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Season 3 Week 1

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Episode 1 - 23 June 2019
The Grand Opening - Starting Today
The Grand Opening - Promo 1
The Grand Opening - Promo 2
An Introduction - Contestants Entered House

Kamal Hassan show cases the place and invited the contestants. 15 Contestants entered the house.

Day 1 : Episode 2 - 24 June 2019
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The Start

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Meter Counter for Electricity and Water Consumption

Vanitha Vijayakumar - First Week Captain

Housemates were asked to pick cards for daily work, Vanitha become Captain.

Abhirami Crush on Kavin

Abhirami told Sherin and Sakshi that she have crush on Kavin.

Day 2 : Episode 3 - 25 June 2019
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Vanitha Vs Sakshi

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Emotional Mohan Vaithya

Promo 3

New Entry To The House Today

Vanitha Vs Sakshi - Pongal Issue. Kavin Avoids Abhirami. Meera Mithun enters House

Sandy Thogur Singing Class. Sakshi and Vanitha had argument on having Pongal daily. Kavin avoids Abhirami saying he likes flirting but not serious on anything cause relationship takes time. Sandy makes environment lovely with his Thoguru Raagam. Meera Mithun enters the house at the end of the day. Abhirami, Sakshi, Vanitha and Sherin are not happy with her arrival. Meera mingled with other housemates with tasks given to her.

Day 3 : Episode 4 - 26 June 2019
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Vanitha and Abhirami Vs Meera

Promo 2

Broken Reshma about her life story for Luxury Budget Task

Vanitha and Abhirami Vs Meera

Mohan Thogur Dance Class. Vanitha supported Abhirami and went against Meera.

Luxury Budget Task

Mohan, Reshma, Abhirami and Sherin answered to their questions with their life experience they got from bowl in Luxury Budget Task.

Day 4 : Episode 5 - 27 June 2019
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Kavin Fun Flirts

Promo 2

Meera Cries, Abhirami gives Water

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Saravanan in Tears

Meera Fashion Choreography

Task for Meera

Fathima with Meera to Ease Situation.

Fathima and Cheran ease the situation between Meera and Abhirami. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Cheran, Tharshan, Madhumitha and Saravanan.

Dancing in the Rain

Housemates enjoyed dancing in the rain.

Day 5 : Episode 6 - 28 June 2019
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Mad Vanitha Hurts Meera

Promo 2

Angry Mohan Hurts Tharshan

Promo 3

Emotional Vanitha in Luxury Budget Task

Vanitha Vs Meera cause of Hook and Work Issue. Luxury Budget Task Continues

Fathima Laughter Theraphy. Meera asked Mohan for fixing the hook on her dress. Mohan complaint to Captain Vanitha of his uncomfortness says Vanitha, told Meera but Meera wasnt ready to listen refusing Mohan is like my Dad. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Vanitha, Kavin, Fathima and Sakshi. Cat fight using words by Vanitha and Madhumitha against Meera.

Day 6 : Episode 7 - 29 June 2019
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Host Kamal Hassan makes visit for weekend show

Promo 2

Sandy Fun

Luxury Budget Task Continues. Host Kamal returns for the Weekend show

Losliya Singing Class. Vaithya upsets Tharshan, asks not to call him dad butg later apologized. Vanitha not happy with Meera, Sandy and Kevin coming late for the task. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Sandy, Losliya and Mugen. Bottle game between Kavin and Losliya for Brother-Sister-Lover Issue. Kamal back for the Weekend Show.

Day 7 : Episode 8 - 30 June 2019
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Madhumitha comment on Abhirami Character

Promo 2

Housemates Turned Against Madhumitha

Promo 3

Next Week Captain

Promo 4

Losliya makes fun of Housemates as a Newsreader

Madhumitha Comment stating I am Tamil Girl Erupts Clash with Abhirami and Friends.

Kamal asked Newsreaders Fathima and Losliya to state whats happening in the house. Madhumitha asked Fathima to avoid the bottle baby fun play of Abhirami and Mugen in the news. But Fathima conveyed in the news. Madhumitha commented that fun play is not good for Tamil Culture erupts clash between Abhirami and Madhumitha. Most of the Housemates Sherin, Sakshi, Vanitha and Kavin supported Abhirami and started cornering Madhumitha.

Mohan Vaithya, Captain for Next Week

Saravanan gets more Hearts than others. Meera complaints about Vanitha Captaincy. Cheran upset with Meera. Mohan becomes new captain and assigns job for other Housemates. Madhumitha not happy with what happened today and asks herself whether she has to be real or act.

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