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Season 3 Week 8

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Day 50 : Episode 51 - 12 August 2019
Promo 1

Vanitha Back to House as Guest

Promo 2

Vanitha Comment about Love

Promo 3

Vanitha Golden Words

Eviction Nomination List

Abhirami, Kavin, Losliya, Sakshi and Mugen

Sherin Cry for Sakshi

Sherin cried for Sakshi and nominated Kavin for her eviction.

Broken Abhirami

Abhirami feels low and said cannot nominate anyone cause her image has been spoiled. Abhirami, Kavin, Losliya, Sakshi and Mugen in the Eviction Nomination List.

Mugen consoles Abhirami

Abhirami kept on crying, Mugen asked Abhirami to stop it and consoles her.

Sherin Saloon

Sherin cut Sandy Hair today like she did for Tharshan and Kavin few days back.

Kamal 60

Bigg Boss announced today marks the 60th Year Anniversary for Kamal Hassan work in Cine Industry. Housemates praised and wished Legend Kamal Hassan for the achievement.

Vanitha enters Bigg Boss House Again

Vanitha enters Bigg Boss House as Special Guest for Luxury Budget Task - Bigg Boss Hotel.

Housemates Completely in Task

When Vanitha shares her opinion about people in the house but Housemates completely in the task to satisfy Vanitha to get Luxury Budget Points.

Vanitha Golden Words

Vanitha talks in favour of Girls in the House and asked to throw away the mindset of Love. Also asked Housemates not to give up and fight for winning the title instead of giving it to Tharshan easily. She injected the idea of anyone can win, not only Tharshan deserve to win.

Day 51 : Episode 52 - 13 August 2019
Promo 1

Vanitha words against Mugen to Abhirami - Who is Durga?

Promo 2

Mugen Vs Abhirami. Credit: Vanitha

Promo 3

Sandy and Tharshan raises Voice supporting Mugen

Who is Durga?

Vanitha brainwashes Abhirami, telling Mugen is waste and asked her whether she knows who is Durga? Durga seems to be cousin of Mugen.

Dont Spoil My Name

When Abhirami and Vanitha joined with Madhumitha and Cheran started to pinpoint what Mugen did is wrong in the house. At the moment when all male contestants except Cheran joined together to let others know what Abhirami told to Mugen like dont you get attracted by looking at her sparks the house but Mugen told things decently. Eventhough Kasthuri pitch in to help Mugen but which was projected wrongly by Kavin cause he dont like her cause Kasthuri was teasing Losliya.

Abhirami Vs Mugen

When Tharshan asked Mugen to say what Abhirami told to him, Abhirami feared that comment will spoil her name, she started raising her voice which triggered Mugen.

200 Percent Mistake is from your side

When Tharshan, Sandy and Kavin talks in favour of Mugen, There is the other side which consist of Vanitha, Cheran and Madhumitha always find fault on Mugen and said if Abhirami has done 100 percent mistakes, Mugen mistake part is 200 percent.

Abhirami Cry Again

Abhirami keep crying again and again thinking about name is getting spoiled and asked Kasthuri to leave when she approached to talk in favour of her asking ignore Vanitha remarks and dont talk.

Stop Everything

Vanitha and Cheran asks Mugen to stop everything.

Mugen Cry

Mugen uanble to stop his emotions as everyone in the house talking about the issue of him with Abhirami.

Abhirami Says Sorry

Abhirami asks Sorry to Mugen when no one was around them.

Bigg Boss Hotel

Luxury Budget Task Bigg Boss Hotel resumes.

Spa Girl Sherin

Vanitha made people to take care of her, asking Sherin to give hair care, then Mugen to entertain.

Chef Madhumitha

Chef Madhumitha made special items to Vanitha for Luxury Budget Points.

Entertainment Night

Vanitha was given entertainment feast at the end of the day. Vanitha and Abhirami hugged eachother when she made Mugen to sing song of Love is waste by a girl.

Day 52 : Episode 53 - 14 August 2019
Promo 1

Madhumitha Vs Male Contestants

Promo 2

Losliya Vs Madhumitha

Promo 3

Kavin Cry Cause of Madhumitha Talk

Bigg Boss Hotel Task

Housemates enjoyed performing Bigg Boss Hotel Task with both Fun and Fear cause of Special Guest Vanitha.

Cookery Class

Housemates attended Cookery Class head by Madhumitha managed by Cheran and Class created on request by Guest Vanitha.

