Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 8

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 50 : Episode 51 - 06 August 2018
Promo 1

A Group Talk About Other Group

Promo 2

Mahath Vs Bhalajie

Promo 3

Yashika Power To Evict Someone Directly

Team Separation for Cooking, Washing and Cleaning

Captain Yashika did the Team Separation job for Cooking, Washing and Cleaning Tasks

Eviction Nomination Process

Housemates were asked to come individually like traditional way to Confession Room and asked to do Eviction Nomintaion process

Captain Power

Yashika with her power added Janani into Eviction Nomination list along with Senrayan and Ponnambalam

Nomination Aftermath Discussion

Janani is upset with Group formation with Daniel saying others to choose Janani for nomination with codewords as Fried Rice. Bhalajie and Riythvika felt bad and included their views as well

Complaint Box

Housemates were asked to write and put their complaints about other housemates. Yashika were set to judge the task

Housemates had mixed feelings

Housemates had mixed feelings after the Nomination Process. Some felt happy, others not

Game, Pack, Read Slogan and Get into Car Task

Housemates were divided into two teams and set to play a game. Team Red and Yellow. Red comprises of Daniel, Mumtaz, Sendrayan, Riythvika and Vaishnavi. Team Yellow comprises of Mahat, Janani, Aishwarya, Bhalajie and Ponnambalam

Game, Pack, Read Slogan and Get into Car Task

And whichever team finishes the game first has to pack their luggages

Game, Pack, Read Slogan and Get into Car Task

Then goto Activity Room, Read Slogan, Put the luggages in the dicky and then get into Car

Game, Pack, Read Slogan and Get into Car Task

Team Red finished everything first but forgot about the Slogan. Eventually Team Yellow wins the Task

Complaint Box Task

Each Housemates were asked with their questions. At one instance Mumtaz pulls all the Housemates asking why she was not treated like the other Housemates

Janani Pulled Daniel

Janani questioned Daniel about his technique of forming groups and nominating people who he dont like. Especially today he did in case of her calling out as Veg Fried Rice

Typical Complaint Letter of the Task

Janani letter showing what she has complained about

Senrayan Request

Senrayan requested all housemates that do not see him as innocent and he told out clearly that he is not an idiot

Bhalajie Vs Mahat

Mahat got furious when Bhalajie said asking feedback from visitors entering the house is a stupid thing to do. Mahat went mad and shouted as usual with no one to control him

Daniel Taking the Situation as Advantage

Daniel took the situation of Mahat angerness as advantage and asked Housemates not to complaint about people forming group and asked leave everyone as they want to do

Day 51 : Episode 52 - 07 August 2018
Promo 1

New Task Imitating Housemates Based on Face on Tee Shirt They Get

Promo 2

Task Imitating Housemates

Promo 3

Task Imitating Housemates

Bhalajie Talks With Daniel

Bhalajie talks with Daniel and said it is getting projected bad when he take an advantage after Mahat Angerness to share his views of Gang formation. Bhalajie advices Daniel that he is getting projected bad because of those 2 girls but Daniel replied that everyone have impotance for their group as Bhalajie takes care of closed ones

Mahat Talks with Janani

Mahat said Janani that All are scapegoats in Bigg Boss House cause of Daniel and Bhalajie Cold War

Janani Talks With Daniel

Janani upset with Daniel cause of using codewords as Veg Fried Rice during nomination. Daniel replied her that Vaishnavi was his target not Janani

Codewords Discussion

Housemates discusses about codewords being used in the house. Vada Curry for Ponnambalam, Poriyal for Ponnambalam, Rasam for Riythvika, Szechuan Fried Rice for Senrayan and Basmati for Bhalajie

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Housemates must impersonate another housemate after wearing the Tee Shirt with the pictur of the housemate to impersonate

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Riythvika Judges the Task. Daniel imitates Yashika, Mumtaz imitates Aishwarya, Senrayan imitates Ponnambalam, Janani imitates Senrayan, Ponnambalam imitates Mahat, Mahat imitates Mumtaz, Yashika imitates Vaishnavi, Vaishnavi imitates Bhalajie, Bhalajie imitates Daniel

