Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 6

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 36 : Episode 37 - 23 July 2018
Promo 1

Transparent Eviction Nomination

Promo 2

Kurum Padam

Promo 3

Aishwarya Vs Vaishnavi

Riythvika Wish

Riythvika wish to see atleast one girl contestant should enter the final and if that girl is a Tamil, she will be very happy

Senrayan wants to be in Cooking Team

Senrayan wants to be in Cooking Team but Mumtaz interrupted and told she wish to be in that team

Janani Revealed Secret

Janani revealed secret to Mahat after getting promise from him to not to say anyone and even Shariq, the secret is that Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Riythvika and Vaishnavi are discussing to nominate Mahat for eviction and she refused to co-operate with them

No Leader for the Week

Bigg Boss showed videos of the housemates being careless in following the rules and sleeping in the day time and told No Leader for the week

Mahat on Radar

Most of the rules broken by Mahat

Mahat Direct Nomination and Sent to Jail

Mahat voluntarilly choosed himself to get nominated as the housemates who didnt follow the rules properly and housemates also agreed to it. Bigg Boss gave punishment of direct nomination for the eviction list and also sent to jail

Hindi Words on Ponnambalam

Conversation between Aishwarya and Yashika was also been shown during the video session, Riythvika asked Vaishnavi for translation of those words and got to know it was about beating Ponnambalam

Secret Revealed and Promise Broken

Mahat told the secret (nominating him in the eviction list by Ponnambalam and Bhalajie told by Janani by getting promise not to say it to even Shariq) to Shariq

Aishwarya Vs Vaishnavi

Aishwarya gets pissed off after seeing Vaishnavi is translating those hindi words to everyone in the house

Aishwarya Vs Vaishnavi

It continued as big argument, some even felt like that Vaishnavi is trying to calm the situation to escape from eviction list but that single translation job made many housemates to nominate her for the eviction later that night

Bhalajie Advice

Bhalajie joins few housemates such as Ponnambalam, Riythvika and Janani as team and set on target on few. Senrayan must have listened but he nominated based on his likings

Eviction Nomination

Transparent Nomination happened tonight with each housemates asked to nominate two with reason in the garden area with Mahat can not nominate any one he is under punishment. Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, Yashika, Vaishnavi and Aishwarya were nominated along with directly nominated Mahat. Aishwarya had power after winning last week task which can save anyone including her from the eviction list. She chosed herself and got away from the eviction nomination list

Day 37 : Episode 38 - 24 July 2018
Promo 1

Aishwarya Vs Riythvika

Promo 2

Mumtaz Vs Janani

Promo 3

Food Issue cause of Luxury Budget Task

Daniel Vs Ponnambalam

Daniel clears the issue with Ponnambalam and asked him not to say anything wrong

Mahat Jail Food

Mahat gets Prison food Kali for dinner

Bhalajie Performance

Bhalajie performs acting skill like he is feeling for Mahat eating Kali

Yashika about Daniel to Mahat

Yashika says to Mahat that Daniel is brainwashing her and Aishwarya stating he wants to leave the house

Luxury Budget Task - Dont Enter My Area

Bigg Boss nominated Mumtaz and Janani as leader of teams to compete in a task named Dont Enter My Area. Also named Shariq as the referee for the task. Team Blue led by Janani and its members are Daniel, Aishwarya, Senrayan and Ponnambalam

Yellow Vs Blue

Team Yellow led by Mumtaz and its members are Yashika, Riythvika, Vaishnavi and Bhalajie. The Task is about occupying the area by winning tasks

Task for Kitchen Area

Team Blue Contestant Senrayan wins the Food Eating Task against Team Yellow Riythvika to occupy Kitchen area

Blue Captured Kitchen

Team Blue celebrated their victory with the flag hoist in the Kitchen area

Complete Task To Eat

So according to the rules of Dont Enter My Area task, if the loser team wants to have food, the winning team can give a task and food will be given once a member of losing team complete it

Task For Garden Area

Second Task of phyical ability to occupy Garden area

Blue Captured Garden

Again Team Blue wins the task and occupied Garden area

Yellow Team Mistakes

Team Yellow occupying Kitchen area in the absence of Team Blue. Blue team furious about the stupidity of Team Yellow. Refree Shriq interupted and said that their is no such rule to occupy the area in the absence of winning team. Task victory is the only way to occupy the area. Later Yellow team tried to steal Fruits as well

Mahat Thanked Bigg Boss

Mahat thanked Bigg Boss for keeping him in the jail as he would have not controlled his anger if he has done the task

Bhalajie Gossip

Bhalajie complaints about Janani being joining with Daniel and shouting

Mahat Revealed Bhalajie Complaint to Janani

Mahat told it to Janani and in turn she told Daniel she has never said that he is shouting in the house

Tea gets Shared by Losing Team Members

Team Blue angry on Tea being shared by the members of Team Yellow allowed by Referee Shariq

