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Season 2 Week 3

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 15 : Episode 16 - 02 July 2018
Promo 1

Senrayan and Vaishnavi compete for Week Captain post

Promo 2

Eviction Nomination

Promo 3

Problem between Friends

Mumtaz Not Happy

Mumtaz not happy cause she feels she is the reason of her Mamathi Exit

Shariq Ex Love

Shariq got some tee shirts from his Ex Love, asked about it by Yashika, Janani and Mahat

Mahat Fun

Mahat continues to have fun with Yashika

Aishwarya Upset

Aishwarya upset with Shariq Ex Love Issue but she portrayed outside as everyone acting fake

Week Captain

Bigg Boss announced the first 2 housemates enter in to the confession room will compete for this week leadership

Senrayan and Vaishnavi compete

Bigg Boss announced secret task to get hugs from housemates for Senrayan and Vaishnavi to win the week leadership competition. Senrayan indirectly revealed it to the Housemates by asking hugs by token of appreciation for cleaning bathroom, Housemates especially Mahat supported him to get more hugs

Vaishnavi Acts

Vaishnavi does perform emotional talks with housemates by asking apology to get hugs, and she did get it from few. later Housemates came to know about it, Janani felt very bad about as she thought it was real apology

Janani No to Hugs

Janani asked others not to hug Vaishnavi cause Janani and some others feel Vaishnavi will be dangerous if she becomes captain

Breaking Friendship

Aishwarya and Yashika had conversation about other housemates in the house, even Vaishnavi says people are fake and not showing the real face and hiding things, basically she was upset about Shariq not revealed about his ex love to her

Vaishnavi becomes Captain

Vaishnavi becomes Captain for the week as Senrayan is disqualified for revealing the secret task to get hugs

Mahat Cools and Enjoys

Mahat cools down the situation between friends but enjoys it with some act. Though he might like doing it cause of his character but he forgot people are watching the show. Hugging girls and showing it as pleasure is not appropriate for a show which is said to be not scripted

Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Mumtaz gets nominated and joins Ananth and Nithya for this week eviction list

Day 16 : Episode 17 - 03 July 2018
Promo 1

Mahat Vs Mumtaz

Promo 2

Bhalajie Romancing with Nithya

Promo 3

Dont drop it Luxury Budget Task

Bhalajie Bad Habit

Bhalajie dried idly plate rubbing on his back, noticed by Ananth and Senrayan, created some rift between Housemates, later sorted it out by playing safe by captain Vaishnavi

Luxury Budget Task - Problem with Water

Housemates were divided into 2 teams for Luxury Budget Task - Problem with Water, where both should save water from dropping of Tank by holding with their hands. Also they should not talk in English, if they do so, the other can take 5 mugs of water from mistake committed team tank

Mumtaz Vs Mahat

Mumtaz and Mahat had problems between them as Mumtaz asked Mahat not to talk but Mahat did not like the way she told, he continued to talk but Mumtaz told so cause Mahat losing water to other team by talking in English

Rain Interruption

Rain interrupted the task for a while

Housemates Fun

Housemates had fun talking about Senrayan

Luxury Budget Task - Dont drop it

3 Members from each team competed resulted in victory for Mahat, Mumtaz and Daniel (Ramya, Aishwarya, Riythvika and Ananth) against Yashika, Nithya and Shariq (Janani, Bhalajie, Ponnambalam and Senrayan). Winners get 2 buckets of water from the other team

Vaishnavi Vs Shariq

Shariq was not happy as Vaishnavi told she should have disqualified the other team but she didnt do it, instead made other team winners

Task Continues

Task continues with increased punishment of 1 bucket instead of 5 mugs

Day 17 : Episode 18 - 04 July 2018
Promo 1

Housemates targeting Janani

Promo 2

Mahat Vs Senrayan

Promo 3

Mumtaz Vs Senrayan

Mumtaz Vs Janani

Janani not happy with Mumtaz bad attitude way of talking with others like commanding someone

