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Season 2 Week 7

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 43 : Episode 44 - 30 July 2018
Promo 1

Aishwarya Vs Bhalajie

Promo 2

Bhalajie Words, Mahat Furious

Promo 3

Mumtaz Vs Mahat

Aishwarya Cooking Team Plan

Aishwarya plans to add Janani in to the cooking team along with Mumtaz and Senrayan

Vaishnavi Observes from Secret Room

Vaishnavi watches everything from the secret room and told Aishwarya is planning and doing for something

Aishwarya wants Janani in Cooking Team

Aishwarya forced Janani to be in cooking team even after many times that she is not a good cook and Bhalajie ready to be in cooking team

Team Separation

Aishwarya divided housemates in to teams with major twist being she wanted to make Cooking team as Mumtaz, Senrayan and Janani. Then when Mumtaz raised concern both Senrayan and Janani not good in cooking, Aishwarya suggested Ponnambalam but later changed to add Bhalajie in the team with the thought having both Mumtaz and Ponnambalam being a major cook need not be in the same team rather take turns for the weeks to come. Daniel was told to support whenver needed as he has injured his finger

Aishwarya Commands

Aishwarya commands Janani not to clean rice as it is the duty of cooking team to do it

Aishwarya told not to Help

Aishwarya told Shariq not to help cooking team to arrange items in the shelf and told these are the duties of cooking team, Mumtaz and Bhalajie get irritated

Aishwarya the Leader

Aishwarya told Mumtaz and Bhalajie that she wants to be in the leader position firmly and wants to do it properly. Mumtaz warned Aishwarya not to give her hard time and be in a limit else she will lose temper

Maggi Masala Cooking Competition

Housemates were divided in to two teams to compete for Maggi Masala Cooking Competition with one team cooks Veg and other does Non Veg dishes. Ponnambalam, Riythvika, Janani and Senrayan comprises Veg Side

Maggi Masala Cooking Competition

Whereas Daniel, Shariq, Aishwarya and Yashika in the Non Veg Side. Mahat and Bhalajie made Judge to decide which items are good

Non Veg Dishes Wins

Non Veg team Dishes made with Maggi Masala wins the competition

Mahat Clarification

Mahat called housemates for meeting and told be transparent rather than doing back biting, others clarified too and one major being do not use abusive words which made an argument between Aishwarya and Bhalajie

Senrayan Upset

Senrayan upset on Bhalajie that why he always blame on him without any reason

Day 44 : Episode 45 - 31 July 2018
Promo 1

Aishwarya throws Garbage on Bhalajie

Promo 2

Aishwarya Vs Bhalajie

Promo 3

Mahat in angry mode

Weekly Eviction Nomination

Housemates did open eviction process shredding nominated housemates pic

Bhalajie Upset

Bhalajie upset on Mahat indirect comment on him to talk directly instead talking at the back. Bhalajie wanted to speak with Bigg Boss and refused to nominate

Aishwarya Cried

Aishwarya cried saying Bhalajie did scold her badly and spoiled her name

Yashika Abdomen Pain

Yashika in Abdomen Pain and wanted to consult doctor

Yashika for the Treatment

Yashika was taken inside for the treatment for her Abdomen Pain

Mahat Cried

Mumtaz cried because he felt being the reason for Bhalajie upset

Senrayan Birthday

Senrayan celebrated his Birthday with Cake Cutting

Dictatorship Task

Bigg Boss made Aishwarya the Dictator, Janani the Advisor and Daniel the Body Guard and rest being common people. Bigg Boss also mentioned that Aishwarya will get the immune power if she does the task well. Yashika said to play Spy for the dictator

Dictator watches Happening in Screen

Dictator were asked to make their own rules and watches what is happening inside the house thru special TV. Bhalajie, Shariq, Riythvika and Ponnambalam made comments about her

Rules Announced

Dictator Bodyguard announced all the rules with the last 5 one being anonymous, will be made any time she wants

Rani Maharani Song

People has to sing Rani Maharani song both morning as well as night time

Garbage on Bhalajie

Dictator Queen Aishwarya throwed Garbage on Bhalajie as punishment

Aishwarya in Angry Mode

Dictator Aishwarya unable to control her anger and went furious on those who talked bad about her

Cleaning the Garbage

Senrayan, Mumtaz, Riythvika tried to clean the garbage but Balji not to do it. Mumtaz unable to stop crying

Shariq and Riythvika Clothes in Pool

Aishwarya commanded to throw Shariq and Riythvika clothes to be throwed in to the swimming pool for making comments like breaking and burning the queen statue

Senrayan Sweared

Aishwarya asked Senrayan to scold Balji with five bad words and he did say to Bhalajie