Aishwarya Vs Riythvika

Aishwarya anger on Team Yellow laughing on her and she shouted out Riythvika that she is not a puppet to do job for her

Aishwarya Vs Riythvika

Riythvika upset about the behaviour of Aishwarya and she explained other members what really happened

Raising Voice Mumtaz

Mumtaz again increased her tone when she wanted to say something to Janani, made Janani to lose control of her and just walked away closing her ears

Aishwarya Cries

Mahat and Yashika told Aishwarya not to cry and told not to react for others comments

Day 38 : Episode 39 - 25 July 2018
Promo 1

Mumtaz Vs Shariq

Promo 2

Mahat Complaint about Vaishnavi to Daniel

Promo 3

Mumtaz Vs Shariq

Yellow Team Task to enter Kitchen for Morning Tea

Yellow Team does task to have tea in the morning for the Luxury Budget Task Do Not Enter My Area

Mumtaj Refused to do Task

Mumtaj adament and refused to do task to have morning break fast

Mahat Angry on Vaishnavi

Mahat shows his full anger on Vaishnavi whenever he gets the chance to show it

Thanks Giving Wishes for Army Task

Housemates were given task to write a letter to wish army for their contribution of defence for our country and victory in Kargil War

Daniel Wins

Daniel wins the Thanks Wishes letter for Army task and wins the TVS Bike judged by Shariq

Mahat Hates Vaishnavi

Mahat continues to find fault on Vaishnavi, blamed her for not happy during Daniel win

Mumtaz Vs Shariq

Mumtaz stubborn character for not doing the task and raising the voice, Shariq not happy about it and gave punishment. Mumtaz refused to do it, created rift between them

Task to capture Bedroom

Two Members from each team has to attend the competition for get the locks and unlock the door. Yashika and Vaishnavi competed for Yellow Team, Daniel and Ponnambalam participated for Blue Team

Yellow Team captured Bedroom

Yashika and Vaishnavi for Yellow Team wins and took over Bedroom

Option for Yellow Team to Replace Mahat in Jail

Bigg Boss gave option for Yellow team to replace Mahat in Jail with Weak Contestant in the Team. Bhalajie volunteered but Mahat wants Vaishnavi to Replace him

Bhalajie Replaced Mahat in Jail

Mahat released from Jail but by replacing Bhalajie. Mahat is not happy about it as he wants Vaishnavi inside the Jail

Dinner Task

Riythvika does task to have dinner from Blue Team

Day 39 : Episode 40 - 26 July 2018
Promo 1

Task continues with extreme activity

Promo 2

Mahat not happy with Mumtaz leadership

Promo 3

Blue Team Vs Shariq

Dont Break The Law

Riythvika points out Mahat that not to give any thing to opponent team

Senrayan enters Bedroom without permission

Yellow team upset about Senrayan entering the bedroom without permission but he said he got permission from referee Shariq

Task to capture Bathroom

One(Mahat and Senrayan) from each team contested in the soap competition. Mahat wins stating that Senrayan did foul play

Mumtaz Vs Janani

Janani tries to clear the understanding of Mumtaz about her but Mumtaz is not ready to trust her

Senrayan Struggles

Mumtaz gave hard time for Senrayan by asking him to sing Selfie Pulla Song stating that he won the best student award so he has to sing it five times without any mistake

Daniel, Senrayan and Janani

Daniel, Senrayan and Janani turned off the stove to revenge Mumtaz

Daniel Refusal

Daniel lied and refused to accept that he turned off the stove

Aishwarya Performed Task

Aishwarya performed Task to enter Bathroom

Day 40 : Episode 41 - 27 July 2018
Promo 1

Ponnambalam Vs Mumtaz

Promo 2

Vaishnavi about Ponnambalam, Everything Fake says Senrayan

Task to capture Living Room

Two teams competed in throw the cushion in Basket to win the Living Room Area

Task continued Extremely

Task continued extremely that Shariq the referee counted with Yellow 16 - 15 Blue Score in th end

Team Yellow captured Living Room

Team Yellow captured Living Room Area after winning the task

Mahat Vs Mumtaz

Both Mahat and Mumtaz are not happy at eachother as Mahat giving easy task on his own to the Blue Team which upset Mumtaz and Yellow Team

Mahat Task

Ponnambalam gave Task to Mahat asking him to say 5 bad qualities of Mumtaz. Mahat replied she is arrogant, stubborn, dominating, not fit for leadership etc

Capture the Area Anyway

Bigg Boss told Housemates can capture area by placing the flag by anyway

Capture the Area Anyway

Resulted in Daniel injured his finger

Capture the Area Anyway

Clashes and Bloody War like Scenario

Best and Worst

Housemates asked teams to choose their best and worst performers. Yellow Team choosed Yashika as Best and Leader Mumtaz nominated herself as Worst. Blue Team choosed Senrayan as Best and Ponnambalam as Worst. Best being saved from Next Week Nomination for Eviction, Worst were asked to polish the basket full of Kids shoes

