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Season 3 Week 3

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 15 : Episode 16 - 08 July 2019
Promo 1

Meera upset with Losliya

Promo 2

Sakshi Jealous of Kavin talking to Losliya

Promo 3

Abhirami Seeking Good Name with her Friends

Eviction Nomination List

Madhumitha, Meera, Mohan, Saravanan and Vanitha

Meera with Losliya

Meera told Losliya that she is upset with her cause Losliya voted against Meera in the weekend show but Losliya replied that she was not happy now with what Meera doing by joining with the other group to isolate Madhumitha.

Captaincy Task

Abhirami won the task cause both Tharshan and Sandy has given up for Abhirami.

Abhirami Upset

Abhirami gets upset as her friends are getting closer to Meera.

Sakshi Unhappy

Sakshi gets jealous on Losliya and not happy with Kavin as he started talking with Losliya.

Vanitha Vs Abhirami

Vanitha goes hard on Abhirami as she used the word Fish Market for saying Vanitha shouting alot.

Vanitha Plan

Vanitha master planning again to get closer with Madhumitha saying she wanted to bring her real face out.

Day 16 : Episode 17 - 09 July 2019
Promo 1

Kavin Flirts With Losliya

Promo 2

Luxury Budget Task

Promo 3

Kavin Play with Losliya hurts Sakshi

Luxury Budget Task

Meera Yoga Class. Kavin Started Flirting with Sakshi. Luxury Budget Task with Cemetery Setup for Murderer Task. Vanitha and Mugen are murderer and murderer friend respectively and they are supposed to murder Bigg Boss instructed Housemates one by one with a task.

First Murder

Vanitha was instructed through phone by Bigg Boss to remove make up of Sakshi by herself to murder her.

Sakshi Killed

Bigg Boss Announced Sakshi is killed surprised Housemates.

Kavin Act

Kavin acted by missing Sakshi showing sad face.

Second Murder

Vanitha gets second call for killing Mohan to make him dance like Michael Jackson.

Mohan Killed

Mohan dead and joined Sakshi in the Cemetery.

Day 17 : Episode 18 - 10 July 2019
Promo 1

Cheran Vs Meera

Promo 2

Tharshan Fun With Sherin

Promo 3

Madhumitha about Sakshi

Meera Vs Cheran

Cheran not happy with Meera working in his team. Argument created rift between the two. Mohan hurt many times cause of Sandy Tease.

Third Murder

Vanitha gets first call of the day for instruction to kill Sherin by making her to kiss Tharshan.

Sherin Killed

Sherin dead and joined Sakshi and Mohan in the Graveyard.

Fourth Murder

Vanitha gets instruction to kill Reshma in her fourth call, to make her partner Mugen act like accidental drop of Cold Coffee on Reshma.

Reshma Killed

Reshma dead and joined other three in the Cemetery.

Losliya and Madhumitha

All Suspect Losliya and Madhumitha as the Murderer. Funny Funeral Speech at the end of the day. Vanitha, Mohan and Reshma talks about Fathima exit as good thing for the house as negativity left from the house.

Day 18 : Episode 19 - 11 July 2019
Promo 1

Talks on Kavin and Losliya by Housemates, hurts Sakshi

Promo 2

Angry Saravanan

Promo 3

Reality Of House in Song

Luxury Budget Task Cops and Ghost Medium

Bigg Boss called Kavin and Meera, made Inspector and Constable respectively. Sandy was made Ghost Medium.

Police Interrogation

Kavin and Meera took few housemates for Interrogation.

Kavin Romance

Kavin getting closer with Losliya when Sakshi stays outside as Ghost.

Sakshi Jealousy

Cheran called Sakshi to check what Kavin doing with Losliya.

Fifth Murder

Vanitha and Mugen has to take gun of Kavin and hide it to kill him.

Kavin Killed

Kavin Dead and Joined other Ghosts in the Graveyard.

Truth Revealed

Vanitha revealed that She and Mugen did all the Murders.

