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Season 3 Week 5

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 29 : Episode 30 - 22 July 2019
Promo 1

Kavin Fun Flirt Again

Promo 2

Losliya said Sorry to Kavin

Promo 3

Sandy imitates Mohan

Eviction Nomination List

Abhirami, Cheran, Kavin, Meera, Sakshi and Saravanan

Losliya apologized to Kavin

Losliya apologized to Kavin saying she misunderstood him as acting person but she realised he took cate of her when she was sick.

Nomination Discussion

After Week Eviction Nomination is over. Bigg Boss announced Abhirami, Cheran, Kavin, Meera, Sakshi and Saravanan are in eviction list. Sakshi and Cheran discussed about who would have nominated them.

Nomination Talks

Saravanan, Sandy and Kavin also discussed about Nomination. So as Abhirami, Reshma and Madhu as well.

Sleepy Day

Losliya and Abhirami started sleeping in the house as Bigg Boss warned Captain Reshma to monitor house.

Sandy Fun as Mohan

Sandy dressed up like Mohan and enjoyed some fun time with housemates.

Day 30 : Episode 31 - 23 July 2019
Promo 1

Village Task

Promo 2

Cheran Vs Meera

Promo 3

Black Dress

Lets Be Friends

Sakshi asked Kavin lets be friends cause only few days left in the house to stay.

Village Luxury Budget Task

Housemates are divided into 2 Villages - One is Paampupatti (Naattaamai Cheran, Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangham Leader Sakshi, Members Sandy and Kavin, Pondaatithaasan Mugen, His Dominating Wife Abhirami and Thief Reshma) controls Restroom and other one is Keeripatti (Lady Leader Madhumitha, Minor Saravanan, Mom Meera, Moms Son Tharshan, Wife Sherin, Problem Maker Losliya) controls Kitchen.

Minor Teases Naattaamai

Minor Saravanan makes fun of Naattaamai Cheran by calling him dressed up like School Boy in Fancy Dress Competition.

Cheran warns Sakshi

Cheran warns Sakshi and asked her not to mingle with other village team members.

Kaiya Pudichu Iluthiya

Village Panchayat Scenario resulted in clash between Cheran and Meera.

Thief Reshma

Old Thief Lady Reshma continues to steal items but housemates got doubt on her and they also suspect Losliya may be a thief.

Mom, Son and Daughter in Law

Fun activity by Husband Tharshan, Wife Sherin and Mother in Law Meera in the task.

Reshma Birthday

Housemates celebrated Reshma Birthday.

Day 31 : Episode 32 - 24 July 2019
Promo 1

Madhumitha Vs Meera. Saravanan Fun

Promo 2

Madhumitha Vs Sandy

Promo 3

Losliya Fun - Reshma upset with Cheran Anger

Panchayat Scenario

Luxury Budget Task continues with Panchayat Task cause of Radhamma (Meera) made Kolam spoiled by Maari(Sandy).

Losliya Steals Naataamai Sombu

Next issue raised in Panchayat on Rukku (Losliya) for stealing Naataamai Sombu.

Losliya Punished

Rukku (Losliya) punished for stealing Naataamai Cheran Sombu.

Cheran and Reshma Upset

Cheran not happy as Sarasu(Sakshi), Maari(Sandy) and Pandi(Kavin) didnt listen to what he says. they also make fun of him. Cheran shouts at Thiruttu Kilavi (Reshma) saying no one listens to him, shout upsets her.

Reshma Task hurts Cheran

Reshma told Cheran given by Madhumitha saying Innaiku setha naalaiku paal, neethaan intha area la fool for the task, hurts Cheran alot.

Cheran Speechless

Cheran completely lost and went speechless, asked sorry in the end. Reshma still upset and complaint about Cheran shout to others in the house.

Cheran Suicide Act

Next issue raised in Panchayat about Sarasu (Sakshi) activity with Tharshan (Chinnaraasu) in the house. Keeripatti Leader Madhumitha not happy with Cheran decision in Panchayat, shouted at him saying Law and Integrity is lost in Paampupatti. After hearing it, Cheran acts like committing suicide.

Madhumitha Vs Sandy

Madhumitha not happy with the way Sandy teases her, raised her voice to thrash him with words.

Day 32 : Episode 33 - 25 July 2019
Promo 1

Village Function

Promo 2

Meera Vs Cheran again. Cheran breaks emotionally and asked Sorry

Promo 3

Sighting - Kavin and Sakshi

Cheran Hold and Pulled Meera

Cheran hold and pulled meera away from Losliya to take his belongings from her during funny scene in Village Luxury Budget Task.

Meera accuses Cheran

Meera accuses Cheran that he manhandled her by grabbing her abdomen to pull her away from Losliya which was not appropriate. The Accusation hurts Cheran who believe that Meera defaming his name by projecting him as bad character but she said that he treated her like animal while pulling her out. Cheran asked Sorry to all and moved away from place.

Cheran Cried

Cheran cried stating that his name is getting spoiled cause of negative person like Meera.

Housemates Supports Cheran

Most of the housemates including Saravanan supported Cheran and said Meera accusation is wrong. But Sandy, Kavin, Reshma and Madhumitha looked like they interested in something against Cheran in the house cause they dont like his domination in the house.