Luxury Budget Task Best and Worst Performers

Housemates selected Madhumitha and Sherin for Best Performers and Tharshan for overall best performer. Majority of Housemates selected Kasthuri and Abhirami for Worst Performers to sent them Jail.

Leave the Scene

Later Madhumitha was not happy with selection of Abhirami as Worst Performer, confronted with Captain Sandy and Kavin. When Kavin had an argument with Madhumitha, Tharshan intervene the argument and asked Kavin to leave the scene talking with her.

Cheran Ignites Madhumitha

When Madhumitha reacted shockingly after looking at Tharshan intervention to pull Kavin out of Conversation. She talked about it with Cheran, his view ignited Madhumitha to go next level to make it as Boys Vs Girls Issue in the House.

Jail Term

Kasthuri and Abhirami spend time in Jail.

Mugen and Losliya Entertainment

Mugen with the support of Losliya and Sandy sung a song for raise of Women.

Guys Using Girls

Madhumitha had an argument with guys pointing Tharshan way of pulling Kavin is wrong. Argument resulted in a big problem between male and female contestants in the house.

Using Four Girls

Madhumitha pulled Kavin Issue again and told he used 4 girls created a big conversation which made Losliya also to involve to go against Madhumitha.

Kavin Cry

Kavin Cries with the way Madhumitha bringing in the issue of past.

Sandy Dubbing Fun

Sandy dubbed for the conversation between Vanitha, Madhumitha and Cheran in a funny way.

Vanitha about Tharshan

Vanitha talked about Tharshan raise in the house after Kamal asked him to show his presence, that made him to go against big star which will highlight him as star.

Day 53 : Episode 54 - 15 August 2019
Promo 1

Vanitha Vs Tharshan

Promo 2

Mugen Crying cause of Abhirami

Promo 3

We are the Boyzzz

Sherin Feelings for Tharshan

Sherin express her feelings for Tharshan and told about it to Vanitha.

Sandy and Vanitha released Abhirami

Sandy and Vanitha took effort to release Abhirami from jail cause her health is not well, even after Cheran obstructing it when release try by Sandy but later Vanitha took the key and opened the jail door to release Abhirami. but Kasthuri remained in jail until next announcement for end of jail term.

Angry Cheran

Cheran reacted in anger tone and told he also tried to release Abhirami by talking to Bigg Boss thru Bigg Boss. And told now Sandy and Co feels they have achieved something great. Cheran and Vanitha continue to ignite Madhumitha to go against Guys group.

Luxury Budget Shopping

Vanitha leads the Luxury Budget Shopping, initially she pulled Losliya and Tharshan into it. Tharshan did the remote but Losliya refuse to do it with the intervention of Kavin saying she is not used to do it. Vanitha points this is not Dancing or Singing competition, this is life show where contestants has to involve in everything.

We Are The Boyzzz

Sandy, Kavin, Mugen and Tharshan with Losliya composed a song for Boys in the House.

Boys Vs Girls Debate Task

Housemates were asked to compete in Boys Vs Girls Task to debate who is best in Leadership, Friendship, Braveness and Cooking.

Sherin express her Feelings

Sherin express her feelings to Tharshan saying she dont know how to take forward in it.

Mugen Cried

Mugen cried and confronted with Abhirami that he respects her and never tried to hit her which was the issue raised during Boys Vs Girls Debate Task.

Day 54 : Episode 55 - 16 August 2019
Promo 1

Kavin Vs Madhumitha

Promo 2

Kavin Vs Kasthuri

Promo 3

Madhumitha wins Captaincy

Why Stopped Talking

Losliya questions Cheran that why he didnt say Good Night to her. Cheran replied we will talk later about it.

Funny Dubbing Session

Sandy did funny dubbing session again.

Cooking Tips

Kasthuri was asked to give cooking tips, created a rift between Kasthuri and Vanitha when Vanitha intervened to stop Madhumitha assist to Kasthuri.

What Should I Do

Tharshan asked Sherin what to be done to stop Sherin Sadness, later Sherin laughingly told Abhirami that this guy is asking me what he should do.

Cheran, Tharshan and Madhumitha Talk

Cheran, Tharshan and Madhumitha Talk created issue again when Madhumitha pulled talks of four girls which involved Kavin.

Losliya Intervened

Losliya intervened to tell Madhumitha to stop talking about Kavin Issue cause her name is also involved in it.