Task Special Video

Special video displayed how the Murder done by Vanitha and Mugen during the task.

Best Performers

Housemates named Vanitha, Mohan and Sakshi as best performers, first two for the task and last for overall week respectively.

Worst Performers

Cheran and Saravanan was choosed as worst performers. Worst performers was told to go to Jail. Few Housemates were not happy and talked whether someone else can go instead of them. Losliya asked can she goto Jail instead of Cheran which instigate angerness on Vanitha, hurts Losliya.

Kavin Consoles Losliya

Losliya asked Kevin to stop talking with her. Kavin asked Losliya not to cry.

Saravanan Angry and Upset

Saravanan in complete angerness and thorough upset cause nobody talked in support of him.

Day 19 : Episode 20 - 12 July 2019
Promo 1

Vanitha Vs Tharshan

Promo 2

Sherin Appreciates Tharshan Braveness

Promo 3

O Butterfly

Cheran and Kavin in Jail. Released Next Day. Luxury Budget Task Shopping

Cheran and Kavin went to Jail for poor performance but released next day. Tharshan called Meera a Chameleon which upset her. Both Meera and Tharshan spoke eachother to clear misunderstanding. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping with 2500 Points(3000 - 500 points deducted cause of using other languages to speak but not Tamil).

Next Week Captain

Next Week Captain Task between Vanitha, Sakshi and Mohan with Catch and Stick Skull badge on Contestant, with whoever has it sticked on them during Buzzer will relegate.

Mohan Gave Up

Mohan gave up as he was unable to run and catch others to stick the badge.

Sakshi Wins

Sakshi caught Vanitha easily and stick the badge but Vanitha unable to catch Sakshi back which angered her and blame the task as the stupidest one and not fair.

Vanitha Vs Tharshan

Tharshan went against Vanitha and spoke his opinion that Vanitha should not be stubborn and must play the game according to the rules.

Tharshan on Fire

Vanitha become Furious and started cursing Tharshan but Tharshan gradually gets support from other contestants in the house. Vanitha blamed Captain Abhirami for not taking charge to avoid the problem.

Cheran Intervene

Cheran gets involved to reduce the tension between Vanitha and Tharshan.

Nippon Paint Finger Print

Nippon Paint Finger Print Task for Memories.

Day 20 : Episode 21 - 13 July 2019
Promo 1

Host Kamal Hassan makes visit for weekend show

Promo 2

Vanitha about Abhirami

Promo 3

Song for Kamal

Losliya Enjoys Kavin Fun

Kavin flirts and having fun with Losliya.

Kamal Song

Sandy and Kavin sings Song for Kamal.

Kamal Questions

Kamal questions Vanitha and Sakshi about Abhirami.

Tharshan A Hero

Kamal appreciate Tharshan for his Braveness.

Captaincy Task Talk

Kamal had discussion with housemates regarding Vanitha attitude during Captaincy Task.

Mohan Saved

Kamal announced People saved Mohan with their votes.

Day 21 : Episode 22 - 14 July 2019
Promo 1

Tharshan and Meera Issue

Promo 2

Sandy makes fun of Madhumitha

Promo 3

Saravanan Problem

Meera and Tharshan Issue

Meera likes Tharshan but Tharshan rejected it which created a news in the house.

Saravanan Saved

Saravanan saved by people but he wants to leave the house as he worries about his family.

Madhumitha Saved

Kamal announced Madhumitha saved but Sandy made fun of her by imitating her.

Vanitha Evicted

Kamal announced Vanitha eviction this week.

Housemates Shocked

Vanitha exit shocked Housemates as nobody expected it.

Vanitha Breaks Medal

Vanitha was asked by Bigg Boss to break the medal given by Kamal when she entered the house and she did it.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Third Week Eviction Nomination

Madhumitha, Meera, Mohan, Saravanan and Vanitha

Third Week Eviction

Vanitha Vijayakumar

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