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Day 43 : Episode 44 - 05 August 2019
Promo 1

Abhirami Cry

Promo 2

Mugen Anger cause of Abhirami

Promo 3

Eviction Nomination

Eviction Nomination List

Abhirami, Losliya and Sakshi

Angry Mugen

Sakshi asked Abhirami why Abhirami gets upset when she talks with Mugen, upsets Abhirami, walked away from the place but Mugen did not walk with her as she expected which upset her. Mugen saw Abhirami crying, asked for reason that showed Abhirami act of emotional possessiveness.

Mugen Breaks Bed

Mugen gets anger and breaks the bed cause of Abhirami cry by stating her issue with Sakshi.

Kavin and Sandy Fun

Kavin and Sandy does fun act looking at Tharshan and Sherin talking.

Tharshan and Sherin

Tharshan and Sherin noticed it and laughed.

Rift for first time

Tharshan and Sherin gets into a rift cause of Tharshan initial refusal of making tea for Sherin. Sherin not happy with Tharshan as he ignored it.

Friend Again

Abhirami said Sorry to Sakshi and become friend again in Losliya Presence.

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping.

Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Losliya and Sakshi are in Eviction Nomination List. Losliya asked Sorry to all housemates for her last week behaviour after the eviction nomination.

Sandy Fun

Mugen, Abhirami and Losliya had fun act with Sandy.

Airtel Memory Task

Housemates were divided into 3 groups to compete in Airtel Memory Task with Cheran and Saravanan as Judge. Team A - Sandy, Kavin and Mugen, Team B - Tharshan, Abhirami and Losliya, Team C - Madhumitha, Sakshi and Sherin.

Team B Wins

Team B comprise of Tharshan, Abhirami and Losliya wins the Task. Team C finished Second and Boys Team A finished last.

Saravanan Ejected

Saravanan Ejected cause of his controversial comment which he made 2 weeks back on Women Groping in the Bus during his college days, creates big issue in the National Media.

Day 44 : Episode 45 - 06 August 2019
Promo 1

Housemates Cry cause of Saravanan Ejection

Promo 2

Housemates are in Shock

Promo 3

Abhirami Says Sorry to her Mom

Sakshi Blames Kavin Again

Sakshi blames Kavin again saying Sherin that Kavin and Sandy making fun of her with a song Hawwa Hawwa and separating Sherin from her.

Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task

Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task makes Housemates to collect big coins with values of 20, 50 and 100 Denominations. Housemates who gets more points will get saved from next week nomination.

Sakshi Warns Tharshan

Sakshi warns Tharshan that do not come near to her and later said Sorry to Tharshan for those harsh words cause of Tharshan upset.

Second Wave

Housemates continues to collect more coins in the second wave.

Third Wave

Even more coins collected by Housemates especially sandy collected coints value more than 1000.

Saravanan Ejected

Saravanan Ejected as shown in yesterday episode cause of Bus Molestation Issue.

Housemates Shock

Housemates fely very upset cause of Saravanan Ejection.

Housemates Cry

Housemates unable to control the tears with great upset.

Kavin and Sandy

Especially by Kavin, Sandy, Madhumitha, Losliya and Abhirami cried alot.

Bigg Boss Announcement

When the Housemates feared something happened to Saravanan or his family members, Bigg Boss Announced Saravanan and his family members are doing fine and also told the real reason for Saravana Ejection will be conveyed in the coming Saturday Show.

Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task Points

Sandy leads the Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task points but second place Saravanan already left the house.

Best Friend

Sandy, Kavin and Cheran talked about Saravanan in the house and conveyed they feel vaccum in the house after he left.

Day 45 : Episode 46 - 07 August 2019
Promo 1

Killer Coin Task - To Reduce 50 Percent of What They Collected

Promo 2

Abhirami Proposes Mugen

Promo 3

Disguise Like Guys Task for Ladies in the House

Punishment for Sakshi

Sakshi Punished for using English at House often.

Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Second Task

Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Second Task Venam Machan Venam where Housemates were divided in to pairs of competitors to compete in 3 round Buzzer Task for sticking Killer Coin on Velcro Jacket, whichever team member has Killer coin at the end of third buzzer, will make the pair to lose 50 percent of whatever points they collected. Sandy and Tharshan, Madhumitha and Abhirami, Cheran and Kavin then the final pair Sakshi and Losliya as teams to compete in the task.

