Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 15

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 99 : Episode 100 - 24 September 2018

Time Change

Promo 1

Acting Task

Promo 2

Ramya and Vaishnavi as Guest in the House

Promo 3

Pen Your Wishes to Other Contestants

6 Days to go

TV Displayed 6 Days To Go

Pen your Wishes

Housemates asked to pen their wishes to others in Tee Shirt

Wish Eachother

Housemates wishes eachother for the best in the final

A Pose

Housemates made a pose in the end

Ramya and Vaishnavi

Ramya and Vaishnavi enters the house

Video of all

Plasma TV displayed the moments of all in the house

Comedy Act

Housemates were asked to act and imitate scenes from movie

Just a Fun

Vaishnavi and Ramya fooled Housemates with empty card saying today a eviction

Day 100 : Episode 101 - 25 September 2018
Promo 1

Nithya in the House

Promo 2

Shariq in the House

Promo 3

Pointing Others Mistake in the House

Finger Touch Unlock

VIVO V11 Pro Finger Touch Unlock demo by Vijayalakshmi

Nithya in House

Nithya enters House

Shariq in House

Shariq visits House

Aishwarya Video

Moments of Aishwarya in a Video

Aishwarya and Shariq

Shariq is not happy with Aishwarya saying she has spoken alot on his back

Riythvika Video

Moments of Riythvika in a Video


Wishes from Family Members and Friends. Pic shows Janani Mom and Sister


Wishes from Family Members and Friends. Pic shows Vijayalakshmi Father

Day 101 : Episode 102 - 26 September 2018
Promo 1

Yashika in the House

Promo 2

Bhalajie in the House, Acting Previous Incidents in Funny Way

Promo 3

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon

Riythvika as Ajith, Vijayalakshmi as Vijay, Janani as Trisha and Aishwarya as Nayan Thara in Dance Marathon

Bhalajie in the House

Bhalajie enters house as Rajini for Neruppu da Song

Yashika in the House

Yashika enters house as Simran

Vijayalakshmi Video

Moments of Vijayalakshmi in a Video

Q and A

Bhalajie and Yashika questions Housemates about Households

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon Continues

Making Moments Funny

Housemates acted for Serious incidents in a funny way

Janani Video

Moments of Janani in a Video

Day 102 : Episode 103 - 27 September 2018
Promo 1

Senrayan in the House

Promo 2

Mahat in the House

Promo 3

Mahat express his Emotions

Amazon Task

Amazon people entered to give a task for Housemates

Find Card with Points

Housemates were asked to find the hidden cards with items and points


Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya did well in the task, finished 1st and 2nd in the task respectively

Senrayan in th House

Senrayan entered the house and directly went to restroom to clean it

Good Names

Senrayan said everyone have very good name outside

Mahat in the House

Mahat enters House

Water Task

Mahat composed his own task and gave to Housemates

Acting Task

Housemates were told to act like Mahat and Senrayan

Others Mistake

Housemates were asked to say what mistake others committed

Dress up and Winner Speech

Housemates were told to dress up for the final and give victory speech

Mahat and Senrayan Ranking

Housemates were ranked according to Mahat and Senrayan

Bigg Boss Talk

Bigg Boss talks with Vijayalakshmi to understand how she feels. Her main concern seems to be late entry as Wild Card as she regrets for it

Day 103 : Episode 104 - 28 September 2018
Promo 1

Mamathi, Anant and Bhalajie Visits House

Promo 2

Mahat and Yashika discuss about Daniel

Promo 3

Dance and Dinner with Evicted Contestants in the House

Mutual Fund Plants

All 3 except Vijayalakshmi has 2 plants each

Bigg Boss Talk

Bigg Boss talks with Riythvika to understand how she feels. She cries saying she will miss everything after she leaves this place, including the Mic

Amazon Winners

Amazon SMS Winners enters house to give Vijayalakshmi her prize of winning yesterday task

Bigg Boss Talk

Bigg Boss talks with Aishwarya to understand how she feels. She cries saying she will miss all fun in Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Talk

Bigg Boss talks with Janani to understand how she feels. She cries saying she will miss Bigg Boss Voice

