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Season 3 Week 9

Daily Promos And Summary

Day 57 : Episode 58 - 19 August 2019
Promo 1

Losliya Nominates Cheran

Promo 2

Losliya Cry for Nominating Cheran and Justify It

Promo 3

Tharshan Feelings

Eviction Nomination List

Cheran, Kasthuri, Sandy and Tharshan

Why Not Happy

Losliya keeps on asking question to Kavin why he is not happy. Kavin replied he is upset cause of Drama by Cheran.

Let My Daughter Come

Cheran wait for Losliya to have his breakfast saying ley my daughter come, so i can have food with her.

Nomination Plan

Vanitha and Cheran plans for Nomination and decided to target Tharshan and Sandy.

Vanitha - Wild Card Entry

Vanitha was surprised after hearing that she is the wild card entry for the house, so no one cannot nominate her current week along with Sherin being a Captain.

She will not Nominate Me

Cheran was very confident telling to Kasthuri that Losliya wont nominate him for the eviction but the truth is Losliya nominated Cheran for the eviction list. Cheran, Kasthuri, Sandy and Tharshan in the eviction list.

Losliya Cried

Losliya cried for nominating Cheran for the eviction saying it to Kavin.

Miss My Baby

When Bigg Boss asked about feelings of 50 days in Bigg Boss House. Sandy cried and said he misses his daughter alot.

Romance in the Eyes

Though they avoid showing it outside, The romance in the eyes of Losliya and Kavin are filled completely but Kavin in complete fear of his past experience in the house.

Day 58 : Episode 59 - 20 August 2019
Promo 1

School Task

Promo 2

Vanitha Vs Kasthuri in School Task

Promo 3

Vanitha Vs Kasthuri

Kasthuri Astrology

Kasthuri performed like Astrologer on her own teased by guys gang.

Frooti For Captain

Sherin picks up Frooti as she is the captain of the house.

Luxury Budget School Task

Housemates was given Kindergarten school task for Luxury Budget. Cheran is Principal, Kasthuri is Teacher and rest are all Kindergarten kids.

Art Class

Kasthuri performed Art task by drawing, did her part well.


Housemates as Kindergarten Kids continues to show their naughtyness in the task.

Train Go Around Fun

Kids with Teacher had some fun playing Train game.

Exercise Time

Cheran displayed some Breathing and Physical exercise in the task.

Vanitha A Duck

Kasthuri said Vanitha a Duck during the task as fun, angered Vanitha.

Vanitha Revenge

Vanitha said Teacher did a mistake calling her a duck, so she wanted an apology, then later Kasthuri said Sorry to her.

Vanitha Vs Kasthuri

Kasthuri and Vanitha argued even after the task regarding the duck comment.

Cheran Plan

Cheran took that incident between Vanitha and Kasthuri as bad performance in the task, reminded Captain Sherin to consider these incidents for bad performance.

School Days

Housemates shared their memories of the school days in a task.

Day 59 : Episode 60 - 21 August 2019
Promo 1

School Task Fun

Promo 2

Kasthuri Vs Vanitha

Promo 3

Losliya Kavin Romance

Kasthuri Vanitha Argument

Kasthuri and Vanitha argued for a while for yesterday Duck comment about Vanitha by Kasthuri.

School Luxury Budget Task

Housemates continues to enjoy School Luxury Budget Task. Only change from Kindergarten of Yesterday to School for today.

Tamil Class

Principal Cheran takes Tamil Class.

Tamil Tongue Twister

Housemates enjoyed Tongue Twister in Tamil Thought by Cheran and Kasthuri.

Kids Song

Housemates as Kids were asked to compose a song for the task to sing. Kasthuri also added with her own song.

Sandy Fun

Sandy performed very well in the task.

School Task Pic

Housemates were asked to click a pic of memory for the school task.

Best Teacher

Housemates were asked to give speech on best teacher they had. Kasthuri breaks down emotionally during this task talking her daughter is the best teacher in her life.

Day 60 : Episode 61 - 22 August 2019
Promo 1

Cheran and Losliya about Kavin

Promo 2

Losliya Loves Kavin

Promo 3

Losliya-Kavin Romance

Kasthuri Poor Joke

Kasthuri Poor Joke on Sherin Dog, hurts Sherin but she didnt react much, Vanitha tried to ignite problem between Kasthuri and Sherin.

Boys Gang Plan

Boys Gang plan to save Kasthuri from Jail, wanted to nominate themself to go to Jail.

Cheran Talk With Kavin

Cheran discussed about Losliya with Kavin, especially about the reaction of family and people about their closeness. Cheran advised to maintain some distance with Losliya. Kavin replied that Losliya is like a kid and he will take care of her.

Cheran Talk With Losliya

Losliya displayed her interest on Kavin but she wanted to take into the next level after going out of the house.

Losliya-Kavin Romance

Losliya and Kavin discussed about their talk with Cheran, Losliya loves Kavin but Kavin reaction with Losliya looks similar to what he did with Sakshi few weeks back.