All Targets Tharshan and Sandy Team

All Housemates target Tharshan and Sandy cause they have more points but they are fast runners and hard to stick the killer coin on them.

Mugen Injured

Mugen fell down when Sakshi followed resulted Mugen unable to compete the task.

Cheran and Kavin Lost

Cheran and Kavin lose 50 percent of what they had cause Sakshi stick the killer coin on Cheran.

Care for Kavin

Both Losliya and Sakshi care for Kavin. Losliya care looks real whereas Sakshi care on Kavin looks fake.

Sandy Still Leads

Sandy continues to lead after the task.

Sandy dance Class

Sandy shows Dance step to Sakshi.

Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Fate Task

Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Fate Task makes Housemates to take fate plate written with deduction and increase of points, resulted in huge change of points as leaders such as Sandy and Tharshan lost most of their points after this Task.

Sakshi Wins, Abhirami Second and Madhumitha Third

Sakshi finally wins the Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task with more points and gets the immune power of no one can nominate her in next week. Abhirami finished second and Madhumitha Third.

Abhirami Proposes Mugen

Abhirami Proposes Mugen and said she do not expect love back from him.

Girls Dressed like Guys Task

Female contestants dressed like Guys and made fun of Male Contestants in the house for fun.

Day 46 : Episode 47 - 08 August 2019
Promo 1

Kasthuri enters Bigg Boss House as Wild Card

Promo 2

Kasthuri questions Housemates

Promo 3

Special Powers Of Kasthuri


Sherin and Mugen asks sorry to eachother for Mugen choosing Sherin in yesterday task to lose all points and Sherin cause of her reaction towards it.

Romance Starts Again

Kavin and Losliya started to talk again cause of Kavin shows his funny unhappy towards Losliya cause she didnt tie the knot in hand for who needs to be saved. Losliya tied on Abhirami Hand stating Abhirami supported her when she was alone last week. Losliya looked very much interested in Kavin so as he too.

Paper Ball on Bin Task

Housemates were kept busy by playing Team Game Paper Ball inside Bin to prepare for introducing wild card contestant in a special gift box.

Kasthuri as Wild Card Entry

Kasthuri entered Bigg Boss House as a Wild Card Entry.

Why Losliya always Alone

Kasthuri converse with everyone in the house and found Losliya roaming alone, Kasthuri questioned why she is always roaming alone but Losliya replied she prferred doing it.

Next Week Captaincy Task Competitors, Kasthuri Special Powers

Housemates were asked to choose best performers for luxury budget task, Housemates choosed Sandy and Cheran and also choosed Losliya for best in all tasks last week. Bigg Boss announced those three will compete for next Captaincy Task. Kasthuri was given special power to give tasks to some housemates.

Special Power Task To Punish

Kasthuri allocates task to Sherin to do Thoppukaranam, then Abhirami to sing song whenever someone uses restroom, Sakshi has stand upside down with her head on the floor.

Kasthuri Special Power Tasks

Madhumitha has to hold umbrella for Tharshan. Kavin has to write Sorry using Paint with his Nose.

Day 47 : Episode 48 - 09 August 2019
Promo 1

Kavin A Comedian

Promo 2

Kavin loves Losliya says Kasthuri

Promo 3

Abhirami about Mugen in Truth or Dare Task

Kasthuri Villu Paatu

Kasthuri was given task to sing a Villu Paatu stating the happening in the house.

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping, just losing 250 points out of 2000 in total cause of some housemates conversing in English.

Captaincy Task

Sandy, Cheran and Losliya competed for Captaincy Task judged by Kasthuri.

Sandy - Next Week Captain

Kasthuri announced Sandy as New Captain by judging looking at amount of his paint on the wall compared to Cheran and Losliya. Housemates had fun throwing pillows at Sandy who got assist from Kavin to save from funny beatings.

Madhumitha Cried

Madhumitha cried after hearing to the story of Kasthuri Daughter Illness.

Sweet Pongal Cooking Task

Team B which had Tharshan, Sherin, Sandy, Kavin and Mugen beat Team A which had Kasthuri, Sakshi, Cheran, Abhirami and Losliya. Madhumitha judged the task.

Truth or Dare

Housemates played Truth or Dare as Task.