Day 45 : Episode 46 - 01 August 2018
Promo 1

Dictator Aishwarya Vs Senrayan

Promo 2

Straight Forward Ponnambalam

Promo 3

Shariq Vs Mumtaz

Mahat Gets Furious

Mahat gets angry by seeing Aishwarya actions, Bhalajie asks him to control

Shariq Angry

Shariq angry as well, tearing posters of Aishwarya

Senrayan Cooking

Senrayan does his cooking task with no experience

Aishwarya Disturbs Bhalajie

Aishwarya disturbs Bhalajie when he decided to stay away from the task and sleep

Mahat Feeding Task

Mahat was asked to feed Bhalajie but he refused to eat and spit food

Aishwarya Emotional

Aishwarya were emotional saying that some people spoke about her and her family badly

Bhalajie gets Food

Bhalajie gets food to eat during late night with the help of Senrayan

Aishwarya Vs Senrayan

Aishwarya took the cup away from Senrayan when he tried to have tea in the morning, resulted in big clash between the two

Senrayan refused to apology

Senrayan refused to apology for his angry reactions and words used on dictator queen Aishwarya

Senrayan Punishment

Senrayan were splashed with water mixed with shampoo and eggs as a punishment

Mahat Punishment

Mahat were asked to kneel down as the punishment for sleeping

Shariq Duty

Shariq duty is to protect the Dictator Queen Statue

Day 46 : Episode 47 - 02 August 2018
Promo 1

Vaishnavi Returns from Secret Room

Promo 2

Common People Protest

Promo 3

Vaishnavi Advices

Senrayan was asked to apology

Senrayan was asked to apology so everyone can have breakfast, but Senrayan refused to do it

Housemates Meeting

Housemates had meeting and asked Senrayan to apology at the Dictator Queen

Watched Live From Activity Room

Dictator Queen Aishwarya and her Advisor and Body Guard watches the housemates meeting live thru the TV from the activity room

Senrayan Apology

Senrayan apologized by considering the breakfast of the Housemates

Bhalajie in the Task or Not

Aishwarya with her assistants checked Bhalajie is in task or not

Bhalajie protects Statue

After confirming Bhalajie is in the task, he was asked to clean bathroom, then by considering the health, he swapped his job with the Statue Protector Shariq

Yashika Vs Riythvika

Yashika asked Riythvika to say bad things straight on her face instead of talking at the back

Mad Queen took Curry away

Dictator Queen Aishwarya gets mad and took away the Curry to the activity room after seeing some bad conduct of common people

Senrayan feeds Mumtaz

Senrayan was asked to feed Mumtaz so that everyone can have the lunch. Mumtaz initially refused to get feed by someone but later agreed for just one time feed

Riythvika Punishment

Riythvika was asked to kiss all the posters of the queen

Irritating Task for Mahat

Mahat has to do things to irritate Cooking Team which comprises of Riythvika and Yashika

Irritating Task for Shariq and Ponnambalam

Similarly Shariq has to irritate Mumtaz with some activities and Ponnambalam has to always advice Mumtaz

Senrayan Punishment

Senrayan punishment to splash water on the arrested people

Mad Queen and Crew watches Live

Dictator Queen along with her subordiantes watches everything live which is happening in the jail

People Protest

Arrested people started to protest inside the jail

Bigg Boss calls Ponnambalam

Bigg Boss calls Ponnambalam and asked him to push Aishwarya into the pool to finish the task

Mad Queen into the Water

Aishwarya pushed into the Swimming pool to complete the task

Aishwarya Cried

Aishwarya with huge frustration, ran towards the confession room and started to cry without any control

Housemates Justification

Housemates initially felt holding her in the throat was bad but later justified it is just a task, so nothing to worry as Aishwarya also did similar treatment to others

Appreciation for Aishwarya

Bigg Boss appreciated Aishwarya for her excellent performance in the task

Day 47 : Episode 48 - 03 August 2018
Promo 1

Ponnambalam Isolated

Promo 2

Ghajinikanth Movie Team Promo

Promo 3

Aishwarya wants to Quit

Immunity Power

Aishwarya was given Immunity power of no eviction nomination for next week for her good performance in the task

Aishwarya Mistake

Janani pointed out throwing Garbage on Bhalajie is the only mistake

Talks about Bhalajie

Housemates discuss about Bhalajie Behaviour

Vaishnavi is Back

Vaishnavi is back from Secret Room

Vaishnavi Ranking

Vaishnavi ranked housemates based on being honest

Vaishnavi Explains

Vaishnavi explained Housemates how some looked fake when she saw from Secret Room. Senrayan trolls her in response to it

Aishwarya Punishment

Aishwarya punished for splashing water on Camera, she was asked to apology each and every camera

