Feeling

Janani enjoyed her win feeling with other wishes

Luxury Budget Shopping

Both the season contestants combined and did Luxury Budget Shopping

Yashika Sick

Yashika not well after Ticket to Finale Task

Yashika to Confession Room

Yashika was taken to confession room for treatment

Colgate Finding Card Task

Colgate Finding Card Task - One from each season has to find card to complete the puzzle. Riythvika was made judge

Colgate Finding Card Task

Aarav from Season 1 and Vijayalakshmi from Season 2 competed in the task to find the cards. Rest constructed the puzzle

Season 1 Wins

Season 1 contestants win the Colgate task

Bhalajie Fun

Housemates dressed up Bhalajie like lady and had fun with Aarav

Aarav First Movie

Housemates played Dumb Chareds to find the Aarav First Movie Name

Raja Bheema

Aarav revealed his movie first look poster Raja Bheema

Celebration with Cake

Aarav celebrated his happiness with a cake cutting in the house

Entertainment Time

Season 1 Contestants danced for Sodakku Mela Song

Entertainment Time

Season 2 Contestants danced for Guleba Song

Aarav Bye

Aarav wished Season 2 contestants best luck and left the house

Day 90 : Episode 91 - 15 September 2018
Promo 1

Kamal Back for Weekend Show

Promo 2

Riythvika Saved

Excellent Count in Vote Casting

Kamal Hassan Thanked people for turning out to double the voting count of last week

Nippon Paint Building and Painting Task

Season 1 and 2 contested in the Nippon Paint Building and Painting Task as teams

Excellent Painting Skill

Both the season contestants showed their full interest and finish the task successfully. Judge Mumtaz gave the announcent as Season 1 are the Winners

Season 1 Contestants Win

Season 1 Contestants enjoyed their victory with Blobby Trophy and Cake Cutting

Ticket to Finale Task

Kamal had discussion about Ticket to finale task with Janani and Yashika

Janani gets Ticket

Janani awarded with ticket to Finale

Season 1 Housemates

Season 1 Housemates shared their current status after Bigg Boss Show with Kamal and also everyone except Harathi said Riythvika will get saved from this week eviction

Riythvika Saved

Riythvika saved with the record number of percentage in the Voting

Day 91 : Episode 92 - 16 September 2018
Promo 1

Funny Week Eviction - Season 1 Housemates

Promo 2

Like and Dislike

Season 1 Contestants Meets Kamal

Season 1 Contestants gets chance to talk with Kamal once again

Like and Dislike

Housemates were asked to choose one they like and one they dont like from the other season with reason

Initial Eviction

Kamal made fun act of evicting the Season 1 contestants from the house

Season 1 Contestants Left

Season 1 contestants left the house

Eviction Process

Season 2 Contestants ready for eviction

Vijayalakshmi Safe

Vijayalakshmi saved by the people

Mumtaz Evicted

Mumtaz gets evicted this week

Racial Discrimination

Mumtaz warned Riythvika about Using Tamil Girl Racial Discrimination

Mumtaz Bye

Mumtaz hugged and said bye to Aishwarya

Mumtaz Bye

Mumtaz hugged and said bye to Janani

Mumtaz Bye

Mumtaz said dont cry and you are a rock star to Yashika

Final Selfie

Mumtaz clicks final selfie with the remaining housemates

Plant Pot

Mumtaz gave her plant pot to Yashika and Aishwarya

Mumtaz Sorry

Mumtaz asked sorry to Kamal if she has disrespected him

Mumtaz respects and Loves Her Brother

Mumtaz reveals her true love of brother and her nephew

Double Eviction

Kamal revealed there will be double eviction at the end of the next week

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Thirteenth Week Eviction Nomination

Aishwarya, Mumtaz, Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi

Thirteenth Week Eviction


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