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Season 2 Week 5

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 29 : Episode 30 - 16 July 2018
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Eviction Nomination

Promo 2

Mahat Vs Vaishnavi

Promo 3

Leader Competition

Housemates Fun

Housemates had their free time filled with some self made fun task to pass the time

Weekly Leader Nomination

Housemates were asked to find flower garland and put it on the housemates they like. Daniel puts on Mahat, Riythvika on Bhalajie and Yashika on Shariq

Mahat is Week Captain

Each competitor for the week leader were asked to choose a helper, Mahat choosed Daniel but later Daniel refused for warer task, changed to Senrayan. Bhalajie Choosed Janani and Shariq choosed Yashika. Helper has to unlock the chain, so the one who gets released from chain lock will be the week leader. Senrayan unlocked all the locks, so Mahat emerges the week captain

Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Aishwarya and Janani joined already nominated Ramya are in Eviction List

Nomination Reaction

Few housemates are shocked with Janani in the nomination list, Senrayan and Bhalajie not happy with youngsters group in the house

Choose Other Finalist

Bigg Boss asked each housemates to pretend themself as finalist and choose 2 among others as other finalist by giving reason

Day 30 : Episode 31 - 17 July 2018
Promo 1

School Task - Snehan in the House

Promo 2

Housemates not happy with Snehan Judgement

Promo 3

Snehan as lecturer in the house

Hindi Talks

Yashika and Aishwarya talks in Hindi and Mahat as captain did not say anything about it but Bigg Boss blows the siren as the punishment of 5 housemates must enter swimming pool

King Mahat Rules

As no one in the house wanted to go against Mahat, he becomes king of the house and commands people to do the job especially not happy with whatever Vaishnavi does

Vaishnavi Not Happy

With Mahat being too bossy, Vaishnavi is not happy with his attitude

Back to School Task

Housemates did a task of going back to school with Riythvika termed as the head master of the house

Snehan Tamil Lecturer

Snehan enters the house as Tamil lecturer

Ponnambalam Best Performer

Snehan gave Kural, Poem or Proverb as the lesson for each Housemate. In the end, he choosed Ponnambalam as the best performer of the task by considering his interest at his age

All Fake

Snehan gave remarks that no one in this house are real that comment made few housemates upset

Snehan left the house

Snehan were asked to leave by Bigg Boss. Snehan told Housemates to take this show as the great opportunity for making a bright future

Ramya questions Snehan Judgement

Ramya gave feedback for Snehan Judgement to Daniel, saying how can he figure out that we are not real, respected and welcomed him but who asked for his comment said Ramya sarcastically

Running and Catching

A Task was given to Riythvika to judge and asked to name catcher and that catcher cannot catch housemates who stand as a pair

Mahat and Shariq Wins

Mahat and Shariq wins the task

Daniel and Vaishnavi in Radar

Captain Mahat decided to keep Daniel and Vaishnavi in Radar and discussed with other housemates

Day 31 : Episode 32 - 18 July 2018
Promo 1

Housemates feel Senrayan acting like innocent in the house

Promo 2

Music Class in Bigg Boss

Promo 3

Bhalajie curse Nithya

Morning Prayer

Ulaga Needhi Othamal Oru Naalum as the morning prayer in the School Task

Music Class

Housemates attend Music Class in Bigg Boss House with Ramya being the Instructor

Group Music Performance

Housemates were divided in to teams to perform musical entertainment show

Aishwarya wins Letter Writing Task

Housemates were asked to write a letter for a missed one, Aishwarya emerges as the winner

Aishwarya Explanation

Aishwarya explain what she wrote in letter to Shariq and shared the concern that she care for her

Counselling Task

Bigg Boss made Vaishnavi the counsellor to provide support for the issues faced by Housemates in the house

Mahat Cries

Mahat cries and said that he misses his mom and looked like he is kind of acting to make people belive in him that he is a nice person and continue to project himself as emotional person not the arrogant guy

Vaishnavi Time with Bigg Boss

By End of the Day, Bigg Boss asked Vaishnavi asked about her concern, she explained about housemates tagging her as a gossiper right from the first week

Day 32 : Episode 33 - 19 July 2018
Promo 1

Orphan kids visits Bigg Boss House

Promo 2

Housemates are emotional after spending time with Kids

Promo 3

Housemates Gossips

Senrayan Vs Vaishnavi

Senrayan and Vaishnavi had small argument due to Vaishnavi hesitation and delayed to prepare tea in the morning

Bhalajie Gossips

Bhalajie and Mahat gossips about Daniel

Senrayan for Cooking

Housemates discussed about sending Senrayan to cooking team but Mumtaz complained that he is unhygenic also told the same for Daniel

