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Episode 1 - 23 June 2019 : An Introduction - Contestants Entered House

Kamal Hassan show cases the place and invited the contestants. 15 Contestants entered the house.

Day 1 : Episode 2 - 24 June 2019 : Vanitha Vijayakumar - First Week Captain. Abhirami Crush on Kavin

Housemates were asked to pick cards for daily work, Vanitha become Captain. Abhirami told Sherin and Sakshi that she have crush on Kavin. Wake Up Song: Petta - Ullaallaa

Day 2 : Episode 3 - 25 June 2019 : Vanitha Vs Sakshi - Pongal Issue. Kavin Avoids Abhirami. Meera Mithun enters House

Sandy Thogur Singing Class. Sakshi and Vanitha had argument on having Pongal daily. Kavin avoids Abhirami saying he likes flirting but not serious on anything cause relationship takes time. Sandy makes environment lovely with his Thoguru Raagam. Meera Mithun enters the house at the end of the day. Abhirami, Sakshi, Vanitha and Sherin are not happy with her arrival. Meera mingled with other housemates with tasks given to her. Wake Up Song: Maari 2 - Rowdy Baby

Day 3 : Episode 4 - 26 June 2019 : Vanitha and Abhirami Vs Meera. Luxury Budget Task

Mohan Thogur Dance Class. Vanitha supported Abhirami and went against Meera. Mohan, Reshma, Abhirami and Sherin answered to their questions with their life experience they got from bowl in Luxury Budget Task. Wake Up Song: Mersal - Mersal Arasan

Day 4 : Episode 5 - 27 June 2019 : Fathima with Meera to Ease Situation. Luxury Budget Task Continues

Meera Fashion Choreography. Fathima and Cheran ease the situation between Meera and Abhirami. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Cheran, Tharshan, Madhumitha and Saravanan. Housemates enjoyed dancing in the rain. Wake Up Song: Gulaebaghavali - Heartukulla

Day 5 : Episode 6 - 28 June 2019 : Vanitha Vs Meera cause of Hook and Work Issue. Luxury Budget Task Continues

Fathima Laughter Theraphy. Meera asked Mohan for fixing the hook on her dress. Mohan complaint to Captain Vanitha of his uncomfortness says Vanitha, told Meera but Meera wasnt ready to listen refusing Mohan is like my Dad. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Vanitha, Kavin, Fathima and Sakshi. Cat fight using words by Vanitha and Madhumitha against Meera. Wake Up Song: Charlie Chaplin 2 - Chinna Machan

Day 6 : Episode 7 - 29 June 2019 : Luxury Budget Task Continues. Host Kamal returns for the Weekend show

Losliya Singing Class. Vaithya upsets Tharshan, asks not to call him dad butg later apologized. Vanitha not happy with Meera, Sandy and Kevin coming late for the task. Luxury Budget Task Continues with Sandy, Losliya and Mugen. Bottle game between Kavin and Losliya for Brother-Sister-Lover Issue. Kamal back for the Weekend Show. Wake Up Song: Kanaa - Othaiyadi Pathayila

Day 7 : Episode 8 - 30 June 2019 : Madhumitha Comment stating I am Tamil Girl Erupts Clash with Abhirami and Friends. Mohan Vaithya, Captain for Next Week

Kamal asked Newsreaders Fathima and Losliya to state whats happening in the house. Madhumitha asked Fathima to avoid the bottle baby fun play of Abhirami and Mugen in the news. But Fathima conveyed in the news. Madhumitha commented that fun play is not good for Tamil Culture erupts clash between Abhirami and Madhumitha. Most of the Housemates Sherin, Sakshi, Vanitha and Kavin supported Abhirami and started cornering Madhumitha. Saravanan gets more Hearts than others. Meera complaints about Vanitha Captaincy. Cheran upset with Meera. Mohan becomes new captain and assigns job for other Housemates. Madhumitha not happy with what happened today and asks herself whether she has to be real or act. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 8 : Episode 9 - 01 July 2019 : Eviction Nomination Process

Most of the Housemates nominated Madhumitha and Meera as the person does not deserve to be in the house. Kavin, Sakshi, Fathima, Saravanan, Cheran, Meera and Madhumitha in the Eviction List. Meera and Madhumitha continues to get isolated by others in the house. Wake Up Song: Kalakalappu 2 - Oru Kuchi Oru Kulfi

Day 9 : Episode 10 - 02 July 2019 : Meera Supports Madhumitha. Kavin Vs Meera. Sakshi creates Problem for Meera

Daily Task for Madhumitha to give inspiration talk, Vanitha find faults in it, Meera supported Madhumitha, irritated Vanitha. Kavin and his friends always finding fault on Meera to go against her during Puzzle fix game. Eventhough Meera did a good job, Vanitha and group find fault on whatever meera does to corner her. Incident made Meera to emotionally break. Meera told Mugen that others are making him not to talk with her. Sakshi changed what Meera told to Mugen, said Vanitha, Reshma and Abhirami that Meera asking Mugen not to talk with Abhirami but Meera did not say that way. Sakshi creates problem for her with Vanitha and Group. Wake Up Song: Vaalu - UR My Darling

Day 10 : Episode 11 - 03 July 2019 : Vanitha and Team Vs Meera and Madhumitha. Losliya Reacts but plays safe

Sakshi misunderstanding Meera and Mugen Talk, told Vanitha, Abirami and Sherin bad about Meera and Madhumitha, created big issue. Vanitha and Team raised voice against Madhumitha, Losliya Reacts but plays safe to be with all. Most of the Housemates are upset with Vanitha. Meera asked Madhumitha to stay cool, ignore and sleep. Wake Up Song: Bairavaa - PaPa PaPa

Day 11 : Episode 12 - 04 July 2019 : Sakshi Crush on Kavin, his attention towards Losliya with a Plan

Cheran unhappy with Vanitha domination but continues to ignore. Fathima Newsreader Class to Housemates. Sakshi told Sherin that She feels Kavin getting jealous when Mugen talks with her. Sherin asked Sakshi to tell whats happening between Sakshi and Kavin to Abhirami. Sakshi plan to break Kavin attention towards Losliya, scripted a drama to favour her closeness to Kavin. Abhirami, Sherin and Reshma acted as well to support Sakshi Act without knowing her plan. Male Contestants except Cheran disquised as Female Contestants for a fun task. Even the couple dance for a Vennilavey song sung and choreaographed by Sandy shows that Sakshi loves Kavin with her Hug at the end of the day. Wake Up Song: Petta - Marana Mass

Day 12 : Episode 13 - 05 July 2019 : Sakshi Loves Kavin, Bigg Boss Prank Task for Meera, Sandy Emotional Birthday

Sakshi Loves Kavin, blushes with Bhindi Incident. Saravanan Chicken Catching Class. Bigg Boss asked Housemates to evict one among the 7 contestants for the weekend nomination but told this task is to prank Meera. Vanitha with the help of Sakshi act and to get closer with Meera, mastermind plan resulted in to isolate Abhirami. Sandy breaks emotionally after seeing his daughter video during his birthday celebration. Wake Up Song: Gulaebaghavali - Guleba

