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Season 3 Week 6

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Day 36 : Episode 37 - 29 July 2019
Promo 1

Losliya Open Nomination

Promo 2

Sakshi Nominate Kavin

Promo 3

Open Nomination

Eviction Nomination List

Abhirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Reshma and Sakshi

Open Nomination

Housemates were asked to do open nomination for eviction list.

Kavin Worry

Kavin discussed with his friends about how he has been projected after Sakshi nominated her by using the word back stabbing for eviction list.

Sakshi Worry

Similarly Sakshi worries about how Kavin reacting with others after nomination and also checked about Losliya behaviour with Cheran. Cheran blames all because of Losliya talking with Kavin and also said Sakshi why did she talked again with Kavin after all the issues.

Reshma Worry

Reshma worries about being in eviction list and said Mugen that why he nominated her. Mugen felt guilty and asked sorry on nominating Reshma.

Abhirami Worry

Abhirami worries about why her name comes in eviction nomination list again and again then cried.

Sakshi Cries

Sakshi cries saying she is emotionally attached and unable to come out of the situation with Kavin and hates him cause of he is getting closer to Losliya.

Saravanan Sorry

Saravanan asked Sorry for yesterday show comment on doing bad behaviour with girls in the bus, forced by the Bigg Boss show and Channel.

Sandy Fun as MGR

Sandy dressed up like Legendary Icon MGR and enjoyed some fun time with housemates. Madhumitha enjoyed her Birthday celebration with Housemates.

Day 37 : Episode 38 - 30 July 2019
Promo 1

Luxury Budget Dance Task

Promo 2

Sandy as Simbhu

Podhu Aattam Podhu Luxury Budget Task - Group Dance Failure

Podu Aattam Podhu Luxury Budget Task, each Housemate are given an actor and a song to dance - Group Dance Failed cause of Abhirami came late to the dance floor denoted with the siren blow.

Saravanan as Vijayakanth

Saravanan dressed as Vijayakanth and danced for Kadaiveethi Kazhakazhakum.

Cheran as Rajinikanth

Cheran dressed as Rajinikanth and danced for Raman Aandaalum Ravanan Aandaalum.

Kavin as Ajithkumar

Kavin dressed as Ajithkumar and danced for Aaluma Doluma.

Thala Thalapathy Friendship

Mugen as Vijay acted like gifting watch to Kavin as Ajithkumar to show the firendship between Thala and Thalapathy.

Losliya as Trisha

Losliya dressed as Trisha and danced for Kattu Kattu Keera Kattu.

Sandy as Simbhu

Sandy dressed as Simbhu and danced for Thathai Thathai.

Kavin complaints about Cheran

Kavin complaints about Cheran to Saravanan and Sandy that Cheran is not in the character like Rajinikanth.

Madhumitha as Saroja Devi

Madhumitha dressed as Saroja Devi and danced for Oru Pennai Parthu Nilavai Parthu. Siren blow for late arrival to the dance floor but played the song.

Sakshi and Sherin

Kavin again said to Sandy and Saravanan that Sakshi and Sherin are not in character like Tamanna and Khusbhu respectively and also said about Abhirami and Madhumitha coming late to dance floor.

Sherin Upset

Sherin upset and told Sakshi and Reshma that she is not in good mood, also told bad about Losliya behaviour. Sherin biggest problem is Language and she is feeling isolated cause of it.

Sri Lanka and Malaysia

Losliya and Tharshan talked about Sri Lanka and Mugen shared some information about Malaysia.

Day 38 : Episode 39 - 31 July 2019
Promo 1

Anonymous Letter - Losliya, Sakshi and Kavin

Promo 2

Anonymous Letter - Losliya Vs Sakshi

Promo 3

Sakshi Crying

Sakshi Cry

Sakshi unable to control her emotions as she get jealous on Losliya talking with Kavin the person she loves, and she request Bigg Boss to send her home this weekend.

Abhirami as Padmini

Abhirami dressed as Padmini and danced for Maraindhirundu Paarkum.

Sherin as Khushbu

Sherin dressed as Khushbu and danced for Pottu Vaitha Kadhal.

Mugen as Vijay

Mugen dressed as Vijay and danced for Pokkiri Pongal.

Reshma as Ramya Krishna

Reshma dressed as Ramya Krishna and danced for Vai Raja Vai.

Tharshan as Kamal Hassan

Tharshan dressed as Kamal Hassan and danced for Illamai Itho Itho.

Sakshi as Tamanna

Sakshi dressed as Tamanna and danced for Tanjavur Jilla Kaari.

Group Dance

All Housemates danced for Oothikinu Kadichikavaa.

Anonymous Letter Task

Mottai Kaduthaasi - Anonymous Letter Task, housemates were asked to post 2 questions to ask any other housemate to understand them more. Mostly people asked question to Kavin, Sakshi, Losliya, Abhirami and Mugen - All of love issues in the house. Kavin in tears when he said he cannot understand what Sakshi is trying to do for him.

Abhirami Cried

Abhirami cried when question raised about the affair between her and Mugen, she cried that Mugen wants to stay as friend.

Sakshi Cried

Sakshi cries in jealous on Losliya as she complaints Kavin talks with Losliya which hurts her.

Just Friendship

Losliya says its just friendship between her and Kavin but she says she likes him.

