Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 14

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 92 : Episode 93 - 17 September 2018
Promo 1

Individual Task for Each Contestant, Everyone except Janani got nominated

Promo 2

Aishwarya Unfair Play Complaint by Vijayalakshmi

Built Pyramid

Housemates divided into 2 teams, one with Janani and Riythvika, the other with Vijayalakshmi and Bhalajie. Yashika and Aishwarya becomes the Referee for the task

Viji Rocks

Vijayalakshmi and Bhalajie built proper Pyramid

Viji and Bhalajie Wins

Yashika announced Vijayalakshmi and Bhalajie wins the task

Individual Task

Bigg Boss announced everyone except Janani in the Eviction Nomination. Also announced Individual tasks carries points displayed in the big screen in the garden

Hold the Buzzer Task

Vijayalakshmi competed first in the Hold the Buzzer Task

Vijayalakshmi Resisted

Vijayalakshmi continued to stay firm

Never Give Up

Vijayalakshmi never gave up and won the task to get 120 points. Rest gets minus 10 for not showing interest

Janani Second Competitor

Janani competed second in the hold the buzzer task. Housemates gave her hard time

Janani Hands Off

Janani unable to hold the wet towel, took her hands off to remove towels from her

Janani Lost

Bigg Boss Announced Janani lost the task as she took off hands from the buzzer

Yashika 3rd Competitor

Yashika competed 3rd, hold the buzzer strongly

Aishwarya Assist

Vijayalakshmi complained Aishwarya helping her friend Yashika in the task

Viji Upset

Vijayalakshmi upset about activities of Aishwarya

Not Deserving to Enter Final Week

Housemates were asked to name 2 housemates not deserve to enter final week


First not deserving is Aishwarya said by most of the Housemates


Second, Vijayalakshmi the reason being Wild Card entry

Day 93 : Episode 94 - 18 September 2018
Promo 1

Aishwarya in Task

Promo 2

Aishwarya in Pain, blames Vijayalakshmi

Promo 3

Who dont deserve to enter Final Week

Hold the Buzzer Task

Hold the Buzzer task continues with Aishwarya being the fourth competitor

Viji Vs Aish

Clashes continued between Aishwarya and Vijayalakshmi

Heavy Weight

Vijayalakshmi idea of having heavyily water filled Towels on Aishwarya hand

Aishwarya Lost

Aishwarya unable to hold the Buzzer, Lost

Aishwarya Pain

Aishwarya cried in pain

Aishwarya Cry

Aishwarya asked everyone to leave her alone

Riythvika Next Competitor

Riythvika continued the task as next competitor

Riythvika Lost

Riythvika took her hands off in Pain

Bhalajie Compete

Bhalajie competed as the last competitor

Poor Bhalajie

Girls tied heavy weight on Bhalajie Hand

Water Bucket

Bhalajie in pain holding Bucket filled with Water

Bhalajie Lost

Bhalajie gave up

Bhalajie Fell Down

Bhalajie fell down in pain

Funny Bhalajie

Bhalajie made funny comments about his hand even in pain

Memory Task

Housemates were asked to arrange the coloured blocks as told in order by Bigg Boss to check their Memory Ability

Aishwarya Did Well

Aishwarya did well in the task, Bhalajie being the poor performer

Yashika not happy

Yashika not happy with the memory task but she got help from Aishwarya

Housemates Failure

Some Housemates failed during the task and realised their mistake later

Best and Worst Moments

Housemates were asked to say their best and worst moments about eachother


Mostly pointed out the arrogancy of Aishwarya

Day 94 : Episode 95 - 19 September 2018
Promo 1

Aishwarya Vs Vijayalakshmi

Promo 2

Fight for your Rank Task

Promo 3

Aishwarya Upset

Building Blocks

Housemates were given task on building blocks and break others with 3 balls given

Vijayalakshmi Did Well

Vijayalakshmi did well in the task

Aishwarya failed

Aishwarya unable to build blocks properly

Bhalajie Throws

Bhalajie wanted to throw balls on others building blocks

Advanced Rules

Second round continued with 10 balls given to break, if you break you can get max of 4 blocks from others which carries more marks

Bhalajie Aggressive

Bhalajie showed aggressiveness in the task

Yashika Bonus

Yashika scored more points with bonus as she build the blocks with others wooden block

Rank Yourself Task

Housemates negotiated to rank themself among them

Yashika Leads

Yashika leads the scorecard

Janani Cry

Janani upset and cries cause of Aishwarya behaviour to her

Hit the Board

Yashika scored more points in Hit the board with ball to score points. She hit mostly the 50 points board

Yashika Big Lead

Yashika has big lead in scores compared to others

Day 95 : Episode 96 - 20 September 2018
Promo 1

Aishwarya Unfair Play

Promo 2

Positive Negative Task

Promo 3

Balance the Box Task

Balance the Box Task

Housemates were asked to hold the box and balance it by joining hands

Yashika Out

Yashika quit the task first

Vijayalakshmi then Janani

Vijayalakshmi followed by Janani also lost the task

Aishwarya Out

Aishwarya Out Next

Balajie Wins

Finally Bhalajie able to win the task

Yashika still leads

Yashika still leads the scorecard

Positive - Negative

Housemates were asked to say about Postives and Negatives of eachother

Man Vasanai Task

Man Vasanai Task - Task of defending the flour

All Target Bhalajie

Girls Target Bhalajie, went against him

Yashika Opened Bhalajie Basket

Yashika opened the lever of Bhalajie Basket, as the flour drops out quickly

Fool Bhalajie

Bhalajie looked like fool, while others laughed at him

Yashika Vs Vijayalakshmi

Yashika played aggressive game, thrases Vijayalakshmi

Yashika Breaks

Yashika breaks Vijayalakshmi Basket

Broken Basket

Vijayalakshmi asked to continue game irrespective of broken basket

Violent Yashika

Yashika pushed Vijayalakshmi down

Criminal Aishwarya

Aishwarya tried to open Janani Basket when everyone was providing first aid to Vijayalakshmi. Janani becomes upset and asked Aishwarya to continue her criminal strategy