Tharshan - Strong Contestant

Kasthuri, Sandy and Tharshan had conversation stating that Tharshan being the Strong Contestant who can make Grand Finale of the Bigg Boss Season 3.

Day 48 : Episode 49 - 10 August 2019
Promo 1

Host Kamal Hassan talks about Friendship

Promo 2

Hero, Zero and Villain Task

Promo 3

Angel and Devil Task

Prisma Fashion Task

Sandy and Sakshi walk on the ramp.

Prisma Fashion Task

Kavin and Losliya walk on the ramp together.

Prisma Fashion Task

Mugen and Abhirami walk as couple on the ramp.

Prisma Fashion Task

Cheran and Madhumitha walk on the ramp.

Prisma Fashion Task

Tharshan and Sherin walk on the ramp as couple.

Tharshan and Sakshi Winner

Judge Kasthuri announced Tharshan and Saskhi as Winners.

Sandy and Kavin Song

Bigg Boss asked Sandy along with Kavin to prepare exit song for each person in eviction list to sing in front of Kamal in tomorrow show.

Kasthuri Winner Medal

Kasthuri gets her Winner Medal as every other housemates.

Kasthuri Hero Zero Villain

Kamal asked Kasthuri to choose her Hero, Zero and Villain of the house, Kasthuri choosed Tharshan and Sherin as shared Hero, Kavin as Zero and Sandy as Villain.

Mugen - Abhirami Issue

Kamal raised concern on Mugen hand and compared him with Rusk biscuit.

Abhirami loves Mugen

Abhirami openly accepted that she loves Mugen unconditionally but Kamal requested Abhirami love should not affect the career growth of Mugen.

Angel - Devil Task

Most Housemates choosed Sherin as Angel and Tharshan choosing Sakshi as Devil with reason surprised her alot.

Day 49 : Episode 50 - 11 August 2019
Promo 1

Tharshan Deserve To Win

Promo 2

Frooti Caller Of The Week for Madhumitha

Promo 3

Losliya Saved. Sandy and Mugen Songs

Kamal makes fun of Kasthuri

Kamal makes fun of Kasthuri when she refused whatever she told to Sakshi revealing People Reaction.

1 2 3

Housemates are asked who will finish top 3 in the end, Most of Housemates said Tharshan deserve to win and also said other name such as Sandy and Madhumitha. Bigg Boss gave medals for top 3 on 50th episode for them showing their position of them at the house. Tharshan is Number 1, Sandy Number 2 and Madhumitha Number 3.

International Contestants

Sri Lankas Tharshan and Losliya, Malaysias Mugen feels burden of their place name on their shoulders, they wanted to show their place well to outside world.

One of Friends will be Evicted

Kamal named the friendship groups in the house, he identified Sandy and Kavin, then Tharshan and Mugen and atlast he mentioned about Sakshi, Sherin and Abhirami that people have decided to separate friends this week with their decision.

Losliya Saved

Kamal said Losliya is Saved.

Sandy and Kavin Songs

Sandy and Kavin sing songs for Sakshi, Abhirami and Losliya.

Sakshi Evicted

Kamal shows the placard with Sakshi name which means she gets evicted.

Sakshi Final Pic

Sakshi gets a memory final pic with housemates before leaving the house.

Sakshi Breaks Medal

Sakshi breaks the winner medal.

Sakshi Memory

Sakshi looked at Sherin and Abhirami and told remember first week conversations.

Sherin and Abhirami Cry

Sherin and Abhirami cried watching Sakshi leaving the house.

Sakshi Looked Strong

Sakshi did not cry and looked strong moments before leaving and felt happy after her dad said that he is proud of her.

Sakshi Learning

Right Reaction at Right Time is what Sakshi learned in this 50 episodes journey.

Abhirami Acting

Kavin, Sandy and Tharshan talked that Abhirami is performing her fake cry as she was fighting with Sakshi Yesterday commented by Kavin. Sandy replied yes that she is just acting like crying.

Sherin Broken

Sherin feels broken as she missing her best friend Sakshi and told whom she will nominate tomorrow cause she do not have reason to nominate someone.

Angry Cheran

Cheran is not happy and upset about his name being used by Sandy and Kavin in the song they sing for Losliya in which they called him a bore person when he talks. Both Sandy and Kavin apologized for it.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Seventh Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Losliya and Sakshi

Seventh Week Eviction

Sakshi Agarwal

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