Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 4

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 22 : Episode 23 - 09 July 2018
Promo 1

Ponnambalam Vs Aishwarya

Promo 2

Bigg Boss Twist to Mahat, Yashika and Aishwarya

Promo 3

Housemates do not want to send Ponnambalam to Jail

Daniel Justification

Daniel asked other housemates why they did noy raise issue and he would have definitely ignored this issue but would not have made big issue as Ponnambalam did, other housemates denied his view

Ponnambalam Vs Shariq

Ponnambalam told Shariq to give respect for his age

Housemates Not Happy

Housemates are not happy with the decision made by Ananth to put Ponnambalam in Jail

Girls Request The Same

Yashika and Aishwarya upset with they are being cornered and asked Bigg Boss to change the decision else send them to Jail

Guys asked for the Same

Mahat and Shariq also requested for the same, not to send Ponnambalam to Jail

Ponnambalam to Jail

Bigg Boss commanded Housemates to send Ponnambalam to Jail else they will lose Luxury Budget Task Points

Aishwarya and Yashika Anger

Aishwarya and Yashika are anger cause of the comment made by Ponnambalam in front of Kamal and People that something happened night before last night, Girls requested what was it, Ponnambalam replied he got disturbed cause of their talks near his bed. Housemates are not happy cause that comment made bad impression on those girls

Ponnambalam Struggle in Jail

Ponnambalam not happy with the bright light in Jail, found hard to sleep

Ponnambalam Released

Ponnambalam Released from the Jail as per Bigg Boss announcement

Ramya as New Captain

Ramya wins save water in bowl competition to get captain post for the week

Girls Upset

Both Yashika and Aishwarya are very upset by the comment made by the Ponnambalam

Eviction Nomination

Bigg Boss asked Housemates to appear in group and choose one among them for Eviction List. Yashika selected among her, Mahat and Aishwarya

Eviction Nomination

Similarly Nithya got selected among her, Daniel, Ramya and Riythvika

Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie got selected among him, Mumtaz and Janani

Eviction Nomination

Ponnambalam got selected among him, Senrayan, Vaishnavi and Shariq

Eviction Nomination

Yashika, Ponnambalam, Nithya and Bhalajie are in Eviction List

Day 23 : Episode 24 - 10 July 2018
Promo 1

Yashika Upset

Promo 2

Ponnambalam Sharp Words Hurts Some

Promo 3

Police and Thief task

Ponnambalam Unusual Words

Ponnambalam once again made unusual comment saying he can lift a girl in night but not in day and that comment made small issues in the house

Vaishnavi Character

Vaishnavi expert in gossiping, talks about comment passed by Ponnambalam to Janani

Daniel Involvement

Daniel showing interest on getting information about comment passed by Ponnambalam from Vaishnavi

Ponnambalam Comment Spread

Senrayan, Bhalajie, Nithya and Janani discuss same about Ponnambalam comment

Mahat and Daniel makes fun of Senrayan

Mahat and Daniel makes fun of Senrayan with the anger on Ponnambalam

Police - Thief Task

Housemates were divided in to three teams. Mahat, Mumtaz and Senrayan made Police. Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya made Thiefs. Rest made General Citizens. All team has to save and earn money from what they got from task as well as other team and whichever team has more points in the end will win the task

Mahat Anger

Mahat unable to control his angry outburst. This time is because of Yashika facial reaction after a comment made by him and due to naming her for eviction

Ponnambalam Clears the Issue

Ponnambalam spoke with other housemates and clear the issue

Mahat comment about Nithya to Bhalajie

Mahat asked Bhalajie to tell Nithya to mind her own business cause its the issue between him and Yashika

Thief Task

Daniel and Aishwarya enjoys robbing the housemates things


Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya doing task with lot of fun

Police Rules

Police were given rights to frame rules and based on that they can earn money as fine amount

Daniel, Aishwarya Trolls Senrayan

Daniel and Aishwarya had fun teasing Senrayan

Yashika Arrested

Yashika arrested cause of stealing items

Mahat angry again

Mahat gets angry again when Yashika asked why he did not support her when the whole were against them

About Bhalajie and Nithya

Mumtaz, Daniel and Ramya suspecting the issue between Bhalajie and Nithya might already been sorted out and they are just here to make some content for the show

