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Day 22 : Episode 23 - 15 July 2019
Promo 1

Sherin and Cheran talks about Meera

Promo 2

Eviction Nomination

Promo 3

Abhirami and Mugen Connection

Eviction Nomination List

Abhirami, Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan

Saravanan Act Hurts Mohan

Saravanan Imitation when he spoke with Mohan, completely disappointed him and broken Mohan emotionally.

Saravanan Sorry

Saravanan clears the issue with Mohan saying sorry but with rudeness.

Madhumitha Upset

Saravanan hurts Madhumitha while cooking with his words.

Abhirami Cry

Abhirami cries after hearing her name in the eviction Nomination list. Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan are others in the list.

All Points Meera as Bad

Task to state good and bad person in house with some random questions for each housemate. All projected Meera as bad in House. Sakshi looks like a responsible captain, getting involved with whoever gets into an issue to reduce the tension. Starting from Mohan, then Madhumitha and later Meera.

Cheran and Losliya

Cheran and Losliya involves more in house after the exit of Vanitha.

Kavin and Losliya Fun

Kavin and Losliya have fun talking with Sandy.

Day 23 : Episode 24 - 16 July 2019
Promo 1

Meera Vs Kavin

Promo 2

Mohan Issue, Reshma Backtalks

Promo 3

Sakshi create problem to Meera again

Mohan Request

Mohan request Sakshi to change him from Bathroom cleaning team to Cooking Team but Sakshi asks him to goto Dishwashing team to avoid Saravanan in Cooking Team. But created a scene for no reason just to show his presence.

Mohan Kisses

In the end, Mohan kisses both Reshma and Abhirami.

Chocolate Issue

Sakshi upset because of Kavin gave her chocolate to Losliya.

Sakshi Anger

Sakshi asked Kavin to leave her alone.

Losliya Returns Chocolate

Losliya return the chocolate to Kavin by seeing the issue grtting created for him with Sakshi. Losliya cried infront of Cheran, which upset Cheran as well.

Tik Tik Tik

Luxury Budget Task Tik Tik Tik to stop 2 alarms within 10 seconds to get full 700 points but Sandy and Meera stopped those by taking 18 seconds to get 600 points. Kavin comments calling Meera waste one more time causes problem again. Similarly Reshma and Mugen stopped 4 alarms in the second round to gain 600 Points.

Sakshi Cunning Mind

Cunning Mind Sakshi and Criminal Head Reshma pulled Meera to find fault and hurt Kavin, but created issue and breaks peace mind of Meera by saying she started the meeting.

Meera Cried

Meera Cried as she felt really bad as some people always show her as negative person in the house.

Day 24 : Episode 25 - 17 July 2019
Promo 1

Neeya Naana

Promo 2

Its All Over

Promo 3

Neeya Naana Debate Show Involving Kavin, Losliya and Sakshi

Losliya Upset

Sakshi got to know that Losliya is upset cause of Kavin avoided her cause of Sakshi Presence.

Kavin Surprised

When Kavin heard the reason for Losliya Upset, Kavin surprised and told that he asked Losliya to go inside cause of her makeup not for the presence of Sakshi.

Tik Tik Tik 3rd Round

Kavin and Abhirami went for the Tik Tik Tik 3rd Round to stop 15 alarm of 500 clocks in 30 seconds to get 700 points but they failed the round.

Tik Tik Tik 4th Round

Tharshan and Sakshi went for the Tik Tik Tik 4th Round to stop 25 alarm of 700 clocks in 45 seconds to get 700 points but they too failed the round.

Smoking Zone Gang

Bigg Boss deducted 100 points out of 1200 Luxury Budget Task for the punishment cause ganging up (more than allowed single person at a time) in smoking zone including this week captain Sakshi.

Neeya Naana

Meera host Neeya Naana Debate in the house with housemates divided into 2 groups to compete in Debate.

Talk with Sakshi

Losliya advice Kavin to explain Sakshi nothing close relationship between Losliya and Kavin and get permission from Sakshi to talk.

All Over

Kavin and Sakshi conversed to conclude that there is nothing special between Kavin and Sakshi.

Day 25 : Episode 26 - 18 July 2019
Promo 1

Losliya New Avatar

Promo 2

Losliya Sacrifice talk

Promo 3

Sakshi with Sherin Vs Meera

Kavin and Sakshi Drama

Kavin early flirts created big issue of Triangular Romance in the house.

Kavin Escape Plan

Kavin wants to stop everything and be just friend but feeling guilty for what he has done.

Kavin for Friendship but loves Flirt Drama

Losliya says Kavin to talk with Sakshi and sort out the problem but Kavin loves to run the romance drama saying he flirts only to strenghthen friendship.

Sakshi Notice

Sakshi notices Kavin and Losliya talking privately and gets very upset.