Daniel in Tears

Emotional Daniel feeling low and cried without showing it to others in the house

Luxury Budget Shopping

Bigg Boss congratulates both team but gave full luxury budget points 2200 to team yellow and asked team blue not to involve in shopping, sent to bedroom

Team Yellow did Shopping

Team Yellow along with Referee Shariq did shopping for the items of next week use

Mumtaz talks with Yashika

Mumtaz getting chance to make an attachment with Yashika through this task

Mahat trolls Mumtaz

Mahat trolls Mumtaz that she is choosing one for a week and this week it is Yashika as he told that the list as Mamathi, Ananth, Vaishnavi, Daniel, Aishwarya and Now Yashika

Yashika ignores Mahat

Yashika ignores Mahat as it upset him and made him think like Mumtaz is the reason for her ignoring him

Mumtaz Advice

Mumtaz after giving the feeling of that she is the reason for the breaking the friendship between Mahat and Yashika, she asked Yashika not to talk with her but Yashika replied that she has rights to choose whom she can talk or not to talk

Task for Next week Leadership

Housemates has to enter a house, the last two entrants will be out of the task everytime when the horn blows

Aishwarya Wins

Aishwarya wins the task and become the next week leader

Aishwarya worries about Yashika

Aishwarya missed Yashika and asked why she is not talking well with her and she asked that Mumtaz told anything to her. Yashika replied she is good and no problem, then told she dont care about anyone

Aishwarya cried

Aishwarya cried missing Yashika, Janani consoled her and told she will come back soon and will talk well

Day 41 : Episode 42 - 28 July 2018
Promo 1

Kamal comment on Housemates removing their mask, started to show their original character

Promo 2

Watching activities from side window

Host Kamal is back for weekend

Kamal peeked thru the side window to see what housemates are doing

Vishwaroopam 2 Team in the Bigg Boss House

Vishwaroopam 2 Team comprises of Pooja, Andreah, Music Director and a singer enters the Bigg Boss House

Vishwaroopam 2 Team in the Bigg Boss House

Pooja and Andreah enjoyed time in the house

Vishwaroopam 2 Team in the Bigg Boss House

Music director Gibran and Andreah with a singer performed melody song from the movie

Vishwaroopam 2 Team in the Bigg Boss House

Viswaroopam 2 team and housemates divided themself and played Antakshri

Vishwaroopam 2 Team enjoyed Antakshri

They sung few songs and played eachother

Vishwaroopam 2 Movie Trailer

Housemates were shown Vishwaroopam 2 movie trailer

Kamal praised Kargil War Veteran

Kamal praised the contribution of his friend's friend Vir Chakra Recipient Colonel Lalit Rai during the Kargil War

Housemates Surprised wearing Vishwaroopam 2 Tee Shirt

Housemates Surprised Kamal wearing Vishwaroopam 2 Tee Shirt

Individual Time with Kamal

Each Housemates called individually to have conversation with Kamal in the confession room to identify who they feel stronger, who they feel that person shouldnt win and who they feel existance in house of no use just like a dummy. Kamal realised Riythvika answered all questions honestly

Mumtaz on Target

Kamal asked housemates about the arrogant and adamant behaviour of Mumtaz, all felt that she always raise voice and commands others in the house

All Complaints on Mumtaz

Shariq, Senrayan, Mahat and few others feel the same that Mumtaz adamant behaviour is not good. Kamal also feel the same

Day 42 : Episode 43 - 29 July 2018
Promo 1

Week Eviction

Promo 2

Discussion on Ponnambalam Behaviour and Culture Talk

Bigg Boss Fun Moments

Housemates were shown the mistakes made by them as Bloopers, raised concern on Hygiene

Kamal Assignment to Mumtazz

Kamal asked Mumtaz to include Senrayan in the cooking team. Mumtaz refused but Kamal made it as an assignment for her

Ponnambalam Questioned

Kamal questioned the bad misconceptions and calculation which is in the mind of Ponnambalam and questioned his culture by showing him his behaviour in Kurum Padam

Yashika Saved

Kamal announced Yashika is saved by the people

Ponnambalam Safe

Kamal told Ponnambalam also safe from the eviction

Vaishnavi Eviction

Kamal announced Vaishnavi as the person for this week eviction after saying its a close call cause of less margin in votes count

Final Selfie

Vaishnavi clicks final selfie with Housemates

The Plant

Vaishnavi gave the plant to Daniel

Vaishnavi in Secret Room

Vaishnavi gets another opportunity to continue in the show by entering Secret Room

Vaishnavi Observation

Vaishnavi observes whatever Housemates say about her to Kamal

Talk from Secret Room

Kamal gave encouragement and motivation to Vaishnavi by getting strong from Secret Room

Mumtaz Vs Senrayan

Mumtaz and Senrayan does not get good sync as they have issues being in the same team of cooking

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Sixth Week Eviction Nomination

Mahath, Ponnambalam, Yashika, Vaishnavi and Mumtaz

Sixth Week Eviction - Sent To Secret Room


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