Day 13 : Episode 14 - 06 July 2019 : Madhumitha saved from Bigg Boss Eviction

Abhirami Acting Class. Vanitha Mastermind Plan continues to create rift between Meera and Fathima. Losliya said the truth that Meera now joined another group and stopped talking with Madhu. Kamal announced People saved Madhumitha with their votes eventhough most of the housemates does not like her. Wake Up Song: Jilla - Yeppa Maama

Day 14 : Episode 15 - 07 July 2019 : Fathima Babu Eviction. Vanitha anger on Abhirami

Vanitha angry on Abhirami cause she was not with her team selecting Madhumitha as the person they wanted to leave house but choosed Meera. Vanitha upset with Abhirami decision saying all these started for her but now she is showing as good. Abhirami cried and asked Bigg Boss to send her home. Madhumitha asked Abhirami not to cry but Abhirami wanted to be with her friends not with Madhumitha. Fathima Babu got evicted this week. Fathima was asked by Bigg Boss to break the medal given by Kamal when she entered the house and she did it. Fathima selected Tharshan, Abhirami and Sandy for next week captainship competition. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 15 : Episode 16 - 08 July 2019 : Abhirami - New Captain. Madhumitha, Meera, Mohan, Saravanan and Vanitha in Eviction List

Meera told Losliya that she is upset with her cause Losliya voted against Meera in the weekend show but Losliya replied that she was not happy now with what Meera doing by joining with the other group to isolate Madhumitha. Abhirami won the task cause both Tharshan and Sandy has given up for Abhirami. Abhirami gets upset as her friends are getting closer to Meera. Sakshi gets jealous on Losliya and not happy with Kavin as he started talking with Losliya. Vanitha goes hard on Abhirami as she used the word Fish Market for saying Vanitha shouting alot. Vanitha master planning again to get closer with Madhumitha saying she wanted to bring her real face out. Wake Up Song: Oru Kal Oru Kannadi - Venaam Machan

Day 16 : Episode 17 - 09 July 2019 : Murder Cemetery Setup Luxury Budget Task

Meera Yoga Class. Kavin Started Flirting with Sakshi. Luxury Budget Task with Cemetery Setup for Murderer Task. Vanitha and Mugen are murderer and murderer friend respectively and they are supposed to murder Bigg Boss instructed Housemates one by one with a task. Vanitha was instructed through phone by Bigg Boss to remove make up of Sakshi by herself to murder her. Bigg Boss Announced Sakshi is killed surprised Housemates. Kavin acted by missing Sakshi showing sad face. Vanitha gets second call for killing Mohan to make him dance like Michael Jackson. Mohan dead and joined Sakshi in the Cemetery. Wake Up Song: Silambattam - Vechukkava Unna

Day 17 : Episode 18 - 10 July 2019 : Murder Cemetery Setup Luxury Budget Task Continues

Cheran not happy with Meera working in his team. Argument created rift between the two. Mohan hurt many times cause of Sandy Tease. Vanitha gets first call of the day for instruction to kill Sherin by making her to kiss Tharshan. Sherin dead and joined Sakshi and Mohan in the Graveyard. Vanitha gets instruction to kill Reshma in her fourth call, to make her partner Mugen act like accidental drop of Cold Coffee on Reshma. Reshma dead and joined other three in the Cemetery. All Suspect Losliya and Madhumitha as the Murderer. Funny Funeral Speech at the end of the day. Vanitha, Mohan and Reshma talks about Fathima exit as good thing for the house as negativity left from the house. Wake Up Song: Kalakalappu 2 - Karakudi Ilavarasi

Day 18 : Episode 19 - 11 July 2019 : Luxury Budget Task Ends. Vanitha Dominates. Losliya Upset

Bigg Boss called Kavin and Meera, made Inspector and Constable respectively. Sandy was made Ghost Medium. Kavin and Meera took few housemates for Interrogation. Kavin getting closer with Losliya when Sakshi stays outside as Ghost. Cheran called Sakshi to check what Kavin doing with Losliya. Vanitha and Mugen has to take gun of Kavin and hide it to kill him. Kavin Dead and Joined other Ghosts in the Graveyard. Vanitha revealed that She and Mugen did all the Murders. Special video displayed how the Murder done by Vanitha and Mugen during the task. Housemates named Vanitha, Mohan and Sakshi as best performers, first two for the task and last for overall week respectively. Cheran and Saravanan was choosed as worst performers. Worst performers was told to go to Jail. Few Housemates were not happy and talked whether someone else can go instead of them. Losliya asked can she goto Jail instead of Cheran which instigate angerness on Vanitha, hurts Losliya. Losliya asked Kevin to stop talking with her. Kavin asked Losliya not to cry. Saravanan in complete angerness and thorough upset cause nobody talked in support of him. Wake Up Song: Petta - Petta Paraak

Day 19 : Episode 20 - 12 July 2019 : Cheran and Kavin in Jail. Released Next Day. Tharshan Vs Vanitha cause Captaincy Task. Sakshi - Next Week Captain.

Cheran and Kavin went to Jail for poor performance but released next day. Tharshan called Meera a Chameleon which upset her. Both Meera and Tharshan spoke eachother to clear misunderstanding. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping with 2500 Points(3000 - 500 points deducted cause of using other languages to speak but not Tamil). Next Week Captain Task between Vanitha, Sakshi and Mohan with Catch and Stick Skull badge on Contestant, with whoever has it sticked on them during Buzzer will relegate. Mohan gave up as he was unable to run and catch others to stick the badge. Sakshi caught Vanitha easily and stick the badge but Vanitha unable to catch Sakshi back which angered her and blame the task as the stupidest one and not fair. Tharshan went against Vanitha and spoke his opinion that Vanitha should not be stubborn and must play the game according to the rules. Vanitha become Furious and started cursing Tharshan but Tharshan gradually gets support from other contestants in the house. Vanitha blamed Captain Abhirami for not taking charge to avoid the problem. Cheran gets involved to reduce the tension between Vanitha and Tharshan. Nippon Paint Finger Print Task for Memories. Wake Up Song: Velai Illa Pattadhaari - What A Karvaad

Day 20 : Episode 21 - 13 July 2019 : Mohan Saved from Week Eviction

Kavin flirts and having fun with Losliya. Sandy and Kavin sings Song for Kamal. Kamal questions Vanitha and Sakshi about Abhirami. Kamal appreciate Tharshan for his Braveness. Kamal had discussion with housemates regarding Vanitha attitude during Captaincy Task. Kamal announced People saved Mohan with their votes. Wake Up Song: Thaanaa Serndha Koottam - Sodakku

Day 21 : Episode 22 - 14 July 2019 : Vanitha Evicted

Meera likes Tharshan but Tharshan rejected it which created a news in the house. Saravanan saved by people but he wants to leave the house as he worries about his family. Kamal announced Madhumitha saved but Sandy made fun of her by imitating her. Kamal announced Vanitha eviction this week. Vanitha exit shocked Housemates as nobody expected it. Vanitha was asked by Bigg Boss to break the medal given by Kamal when she entered the house and she did it. Wake Up Song: Hey Ram - Ram Ram

Day 22 : Episode 23 - 15 July 2019 : Abhirami, Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan are in Eviction List