Day 24 : Episode 25 - 11 July 2018
Promo 1

Mahat Vs Bhalajie

Promo 2

Ramya removed from Leadership

Promo 3

Daniel Double Game

Plan for Food

Police and Thief Team planning to join together and eat dinner without paying money. Meanwhile Riythvika told Ponnambalam people who spoke in front of camera to bring him out of jail were appreciating Ananth for the decision he made

Ponnambalam in Action

While Thief Team tries to steal food, Police did not intervene. Ponnambalam blocked Daniel and dropped food on the floor

Senrayan lose Respect

Senrayan complaints Mahat that no one is respecting him, Mahat replied back in anger by questioning his ability. Later Nithya got arrested and put into jail for not respecting Police

Stolen Items on Sale

Thief opened a garage sale to sell their the items they steal from the house

Media in House

Bhalajie and Ramya took the job as Reporter and Camerawoman respectively to cover the happenings in the house, Mahat was angry on Press entering his office

Daniel Plan

Daniel gave idea for their food, that made problems with Police and Citizens

Food Confusion ending in Anger

Problems ending up in Mahat loses his temper, ate apple in front of Citizens. By seeing it, Bhalajie told Mahat better to beg for food instead eating like this by cheating

Mahat Vs Bhalajie

Mahat asked not to talk in loud tone, Bhalajie replied Daniel also speaks in the same tone. Mahat told Bhalajie talks always in bad behaviour with Bhalajie replying that Mahat also uses bad words with others like he used on Yashika. This statement made Mahat lost his control completely started to shout at Bhalajie. Then both had worst argument at eachother. Mahat called Bhalajie a comedy piece and brainless person

Mahat Apology

Bhalajie started to cry in shame, By seeing Mahat went in and asked for apology by touching Bhalajie feet. Bhalajie requested Mahat to leave him peacefully

In or Out

When Citizens team members said they are not willing to continue the task, Mumtaz took it as an opportunity to eat food, joined by Senrayan. Shariq intervened and stopped them from eating. By seeing Mumtaz planning to eat, girls return back to play the game

Senrayan Upset - Ramya removed from Captainship, Nithya Took Charge

Senrayan upset on Shariq stopping him from eating food but Shariq replied back that this is his task. Daniel gave stolen apple for Senrayan to eat. Later Citizens accepted give food for all for release of Nithya, hence she got released and everyone had their food with Daniel arrested for stealing items. Then Thief team said they dont want to play as well, took items from inside the house, brings back to their place and said they are back to play the game as well. This made Citizen team to completely withdraw from the task, which resulted in Ramya removal from Captainship. Then Nithya took charge voluntatilly when Bigg Boss requested

Thief Team Appreciated

Bigg Boss appreciated Thief Team for doing the task well

Day 25 : Episode 26 - 12 July 2018
Promo 1

Mahat in Jail

Promo 2

Housemates against Mumtaz

Promo 3

Senrayan Vs Mumtaz

Janani in Tears

Janani do not like to continue task as she is upset with the housemates behaviour during task

Thiefs Rock

Thief team continue to steal items even from Police Station

Mumtaz Vs Senrayan

Senrayan needs money to buy lemon for his head but Mumtaz not willing to give money to him, created an argument between them

Mahat Sleeps

Mahat continues to sleep during task


Thiefs converts the stolen board from Police Station as Advertisement Board

Fair Play

Housemates appreciate eachother for the fair play in the task

Mahat Senrayan Fun

Mahat and Senrayan had fun by Mahat arresting Senrayan for Eve Teasing

Compensate Item for Food

Thief Team compensate with their stolen item for Food to eat

Fun in Rain

Thiefs had fun by dancing in the rain

Panchayat Decision

Bigg Boss made Janani as Panchayat Leader, as she discuss with housemates with their views to identify who made mistake

Panchayat Leader Janani

Panchayat Leader Janani marked most of the mistakes on Police team especially on Mahat and Mumtaz. She got intervened when she took votes for people view who made most mistakes and irresponsible in the duty being a police

Mahat to Jail

Janani after had discussion with Bigg Boss, announced Mahat has to go to Jail for not doing task properly