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Housemates had fun doing the task, imitated Baby Baby Song of Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya Group

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Daniel and Mumtaz acted perfectly as Yashika and Aishwarya respectively

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

All Housemates gave full effort for doing the task well, Mahat was missing at few instances

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Few Housemates did plan as well pointing other people mistakes

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Senrayan as Ponnambalam complaint about dressing showing Belly Button of Daniel as Yashika

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Yashika unable to control her laughter when acts goes on talking about exposing of Belly Button

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Senrayan as Ponnambalam touched Belly Button of Daniel as Yashika

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Housemates acted like complaining against bad behaviour of Senrayan imitating Ponnambalam. Ponnambalam acted like Mahat went on to beat Senrayan acting like Ponnambalam. Housemates had great fun

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Senrayan as Ponnambalam apologized for his bad behaviour

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Secret Task for Team Blue to make the other team member to do any 2 of the following - to get angry, to say quitting the game, to laugh, to beat somone, to get fear

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Ponnambalam were deeply performing the task, did almost everything of the secret task

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Team Blue plans even in smoking zone about the secret task implementation

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Bhalajie imitates Daniel. Daniel gets pissed off after seeing the performance of Bhalajie

Yennaipol Oruvan Task

Daniel wanted to react by making Mahat as Mumtaz to say Kusu Bhalajie but Maht ignored it as he is performing Mumtaz

Day 52 : Episode 53 - 08 August 2018
Promo 1

Housemates shocked after hearing M Karunanidhi Demise

Promo 2

Housemates saddened about Kalaigner Death

Promo 3

Housemates condolences

Mahat Dress Up

Mahat Dressed Up like Mumtaz adding few things to make back look bigger like Mumtaz

Mahat as Mumtaz

Mahat dressed up and acted like Mumtaz perfectly today

Mumtaz and Daniel Act

Mumtaz and Daniel well acted like Aishwarya and Yashika respectively by shouting at the barking dog for sleep

Belly Button Issue

Daniel again brought up the Belling Button Scenario Stating Senrayan acting like Ponnambalam trying to touch her Belly Button

Belly Button Issue

Yashika gets upset with belly button issue been brought up again

Blue Team Plans

Blue Team Plans to execute the secret task

Mahat as Mumtaz

Mahat acting like Mumtaz removed his bottom dress to make Mumtaz feel embarrassed

Dirty Incident

Daniel asked Mumtaz as Aishwarya to see something yellow in the bathroom to make her feel embarrassed

Boo Boo I Love You

Ponnamabalam disguised as Mahat were given idea by Yashika to say Boo Boo I Love you to pull the legs of Mahat, Mahat in response says Umapathy as the lover of Yashika

Ligament Tear Incident

As Yashika and Mumtaz planned, Mumtaz as Aishwarya acted like she is having ligament tear to check the involvement of Daniel as Yashika and Mahat as Mumtaz will come for helping Mumtaz as Aishwarya, but none came for help. So Mumtaz and Yashika concluded the blue team was not doing their task at all

Lizard Incident

Blue team guys pretended like they caught a lizard to throw at the one of the members of red team. Mahat throwed tissue as lizard on Janani as Senrayan to make her scared

Janani Scared

Janani scared of the blue team guys of throwing lizard so she called Ponnambalam as Mahat for security

Trolling Bhalajie

Blue team Senrayan teases Vaishnavi as Bhalajie by calling Kusu Bhalajie to make real Bhalajie anger to complete the secret task, but Bhalajie did not react

Do not go personal

Judge Riythvika asked Housemates not to get personal information of a housemate in the task, like bringing up lover name and family issues

Ponnambalam cools Mahat

Ponnambalam controlled Mahat angerness with his hugs and made him cool

Yashika Upset and Clears Others Views

Yashika upset about how people showing her characters, indirectly saying how Daniel projecting her showing belly button all the time and playing with it using Senrayan and clearing the view of Aishwarya that ligament tear incident used to show how well the blue team in the task where Daniel as Yashika and Mahat as Mumtaz did not react when Mumtaz as Aishwarya was pretending like being in pain

