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Day 8 : Episode 9 - 25 June 2018
Promo 1

Nomination Process, Nithya as New Captain

Promo 2

Vaishnavi talks about Mumtaz to Daniel

Promo 3

Daniel makes fun of Ananth, Ananth not happy about it

Nithya Targeted

Most of the Housemates nominated Nithya as the person does not deserve to be in the house. Mumtaz and Mamathi always passes some comment wrong about Nithya, which really hurted Nithya. Bigg Boss announced Nithya as this week captain by direct selection cause of betterment of the house

Mahat fun with Yashika and Aishwarya

Mahat laid in the girls bed between Yashika and Aishwarya as fun but Bhalajie and Ponnambalam found it as not good behaviour

Grocery Shopping

Bigg Boss asked Housemates to divide into Guys and Girls team and then choose 2 to represent each team. Daniel and Senrayan beat Mumtaz and Mamathi for grocery shopping competition

Eviction Nomination

Ananth, Ponnambalam, Mamathi and Mumtaz are in Eviction List

Day 9 : Episode 10 - 26 June 2018
Promo 1

Girls complaint about Ponnambalam

Promo 2

Senrayan Learning English, disturbs Mamathi, enjoyed by others

Promo 3

Mumtaz and Mamathi refuse to do uncomfortable task

Girls not happy with Ponnambalam Comment

Yashika, Aishwarya, Vaishnavi and Ramya are not happy with Ponnambalam comment on Aishwarya when she requested him to move to next bed so she can talk with Mahat and Shariq. Comment is if he moves he will babies to her, upsets Aishwarya

Mumtaz explained situation to Ponnambalam

Mumtaz explained the girls anger to Ponnambalam but he said he was upset and not happy with those girls making noise. so that anger made him to comment that way and also apologized to girls thru Mumtaz

Luxury Budget Task - Bosss and Servants

Bigg Boss makes Grocery task winning Guys team as Bosss and losing team girls as servants. Girls makes all the task assigned by guys. Successful completion of task will give 1600 points as Luxury Budget Task Points

Mahat Enjoys

Mahat true character came out as he took advantage of the task to get closer to girls he liked especially Yashika and Janani. Though he might have relationship outside but he still enjoys inside with this task but called that he is assigning tasks to Yashika

Mahat Temptation

Mahat continues to enjoy the task by commenting he got tempted by something when Bhalajie asked what he was looking at

Mumtaz Rascism

Mumtaz fine with feeding Shariq and Mahat but not Senrayan. Fair Skin Rules, untouchability do continue to exist in public media as well but not many notices it. Senrayan always treated as third person where Shariq and Mahat treated like son and brother respectively

Senrayan Fun

Though the guy Senrayan not been respected completely among his own gender, he continues to have fun with people he was given respect

Mumtaz Refused Again

Mumtaz refused to listen Senrayan again when he asked to fold hands in front of him, rest did fold except her

Rest Not Happy with Mumtaz and Mamathi

Housemates are not happy with Mumtaz and Mamathi as they commented them that they are not taking tasks sportively

Poor Performers

Guys team reported Mumtaz and Mamathi as poor performers as asked by Bigg Boss to identify and name them

Servant Hut

Girls team has been given separate place to live during the task duration

Mumtaz Break

Mumtaz do not want to continue task in night time as she is not comfortable with her dress, made others not happy about it as they worry about Luxury Budget Points

Day 10 : Episode 11 - 27 June 2018
Promo 1

Mumtaz delays time for saree draping, refuse to do task

Promo 2

Clashes of Comfortness between Ladies

Promo 3

Bhalajie curse Nithya

Promo 4

Mamathi sings for Ananth

Luxury Budget Task

Luxury Budget Boss-Servant Task continues with ladies getting up early to prepare break fast for the other team

Mumtaj Upset

Mumtaj not willing to change her dress in bathroom as she is not comfotable cause of the floor being wet, so she wanted to talk with Bigg Boss to open Emergency Bathroom. Hence she removed mic and demanded Bigg Boss attention

Finding Faults on Mamathi

Mamathi comment about Ponnambalam task assigning to Janani for the patience she has, Mamathi said Janani deserves a temple to be built for her and pray. Ponnambalam upset about her comment

Punishment for Mumtaz and Mamathi

Boss Guys team not happy with Mumtaz and Mamathi poor performance in the task, as they assigned punishment like Mamathi should not talk till rest of the task and Mumtaz to clean the pool for number of hours she delayed for dressing up in the morning which they told 2 hours, Mumtaz refused to do the punishment task. Also conversation went about certain task like feeding food doesnt look like servant task but like a slave task, but Aishwarya said she is comfortable in doing that to certain people such as Shariq and Mahat

Senrayan Upset

Senrayan not happy with the comments made by other guys as he said he do not wanted to tease by others, he got really upset and even cried a bit due to aggression by Mahat countering Senrayan words to stop teasing him

Happy Hours

By End of the Day, Bigg Boss assigned job to Servant team to entertain the Boss team by singing song and dancing for the song. Aishwarya, Mumtaz and Nithya Won Awards

Day 11 : Episode 12 - 28 June 2018
Promo 1

Role Reversed, Guys become Servants

Promo 2

Bhalajie angry on Nithya

Promo 3

Nithya feels she is targeted

Promo 4

Guys Variety Entertainment Show

Bhalajie Upset

Nithya unable to forget past and she refused to patch up with Bhalajie

Mumtaz questioned Bhalajie

Mumtaz asked Bhalajie why Nithya is sad and upset

Mumtaz not well

Mumtaz not well and told Captain Nithya that she cannot continue doing the task

Ananth not happy about Mahat

Ananth complaints about Mahat to Daniel

Bhalajie rejected Nithya Assist

Bhalajie do not want any work done by Nithya for him and sweared her with Abusive words