Day 26 : Episode 27 - 13 July 2018
Promo 1

Kadaikutti Singam Team in the House

Promo 2

Karthi questions tidiness of Housemates

Promo 3

Vaishnavi Not Happy

Money Counting

Bigg Boss asked a member of each team to count the total money they have for the Luxury Budget Task. Thief team seems to be having saved more money than other 2 teams

Daniel and Mumtaz

Daniel and Mumtaz discuss about the behaviour of other housemates during the task as Daniel said those people will fight eachother soon

Mahat Released

Mahat got released from the Jail

Bhalajie Nithya Love Story

Few housemates getting to know about the love story of Bhalajie and Nithya

Mahat Scoring Good Name

Mahat helping girls and say few nice words about women to get good name inside the house

Daniel and Senrayan

After Nithya explained to Daniel about the shame that Senrayan has gone because of not knowing the full form of SI. Daniel had discussion with Senrayan to clear misunderstandings between them

Thief Team Wins

Bigg Boss Announced Thief team saved more money in Luxury Budget Task and wins the task to get points only for them to shop

Luxury Budget Shopping

Thief team did Luxury Budget Shopping alone and the products they buy is only for them

Kadaikutty Singam Team Promo

Kadaikutty Singam Movie team comprises of Karthi, Soori and Director Pandiraj enters Bigg Boss House for Promotion of their movie

Karthi and Soori Fun

Karthi, Soori and Pandiraj made funny comments about Housemates and enjoyed their presence in the house

Kadaikutty Singam Trailer and Dumb Charades

Housemates were shown the Kadaikutty Singam Movie Trailer and Housemates were divided in to 2 teams with one lead by Karthi and the other by Soori to play Dumb Charades before they leave the house

Thief Team Celebration

Thief team got their ordered items of Luxury Budget Shopping and they enjoyed having food as a victory party

Day 27 : Episode 28 - 14 July 2018
Promo 1

Kamal comment on Police Atrocity in the Bigg Boss House

Promo 2

Senrayan Memory

Ponnambalam Laziness

Ponnambalam not feel like doing Breakfast, Mumtaz requested for it. Vaishnavi and Ramya volunteered to help as they said how to make the dish

Ponnambalam in Cooking Issue

Ponnambalam requested help for cooking but later felt it is not required cause his team mates said it would cause problems later

Best and Worst Performers

Bigg Boss gave Yashika the best performer award for the task, Citizen team discussed and gave Shariq the worst performer award for the task

Not fit for Leader

Ramya was given the ribbon of not fit for captainship by stating her mistake. Kamal told it was given cause there should not be any of this case in the future

Teams Feedback

Teams blame and appreciate eachother for their task performance. Senrayan also shared his hungry problem. Mahat told Mumtaz took the commissioner post instead of her given post of constable

Kamal talks with Bhalajie

Kamal spoke with Bhalajie regarding his issue with Mahat. Kamal told do not use the word Comedy for scolding someone. Mahat apologized for his angerness

Mumtaz Judgement

Mumtaz feels she is being cornered and told that she wont mind and worry about it

Ponnambalam Saved

Kamal announced Ponnambalam is saved from Eviction once again

Day 28 : Episode 29 - 15 July 2018
Promo 1

Week Eviction

Promo 2

Bhalajie Talks with his daughter thru Aham TV

Dubsmash Fun

Housemates had fun by doing Dubsmash for other housemates performance

Aishwarya Upset

Aishwarya gets upset because Ponnambalam comments every weekend and she worries it is still continuing

Bhalajie Saved

Kamal announced Bhalajie is saved this week

Nithya Evicted

Unexpectedly Nithya gets evicted this week that really made big doubt on the Bigg Boss Voting system as most of the viewers expected Yashika Eviction

Final Selfie

Nithya clicks her final selfie with housemates


Nithya gave her plant to Bhalajie

Nithya Observartion and Daughter Visit

Nithya shares her observation about each housemates in single word. Nithya daughter Poshika also visited the show

Surprise for Bhalajie

Dad Bhalajie gets opportunity to talk with his daughter after 8 months, a very emotional moment of the episode

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Fourth Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Nithya, Ponnambalam and Yashika

Fourth Week Eviction


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