Senrayan is the topper

Riythvika ranked Senrayan as the Topper. Daniel gets Jealous

Good Life Orphanage Kids

Good Life Orphanage Kids visited Bigg Boss House

Fun with Drawing

Kids had fun by Drawing Art Work with Housemates

Gifts and Payasam

Kids enjoyed Payasam and got Gifts as well


Kids and Housemates danced together for Aasluma Doluma song


Housemates and Kids took photo together

Few Cried

Vaishnavi, Mumtaz and Vaishnavi cried thinking about the struggles of kids, Few felt they are acting to win people hearts

Daniel Gossip

Daniel gossip about Senrayan to Shariq

Bhalajie Gossip

Bhalajie continues to gossip saying housemates are fake crying to show them good

Day 33 : Episode 34 - 20 July 2018
Promo 1

Mahat Performance

Promo 2

Bhalajie Vs Daniel

Mahat Vs Daniel

Mahat complaints about Daniel facial expression to others, but Daniel asked Mahat directly that who told that to him and there is no purpose to make any expression about him. In fact Yashika told that Daniel made the facial expression on Mahat

Selfie Special One Task

Housemates were asked to click selfie with 5 Housemates and choose special one among the 5 and talk about that person

Sleeping Mahat and Team

Yashika, Aishwarya, Shariq and Captain Mahat sleeping during the day team

Selfie Special One Task

Most of the Housemates choosed Janani and Ponnambalam as special one and talked about them

Luxury Budget Shopping

Bigg Boss announced 800 points deducted for Yashika, Aishwarya, Shariq and Captain Mahat sleeping during the day team

Eviction List Housemates Interview

Bigg Boss made Daniel as the interviewer and asked to interview five housemates in the eviction list


Housemates asks random questions to housemates in eviction list

Special Power and Jail

Daniel announced Aishwarya being truthful and answered questions well, got special power. And Bhalajie not being truthful, sent to Jail

Day 34 : Episode 35 - 21 July 2018
Promo 1

Kamal comment about Fake or Real Character

Promo 2

Ponnambalam Vs Aishwarya

Promo 3

Senrayan Frustration

Host Kamal is back for weekend

Kamal answered few questions raised by viewers and raised questions about being fake to Housemates now told by one of the housemates itself and he revealed that is Bhalajie

Vaisnavi questions Daniel Vs Bhalajie

Vaishnavi raised question to Daniel that why did he sent Bhalajie to Jail. Daniel replied that is his wish, easily looked like taking a vengence, Later Bhalajie got released from the Jail

Ponnambalam in Tears

Ponnambalam cried by thinking his childhood and told how his school helped him to make a life

Senrayan Upset

Senrayan got completely frustrated and told everyone is living fake in the house and it is hard to live real cause it could end up seeing blood river. Senrayan upset about his mucus on swimming pool issue and controlled his anger

Kamal Feedback

When Vaishnavi commented about Daniel nature of talk. Kamal gave feedback as that Daniel talks everything in loud tone and Vaishnavi dont know to complete the sentence with full stop as she was continously talking

Ponnambalam Vs Aishwarya

Ponnambalam raised concern about how Daniel is spoiling girls name with his attitude. Aishwarya replied that is their wish and she can chose what she can do. And when Aishwarya named housemates of her group, Mahat waved his hand saying he do not belong to any group

Mumtaz Reactions

Mumtaz gave millions of reaction today showing her not happy with the talks she is hearing from Ponnambalam and Senrayan. In fact Mumtaz said what nonsense he is talking for Senrayan comment and What the hell he is saying to Ponnambalam words

Ponnambalam gets Angry

When Aishwarya tried to talk with Ponnambalam, he replied its not the time to talk and shouted at Aishwarya. Mumtaz came defending Aishwarya saying you cannot shout at a girl to Ponnambalam. Later Aishwarya cried saying that her name got spoiled because of Ponnambalam every weekend comments

Day 35 : Episode 36 - 22 July 2018
Promo 1

Week Eviction

Promo 2

Who is Jalra?

Housemates defend Ponnambalam

Housemates defend Ponnambalam and said to Mumtaz that he explained many times to girls about the issues with them

Janani Saved

Kamal said People saved Janani from Eviction

Aishwarya Saved

Aishwarya also saved from the Eviction

Ponnambalam Saved

Ponnambalam saved as well from the week eviction

Ramya Evicted

Ramya evicted this week and Bhalajie saved by the people

Final Selfie Pic

Ramya took final selfie pic with Housemates

Growing Plant

Ramya gave the plant to Mumtaz

Ramya Observation

Ramya displayed her observation about other housemates thru icon resembles character placing game. Highlight being giving Mask icon to Senrayan saying he is fake sometimes

Who is Jalra?

Kamal asked who is Jalra Jing Jung (Saying yes for all) among the housemates. Most of them said Vaishnavi but Ponnambalam, Senrayan and Bhalajie said Mumtaz

Emotional Senrayan on Child Adoption

Emotional Senrayan expressed his desire to adopt a child

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Fifth Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Aishwarya, Ponnambalam, Janani and Ramya

Fifth Week Eviction

Ramya NSK

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