Saravanan Imitation when he spoke with Mohan, completely disappointed him and broken Mohan emotionally. Saravanan clears the issue with Mohan saying sorry but with rudeness. Saravanan hurts Madhumitha while cooking with his words. Abhirami cries after hearing her name in the eviction Nomination list. Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan are others in the list. Task to state good and bad person in house with some random questions for each housemate. All projected Meera as bad in House. Sakshi looks like a responsible captain, getting involved with whoever gets into an issue to reduce the tension. Starting from Mohan, then Madhumitha and later Meera. Cheran and Losliya involves more in house after the exit of Vanitha. Kavin and Losliya have fun talking with Sandy. Wake Up Song: 7UP Madras Gig - Orasaadha

Day 23 : Episode 24 - 16 July 2019 : Sakshi and Losliya Upset - Chocolate Problem. Kavin Worst Words and Sakshi Cunning Mind Hurts Meera Peace of Mind. Tik Tik Tik Luxury Budget Task

Mohan request Sakshi to change him from Bathroom cleaning team to Cooking Team but Sakshi asks him to goto Dishwashing team to avoid Saravanan in Cooking Team. But created a scene for no reason just to show his presence. In the end, Mohan kisses both Reshma and Abhirami. Sakshi upset because of Kavin gave her chocolate to Losliya. Sakshi asked Kavin to leave her alone. Losliya return the chocolate to Kavin by seeing the issue grtting created for him with Sakshi. Losliya cried infront of Cheran, which upset Cheran as well. Luxury Budget Task Tik Tik Tik to stop 2 alarms within 10 seconds to get full 700 points but Sandy and Meera stopped those by taking 18 seconds to get 600 points. Similarly Reshma and Mugen stopped 4 alarms in the second task to gain 600 Points. Kavin comments calling Meera waste one more time causes problem again. Cunning Mind Sakshi and Criminal Head Reshma pulled Meera to find fault and hurt Kavin, but created issue and breaks peace mind of Meera by saying she started the meeting. Meera Cried as she felt really bad as some people always show her as negative person in the house. Wake Up Song: Jilla - Jingunamani

Day 24 : Episode 25 - 17 July 2019 : Kavin Romance Problem. Tik Tik Tik Luxury Budget Task Continues

Sakshi got to know that Losliya is upset cause of Kavin avoided her cause of Sakshi Presence. When Kavin heard the reason for Losliya Upset, Kavin surprised and told that he asked Losliya to go inside cause of her makeup not for the presence of Sakshi. Kavin and Abhirami went for the Tik Tik Tik 3rd Round to stop 15 alarm of 500 clocks in 30 seconds to get 700 points but they failed the round. Tharshan and Sakshi went for the Tik Tik Tik 4th Round to stop 25 alarm of 700 clocks in 45 seconds to get 700 points but they too failed the round. Bigg Boss deducted 100 points out of 1200 Luxury Budget Task for the punishment cause ganging up (more than allowed single person at a time) in smoking zone including this week captain Sakshi. Meera host Neeya Naana Debate in the house with housemates divided into 2 groups to compete in Debate. Losliya advice Kavin to explain Sakshi nothing close relationship between Losliya and Kavin and get permission from Sakshi to talk. Kavin and Sakshi conversed to conclude that there is nothing special between Kavin and Sakshi. Wake Up Song: Kudiyirunda Kovil - Adaludan Paadalai Kettu

Day 25 : Episode 26 - 18 July 2019 : Kavin Sakshi Love Issue. Kavin Escape Plan saying will flirt but friend. Tharshan, Reshma and Saravanan will compete Next Week Captaincy Task. Meera and Sakshi in Jail for Poor Performers.

Kavin early flirts created big issue of Triangular Romance in the house. Kavin wants to stop everything and be just friend but feeling guilty for what he has done. Losliya says Kavin to talk with Sakshi and sort out the problem but Kavin loves to run the romance drama saying he flirts only to strenghthen friendship. Sakshi notices Kavin and Losliya talking privately and gets very upset. Sakshi and Meera has clash cause of cleaning issue. Losliya reacted differently and breaks the heart shaped Roti with knife cause of Sherin called it is made for your brother. Bigg Boss asked housemates 2 members for the best performers of the luxury budget task, Housemates choosed Tharshan and Reshma. And Biggboss asked to choose best all round performer for the week, all chosed Saravanan. All these 3 will compete for next week captaincy task. Meera and Sakshi went to jail cause of being selected as poor performers. Meera desperation to clean her name without any support from housemates. Sakshi creates issue again stating her as negative person. In the end both concluded to watch the video and decide who made the initiation for starting a meet on the other day pointing Sandy and Kavin. Wake Up Song: Karagattakaran - Ooru Vittu Ooru Vandhu

Day 26 : Episode 27 - 19 July 2019 : Kavin Breaks Down and Cried realising his mistake

Sakshi unable to control her emotions and cried. Sakshi and Losliya had conversation, in which Losliya came to know that most of the mistakes done by Kavin. Sherin and Losliya had misunderstanding cause of Roti Incident and Losliya not happy with the Sherin used the word Experience. Kavin approached Sakshi during night time to ask why she cried. Her upset feeling is the reason but again both end the conversation to stay away from eachother. Cheran adviced Kavin to talk with all in the house with the incident. In regard to that, Kavin apologized all in the house for the mistakes caused by him. Sherin outbreaked her emotion in cry cause of Losliya misunderstanding with her and Sherin Upset feeling. Losliya told Kavin that he has done big mistake for hurting the feelings of Sakshi and said you are just acting with all. She also told Cheran that he is just acting in the house. Kavin wants to quit as Losliya called him a fake and actor and also hurt the feeling of Sakshi. Wake Up Song: Thaarai Thappattai - Hero Intro Theme

Day 27 : Episode 28 - 20 July 2019 : Dont Hurt Others Feeling, Kamal Advice to Kavin. Sakshi and Meera Kurumpadam, Mistake done by Sakshi. Reshma - Next Week Captain.

Captaincy Task - Arrange and Defend Cups won by Reshma Vs Saravanan and Tharshan. Reshma becomes next week captain. Mohan dances for Disco Dancer Song, choreographed by Sandy. Abhirami host Frooti Life Show. Housemates has to say one truth and one lie. Others will show Fresh placard for Truth else they will show Juicy placard. Sakshi celebrates her Birthday in the Bigg Boss House, got a cake from parents and a nice compilation video. Kamal played Kurumpadam for Sakshi and Meera which clearly shows mistake is by Sakshi for initiating a meeting but saying out that she did not. Kamal told Kavin do not hurt feelings of others. Kavin conclude by giving chocolate each to Sakshi and Losliya. Kamal wanted to say the first one to get saved but asked people in nomination that who they wanted to be saved. Meera told Saravanan deserved to stay in house. Saravanan told Meera. Mohan Said Cheran. Cheran said himself. Abhirami told Cheran. Wake Up Song: Paadum Vanampadi - Naanoru Disco Dancer

