Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2 Week 9

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 57 : Episode 58 - 13 August 2018
Promo 1

Nomination Process, Vaishnavi Vs Daniel

Promo 2

Vaishnavi Vs Daniel

Promo 3

Bhalajie adviced Aishwarya and Yashika to take care of their life

Honesty in Love

Janani questioned Mumtaz that why Yashika did not say in public media she is already in love with someone else outside and why she told that she fell in love with Mahat. Mumtaz replied that Mahat told many times to Yashika that he is in love with her but when it comes to public reveal he changed it to just liking her

Mahat Not Stable

Mahat confused and looks for some alone time

Mahat is Upset

Mahat looks completely down and upset

VIVO V9 Image Clicking Task

Housemates divided into 3 teams and each team has to choose a image clicking mode and click picture of the Model Janani. Team 1 comprises of Vaishnavi, Yashika and Aishwarya clicks images in Bokeh Mode

VIVO V9 Image Clicking Task

Team 2 has Mumtaz, Bhalajie and Riythvika

VIVO V9 Image Clicking Task

Third Team has Daniel, Mahat and Senrayan. Daniel clicks image creatively

VIVO V9 Image Clicking Task

Mahat finds fault and made fun of it when Senrayan clicking the pic which upsets Senrayan

Nomination Discussion

When Bhalajie started to discuss on Eviction Nomination plan, Mumtaz told him that is not fair to discuss about nomination before the process

Nomination Discussion

Asusual like evert week, Daniel started his discussion job before Eviction Nomination process

Eviction Nomination Process

Housemates were asked to do nomination openly using Dart game

Bhalajie Reveals Truth and Advice

Bhalajie reveals the truth of Shariq used to say those talks and fun with the Girls are just for Time Pass, then Bhalajie Adviced Yashika and Aishwarya to concentrate on their careers

Nomination Discussion

Though Mumtaz Earlier told Bhalajie not to discuss about Nomination process but later she herself started the discussion to feed her idea with Aishwarya for captainship direct nomination power

Mumtaz Desperation

Mumtaz desperate and keen on bringing in Janani into the thoughts of Aishwarya, so Aishwarya can nominate her for direct nomination. Aishwarya had Janani and Riythvika in her mind

Working As A Team

Daniel seeking help for Nomination idea, Aishwarya told him to nominate Janani and Vaishnavi. Then he nominated them

Riythvika Nominated

Apart from already nominated Daniel, Janani, Senrayan and Vaishnavi. Aishwarya with her power added Riythvika to the list

Daniel Image Wins

Janani choosed the Image clicked by Daniel as the best one for the VIVO V9 Image Clicking Task

Day 58 : Episode 59 - 14 August 2018
Promo 1

Mahat Vs Daniel

Promo 2

Aishwarya Vs Mahat

Promo 3

Blue Vs Orange task

Doll Making Task

Housemates were divided into Two Teams Blue and Orange, Blue Team comprises of Mumtaz, Mahat, Janani, Senrayan and Vaishnavi. Orange team members are Bhalajie, Daniel, Aishwarya, Yashika and Riythvika. Teams have to collect the materials and make the dolls with it, Mumtaz and Bhalajie will do the quality check as the supervisor

Vaishnavi Ideas

Vaishnavi gave ideas to Mumtaz who can make dolls, then who can collect and who can block other team from collecting materials

Aishwarya Ideas

Aishwarya told Supervisor Bhalajie to reject dolls which are lean as well as hefty

Housemates Collects

Teams collects materials and made dolls with it. Blue Team dominated in making many dolls

Quality Check

Supervisors did their part by checking the quality of the other team dolls

One Side Encounter

Blue Team dominates by making more dolls than Orange Team


Blue Team Earns more as they were able to make more dolls

Money in the safe

Both teams were asked to keep the money in the safe and protect it

Mahat Vs Daniel

Mahat and Daniel had physical clash during the collecting the materials

Aishwarya Vs Vaishnavi

Aishwarya shouted at Vaishnavi for Vaishanavi locking Yashika during the task

Working Hard

Teams continue to work hard to make more dolls

Mumtaz Steals

Mumtaz steals the money from the Orange Team Safe

Blue Team Dominates

Blue Team completely dominates the task by making and earning more than the Orange Team