Ponnambalam Punishment

Ponnambalam isolated from the house for physical violance to others especially strangling Aishwarya

Aishwarya Apologized

Aishwarya said Sorry to Bhalajie and asked to be like before

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates get 2200 Luxury Budget Points from the total 2400 Points. 200 Points deducted for Bhalajie not involvement in the task

Captainship Competition

Aishwarya selected best performers Shariq and Riythvika from the People and they competed for leadership task to planting the rose on the ground. Shariq wins the competition and becomes captain of the week, made teams

Daniel Plan

Daniel lied housemates can eat only after Bhalajie finished eating

Bhalajie Eats

Bhalajie agreed to eat and ate the food

Ghajinikanth Team Promo

Ghajinikanth team comprises Arya, Satish and Director Santhosh enters the Bigg Boss House

DD in the House

DD also enters the house along with Ghajinikanth Team

Arya Talks

Arya and others share their experience of the movie

Ghajinikanth Trailer

Ghajinikanth Trailer was shown to the Housemates

Ghajinikanth Released Today

Ghajinikanth Trailer entertains Housemates

Sathish advice to Aishwarya

Satish told that Garbage incident made him anger

Sathish View

Sathish shares how viewers see housemates

Day 48 : Episode 49 - 04 August 2018
Promo 1

Kamal back for Weekend show

Promo 2

Kamal Angerness

Aishwarya Vs Mumtaz

Aishwarya Upset about Mumtaz raising the question to Sathish abouth the Garbage Incident

Vaishnavi Points Mistake Did By Ponnambalam

Vaishnavi told Bhalajie whatever Ponnambalam did like strangling the throat of Aishwarya during task is wrong

Ponnambalam Punishment Over

Bigg Boss announced Ponnambalam punishment time is over

Yashika Birthday

Yashika celebrated her birthday with cake cutting

Aishwarya Arrogance

Kamal asked Aishwarya come back to normal, not the Dictator Aishwarya and start loving others

Ponnambalam Mistake

Kamal pointed out strangling the throat of Aishwarya during task looked bad

Bhalajie Views

Kamal asked Bhalajie about the behaviour of Bhalajie and about the dictator task

Mumtaz, Mahat and Shariq reactions

Kamal asked about Mumtaz, Mahat and Shariq reactions during the task

Kurum Padam

Kamal showed Kurum Padam of Bhalajie having food during night time after saying other he is fasting and avoiding having food during task

Kamal Trolls Mahat

Kamal makes fun of Mahat saying Night Vision videos is working well and people can notice well what is happening in the night time and said Kurum padam will be shown later, not now

Eviction Talks

Kamal asked Housemates in Eviction list about their views of them during eviction nomination

Riythvika Saved

Kamal announced Riythvika is saved from Eviction

Day 49 : Episode 50 - 05 August 2018
Promo 1

Week Eviction

Promo 2

Senrayan Fun

Sorry all the way

Aishwarya and Bhalajie apologized eachother to remain good

Bhalajie and Aishwarya

Both now joined together and showed their respect and care for eachother

Bhalajie Kurum Padam

Housemates were shown Kurum Padam of Bhalajie using abusive words. Kamal adviced Bhalaji to mind his words

Mumtaz Saved

Kamal announced Mumtaz Saved from this week eviction by people

Ponnambalam Safe

Regular Eviction List Contender Ponnambalam also Saved by the people

Weekly Eviction

Kamal announced Shariq Hassan as the person for this week eviction

Housemates Upset

Few Housemates such as Janani and Bhalajie nominated cause there were no other people to nominate got upset because of Shariq Eviction

Shariq Final Bye

Shariq said final bye to housemates by giving some gifts

Eviction Selfie

Shariq took final selfie with the housemates

Plant for Aishwarya

Shariq gave his plant to Aishwarya

Final Moments from the House

Shariq said bye and left the house

Housemates Cried

Aishwarya, Yashika, Mumtaz and Janani cried for the Shariq Exit

Shariq final talks

Shariq joined by his Mom Uma Riyaz Khan and friends to have final talks with Kamal Hassan

Yashika New Week Captain

Supposed to be Week Captain Shariq got evicted, so he was given a responsible to choose next week captain, He chosed Yashika as the next week captain

Eviction Nomination Plan

Aishwarya, Yashika and Mahat planned to nominate Riythvika, Senrayan, Bhalajie and Janani for next week eviction nomination. Mahat agreed to nominate Rasam Riythvika and Sendu Senrayan. Aishwarya and Yashika decided to nominate Riythvika for sure

Riythvika Birthday

Housemates celebrated Riythvika Birthday with cake cutting

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Seventh Week Eviction Nomination

Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Mahat, Riythvika, Mumtaz and Shariq

Seventh Week Eviction

Shariq Hassan

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