Best Boss and Worst Servant

Nithya identified as worst servant and Daniel named as Best Boss by Guys Boss Team as requested by Bigg Boss. Nithya not happy with the decision and told Bhalajie did not want her to do task and also used cursed words on her. Role Swapped, Girls become Boss and Boys become Servants, this luxury budget task will also give 1600 points for successful completion

Role Changed - Romance in the House

Aishwarya questions for getting to know about Romance feeling of Shariq

Nithya assign work to Bhalajie

As role reversed Nithya assign jobs to Bhalajie but he is in complete anger thinking that she is taking revenge on him

Bhalajie Work

Bhalajie do not want to work for Nithya but enjoys with rest

Nithya Cried

Nithya unable to control her emotions cause of Bhalajie abusive words, cried and complained about Bhalajie to Bigg Boss

Day of Tears

Nithya, Vaishnavi and Ramya cried cause of the behaviour by some male contestants performing task as servants was not appropriate in showing respect to others

Entertainment Night

Bhalajie makes fun of Mahathi with facial expression cause of talks of her to reduce the voice tone volume, rest of the housemates laughed. Then later in the night, Guys team performed variety activities as treat for the eyes of Ladies Boss Team

Day 12 : Episode 13 - 29 June 2018
Promo 1

Mahat questions Nithya for wasting Food

Promo 2

Bhalajie Vs Nithya

Promo 3

Mahat Loves Talk, Yashika Cries

Nithya Food Wastage

Mahat was not happy with Nithya throwing food in the dustbin, Nithya blames on Bhalajie Behaviour

Mahat Plan

Mahat asks girls not to choose anyone of Vaishnavi, Nithya and Mahathi for best boss in the task

Vaishnavi getting close with Mumtaz

Vaishnavi makes conversation with Mumtaz to have a good relationship with her, noticed by Yashika

Mahat Playboy Activity

Yashika told Bhalajie, Daniel and Mahat whatever she observed from conversation between Vaishnavi and Mumtaz. Mahat continues to flirt with Yashika and makes lustful activity

Guys comments on Vaishnavi

Guys talk about Vaishnavi Gossip Character and commented she is not good

Mahat Enjoys

Mahat continues to enjoy with girls

Mahat Commands

Mahat dominates house with commanding character along with Daniel

Mahat Fun

Mahat and girls had fun trolling Bigg Boss cameras

Luxury Budget Shopping

Girls team saved Riythvika for her good performance in the task and choosed Ananth for next week direct eviction Bigg Boss announced Guys team did the Boss job well and won 1600 Points but Girls team did not do well and won only 200 points, so housemates totally won 1800 points. Bigg Boss asked Guys team to do the shopping for the upcoming week

Housemates Teased Senrayan

Housemates had fun teasing Senrayan when he was having chat with Nithya and Riythvika

Mumtaz Trolled

Housemates acted fighting at eachother to troll Mumtaz. Mahat, Senrayan, Vaishnavi and Daniel performed well in acting

Who sacrifices alot - Male and Female? A Debate

Debate between Guys and Girls for who sacrifices and gives chances for other, Girls team won adjudged by Mahat

Day 13 : Episode 14 - 30 June 2018
Promo 1

Kamal comment on Boss - Servant

Promo 2

Mumtaz warned for not using Mic

Promo 3

Bhalajie Kurum Padam

Host Kamal is back for weekend

Kamal answered few questions raised by viewers especially spoke about Housemates are being Fake

Pickle - Dress

Senrayan accidentally dropped pickle on Mumtaz dress. Mumtaz was angry initially then later asked sorry for being in that state but told mainly that she lost her favourite dress

Vivo V9 Selfie

Housemates took selfie as requested

Vaishnavi Behaviour

Housemates discussed about Vaishnavi Behaviour

Mumtaz Warned

Kamal warned about Mumtaz not following the rules mainly removing Mic

Bhalajie and Nithya Issue

Kamal told Bhalajie using bad words are not appropriate. Even there should be decency in separation

Speak in Tamil

Kamal asked Yashika and Aishwarya to use Tamil during conversation so viewers can understand, told Karka Kasathara Kural as funny act to scold them

Ponnambalam Saved

Kamal announced Ponnambalam is saved from Eviction

Day 14 : Episode 15 - 01 July 2018
Promo 1

Week Eviction

Promo 2

Shruthi in the show for Viswaroopam 2 Song Release

Promo 3

Viswaroopam 2 Song Release in Bigg Boss Show

Viswaroopam 2 Song Release

Kamal and Shruthi sung a song in the show as Viswaroopam 2 Song Release

Kamal and Shruthi

Kamal and Shruthi had conversation with Housemates, also surprised with Viswaroopam 2 Trailer

Viswaroopam 2 Music Team

Viswaroopam 2 Music Director Ghibran also present in the occasion with the whole music team

Mumtaz advice to Bhalajie

Mumtaz adviced Bhalajie for benefit in his life

Ananth Saved

Kamal told Ananth Saved by people from Eviction

Weekly Eviction

Kamal announced Mamathi Chari as the person for this week eviction

Final Selfie

Mamathi Chari clicks final selfie with Housemates

Mamathi Chari Evicted

Mamathi Chari got evicted and had final conversation with Kamal

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Second Week Eviction Nomination

Ananth, Ponnambalam, Mamathi and Mumtaz

Second Week Eviction

Mamathi Chari

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