Day 28 : Episode 29 - 21 July 2019 : Mohan Vaithya Evicted

Abhirami breaks down with tears. Kamal assured that he loves to host Bigg Boss cause its a chance to meet people directly, replied for people who asks Kamal not to host this kind of show. Caller of the week for 2 Housemates - One for Meera abou her work and other for Reshma for being second fiddle in the house. Kamal asked Housemates to identify the Back Talkers by saying what they told to the respective victim. Saravanan saved by an act of Clown entered the House. Kamal announced Abhirami and Saravanan saved. Kamal displayed the eviction card contains Mohan Vaithya. Mohan avoids Meera, Saravanan, Sandy and Kavin initially when about to leave. Mohan was asked by Bigg Boss to break the medal given by Kamal when she entered the house and she did it. Mohan with happy tears before leaving house. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 29 : Episode 30 - 22 July 2019 : Abhirami, Cheran, Kavin, Meera, Sakshi and Saravanan are in the eviction list

Losliya apologized to Kavin saying she misunderstood him as acting person but she realised he took cate of her when she was sick. After Week Eviction Nomination is over. Bigg Boss announced Abhirami, Cheran, Kavin, Meera, Sakshi and Saravanan are in eviction list. Sakshi and Cheran discussed about who would have nominated them. Saravanan, Sandy and Kavin also discussed about Nomination. So as Abhirami, Reshma and Madhu as well. Losliya and Abhirami started sleeping in the house as Bigg Boss warned Captain Reshma to monitor house. Sandy dressed up like Mohan and enjoyed some fun time with housemates. Wake Up Song: Mr.Local - Takkunu Takkunu

Day 30 : Episode 31 - 23 July 2019 : Village Luxury Budget Task

Sakshi asked Kavin lets be friends cause only few days left in the house to stay. Housemates are divided into 2 Villages - One is Paampupatti (Naattaamai Cheran, Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangham Leader Sakshi, Members Sandy and Kavin, Pondaatithaasan Mugen, His Dominating Wife Abhirami and Thief Reshma) controls Restroom and other one is Keeripatti (Lady Leader Madhumitha, Minor Saravanan, Mom Meera, Moms Son Tharshan, Wife Sherin, Problem Maker Losliya) controls Kitchen. Minor Saravanan makes fun of Naattaamai Cheran by calling him dressed up like School Boy in Fancy Dress Competition. Cheran warns Sakshi and asked her not to mingle with other village team members. Village Panchayat Scenario resulted in clash between Cheran and Meera. Old Thief Lady Reshma continues to steal items but housemates got doubt on her and they also suspect Losliya may be a thief. Fun activity by Husband Tharshan, Wife Sherin and Mother in Law Meera in the task. Housemates celebrated Reshma Birthday. Wake Up Song: Sandakozhi - Mundaasu Sooriyane

Day 31 : Episode 32 - 24 July 2019 : Cheran Bad Day in Luxury Budget Village Task

Luxury Budget Task continues with Panchayat Task cause of Radhamma (Meera) made Kolam spoiled by Maari(Sandy). Next issue raised in Panchayat on Rukku (Losliya) for stealing Naataamai (Cheran) Sombu. Rukku (Losliya) punished for stealing Naataamai Cheran Sombu. Cheran not happy as Sarasu(Sakshi), Maari(Sandy) and Pandi(Kavin) didnt listen to what he says. they also make fun of him. Cheran shouts at Thiruttu Kilavi (Reshma) saying no one listens to him, shout upsets her. Reshma told Cheran given by Madhumitha saying Innaiku setha naalaiku paal, neethaan intha area la fool for the task, hurts Cheran alot. Cheran completely lost and went speechless, asked sorry in the end. Reshma still upset and complaint about Cheran shout to others in the house. Next issue raised in Panchayat about Sarasu (Sakshi) activity with Tharshan (Chinnaraasu) in the house. Keeripatti Leader Madhumitha not happy with Cheran decision in Panchayat, shouted at him saying Law and Integrity is lost in Paampupatti. After hearing it, Cheran acts like committing suicide. Madhumitha not happy with the way Sandy teases her, raised her voice to thrash him with words. Wake Up Song: Devarattam - Madura Palapalakkuthu

Day 32 : Episode 33 - 25 July 2019 : Cheran Breaks Down Emotionally

Cheran hold and pulled meera away from Losliya to take his belongings from her during funny scene in Village Luxury Budget Task. Meera accuses Cheran that he manhandled her by grabbing her abdomen to pull her away from Losliya which was not appropriate. The Accusation hurts Cheran who believe that Meera defaming his name by projecting him as bad character but she said that he treated her like animal while pulling her out. Cheran asked Sorry to all and moved away from place. Cheran cried stating that his name is getting spoiled cause of negative person like Meera. Most of the housemates including Saravanan supported Cheran and said Meera accusation is wrong. But Sandy, Kavin, Reshma and Madhumitha looked like they interested in something against Cheran in the house cause they dont like his domination in the house. Meera cried as well feeling that no one supports her, calling herself being a victim of physical assault. Losliya does some fun act following her character, one such is breaking the pot. Act of Thiruvizha in the house - Paampupatti Village Head Cheran invited Keeripatti Village Members and requested Minor Saravanan to head the function. Housemates enjoyed Village Thiruvizha with Entertainment and Food. Wake Up Song: Naadodigal - Aadunga Da

Day 33 : Episode 34 - 26 July 2019 : Cheran, Madhumitha, Sakshi and Sherin Vs Meera, Sandy and Kavin

Bigg Boss asked Housemates to select the best performers of the Village task. And Mugen for the whole week. All 3 will compete for next week captaincy. Bigg Boss asked Housemates to select the worst performers of the Village task. Losliya and Abhirami volunteered as worst performers. Reshma accepted it cause of Majority of housemates voted for it, apart from Kavin pointed Cheran pulled out of task and Meera pointed Sherin and Sakshi did not do the task well. Madhumitha raised concern Why Meera was choosen as best performer cause she accused her that she took many times personally, eventhough she went against sandy comments personally and went against her. This view is supported by Sakshi, Sherin and Cheran. Cheran supported Madhumitha opinion against Meera and asked Reshma to name him or Madhumitha instead of Meera for best performer. Kavin upset and asked Reshma how come Cheran escaped from Worst Performer. Sherin and Sakshi cried and told dont start cultural difference in the house. Kavin shouted that he didnt meant that way to Sakshi and asked sorry to both. Sakshi and Sherin double standard in house saying Kavin supporting Losliya. Reshma and Madhumitha questioned Sakshi why she still talking with Kavin and asked her not to talk with him anymore. Meera felt very bad that housemates were going against her even if she gives her normal opinion. Losliya and Abhirami were put into Jail cause of Poor Performers. Housemates were awarded 2100 out of 2600 points but shopped for 2200 points to lose all. Wake Up Song: Kidaari Songs - Vandiyile Nellu Varum

Day 34 : Episode 35 - 27 July 2019 : Cheran Name and His Stay in the House Saved. Tharshan New Captain

Kamal reveals the presence of Secret Room. Tharshan wins the captaincy to be the next week task. Even the captaincy task clearly shows Cheran hates Meera to the core. Tharshan assigned work for all the housemates. Bigg Boss gave hard time for Losliya and Abhirami for entering jail for fun. Kamal asked Sandy to do heavy steps dancing to ease the situation with Madhumitha. Kamal showed Kurumpadam to Meera for her accusation towards Cheran is wrong eventhough she said Cheran manhandled her. Kamal asked opinions from the girls in the house to point Meera is wrong. But the funny part is those girls hate Meera alot. Kamal told Cheran is saved after all the cry drama he did to get votes. Wake Up Song: Silambattam - Silambattam