Vaishnavi Removes Dress

Vaishnavi as Bhalajie removes dress in front of Bhalajie to make him feel embarrassed

Yennaipol Oruvan Task Ends

Housemates felt happy and relief once Bigg Boss Announced end of the task

Demise of M Karunanidhi

Bigg Boss Shares the information of Kalaigner M Karunanidhi Death

Housemates Saddened

Housemates saddened and shared their condolences of people greatest loss

Day 53 : Episode 54 - 09 August 2018
Promo 1

Vaishnavi Upset

Promo 2

Senrayan Complaints

Promo 3

Riythvika Nose Cut to Vaishnavi

Housemates Sad

Housemates show their sadness cause of M Karunanidhi Demise

Beauty Talk

Little argument erupted cause of Vaishnavi said Riythvika that Riythvika will not look good with makeup, that she dont need makeup, upset Riythvika a bit and she replied that Vaishnavi dont have to say anything and she knows she is already beautiful

Yashika and Aishwarya about Mahat

Yashika and Aishwarya talks about Mahat and Shariq as they have given more space to them and they spoiled their name. Yashika said Mahat will say lies if he has to say something about her to his girlfriend

Vessel Washing Issues

Vessel Washing team comprises of Daniel, Mumtaz and Ponnambalam had confusions among them who has to do washing at which shift

Yennai Pol Oruvan Task Result

Bigg Boss asked Riythvika to choose Best and Worst performers for each task. Riythvika choosed Janani and Aishwarya as best performers. And choosed Daniel and Ponnambalam as Worst performers. Bigg Boss gave full points for task 2200 points plus secret task 500 points minus 200 points ends in 2500 points

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates did luxury budget Shopping

Janani Calculation Mistake

Janani who was writing made mistake in calculation

Housemates might lose all

By Janani mistake who puts blame on Mumtaz as she shouted 2100 instead 0f exact 2200. Now Housemates are in fear of losing whole luxury budget points

Vaishnavi Cry

Vaishnavi cries cause of Daniel not treating her properly


Housemates shared their condolences for Kalaigner Death

Debate Task

Housemates were given topics to debate with the format 2 housemates against 2 other housemates. Janani made judge for the task

Debate Task Result

Janani judged Vaishnavi as best performer and Senrayan as worst performer of the task

Day 54 : Episode 55 - 10 August 2018
Promo 1

Yashika Upset

Promo 2

Mumtaz calls Vaishnavi as Julie of last season

Promo 3

Sendrayan and Raiza Fun Act

Janani Justification

Janani justified her decision with others that Senrayan lost by complaining about Mumtaz

Aishwarya Upset about Daniel comment

Aishwarya upset about Daniel comment that Aishwarya was still in the house cause of Yashika existance

Yashika about Aishwarya

Yashika says that Aishwarya is not well matured

Luxury Budget Shopping Points Lost

Housemates lost Luxury Budget Shopping Points cause of total mistake by Janani

Janani Apologized

Janani took full responsibility and asked Sorry to other housemates

Weekly Leader Competition

Aishwarya and Janani competed in the Weekly Leader Physical competition to push the other competitor to the pool by using club

Aishwarya New Leader

Aishwarya beats Janani 2 - 0 to become the new leader, gave full freedom to Housemates in choosing the team they want to be

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Movie Crew in the House

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Movie Crew comprises Harish Kalyan, Raiza and Director Elan enters Bigg Boss House and played a task asking questions to each Housemate, one has to hide the answer while the rest show and later the corresponding person will reveal his answer for the question

Yashika Love and Vaishnavi compared with Julie

Questions like asking Mahat is that the relationship with Yashika is more than Friendship, Mahat replied No while rest including Yashika replied Yes. Question on Vaishnavi compared with Julie, everyone said yes to it. Later it hurted Vaishnavi

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Trailer

Housemates were shown Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Trailer

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Trailer

Housemates enjoyed Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Trailer

Harish Kalyan Lauds Bigg Boss House

Harish Kalyan praised Bigg Boss House and advised Housemates to take this as a great opportunity to get a nice career