Luxury Budget Task

Housemates continue with the luxury budget task

Janani and Mahat talks about Mumtaz

Janani and Mahat talks about head weight attitude of Mumtaz

Aishwarya not happy

Aishwarya not happy being a side help for the cook as she wants to be prime cook, so Daniel asked her to cook for dinner

Task to Gain More Water

Mahat and Shariq collected letters from pool to form Save Water. Shariq wins the competition to get 2 buckets of water from other tank

Aishwarya English

Siren blowed when Aishwarya talked in English, 5 Housemates jumped in the pool for breaking the rules

Task to Gain More Water

Mahat, Daniel, Mumtaz and Team wins this competition to gain more water

Secret Task for Mumtaz

Bigg Boss gave secret task for Mumtaz to lose more water from her own team tank - reduce it to 1200 before the dawn of next day

Mumtaz Intentional English

Mumtaz continues to talk in English but this time she did it intentionally to lose water from her own team tank

Bhalajie Spray

Mumtaz makes reason to lose water, one such when Bhalajie sprayed for mosquitoes, she felt uncomfortable and dropped the hold of the tap gap

Mumtaz Acting

Mumtaz acted like she got disturbed cause of frog presence in the bathroom, she ran out talking in English and without the mic, lost 4 buckets of water

Secret Task Success

Mumtaz successfully completed the secret task

Day 18 : Episode 19 - 05 July 2018
Promo 1

Mumtaz Vs Others, Mahat Enjoys

Promo 2

Clashes between Housemates

Promo 3

Mumtaz complaint about Daniel

Mumtaz advice to Aishwarya

Mumtaz adviced Aishwarya not to allow any guy (Shariq last night) to lay on the bed along with Aishwarya and Mumtaz told next time she will say in front of everyone

Aishwarya told Shariq

Aishwarya told to Shariq about what Mumtaz told to her. Shariq told the same to Mahat, Mahat replied do not fear for anything, if you get afraid you will be crushed

Cleaning Issue

Cleaning Issue made problems between Bhalajie and Mumtaz with Bhalajie showing his bad attitude

Mahat Sleep

Mahat slept during task saying health issue made problem between few Housemates and Vaishnavi

Mumtaz Secret Task

Mumtaz acts and continues to lose water from her team tank as part of her secret task

Task to gain Water

Senrayan, Yashika and Nithya defeated Mahat, Daniel and Riythvika to gain 3 more buckets of water

Bhalajie losing water cause of English Usage

Bhalajie said Happy Birthday dai to Mahat for losing bucket of water and Mahat also said Seth ki Betti but refused to give water for other team cause it was told 2 hours ago, this is second time for Bhalajie for today. Earlier he said you do i do to Aishwarya

Daniel way of talk

Mumtaz not happy with Daniel way of conveying messages to others

Mahat and Yashika Enjoyment with Camera

Mahat and Yashika thought that camera will show them if they make unwanted bad activity during the conversation between Daniel and Mumtaz but Bigg Boss did not show them. They show them when Bhalajie spit at them and Nithya laughed at them

Mumtaz complaint about Daniel

Mumtaz and Vaishnavi thought Daniel way of talking is not proper

Ponnambalam Leadership

Ponnambalam accepted for leadership but he told Daniel to use words with him properly as he shouldnt get anger cause of those words

Senrayan advice to Daniel

Senrayan adviced Daniel to give respect to elders as others like Mahat are different and told do not try to emulate the same behaviour of others

Task to gain water

Mumtaz won in balancing the pot on her head and walk for distance with obstacles to win 3 buckets of water for her team

Secret Task Revealed

Mumtaz won the secret task which has some benefit both for her as well as all housemates which will be revealed later by Bigg Boss

Speak out their Strategy

A Task where each housemate has to tell about the strategy of any other housemate without telling their name

Happy Birthday Mumtaz

Mumtaz celebrated her Birthday with Housemates, gets the surprise cake from Bigg Boss