Day 35 : Episode 36 - 28 July 2019 : Meera Evicted

Meera worried about that she do not wants to exit in bad light, do not want to leave now after gained bad name cause of accusation with Cheran. Kamal announced People saved Kavin and Saravanan. Kamal announced Meera Eviction. Cheran, Sakshi and Sherin feels there may be some twist cause of episode getting over early, predicting there could be secret room. Kavin, Saravanan and Sandy gave some final advice to Meera. Meera said congrats to Cheran for succeeding in the revenge to who will exit first. Surprised Cheran with those words. Meera posed final selfie with other housemates before exit. Meera breaks the winner medal. Housemates were told to mark one each for Hero for great figure, Villain their main competitor and zero for no competition. Cheran got more Hero and Tharshan got more Villain. Sakshi asked Kavin that what happened to Losliya why she is not like before. Mugen said Sandy that he is not interested in relationship with Abhirami cause he is already committed with someone named Nadhiya in Malaysia. Sandy said Sakshi, Sherin and Reshma that he feels sorry for Meera as he used to tease her alot and its her bad time she left the house. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 36 : Episode 37 - 29 July 2019 : First Open Nomination - Abhirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Reshma and Sakshi in the Eviction List.

Housemates were asked to do open nomination for eviction list. Kavin discussed with his friends about how he has been projected after Sakshi nominated her by using the word back stabbing for eviction list. Similarly Sakshi worries about how Kavin reacting with others after nomination and also checked about Losliya behaviour with Cheran. Cheran blames all because of Losliya talking with Kavin and also said Sakshi why did she talked again with Kavin after all the issues. Reshma worries about being in eviction list and said Mugen that why he nominated her. Mugen felt guilty and asked sorry on nominating Reshma. Abhirami worries about why her name comes in eviction nomination list again and again then cried. Sakshi cries saying she is emotionally attached and unable to come out of the situation with Kavin and hates him cause of he is getting closer to Losliya. Saravanan asked Sorry for yesterday show comment on doing bad behaviour with girls in the bus, forced by the Bigg Boss show and Channel. Sandy dressed up like Legendary Icon MGR and enjoyed some fun time with housemates. Madhumitha enjoyed her Birthday celebration with Housemates. Wake Up Song: Anbe Vaa - Hey Naadodi

Day 37 : Episode 38 - 30 July 2019 : Luxury Budget Task - Podhu Aattam Podhu, each Housemate are given an actor and a song to dance

Podu Aattam Podhu Luxury Budget Task, each Housemate are given an actor and a song to dance - Group Dance Failed cause of Abhirami came late to the dance floor denoted with the siren blow. Saravanan dressed as Vijayakanth and danced for Kadaiveethi Kazhakazhakum. Cheran dressed as Rajinikanth and danced for Raman Aandaalum Ravanan Aandaalum. Kavin dressed as Ajithkumar and danced for Aaluma Doluma. Mugen as Vijay acted like gifting watch to Kavin as Ajithkumar to show the firendship between Thala and Thalapathy. Losliya dressed as Trisha and danced for Kattu Kattu Keera Kattu. Sandy dressed as Simbhu and danced for Thathai Thathai. Kavin complaints about Cheran to Saravanan and Sandy that Cheran is not in the character like Rajinikanth. Madhumitha dressed as Saroja Devi and danced for Oru Pennai Parthu Nilavai Parthu. Siren blow for late arrival to the dance floor but played the song. Kavin again said to Sandy and Saravanan that Sakshi and Sherin are not in character like Tamanna and Khusbhu respectively and also said about Abhirami and Madhumitha coming late to dance floor. Sherin upset and told Sakshi and Reshma that she is not in good mood, also told bad about Losliya behaviour. Sherin biggest problem is Language and she is feeling isolated cause of it. Losliya and Tharshan talked about Sri Lanka and Mugen shared some information about Malaysia. Wake Up Song: Kudiyiruntha Kovil - Thulluvatho ilamai

Day 38 : Episode 39 - 31 July 2019 : Luxury Budget Dance Task Continues, Anonymous Letter Task

Sakshi unable to control her emotions as she get jealous on Losliya talking with Kavin the person she loves, and she request Bigg Boss to send her home this weekend. Abhirami dressed as Padmini and danced for Maraindhirundu Paarkum. Sherin dressed as Khushbu and danced for Pottu Vaitha Kadhal. Mugen dressed as Vijay and danced for Pokkiri Pongal. Reshma dressed as Ramya Krishna and danced for Vai Raja Vai. Tharshan dressed as Kamal Hassan and danced for Illamai Itho Itho. Sakshi dressed as Tamanna and danced for Tanjavur Jilla Kaari. All Housemates danced for Oothikinu Kadichikavaa. Mottai Kaduthaasi - Anonymous Letter Task, housemates were asked to post 2 questions to ask any other housemate to understand them more. Mostly people asked question to Kavin, Sakshi, Losliya, Abhirami and Mugen - All of love issues in the house. Kavin in tears when he said he cannot understand what Sakshi is trying to do for him. Abhirami cried when question raised about the affair between her and Mugen, she cried that Mugen wants to stay as friend. Sakshi cries in jealous on Losliya as she complaints Kavin talks with Losliya which hurts her. Losliya says its just friendship between her and Kavin but she says she likes him. Wake Up Song: Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara - En Veetula

Day 39 : Episode 40 - 01 August 2019 : Kavin, Sakshi and Losliya Issue

Sherin cut Tharshan hair as he requested for it and says she is good in it. Abhirami asks Mugen that does he have any feeling on her. Kavin and Losliya talks when Sakshi can see it which really hurt her but they both talk friendly. Losliya tells she have good friendship with Kavin and like him but Sakshi interupts to say that she needs some time to recover from break up, she also says that she gets hurt whenever she see Kavin talking with Losliya holding hands together. Housemates including Tharshan, Saravanan and Cheran started questioning Kavin and says whatever Kavin doing is wrong, Kavin looked cornered and helpless. Losliya says she is the reason for all the problem, takes all the blame. Sakshi approach Kavin that she will accepts what kavin says that he started all for fun, and asks what she can do for him. Kavin replied be happy, better avoid me and you both girls dont spoil the name by talking to me. Sakshi says that Kavin supports Losliya cause she took all the blame. Wake Up Song: Avargal - Junior Junior

Day 40 : Episode 41 - 02 August 2019 : Saravanan Vs Cheran, Mugen becomes next week Captain