Meera Cried

Meera cried as well feeling that no one supports her, calling herself being a victim of physical assault.

Losliya Fun

Losliya does some fun act following her character, one such is breaking the pot.

Thiruvizha Function

Act of Thiruvizha in the house - Paampupatti Village Head Cheran invited Keeripatti Village Members and requested Minor Saravanan to head the function.

Thiruvizha Celebration

Housemates enjoyed Village Thiruvizha with Entertainment and Food.

Day 33 : Episode 34 - 26 July 2019
Promo 1

Meera Vs Sakshi and Sherin

Promo 2

Meera Vs Madhu for Best Performer

Promo 3

Sakshi Vs Meera

Best Performers

Bigg Boss asked Housemates to select the best performers of the Village task, Housemates choosed Meera and Tharshan. And Mugen for the whole week. All 3 will compete for next week captaincy.

Worst Performers

Bigg Boss asked Housemates to select the worst performers of the Village task. Losliya and Abhirami volunteered as worst performers. Reshma accepted it cause of Majority of housemates voted for it, apart from Kavin pointed Cheran pulled out of task and Meera pointed Sherin and Sakshi did not do the task well.

Madhumitha Questioned Why Meera

Madhumitha raised concern Why Meera was choosen as best performer cause she accused her that she took many times personally, eventhough she went against sandy comments personally and went against her. This view is supported by Sakshi, Sherin and Cheran.

Cheran Supports Madhumitha Opinion

Cheran supported Madhumitha opinion against Meera and asked Reshma to name him or Madhumitha instead of Meera for best performer.

Kavin Upset Why Cheran Escaped

Kavin upset and asked Reshma how come Cheran escaped from Worst Performer.

Sherin and Sakshi Cry

Sherin and Sakshi cried and told dont start cultural difference in the house. Kavin shouted that he didnt meant that way to Sakshi and asked sorry to both. Sakshi and Sherin double standard in house saying Kavin supporting Losliya. Reshma and Madhumitha questioned Sakshi why she still talking with Kavin and asked her not to talk with him anymore. Meera felt very bad that housemates were going against her even if she gives her normal opinion.

Losliya and Abhirami in Jail

Losliya and Abhirami were put into Jail cause of Poor Performers.

Luxury Budget Shopping Failure

Housemates were awarded 2100 out of 2600 points but shopped for 2200 points to lose all.

Day 34 : Episode 35 - 27 July 2019
Promo 1

Host Kamal Hassan supports Cheran but talks against Meera

Promo 2

Kurumpadam for Meera

Promo 3

Kamal Teases Housemates

Secret Room

Kamal reveals the presence of Secret Room.

Captaincy Task

Tharshan wins the captaincy to be the next week task. Even the captaincy task clearly shows Cheran hates Meera to the core.

Assigning Work

Tharshan assigned work for all the housemates.

Jail Term

Bigg Boss gave hard time for Losliya and Abhirami for entering jail for fun.

Heavy Steps

Kamal asked Sandy to do heavy steps dancing to ease the situation with Madhumitha.


Kamal showed Kurumpadam to Meera for her accusation towards Cheran is wrong eventhough she said Cheran manhandled her.

All said Meera is Wrong

Kamal asked opinions from the girls in the house to point Meera is wrong. But the funny part is those girls hate Meera alot.

Cheran Saved

Kamal told Cheran is saved after all the cry drama he did to get votes.

Day 35 : Episode 36 - 28 July 2019
Promo 1

Frooti Caller Of The Week for Sandy

Promo 2

Will there be Secret Room

Promo 3

Whom should we save - Kavin a fun

Promo 4

Funny Saravanan

Meera Worry

Meera worried about that she do not wants to exit in bad light, do not want to leave now after gained bad name cause of accusation with Cheran.

Kavin and Saravanan Saved

Kamal announced People saved Kavin and Saravanan.

Meera Evicted

Kamal announced Meera Eviction.

Is It Twist

Cheran, Sakshi and Sherin feels there may be some twist cause of episode getting over early, predicting there could be secret room.

Advice to Meera

Kavin, Saravanan and Sandy gave some final advice to Meera.

Cheran Revenge

Meera said congrats to Cheran for succeeding in the revenge to who will exit first. Surprised Cheran with those words.

Meera Final Selfie

Meera posed final selfie with other housemates before exit.

Meera Breaks Medal

Meera breaks the winner medal.

Hero, Villain and Zero

Housemates were told to mark one each for Hero for great figure, Villain their main competitor and zero for no competition. Cheran got more Hero and Tharshan got more Villain.

What Happen To Losliya

Sakshi asked Kavin that what happened to Losliya why she is not like before.

Already Committed

Mugen said Sandy that he is not interested in relationship with Abhirami cause he is already committed with someone named Nadhiya in Malaysia.

Feeling Sorry for Meera

Sandy said Sakshi, Sherin and Reshma that he feels sorry for Meera as he used to tease her alot and its her bad time she left the house.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Fifth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Cheran, Kavin, Meera, Sakshi and Saravanan

Fifth Week Eviction

Meera Mithun

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