Day 19 : Episode 20 - 06 July 2018
Promo 1

Housemates Emotional Talks

Promo 2

Aishwarya Upset

Maggie Feast

Housemates were given option to select any 4 pockets of Maggie Products for the successful completion of Luxury Budget Task

Aishwarya Issue with Cooking

Aishwarya having issues with Cooking team and she end up crying for it

Daniel English Usage

Vaishnavi had trouble calling for jumping into the pool for Daniel English Usage

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates gets 3300 points in total for successful completion of Luxury Budget task and they shopped for it

Mahat Vs Senrayan

Mahat and Senrayan had words exchanged cause of Senrayan did not clean the cup properly and also due to Mahat aggressive behaviour calling Senrayan Mentally Retarded. Mumtaz took Senrayan out to stop the argument

Mahat Vs Senrayan

Mahat tries to soften the situation but Senrayan asked Mahat to leave him freely and adviced Mahat to see a doctor for anger management

Plant Task

Each Housemates were given a plant to grow and whoever grows it properly will get special mention and if someone exit the house, they can give the plant to someone who they like to continue growing it

Heart Task

Each Housemates were given Heart gift with message to convey someone who they miss alot, each one choosed their missed person and made an emotional feeling shared in the screen. In the end, Mumtaz gets special card from her brother and also Bigg Boss presented housemates with nice feast of Biriyani

Day 20 : Episode 21 - 07 July 2018
Promo 1

Kamal on Housemates Emotional Moment

Ananth Vs Ponnambalam

Ananth was not happy with the remarks of Ponnambalam which was given due to the question "Are you hungry?" asked by Ananth

Talk about Mahat

Senrayan and Ponnambalam talked about the bad behaviour of Mahat

Talk about Bhalajie

Mumtaz, Aishwarya and Ananth discussed about the anger attitude of Bhalajie

Eviction Nomination Discussion

Riythvika, Nithya and Ponnambalam discussed about Eviction and Nomination for the upcoming days

Riythvika Vs Mumtaz

Riythvika and Nithya says everyone are playing the game with a plan, Mumtaz and Ananth denied it, saying that they are living naturally

Red and Black Roses

Housemates were given Red and Black Roses to give to other member. Red for Favourite and Black for whom they dont like

Best Captain

Kamal asked Housemates to rank the captains of the last 3 weeks, Most Housemates gave first place to Janani< second to Vaishnavi, followed by Nithya. But Bigg Boss gave ranking as Vaishnavi number one, Nithya second and Janani last

Mumtaz Saved

Kamal announced Mumtaz has been saved by people from the week eviction

Day 21 : Episode 22 - 08 July 2018
Promo 1

Week Eviction

Promo 2

Power to send the first Person to Jail

Kamal is back with nice outfit

Kamal Hassan is back to host the show with great outfit says Housemates

Count Game

Kamal asked few questions about counts of Household items in the house to the housemates

True or False

Similarly each individual called for a question to answer True or False, also checked with other people answer the same question

Bhalajie and Nithya Saved

Both Bhalajie and Nithya saved from the eviction

Power for Evicted Ananth

Ananth got evicted and got power to send someone to the Jail. Ananth Choosed Ponnambalam for projecting Yashika and Aishwarya in wrong sense according to his observation

Final Selfie

Ananth clicked final selfie with Housemates

Plant for Daniel

Ananth gave his plant to Daniel

Task for Evicted Ananth

Kamal asked Ananth to state a character for each Housemates

Yashika and Aishwarya Warned

Kamal not satisfied with Ponnambalam going to Jail, warned Yashika, Aishwarya, Mahat and Shariq indirectly for bad behaviour in the House

Ponnambalam to Jail or Not

Ponnambalam going to Jail or not is Bigg Boss decision as Kamal said he can not cancel it when requested by Janani

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Third Week Eviction Nomination

Ananth, Nithya, Ponnambalam, Bhalajie and Mumtaz

Third Week Eviction

Ananth Vaidhyanathan

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