Bigg Boss asked Housemates to select the best performers of the Actors Dance task, Housemates choosed Sandy and Madhumitha. And Mugen for the whole week. All 3 will compete for next week captaincy. Housemates told to choose Worst Performers, Housemates choosed Tharshan who did not do the task well for Worst performers and confused to pick second worst performer. Cheran stood firmly on Saravanan performance which made Saravanan anger. Saravanan used unrespectful words at Cheran shocked him and other housemates. Saravanan said he used those words at Tharshan not Cheran. Housemates in the end named Sherin and Losliya as worst performers. Cheran not happy with those words of Saravanan, Housemates consoles him. Cheran whines and said that he is upset with Saravanan Activity, everyone except Abhirami said Saravanan told those words to Tharshan. Kavin talks with Losliya cause she is upset as housemates choosed her as worst performer. Madhumitha cried and requested Saravanan being an elder not to fight with other elder Cheran. Saravanan said he wont do again and said his past incident with Cheran that when he asked him for a chance in Cheran Movie, Cheran replied that Saravana has already achieved in his life why he has to act hurt him alot, and he added it would have been fine if Cheran has told him that he will let him know later for any chance. Losliya cried in the jail, hugged by Abhirami. Kavin talked with Losliya to give her some moral support. Sandy, Madhumitha and Mugen competed for next week Captaincy. Sandy gave up after Madhumitha got hurt during the task. Mugen wins the task and become new captain in the house and gets Frooti treat. Wake Up Song: Maari - Maari Thara Local

Day 41 : Episode 42 - 03 August 2019 : Saravanan says Sorry to Cheran. Enough is Enough for Sakshi-Kavin Issue. Madhumitha Saved

Kamal back to the show with clean shave face, tells the reason its for Indian 2 and Thalaivan Irukinraan. Week Captain Mugen assigns job for Housemates. Losliya and Sherin back to House from Jail. Sandy, Mugen and Tharshan compete in the Center Fresh Mr. Confident Task. Judges Saravanan, Tharshan, Madhumitha and Kavin announced Tharshan wins the Task. Tharshan shares experience of his first love, Sherin looked very interested in Tharshan when he says his story. But in the end, he said all are just for fun, nothing serious between them. Kamal made Saravanan understand that what he did with Cheran is not good. Saravanan realised his mistake, hugged and said sorry to Cheran. Kamal said Kavin, Sakshi and Losliya issue takes more time and kills the other housemates time. People feel its boring as it goes on for long time. Madhumitha saved from Eviction with the game by non eviction housemates choosing their favourite to get saved in the house by giving them tags. Wake Up Song: Silambattam - Vechukkava

Day 42 : Episode 43 - 04 August 2019 : Reshma Pasupuleti Evicted

Housemates as actors they got during Podu Aatam Podu Luxury Budget Task questions Kamal. Housemates are divided as pair and act like person sitting next to them to answer question. Kamal announced Kavin Saved. Next Abhirami saved. Kamal shows the placard with Reshma name which means she gets evicted. Reshma breaks the winner medal. Mugen Cries cause he gets guilty feeling that his nomination evicted Reshma. Reshma felt happy watching her final journey video before leaving the show. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 43 : Episode 44 - 05 August 2019 : Saravanan Ejected. Abhirami, Losliya and Sakshi are in Eviction Nomination List

Sakshi asked Abhirami why Abhirami gets upset when she talks with Mugen, upsets Abhirami, walked away from the place but Mugen did not walk with her as she expected which upset her. Mugen saw Abhirami crying, asked for reason that showed Abhirami act of emotional possessiveness. Mugen gets anger and breaks the bed cause of Abhirami cry by stating her issue with Sakshi. Kavin and Sandy does fun act looking at Tharshan and Sherin talking. Tharshan and Sherin noticed it and laughed. Tharshan and Sherin gets into a rift cause of Tharshan initial refusal of making tea for Sherin. Sherin not happy with Tharshan as he ignored it. Abhirami said Sorry to Sakshi and become friend again in Losliya Presence. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping. Abhirami, Losliya and Sakshi are in Eviction Nomination List. Losliya asked Sorry to all housemates for her last week behaviour after the eviction nomination. Mugen, Abhirami and Losliya had fun act with Sandy. Housemates were divided into 3 groups to compete in Airtel Memory Task with Cheran and Saravanan as Judge. Team A - Sandy, Kavin and Mugen, Team B - Tharshan, Abhirami and Losliya, Team C - Madhumitha, Sakshi and Sherin. Team B comprise of Tharshan, Abhirami and Losliya wins the Task. Team C finished Second and Boys Team A finished last. Saravanan Ejected cause of his controversial comment which he made 2 weeks back on Women Groping in the Bus during his college days, creates big issue in the National Media. Wake Up Song: Maan Karate - Darling Dambakku

Day 44 : Episode 45 - 06 August 2019 : Saravanan Ejection Upsets Housemates

Sakshi blames Kavin again saying Sherin that Kavin and Sandy making fun of her with a song Hawwa Hawwa and separating Sherin from her. Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task makes Housemates to collect big coins with values of 20, 50 and 100 Denominations. Housemates who gets more points will get saved from next week nomination. Sakshi warns Tharshan that do not come near to her and later said Sorry to Tharshan for those harsh words cause of Tharshan upset. Housemates continues to collect more coins in the second wave. Even more coins collected by Housemates especially sandy collected coints value more than 1000. Saravanan Ejected as shown in yesterday episode cause of Bus Molestation Issue. Housemates fely very upset cause of Saravanan Ejection. Housemates unable to control the tears with great upset. Especially by Kavin, Sandy, Madhumitha, Losliya and Abhirami cried alot. When the Housemates feared something happened to Saravanan or his family members, Bigg Boss Announced Saravanan and his family members are doing fine and also told the real reason for Saravana Ejection will be conveyed in the coming Saturday Show. Sandy leads the Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task points but second place Saravanan already left the house. Sandy, Kavin and Cheran talked about Saravanan in the house and conveyed they feel vaccum in the house after he left. Wake Up Song: Velaikkaran - Karuthavanlaam Galeejaam

Day 45 : Episode 46 - 07 August 2019 : Sakshi wins Luxury Budget Task, Immune Power of No One can Nominate her Next Week

Sakshi Punished for using English at House often. Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Second Task Venam Machan Venam where Housemates were divided in to pairs of competitors to compete in 3 round Buzzer Task for sticking Killer Coin on Velcro Jacket, whichever team member has Killer coin at the end of third buzzer, will make the pair to lose 50 percent of whatever points they collected. Sandy and Tharshan, Madhumitha and Abhirami, Cheran and Kavin then the final pair Sakshi and Losliya as teams to compete in the task. All Housemates target Tharshan and Sandy cause they have more points but they are fast runners and hard to stick the killer coin on them. Mugen fell down when Sakshi followed resulted Mugen unable to compete the task. Cheran and Kavin lose 50 percent of what they had cause Sakshi stick the killer coin on Cheran. Both Losliya and Sakshi care for Kavin. Losliya care looks real whereas Sakshi care on Kavin looks fake. Sandy continues to lead after the task. Sandy shows Dance step to Sakshi. Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Fate Task makes Housemates to take fate plate written with deduction and increase of points, resulted in huge change of points as leaders such as Sandy and Tharshan lost most of their points after this Task. Sakshi finally wins the Your Hand is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task with more points and gets the immune power of no one can nominate her in next week. Abhirami finished second and Madhumitha Third. Abhirami Proposes Mugen and said she do not expect love back from him. Female contestants dressed like Guys and made fun of Male Contestants in the house for fun. Wake Up Song: Soodhu Kavvum - Kaasu Panam