Day 39 : Episode 40 - 01 August 2019
Promo 1

Losliya Emotional Statement

Promo 2

All Points Kavin as Wrong Person

Promo 3

Kavin wants to quit

Sherin Saloon

Sherin cut Tharshan hair as he requested for it and says she is good in it.

Do you feel something

Abhirami asks Mugen that does he have any feeling on her.

Kavin and Losliya Talks

Kavin and Losliya talks when Sakshi can see it which really hurt her but they both talk friendly.

Issues between Losliya and Sakshi

Losliya tells she have good friendship with Kavin and like him but Sakshi interupts to say that she needs some time to recover from break up, she also says that she gets hurt whenever she see Kavin talking with Losliya holding hands together.

All questions Kavin

Housemates including Tharshan, Saravanan and Cheran started questioning Kavin and says whatever Kavin doing is wrong, kavin looked cornered and helpless.

Losliya takes Blame

Losliya says she is the reason for all the problem, takes all the blame.

Avoid Me

Sakshi approach Kavin that she will accepts what kavin says that he started all for fun, and asks what she can do for him. Kavin replied be happy, better avoid me and you both girls dont spoil the name by talking to me.

Sakshi cries in Jealous

Sakshi says that Kavin supports Losliya cause she took all the blame.

Day 40 : Episode 41 - 02 August 2019
Promo 1

Cheran Vs Saravanan

Promo 2

Saravanan No Respect to Cheran

Promo 3

Captaincy Task

Saravanan Vs Cheran

Bigg Boss asked Housemates to select the best performers of the Actors Dance task, Housemates choosed Sandy and Madhumitha. And Mugen for the whole week. All 3 will compete for next week captaincy. Housemates told to choose Worst Performers, Housemates choosed Tharshan who did not do the task well for Worst performers and confused to pick second worst performer. Cheran stood firmly on Saravanan performance which made Saravanan anger. Saravanan used unrespectful words at Cheran shocked him and other housemates. Saravanan said he used those words at Tharshan not Cheran. Housemates in the end named Sherin and Losliya as worst performers.

Cheran Upset

Cheran not happy with those words of Saravanan, Housemates consoles him. Cheran whines and said that he is upset with Saravanan Activity, everyone except Abhirami said Saravanan told those words to Tharshan.

Kavin cares for Losliya

Kavin talks with Losliya cause she is upset as housemates choosed her as worst performer.

Cheran Real Face

Madhumitha cried and requested Saravanan being an elder not to fight with other elder Cheran. Saravanan said he wont do again and said his past incident with Cheran that when he asked him for a chance in Cheran Movie, Cheran replied that Saravana has already achieved in his life why he has to act hurt him alot, and he added it would have been fine if Cheran has told him that he will let him know later for any chance.

Losliya Cried

Losliya cried in the jail, hugged by Abhirami.

Kavin Supporting Words to Losliya

Kavin talked with Losliya to give her some moral support.

Captaincy Task

Sandy, Madhumitha and Mugen competed for next week Captaincy. Sandy gave up after Madhumitha got hurt during the task.

Mugen New Captain

Mugen wins the task and become new captain in the house and gets Frooti treat.

Day 41 : Episode 42 - 03 August 2019
Promo 1

Host Kamal Hassan talks about Change both in House as well as about his clean shave

Promo 2

Saravanan asks Sorry to Cheran

Promo 3

Kamal Indirectly says Kavin a fool

Clean Shave

Kamal back to the show with clean shave face, tells the reason its for Indian 2 and Thalaivan Irukinraan.

Mugen Team Management

Week Captain Mugen assigns job for Housemates.

End of Jail Term

Losliya and Sherin back to House from Jail.

Center Fresh Mr. Confident Task

Sandy, Mugen and Tharshan compete in the Center Fresh Mr. Confident Task.

Tharshan First Love

Judges Saravanan, Tharshan, Madhumitha and Kavin announced Tharshan wins the Task. Tharshan shares experience of his first love, Sherin looked very interested in Tharshan when he says his story. But in the end, he said all are just for fun, nothing serious between them.

Saravanan Sorry to Cheran

Kamal made Saravanan understand that what he did with Cheran is not good. Saravanan realised his mistake, hugged and said sorry to Cheran.

Kavin, Sakshi and Losliya

Kamal said Kavin, Sakshi and Losliya issue takes more time and kills the other housemates time. People feel its boring as it goes on for long time.

Madhumitha Saved

Madhumitha saved from Eviction with the game by non eviction housemates choosing their favourite to get saved in the house by giving them tags.

Day 42 : Episode 43 - 04 August 2019
Promo 1

Eviction Talk

Promo 2

Kamal makes fun of Losliya

Promo 3

Tharshan and Mugen Fun Time

Promo 4

Funny Sandy as Sakshi

Housemates Questions Kamal

Housemates as actors they got during Podu Aatam Podu Luxury Budget Task questions Kamal.

Disguise and Act

Housemates are divided as pair and act like person sitting next to them to answer question.

Kavin Saved

Kamal announced Kavin Saved.

Abhirami Saved

Next Abhirami saved.

Reshma Evicted

Kamal shows the placard with Reshma name which means she gets evicted.

Reshma Breaks Medal

Reshma breaks the winner medal.

Mugen Cry

Mugen Cries cause he gets guilty feeling that his nomination evicted Reshma.

Reshma Journey in House Video

Reshma felt happy watching her final journey video before leaving the show.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Sixth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Reshma and Sakshi

Sixth Week Eviction

Reshma Pasupuleti

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