Meera Vs Sakshi

Sakshi and Meera has clash cause of cleaning issue.

Losliya Fun Act

Losliya reacted differently and breaks the heart shaped Roti with knife cause of Sherin called it is made for your brother.

Sakshi and Meera in Jail

Bigg Boss asked housemates 2 members for the best performers of the luxury budget task, Housemates choosed Tharshan and Reshma. And Biggboss asked to choose best all round performer for the week, all chosed Saravanan. All these 3 will compete for next week captaincy task. Meera and Sakshi went to jail cause of being selected as poor performers.

Meera Desperation

Meera desperation to clean her name without any support from housemates. Sakshi creates issue again stating her as negative person. In the end both concluded to watch the video and decide who made the initiation for starting a meet on the other day pointing Sandy and Kavin.

Day 26 : Episode 27 - 19 July 2019
Promo 1

Kavin says Sorry to Sakshi

Promo 2

Losliya Cries saying Whatever Kavin did is Wrong

Promo 3

Kavin Cries

Sakshi Breaks

Sakshi unable to control her emotions and cried.

Sakshi Losliya Talks

Sakshi and Losliya had conversation, in which Losliya came to know that most of the mistakes done by Kavin.

Sherin and Losliya Misunderstanding

Sherin and Losliya had misunderstanding cause of Roti Incident and Losliya not happy with the Sherin used the word Experience.

Sakshi and Kavin Talks

Kavin approached Sakshi during night time to ask why she cried. Her upset feeling is the reason but again both end the conversation to stay away from eachother.

Cheran Advice

Cheran adviced Kavin to talk with all in the house with the incident. In regard to that, Kavin apologized all in the house for the mistakes caused by him.

Sherin Cry

Sherin outbreaked her emotion in cry cause of Losliya misunderstanding with her and Sherin Upset feeling.

Losliya and Kavin Talks

Losliya told Kavin that he has done big mistake for hurting the feelings of Sakshi and said you are just acting with all. She also told Cheran that he is just acting in the house.

Kavin wants to quit

Kavin wants to quit as Losliya called him a fake and actor and also hurt the feeling of Sakshi.

Day 27 : Episode 28 - 20 July 2019
Promo 1

Host Kamal Hassan makes fun of Chocolate Incident

Promo 2

Kurumpadam for Sakshi

Promo 3

Kamal Teases Kavin

Reshma - Next Week Captain

Captaincy Task - Arrange and Defend Cups won by Reshma Vs Saravanan and Tharshan. Reshma becomes next week captain.

Mohan Dance

Mohan dances for Disco Dancer Song, choreographed by Sandy.

Frooti Life Show

Abhirami host Frooti Life Show. Housemates has to say one truth and one lie. Others will show Fresh placard for Truth else they will show Juicy placard.

Sakshi Birthday

Sakshi celebrates her Birthday in the Bigg Boss House, got a cake from parents and a nice compilation video.


Kamal played Kurumpadam for Sakshi and Meera which clearly shows mistake is by Sakshi for initiating a meeting but saying out that she did not.

Dont Hurt Feeling

Kamal told Kavin do not hurt feelings of others. Kavin conclude by giving chocolate each to Sakshi and Losliya.

Who is Saved

Kamal wanted to say the first one to get saved but asked people in nomination that who they wanted to be saved.

Their Wish

Meera told Saravanan deserved to stay in house. Saravanan told Meera. Mohan Said Cheran. Cheran said himself. Abhirami told Cheran.

Day 28 : Episode 29 - 21 July 2019
Promo 1

Frooti Caller Of The Week

Promo 2

Eviction Time

Promo 3

Back Talker Identification

Kamal loves to host Bigg Boss. Identify Back Talker

Abhirami breaks down with tears. Kamal assured that he loves to host Bigg Boss cause its a chance to meet people directly, replied for people who asks Kamal not to host this kind of show. Caller of the week for 2 Housemates - One for Meera abou her work and other for Reshma for being second fiddle in the house. Kamal asked Housemates to identify the Back Talkers by saying what they told to the respective victim.

Meera Saved

Saravanan saved by an act of Clown entered the House.

Abhirami Saved

Kamal announced Abhirami saved.

Saravanan Saved

Kamal announced People saved Saravanan.

Mohan Vaithya Evicted

Kamal displayed the eviction card contains Mohan Vaithya.

Mohan Avoids

Mohan avoids Meera, Saravanan, Sandy and Kavin initially when about to leave.

Mohan Breaks Medal

Mohan was asked by Bigg Boss to break the medal given by Kamal when she entered the house and she did it.

Mohan in Tears

Mohan with happy tears before leaving house.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Fourth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan

Fourth Week Eviction

Mohan Vaithya

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