Daniel Complaints

Daniel and Bhalajie complaints about the phyical violence of the Mahat

Mahat Guts, Rest Scared

After the third round of collecting materials, Mahat went furious and entered Orange team working place and took one of their collected materials and returned, showed his complete guts and nobody wants to or scared to mess with him

Bhalajie Vs Senrayan

Yet again a small and friendly clash between Bhalajie and Senrayan

Day 59 : Episode 60 - 15 August 2018
Promo 1

Questioning Fair Play

Promo 2

Bhalajie Vs Mumtaz

Promo 3

Serious Arguments

Mahat, Yashika and Aishwarya Talk

Mahat, Yashika and Aishwarya Talks in the smoking room about giving up task victory for eachother but all are very serious to win in the task

Complete Protection

Mumtaz completely involved the game and protected the safe by keeping the head on it while sleeping

Task Continues

Task resumed in the night time

Mahat Steals

Mahat Steals Materials from other team, Blue team able to win and earn more money where Orange did not earn anything during this round

Supervisor Change

Supervisor changed for the Orange team for the poor performance of Bhalajie. Orange team other members choosed Yashika as the Supervisor

Collection Resumed

Task resumed with Aishwarya totally wanted to give fight to Mahat

Violent Collection

Mahat and Aishwarya involved in clashes to collect materials

No Use of Boundary

Apart from Red line where Housemates were asked to stand behind it during collecting materials. Mumtaz and Yashika created the line with their hands but of no use. Both Mahat and Aishwarya are uncontrollable

Yashika Twist

Orange Team finally able to win the task with Yashika strict quality checking

Mahat Proactive

Mahat after hearing the result from Yashika, he ran to steal money from Orange team safe but Riythvika followed to protect it

Mahat Aggresiveness

Mahat pushes Riythvika down as she tried to get money from Blue team safe

Riythvika Questions

Riythvika questions about the fair play of Blue Team especially Mahat Strange Behaviour

Daniel Joins

Daniel joins the conversation and complaints with Bhalajie but Mahat backlashed him saying that he is joining with the same guy that is Bhalajie who he used to scold before

Girls Plan

As the game gets little eased out, Yashika and Aishwarya plans to make use of opportunity and steal money from Blue Team Safe

Collecting Resumes

Same round collection resumed without the report that there wont be any more siren and same furious collecting continued by Mahat and Aishwarya

Mumtaz Frustrated

Orange team Supervisor Mumtaz frustrated as Yashika is not stopping Aishwarya from crossing the red line

Mumtaz Falls

Mumtaz fell down on her hip without Balance

Orange Team Aggressive Play

Orange Team decided to attack the safe of Blue Team to steal money

Mahat lifts Yashika

Mahat lifts Yashika and put her out of the Blue team area

Mahat Attacks

Mahat attacks the safe of Orange team but was saved by Yashika and Daniel

Day 60 : Episode 61 - 16 August 2018
Promo 1

Senrayan Vs Aishwarya and Yashika

Promo 2

Aishwarya and Yashika Vs Janani

Promo 3

Mahat Vs Mumtaz

Doll Making Task Continues

Mumtaz approved 3 dolls of the opponent side during the winner will 500 Bigg Boss Money Bonus

Strict Yashika

Yashika approved only one, upset Mumtaz. Mumtaz wanted to change her judgement but it was too late. Orange team wins Bonus 500 Bigg Boss Money

Mahat Cries

Mahat upset about happenings in the house and cries

Happy Independence Day

Housemates performed for wake up song AR Rahman Vande Maataram

Yashika wants fight

Yashika and Aishwarya bored of lazy game and they said the want to fight

Aishwarya and Yashika

Yashika and Aishwarya wanted to steel money from the Blue Team Safe

Was It Not Wrong

Yashika question Janani When Mahat steels that is not wrong but when they try to steel, it has been told that is not fair play