Mamathi, Ananth and Bhalajie

Mamathi, Ananth and Bhalajie enters house

Shariq, Vaishnavi and Ramya

Shariq, Vaishnavi and Ramya enters house


Yashika enters House

Daniel and Nithya

Daniel and Nithya enters house

Mahat and Senrayan

Mahay and Senrayan enters house with the Freeze Task


Vaishnavi filled Senrayan face with Flour

Entertainment Night

Housemates enjoyed Dance and Dinner

Day 104 : Episode 105 : Grand Finale - 29 September 2018
Promo 1

Welcome to Bigg Boss Grand Finale

Promo 2

Grand Finale

Promo 3

Aishwarys wants to leave with 10 Lakhs

Grand Finale Day

All Evicted Housemates returned for Grand Finale Show

Well Dressed

All Well Dressed and made their Appearance

Housemates Spectate

Housemates were asked to sit and spectate the show

Kalai Visit

Housemates friends visit to greet them final wish. Actor Kalai visited for Riythvika

Krishna and Sunaina Visit

Krishna and Sunaina wishes Vijayalakshmi and others

Aham TV

Kamal talks with Housemates through Aham TV

Bigg Boss Trophy

Bigg Boss Trophy unveiled by Kamal

Vijay Devarkonda Visit House

Vijay Devarkonda Visit House to give housemates the trophy touch feel and to promote his movie NOTA

Kamal Talks

Kamal talked with Vijay and asked to appear in the stage

Kamal Wishes

Kamal wishes the very best to Vijay Devarkonda

Take 10 Lakhs and Quit

Drone flied and droped an option of 10 Lakhs for Housemates to quit at this stage

Aishwarya Doubt

Aishwarya made up her mind that if she walk off if this 10 lakhs is not from 50 lakhs Prize Money else she will stay. She continued to stay after getting to know that 10 lakhs will be taken from prize money 50 Lakhs

Dancers enters House

Dancers enters house for an fourth place eviction

Janani finished Fourth

Dancers took Janani away from the house, brought her to the Stage. That showed she finished fourth

Diplomacy is Best

Kamal said Diplomacy is best in the real life, may not suit for this game

Janani Happy

Janani happy after hearing wishes from Kamal

Day 105 : Episode 106 - 30 September 2018
Promo 1

Grand Finale Final Day

Promo 2

Kamal Welcoming all for the Grand Finale Day

Promo 3

Mumtaz Vs Nithya

Traditional Kamal

Kamal entered well dressed Traditionally for the final day

Dressed Like Cake Dolls

Kamal said Housemates well dressed and looked like Cake Dolls

Questions from Fans

Housemates answered questions from Fans

Dance Performance

Evicted Housemates gave a nice dance performance

Kamal as Housemate

Kamal answered question from evicted housemates acting like a contestant

Question asked

Housemates asked question to Kamal. he replied all with fun

Mumtaz Question

Kamal answered he liked her taking care of others

Comedy Show

Housemates watched as they get teased by Kalakka Povathu Yaaru Contestants

Fun Time

Housemates enjoyed the comedy show

Question by Relatives

Housemates relatives asks question and shared their opinions

Angry Mumtaz Brother

Angry Mumtaz Brother questioned Nithya

Nithya Vs Mumtaz

Nithya and Mumtaz went out of control. In the end, Mahat asked Sorry to Mumtaz Brother

I told not to involve

Mumtaz brother told Nithya that he told Mumtaz not to get involve into Nithya personal issues

Aarav in the house

Aarav entered house to bring someone out as 3rd place

Vijayalakshmi finished 3rd

Vijayalakshmi exit the house as 3rd Place

Vijayalakshmi Wishes

Vijayalakshmi wished both Riythvika and Aishwarya all the very best

Bigg Boss Awards

Yashika gets Best Dancer and Best Task Person. Nithya gets for Best Leader. Daniel for Cook. Mumtaz for Hygiene and Bhalajie for Comedy

VIVO Phone

Vijayalakshmi and Janani gets VIVO phone for finishing as finalist. Kamal assured he will get phone for all

Yashika Dance Performance

Yashika treated Viewers with Dance Performance

Oviya Visit

Oviya Visited the House and answered questions from the viewers

Oviya Wishes All

Oviya wishes all to get success

Kamal enters House

Kamal enters House to bring out the final 2 to the stage

Final 2 in the Stage

Final 2 are in the stage with Kamal

Increased Tension

Kamal increases tension of the final 2

Kamal Kiss

Kamal Kisses Aishwarya Hand

Riythvika Wins

Kamal raises the hand of Riythvika to show all that she is the winner. Riythvika wins 50 Lakhs and the Bigg Boss Trophy. Aishwarya finished as Runner Up

Dad Proud

Riythvika wished by her Proud Dad

Happy Mom

Riythvika praised by her Happy Mom

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Vote for Winner(Maximum Votes)

Riythvika, Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi and Janani



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