Day 46 : Episode 47 - 08 August 2019 : Kasthuri Enters Bigg Boss House as Wild Card

Sherin and Mugen asks sorry to eachother for Mugen choosing Sherin in yesterday task to lose all points and Sherin cause of her reaction towards it. Kavin and Losliya started to talk again cause of Kavin shows his funny unhappy towards Losliya cause she didnt tie the knot in hand for who needs to be saved. Losliya tied on Abhirami Hand stating Abhirami supported her when she was alone last week. Losliya looked very much interested in Kavin so as he too. Housemates were kept busy by playing Team Game Paper Ball inside Bin to prepare for introducing wild card contestant in a special gift box. Kasthuri entered Bigg Boss House as a Wild Card Entry. Kasthuri converse with everyone in the house and found Losliya roaming alone, Kasthuri questioned why she is always roaming alone but Losliya replied she prferred doing it. Housemates were asked to choose best performers for luxury budget task, Housemates choosed Sandy and Cheran and also choosed Losliya for best in all tasks last week. Bigg Boss announced those three will compete for next Captaincy Task. Kasthuri was given special power to give tasks to some housemates. Kasthuri allocate task to Sherin to do Thoppukaranam, then Abhirami to sing song whenever someone uses restroom, Sakshi has stand upside down with her head on the floor. Madhumitha has to hold umbrella for Tharshan. Kavin has to write Sorry using Paint with his Nose. Wake Up Song: Vettaikaaran - Puli Urumudhu

Day 47 : Episode 48 - 09 August 2019 : Sandy - Next week Captain

Kasthuri was given task to sing a Villu Paatu stating the happening in the house. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping, just losing 250 points out of 2000 in total cause of some housemates conversing in English. Sandy, Cheran and Losliya competed for Captaincy Task judged by Kasthuri. Kasthuri announced Sandy as New Captain by judging looking at amount of his paint on the wall compared to Cheran and Losliya. Housemates had fun throwing pillows at Sandy who got assist from Kavin to save from funny beatings.. Madhumitha cried after hearing to the story of Kasthuri Daughter Illness. Team B which had Tharshan, Sherin, Sandy, Kavin and Mugen beat Team A which had Kasthuri, Sakshi, Cheran, Abhirami and Losliya. Madhumitha judged the task. Housemates played Truth or Dare as Task. Kasthuri, Sandy and Tharshan had conversation stating that Tharshan being the Strong Contestant who can make Grand Finale of the Bigg Boss Season 3. Wake Up Song: Vanakkam Chennai - Chennai City Gangsta

Day 48 : Episode 49 - 10 August 2019 : Mugen - Abhirami Unconditional Love Issue

Prisma Fashion Task won by Tharshan and Sakshi - judged by Kasthuri. Bigg Boss asked Sandy along with Kavin to prepare exit song for each person in eviction list to sing in front of Kamal in tomorrow show. Kasthuri gets her Winner Medal as every other housemates. Kamal asked Kasthuri to choose her Hero, Zero and Villain of the house, Kasthuri choosed Tharshan and Sherin as shared Hero, Kavin as Zero and Sandy as Villain. Kamal raised concern on Mugen hand and compared him with Rusk biscuit. Abhirami openly accepted that she loves Mugen unconditionally but Kamal requested Abhirami love should not affect the career growth of Mugen. Most Housemates choosed Sherin as Angel and Tharshan choosing Sakshi as Devil with reason surprised her alot. Wake Up Song: Meyaadha Maan - Enga Veetu Kuthuvilakkey

Day 49 : Episode 50 - 11 August 2019 : Sakshi Evicted

Kamal makes fun of Kasthuri when she refused whatever she told to Sakshi revealing People Reaction. Housemates are asked who will finish top 3 in the end, Most of Housemates said Tharshan deserve to win and also said other name such as Sandy and Madhumitha. Bigg Boss gave medals for top 3 on 50th episode for them showing their position of them at the house. Tharshan is Number 1, Sandy Number 2 and Madhumitha Number 3. Sri Lankas Tharshan and Losliya, Malaysias Mugen feels burden of their place name on their shoulders, they wanted to show their place well to outside world. Kamal named the friendship groups in the house, he identified Sandy and Kavin, then Tharshan and Mugen and atlast he mentioned about Sakshi, Sherin and Abhirami that people have decided to separate friends this week with their decision. Kamal said Losliya is Saved. Sandy and Kavin sing songs for Sakshi, Abhirami and Losliya. Kamal shows the placard with Sakshi name which means she gets evicted. Sakshi gets a memory final pic with housemates before leaving the house. Sakshi breaks the winner medal. Sakshi looked at Sherin and Abhirami and told remember first week conversations. Sherin and Abhirami cried watching Sakshi leaving the house. Sakshi did not cry and looked strong moments before leaving and felt happy after her dad said that he is proud of her. Right Reaction at Right Time is what Sakshi learned in this 50 episodes journey. Kavin, Sandy and Tharshan talked that Abhirami is performing her fake cry as she was fighting with Sakshi Yesterday commented by Kavin. Sandy replied yes that she is just acting like crying. Sherin feels broken as she missing her best friend Sakshi and told whom she will nominate tomorrow cause she do not have reason to nominate someone. Cheran is not happy and upset about his name being used by Sandy and Kavin in the song they sing for Losliya in which they called him a bore person when he talks. Both Sandy and Kavin apologized for it. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Day 50 : Episode 51 - 12 August 2019 : Vanitha Enters Bigg Boss House Again As Guest For Luxury Budget Task Bigg Boss Hotel

Sherin cried for Sakshi and nominated Kavin for her eviction. Abhirami feels low and said cannot nominate anyone cause her image has been spoiled. Abhirami, Kavin, Losliya, Sakshi and Mugen in the Eviction Nomination List. Abhirami kept on crying, Mugen asked Abhirami to stop it and consoles her. Sherin cut Sandy Hair today like she did for Tharshan and Kavin few days back. Bigg Boss announced today marks the 60th Year Anniversary for Kamal Hassan work in Cine Industry. Housemates praised and wished Legend Kamal Hassan for the achievement. Vanitha enters Bigg Boss House as Guest for Luxury Budget Task - Bigg Boss Hotel. When Vanitha shares her opinion about people in the house but Housemates completely in the task to satisfy Vanitha to get Luxury Budget Points. Vanitha talks in favour of Girls in the House and asked to throw away the mindset of Love. Also asked Housemates not to give up and fight for winning the title instead of giving it to Tharshan easily. She injected the idea of anyone can win, not only Tharshan deserve to win. Wake Up Song: Uthama Puthiran - Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Day 51 : Episode 52 - 13 August 2019 : Vanitha Breaks Mugen and Abhirami Friendly Relationship. Guys except Cheran backs Mugen