Rejected All

Both Yashika and Mumtaz rejected all dolls in the last round

Steeling is the only option

Steeling is the only option for Orange team to win, so Yashika and Aishwarya tries to steel money from the Blue team safe

Senrayan Aggresiveness

Senrayan gets angry and pulled Aishwarya hair after her weird behaviour to steel things from Blue team

Blue Team Wins

Blue Team wins the task cause of having more Bigg Boss Money

Kitchen Champ

Housemates were asked to choose best cook in the House, Everyone except two choosed Daniel as the Kitchen Champ. Daniel and Bhalajie choosed Senrayan for his help to Daniel during Task

Best and Worst of Orange Team

Yashika was choosed as the best performer and Bhalajie has been choosed as the Worst Performer in the Orange Team

Best and Worst of Blue Team

Mahat as the best and Senrayan as the worst performer choosed in the Blue Team

Yashika Listens

Yashika listens well to whatever Mumtaz says to her, Mumtaz justified why she choosed Senrayan as Least performer in her side

Mahat Shouted At Mumtaz

Mahat shouted at everyone that do not trust Mumtaz as she is acting as good in the house. Mahat was complete upset cause Mumtaz wanted choose herself as the best performer, he feels that he fought with others in the task and completely deserves the best performer

Day 61 : Episode 62 - 17 August 2018
Promo 1

Mahat Vs Yashika for Leadership

Promo 2

Mahat Vs Mumtaz

Promo 3

Senrayan supports Mumtaz

Mahat and Aishwarya Complaints

Mahat and Aishwarya complaints about Mumtaz to Janani and asked do not trust her as she acts and make her enemy closer to take revenge

Yashika advice to Mahat

Yashika asked Mahat why he has to save Janani and asked him to ignore certain things

Yashika Reveals The Truth

Yashika reveals the truth to Janani infront of Mumtaz that Mumtaz asked her to nominate Janani

Janani Clarifies

Janani asked the things clearly and was surprised with what things happening around her

Janani Upset

Janani was shocked that why people get closer and ask someone else to choose them for eviction nomination

Janani Cries

Mahat told Janani not to trust Mumtaz and Janani unable to control her tears ended up crying in the bedroom

Mahat Vs Mumtaz

Mahat continues to complaint about Mumtaz to everyone continously and asked all not to trust her

Save Water Task

Housemates were divided into 2 Teams, and was given less water accessibility to clean Clothes and Vessels. With Mahat and Vaishnavi are the judges, Team 1 comprises of Daniel, Senrayan, Yashika and Aishwarya

Team 2

Team 2 comprises of Janani, Mumtaz, Riythvika and Bhalajie

Team 2 Wins

Team 2 emerges as winners as they were able to wash more clothes and clean more vessels than other team

Save Water Promo

Housemates were shown promo to save water by consuming less water

Luxury Budget Shopping

Luxury budget shopping did by winning blue team by collecting items from broken balloon

Week Leader Task

Best Performers Mahat and Yashika competed in the week leader task, they were asked to canvas and get 3 housemates for support to throw paint ball in the task. The less the paint in the body wins the task

Yashika Week Leader

Yashika easily wins the week leader and assigns job for all

Mahat Complaints

Mahat completely against Mumtaz as he is completely upset about her play of showing love and cheating others

Panchayat Task

Mahat continues to complaint about Mumtaz even during the Panchayat Task, headed by Bhalajie

Day 62 : Episode 63 - 18 August 2018
Promo 1

Aishwarya angry on Mumtaz

Promo 2

Mumtaz imitates Aishwarya

Promo 3

Mahat calls Mumtaz as Evil

Senrayan feels

Senrayan feels now he has taken the spot of Ponnambalam to get nominate for eviction every week. he also not happy with why has been choosed as the least performer of the task

Mahat about Yashika

Mahat wonders why Yashika is behind Mumtaz as she is the one who gave points to talk against Mumtaz