Vijayalakshmi Injured

Vijayalakshmi injured and cannot continue the task

Aggressive Aishwarya

Aishwarya went on aggressively against Janani

Riythvika Injured

Riythvika injured after an encounter with Yashika, interupted the game

Cooking Task

Housemates divided into two teams, one with Yashika and Aishwarya, the other with Vijayalakshmi and Bhalajie. Janani and Riythvika decided to stay as the referee

Day 96 : Episode 97 - 21 September 2018
Promo 1

Angry Aishwarya

Promo 2

Aishwarya Vs Vijayalakshmi

Promo 3

Janani Injured

All Target Aishwarya

All targeted Aishwarya, resulted in increasing her angerness

Aishwarya Breaks Janani Basket

Aishwarya gets angry then breaks Janani Basket

Janani Reply

Janani breaks Aishwarya Basket in response

Aishwarya breaks Bhalajie

Aishwarya unable to control her anger, breaks Bhalajie Basket

Aishwarya Vs Vijayalakshmi

Aishwarya and Vijayalakshmi shouted at eachother

Aishwarya Defends Yashika

Aishwarya started to defend Yashika Basket

Aishwarya Vs Vijayalakshmi

Aishwarya and Vijayalakshmi continue to fight with words

Beat Outside

Yashika and Aishwarya said they will beat Vijayalakshmi and Janani if they see them outside

Yashika Huge Lead

Yashika and Riythvika get points from the task. Yashika continues to lead

Not to Allow Viji to take Lead

Yashika told Aishwarya that they should not allow Vijayalakshmi to take lead

Cooking Task

Aishwarya and Yashika in one team


Janani and Riythvika stayed as referee to judge the task

Aishwarya and Yashika Did Well

Aishwarya and Yashika Did Well compared to Bhalajie and Vijayalakshmi


Aishwarya and Yashika win the cooking task


Housemates enjoyed the cake


Aishwarya asked apology to Janani for Injuring her

Yashika the Winner

Yashika wins the scorecard

5 Lakhs

Yashika wins 5 Lakh Prize Money

Congrats Yashika

Congratulations Yashika for her excellent job of winning tasks

Cooking Champ

Vijayalakshmi and Bhalajie shared Cooking Champ with 2 badges each

Luxury Budget Task

Collect words to make sentence for the win of Luxury Budget Points

Framing Sentence

After collecting words in balls by Yashika and Riythvika, they frame the sentences

Luxury Budget Points

Housemates managed to get 950 points

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping

Day 97 : Episode 98 - 22 September 2018
Promo 1

Kamal back to host the show

Promo 2

Kamal makes fun of Yashika and Aishwarya Comment

Host Kamal is back for weekend

Kamal back to host the show

Luxury Budget Products

Amazon SMS Contest Winners brought Luxury Budget Products

Aham TV

Housemates conversation with Kamal thru Aham TV

Funny Kamal

Kamal made funny comment about Yashika and Aishwarya words usage. Example being Velila vaa adikiren then Mavaney

Usage of Words

Kamal requested Housemates to use proper words as kids watches the show as well, discussed about his experience with a kid

Double Eviction

Kamal told there is double eviction this weekend

Bhalajie Evicted

Bhalajie evicted from the show

Selfie Time

Housemates took Selfie with Bhalajie

Exit Video

Bhalajie was shown the Exit Video

Presence of Family

Nithya and Poshika also present during Bhalajie Eviction

Janani Cry

Janani cry for Bhalajie Eviction

Dont Fight

Bhalajie adviced Housemates to stay calm and dont fight

Day 98 : Episode 99 - 23 September 2018
Promo 1

Phone Call with Close One

Promo 2

Weekly Eviction

Kamal Hassan Again

Kamal back for the Sunday show especially for second eviction

All Girls Show

The Show becomes All Girls Competiton now

Second Eviction on the card

Housemates looked tensed as there is one more eviction today

Viji Phone Call

Vijayalakshmi speaks with her Husband in the call

Riythvika Phone Call

Riythvika speaks with her mom

Aishwarya Phone Call

Aishwarya speaks with her friend Gopi, She has Tattooed this name in her finger

Yashika Phone Call

Yashika speaks with her mom

Janani Phone Call

Janani speaks with her mom and dad

Yashika Evicted

Yashika gets evicted from the show


Yashika gets Hug from all before leaving

Aishwarya Upset

Aishwarya upset about Yashika Exit

Aishwarya Cry

Aishwarys starts to cry for her friend, she gave her Mom gift Teddy to Yashika

Selfie Time

Yashika clicks final Selfie with Housemates

Parents Proud

Yashika made her parents proud with her achievement

Thanked People

Yashika Thanked People for the love

Janani and Riythvika Happiness

Janani and Riythvika felt happiness as they did they said, Tamil girls in the final

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Fourteenth Week Double Evictions Nomination(Least Votes)

Aishwarya, Bhalajie, Riythvika, Vijayalakshmi and Yashika

Fourteenth Week 1st Eviction


Fourteenth Week 2nd Eviction

Yashika Anand

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