Kavin Vs Kasthuri

Kavin pulled Sandy, Losliya, Tharshan and Mugen when Kasthuri tried to talk with them and told we are not interested to talk with her. Kasthuri questioned Madhumitha what is the purpose of these talks by Madhumitha cause Sherin and Abhirami sitting with the boys group.

We are the Boyzzz

Sandy, Kavin, Mugen and Tharshan with Losliya sing We are the boys song in front of Vanitha, Sherin and Abhirami.

Respect to be Earned, not by Forced

Vanitha points mistake done by Kasthuri when she did in Villu Pattu Task and called Vanitha as Dominator is nothing when compared to this song by Boys, and told Kasthuri respect to be earned and it cannot be come to you by forced to state that she is not dominator.

Madhumitha New Captain

Madhumitha with the support of Cheran wins the Captaincy task to become next week captain.

Helo App Task

Abhirami wins Helo App Task judged by Cheran.

We are the Boyzzz

Sandy, Kavin, Mugen and Tharshan with Losliya sing We are the boys song again.

Day 55 : Episode 56 - 17 August 2019
Promo 1

Host Kamal Hassan talks about Madhumitha Ejection

Promo 2

Kamal make fun of Vanitha

Madhumitha Ejected

Kamal says Madhumitha the decision she took to harm herself is not good one and she gets ejected cause of it. Madhumitha ejected cause she breaks the law of Bigg Boss House. Reason is not revealed in the show cause it might cause rift outside the house, some says she talked about Cauvery Issue in the Helo App Task which made Sherin and Housemates uncomfortable, created big issue in the house lead by Vanitha, made Madhumitha harm herself by cutting her hand with knife, made Bigg Boss to eject her from the house.

Cheran and Kasthuri

Madhumitha Avoids Housemates except Cheran and Kasthuri and argued with Kamal for stating her act is good but Kamal refused it saying she could have handled it in non violence way. Cheran and Kasthuri also said Madhumitha act is bad example for others who watch the show, which is the reason none of the footages related to Madhumitha activty was telecasted in the show.

Hershey Task

Housemates divided into 3 groups to compete for Hershey task for Arranging Kisses Chocolates.

Abhirami and Sherin Wins

Abhirami and Sherin wins the Hershey task judged by Sandy.

Boys Gang

Kamal questioned Boys Gang for their reaction towards Kasthuri especially Kavin act Vs Kasthuri. Kasthuri told the boys gang should be called as Karpuram.

Vanitha Teased

Kamal also questioned the involvement of Vanitha for all the issues this week.

Audience Fun

Vanitha was teased by Audience by shouting whenever she wanted to say something. Kamal enjoyed it as well.

Eviction is for Sure

Kamal also said There is sure eviction this weekend cause donot think there isnt cause of Madhumitha Ejection.

Day 56 : Episode 57 - 18 August 2019
Promo 1

Control The Emotions - Eviction Is For Sure

Promo 2

Why You Came Vathikuchi Vanitha

Promo 3

Karpurangal ignited by Vathikuchi

Promo 4

Cherappa or Verappa


Kamal asks Cherappa relation with Losliya is still Dad - Daughter relation or no more. Cheran replied she is still his Daughter.


Losliya told her reason of not talking much with Cheran cause he always name her as poor performer. But Cheran replied he wants her to perform more and that is the reason he points her as poor performer for her fight and compete to climb the ladder to win.

Sherin New Captain

Sherin named as New Captain cause Madhumitha already left the House.

Kavin and Losliya Saved

Kamal announced Kavin saved followed by Losliya also got saved.

Abhirami Evicted

Kamal shows the placard with Abhirami name which means she gets evicted.

Abhirami Final Pic

Abhirami gets a memory final pic with housemates before leaving the house.

Abhirami Breaks Medal

Abhirami breaks the winner medal.

Mugen Act

Mugen tried to join the broken pieces of the Abhirami Medal.

Tharshan to Console

Tharshan consoles Sherin for her cry of missing her friends.

Abhrami Memory Video

Abhirami felt good looking at the Final Memory Video.

Cheran with Losliya

Cheran said Losliya that he always care about her and will be with her.

Kavin Reaction

Kavin reacts at Cheran activity with Losliya saying its all drama.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Eighth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Losliya and Mugen

Eighth Week Eviction

Abhirami Venkatachalam

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