Yashika Responded

Yashika responded and asked what wrong she told about Mumtaz except Janani issues and saying she keeps enemies closer to finish them

Mahat and Aishwarya Furious

Mahat and Aishwarya shouted at Mumtaz saying she is a good actor and cheating all in the house by showing Love. Aishwarya wanted to leave the house as she is getting stress cause of issue with Mumtaz

Mahat Question Yashika

Mahat questions Yashika that why she is behind Mumtaz after saying bad about her, Mahat asked Yashika as is she planning for something

Fuck Off

Yashika responded saying that put all the blame on her and finally said Fuck Off

Mahat and Aishwarya complaints

Mahat and Aishwarya complaints to Kamal

Mumtaz a Big Evil

Mahat and Aishwarya says Mumtaz a big evil cause she acts, keep enemies nearer and finishes them showing love

Riythvika Saved

Kamal announced that people saved Riythvika from the eviction

Exit if you want

After seeing Aishwarya said she wanted to leave earlier in the episode, Kamal said the main door will opened for 5 mins, people wish to leave can exit

Main Door Open To Exit

Aishwarya said she is getting bad name every day so she wants to leave, stopped by Mahat, Daniel and Bhalajie

Daniel Scared

Daniel accepted he was scared at Mahat when he came to hit him and so he got away from his view during the task

Punishments for Mahat

Kamal punished Mahat for his fighting Behaviour against Daniel and especially against Riythvika. Mahat was punished to hold umbrella for Riythvika and help Daniel whenever he needs. Senrayan said he also suffered cause of Mahat. Sendrayan punished for his assault against Aishwarya, asked to hold umbrella for Aishwarya

Kamal in Control

Kamal well in control in taking the episode in very interesting way by implementing his own task by bringing housemates to activity room

Views about Each Housemate

Each Housemate has to stand alone and others has to say their views about that Housemate

Riythvika said Mumtaz is Real

Unlike others, Riythvika said Mumtaz is real genuine person and she shows love naturally

Day 63 : Episode 64 - 19 August 2018
Promo 1

Views about Others

Promo 2

Eviction Process

Opinion about Housemates Continues

Most of the housemates said Mahat is not having any strategy to be in the house and win

Best of Opinion about Housemates

Riythvika was choosen as the best person to have given best opinions about other housemates. Kamal said she deserves prize for it and it will be announced by Bigg Boss soon

Janani Saved

Kamal announced People have Saved Janani from the evcition

Daniel is Safe

Daniel also been saved

Task for last two

Kamal asked Senrayan to go to Store room and Vaishnavi to the Confession Room for some news

Confession Room

Vaishnavi waited in the Confession room for the news

Store Room

Similarly Senrayan waited in the Store room

Vaishnavi Evicted

Kamal revealed to the viewers that Vaishnavi is the housemate to get evicted today

Senrayan Saved

Housemates went to see the Senrayan waiting in the confession room

Vaishnavi Opinions

Vaishnavi shared her opinions about each and every housemate in the house

Senrayan Fun

Senrayan made fun of Vaishnavi in the end asking Kamal to end the show as its for Vaishnavi to stop talking

Bhalajie Advice to Yashika

Bhalajie adviced Yashika to leave Aishwarya alone for a while cause Aishwarya is showing attitude once she is in a group

Punishment for being Rude

Mahat and Senrayan did their punishment by holding umbrella for Riythvika and Aishwarya respectively

Mahat Promise

Mahat asked Housemates to nominate him for the Eviction and gets promise from them

Mahat Blames Yashika

Mahat points out Yashika who started every issues with Mumtaz but she remained calm and silent but he became furious. And Mahat said this information to Janani. Janani adviced Mahat not to listen to anyone and react

Love will Stay

Mahat said that love and affection will continue to remain the same even if Yashika stays away from him and Aishwarya

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Ninth Week Eviction Nomination

Daniel, Janani, Riythvika, Senrayan and Vaishnavi

Ninth Week Eviction


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