Luxury Budget Shopping

Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping for 1300 Points they earned from School Task.

Sandy, Losliya and Cheran for Next Week Captaincy Task. Housemate Fun Games Play

Sandy and Losliya termed as best performers of the Task, Cheran for Overall for the week. All three will compete for next week task. Bigg Boss surprised Housemates do not have to name for worst performers. Boys Gang and Kasthuri enjoyed playing Pompalapatti and Hide and Seek Games.


Each Housemates has to sit in the middle and every other housemate will give opinion about that person. Housemates enjoyed expressing positivity about eachother in the task.

Day 61 : Episode 62 - 23 August 2019
Promo 1

Hard Physical Games

Promo 2

Cheran - New Captain

Promo 3

Kavin Losliya Romance

Time To Impress Fun

Funny Kasthuri sung in front of Camera to Impress People - A Big Fail. Guys team continues to have fun.

Tharshan Sherin Misunderstanding

Tharshan and Sherin had a little rift between them during cleaning the house. Sherin cried later in the day thinking about this incident.

Cheran New Captain

Cheran become New Captain for the week with a very simple luck task like whose name appear first with five entries. Cheran created teams with consent of Housemates.

Kavin Losliya Romance

Kavin and Losliya continues to have close talks inside the house.

Physical Individual Tasks

Housemates were divide into two teams, initially given individual one on one tasks.

Team Task

Finally ended up with Team Task where Team Vanitha, Sandy, Mugen and Sherin Wins.

To Tease Sandy

Losliya does act of receiving pampering from Kavin to tease Sandy.

Nippon Paint Task

Cheran judged second task for the day where he has to hide the clue cards which has to be found by 2 teams of Housemates, whichever team finishes the task of matching captions with paint model wins the task. Team Mugen, Sherin, Tharshan and Sandy wins the Task.

Day 62 : Episode 63 - 24 August 2019
Promo 1

Host Kamal Hassan talks about Team Play

Promo 2

Kavin - Losliya Breaking The Law

Promo 3

Vanitha - Kasthuri Issue

Kamal Appreciates Bigg Boss Team

Kamal aprreciates the work of Bigg Boss Team for their good work to run the show great. Kamal also told audience whatever rumour spreading outside are all just rumour only.

Yamaha Bike Pose Task

Housemates divided into 5 teams of 2 to take pics with Yamaha Bike, one pose while other click. Mugen Pic with Yamaha Bike.

Yamaha Bike Pose Task

Tharshan Pic with Yamaha Bike.

Yamaha Bike Pose Task

Kavin Pic with Yamaha Bike.

Yamaha Bike Pose Task

Losliya Pic with Yamaha Bike.

Tharshan wins Yamaha Bike Pose Task

Sandy Pic with Yamaha Bike. Tharshan wins the Task, judged by Cheran.

Tharshan - Sherin

Tharshan and Sherin patched up after misunderstanding.

Kavin - Losliya

Kamal told the reason for the deduction of Luxury Budget Points with a Video of Kavin and Losliya removing batteries of mic to talk, breaking the rules in the house. Kamal also discussed about Sandy misuse of word Sathunavu Aaya and also about issue between Vanitha and Kasthuri.

Day 63 : Episode 64 - 25 August 2019
Promo 1

Losliya Interview

Promo 2

Teachers Support Talk to Kavin and Mugen

Promo 3

KS Ravikumar Support Talk for Cheran

Promo 4

Confused Kasthuri

Show Your Anger for Right Cause

Kamal asks People to show anger on right cause, talks about Amazon Fire and Deforestation.

Housemates Private Time

Each and Every Housemates spend Private Talk with Kamal. Kamal asks Housemates to show interest in winning competition rather than giving it up for relationships at the house.

Vanitha Talk

Vanitha points the same comment of Kamal, like no one should not give up and should try to win the competition.

Teacher Support Talk

Teacher recordings of each housemate support talk played. Sandy listened audio recording of Kala Dance Master.

Emotions and Surprise

Housemates displayed emotions and surprise after hearing their favourite teacher recordings.

Kasthuri Cry

Kasthuri emotionally cried after hearing to the voice of her kids.

Director KS Ravikumar Recording

Director KS Ravikumar support talk was played for Cheran.

Tharshan and Sandy Saved

Kamal announced Tharshan and Sandy Saved from the week eviction.

Kasthuri Evicted

Kamal shows the Placard with Kasthuri Name to say she is evicted this week.

Kasthuri Final Pic

Kasthuri gets final selfie pic with housemates.

Kasthuri Breaks Medal

Kasthuri breaks Winner Medal while leaving the house.

Secret Room Offer

Kasthuri refused the offer of Secret room after hearing the voices of her kids. Kamal also announced there is no eviction next week but it will not be revealed for Housemates.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Eviction

Ninth Week Eviction Nomination

Cheran, Kasthuri, Sandy and Tharshan

Ninth Week Eviction


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