Mumtaz Comfort Yashika

Mumtaz supported Yashika when she was feeling bad of Mahat reveals of there is no relationship than friendship between them

Yashika Explanation

Yashika explained how he started liking Mahat cause of his actions getting closer towards her

Yashika Upset

Yashika unable to control her feelings

Yashika Cried

Yashika cried saying that she has given more importance to others especially Mahat

Mumtaz Points Out Mistake

Mumtaz said Whatever Mahat behaves with Yashika is not right and after all that he said that this is just a friendship

Spit and Flushed

Yashika supported by Aishwarya pretending to spit and flush out all the feelings to get relief from it, Aishwarya said she already did it before for Shariq case

Back to Happiness

Girls back to happiness after decided to forget everything

Mahat Alone

Mahat feels by staying alone and thinking about whatever he has done

Day 55 : Episode 56 - 11 August 2018
Promo 1

Kamal Back for the weekend show commenting they may change getup but the character and behaviour will never change

Promo 2

Kamal Anger on Wasting Time for Useless Letter

Host Kamal moment with Kalaigner

Kamal Shares the moment of Kalaigner praising him

Surprise Start

Kamal said he wants to start with Eviction process but later it was about a letter by Daniel to him

Daniel Useless Letter

Daniel said the information in the letter is just to say out that who all will defend his points of Ponnambalam still behaving same like scolding girls but he wants to show others that Ponnambalam now changed. Kamal felt the letter is silly and throwed it away

Vaishnavi Angerness

Kamal also pointed out that Vaishnavi needs 5 minutes to tear everyone faces in the house due to her being treated badly Daniel during Task. Kamal gave time but she said she is not the person to do that way and win

Bathroom Cleaning

Kamal questioned many times that why she do not get involve in cleaning bathroom, she points her health issue. Mumtaz and Ponnambalam were the two who havent done cleaning job yet

Yennaipol Oruvan Bad Projection

Mumtaz and Yashika felt bad they have been projected bad by Mahat and Daniel respectively


Yashika and Aishwarya questioned by Kamal about nickname on housemates. Poriyal for Ponnambalam, Rasam for Riythvika, Jalapeno for Janani, Basunthi for Bhalajie, Vada Curry for Vaishnavi, Szechuan Fried Rice for Senrayan and just now made up nicknames for Maggi for Mahat and Dalda for Daniel said Daniel Himself

Yashika Love Sacrifice

Yashika revealed her love with Mahat and said she will sacrifice it for Mahat cause he is already in love with someone else

Day 56 : Episode 57 - 12 August 2018
Promo 1

Kamal in the house for Week Eviction

Promo 2

Fun Game

Housemates Lauds Yashika

Housemates praise Yashika for the excellent reply for her love feeling question

Yashika dont want Mahat gets Bad Name

Yashika told Mahat as well as others that she dont want Mahat to get bad name, so she saved her

Aishwarya says All to Mahat

Aishwarya says everything to Mahat that whatever Yashika told about Mahat to others

Mahat is confused

Mahat is confused and said what makes Yashika feel like that he is getting saved by her from getting bad name. He also said both have affair outside which is mutually known and he said Aishwarya and Mumtaz that why Yashika is saying out that she is saving Mahat from getting bad name

Vanja Pugazhchi Ani

Housemates were asked eachother to troll Sarcastically

Kamal Hassan enter Bigg Boss House

Kamal Hassan enters house saying that he has seen every other Bigg Boss House, so he felt like saying his own house

Panchayat Days

He also came into emphasize the Panchayat days which 4 days a year - 26 Jan, 1 May, 15 Aug and 2 Oct

Ponnambalam Evicted

Ponnambalam evicted from Bigg Boss House this week, he felt very happy that Kamal came into take him


Ponnambalam gave his Plant to Janani

Final Selfie

Ponnambalam clicks final selfie with housemates

Its Just Acting

Ponnambalam showed a demo like how he hold Aishwarya during the task, which he and kamal said that wont hurt anyone

Kamal acted as well

Kamal performed the same stunt with ponnambalam

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Eight Week Eviction Nomination

Senrayan, Ponnambalam and Janani

Eight Week Eviction


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