Vanitha brainwashes Abhirami, telling Mugen is waste and asked her whether she knows who is Durga? Durga seems to be cousin of Mugen. When Abhirami and Vanitha joined with Madhumitha and Cheran started to pinpoint what Mugen did is wrong in the house. At the moment when all male contestants except Cheran joined together to let others know what Abhirami told to Mugen like dont you get attracted by looking at her sparks the house but Mugen told things decently. Eventhough Kasthuri pitch in to help Mugen but which was projected wrongly by Kavin cause he dont like her cause Kasthuri was teasing Losliya. When Tharshan asked Mugen to say what Abhirami told to him, Abhirami feared that comment will spoil her name, she started raising her voice which triggered Mugen. When Tharshan, Sandy and Kavin talks in favour of Mugen, There is the other side which consist of Vanitha, Cheran and Madhumitha always find fault on Mugen and said if Abhirami has done 100 percent mistakes, Mugen mistake part is 200 percent. Abhirami keep crying again and again thinking about name is getting spoiled and asked Kasthuri to leave when she approached to talk in favour of her asking ignore Vanitha remarks and dont talk. Vanitha and Cheran asks Mugen to stop everything. Mugen uanble to stop his emotions as everyone in the house talking about the issue of him with Abhirami. Abhirami asks Sorry to Mugen when no one was around them. Luxury Budget Task Bigg Boss Hotel resumes. Vanitha made people to take care of her, asking Sherin to give hair care, then Mugen to entertain. Chef Madhumitha made special items to Vanitha for Luxury Budget Points. Vanitha was given entertainment feast at the end of the day. Vanitha and Abhirami hugged eachother when she made Mugen to sing song of Love is waste by a girl. Wake Up Song: Uyarntha Ullam - Vanthal Mahalakshmiye

Day 52 : Episode 53 - 14 August 2019 : Boys Influencing Girls to Evict says Madhumitha injected by Vanitha

Housemates enjoyed performing Bigg Boss Hotel Task with both Fun and Fear cause of Special Guest Vanitha. Housemates attended Cookery Class head by Madhumitha managed by Cheran and Class created on request by Guest Vanitha. Housemates selected Madhumitha and Sherin for Best Performers and Tharshan for overall best performer. Majority of Housemates selected Kasthuri and Abhirami for Worst Performers to sent them Jail. Later Madhumitha was not happy with selection of Abhirami as Worst Performer, confronted with Captain Sandy and Kavin. When Kavin had an argument with Madhumitha, Tharshan intervene the argument and asked Kavin to leave the scene talking with her. When Madhumitha reacted shockingly after looking at Tharshan intervention to pull Kavin out of Conversation. She talked about it with Cheran, his view ignited Madhumitha to go next level to make it as Boys Vs Girls Issue in the House. Kasthuri and Abhirami spend time in Jail. Mugen with the support of Losliya and Sandy sung a song for raise of Women. Madhumitha had an argument with guys pointing Tharshan way of pulling Kavin is wrong. Argument resulted in a big problem between male and female contestants in the house. Madhumitha pulled Kavin Issue again and told he used 4 girls created a big conversation which made Losliya also to involve to go against Madhumitha. Kavin Cries with the way Madhumitha bringing in the issue of past. Sandy dubbed for the conversation between Vanitha, Madhumitha and Cheran in a funny way. Vanitha talked about Tharshan raise in the house after Kamal asked him to show his presence, that made him to go against big star which will highlight him as star. Wake Up Song: Ethir Neechal - Yo Yo Honey Singh

Day 53 : Episode 54 - 15 August 2019 : Boys Vs Girls in the House, but Losliya and Cheran are in Opposite Sides

Sherin express her feelings for Tharshan and told about it to Vanitha. Sandy and Vanitha took effort to release Abhirami from jail cause her health is not well, even after Cheran obstructing it when release try by Sandy but later Vanitha took the key and opened the jail door to release Abhirami. but Kasthuri remained in jail until next announcement for end of jail term. Cheran reacted in anger tone and told he also tried to release Abhirami by talking to Bigg Boss thru Bigg Boss. And told now Sandy and Co feels they have achieved something great. Cheran and Vanitha continue to ignite Madhumitha to go against Guys group. Vanitha leads the Luxury Budget Shopping, initially she pulled Losliya and Tharshan into it. Tharshan did the remote but Losliya refuse to do it with the intervention of Kavin saying she is not used to do it. Vanitha points this is not Dancing or Singing competition, this is life show where contestants has to involve in everything. Sandy, Kavin, Mugen and Tharshan with Losliya composed a song for Boys in the House. Housemates were asked to compete in Boys Vs Girls Task to debate who is best in Leadership, Friendship, Braveness and Cooking. Sherin express her feelings to Tharshan saying she dont know how to take forward in it. Mugen cried and confronted with Abhirami that he respects her and never tried to hit her which was the issue raised during Boys Vs Girls Debate Task. Wake Up Song: Aayutha Ezhuthu - Jana Gana Mana

Day 54 : Episode 55 - 16 August 2019 : We are the Boys - Guys continues to fight for their blames. Madhumitha New Captain

Losliya questions Cheran that why he didnt say Good Night to her. Cheran replied we will talk later about it. Sandy did funny dubbing session again. Kasthuri was asked to give cooking tips, created a rift between Kasthuri and Vanitha when Vanitha intervened to stop Madhumitha assist to Kasthuri. Tharshan asked Sherin what to be done to stop Sherin Sadness, later Sherin laughingly told Abhirami that this guy is asking me what he should do. Cheran, Tharshan and Madhumitha Talk created issue again when Madhumitha pulled talks of four girls which involved Kavin. Losliya intervened to tell Madhumitha to stop talking about Kavin Issue cause her name is also involved in it. Kavin pulled Sandy, Losliya, Tharshan and Mugen when Kasthuri tried to talk with them and told we are not interested to talk with her. Kasthuri questioned Madhumitha what is the purpose of these talks by Madhumitha cause Sherin and Abhirami sitting with the boys group. Sandy, Kavin, Mugen and Tharshan with Losliya sing We are the boys song in front of Vanitha, Sherin and Abhirami. Vanitha points mistake done by Kasthuri when she did in Villu Pattu Task and called Vanitha as Dominator is nothing when compared to this song by Boys, and told Kasthuri respect to be earned and it cannot be come to you by forced to state that she is not dominator. Madhumitha with the support of Cheran wins the Captaincy task to become next week captain. Abhirami wins Helo App Task judged by Cheran. Sandy, Kavin, Mugen and Tharshan with Losliya sing We are the boys song again. Wake Up Song: Minsara Kanavu - Oh La La La Maana Madura

Day 55 : Episode 56 - 17 August 2019 : Madhumitha Ejected

Kamal says Madhumitha the decision she took to harm herself is not good one and she gets ejected cause of it. Madhumitha ejected cause she breaks the law of Bigg Boss House. Reason is not revealed in the show cause it might cause rift outside the house, some says she talked about Cauvery Issue in the Helo App Task which made Sherin and Housemates uncomfortable, created big issue in the house lead by Vanitha, made Madhumitha harm herself by cutting her hand with knife, made Bigg Boss to eject her from the house. Madhumitha Avoids Housemates except Cheran and Kasthuri and argued with Kamal for stating her act is good but Kamal refused it saying she could have handled it in non violence way. Cheran and Kasthuri also said Madhumitha act is bad example for others who watch the show, which is the reason none of the footages related to Madhumitha activty was telecasted in the show. Housemates divided into 3 groups to compete for Hershey task for Arranging Kisses Chocolates. Abhirami and Sherin wins the Hershey task judged by Sandy. Kamal questioned Boys Gang for their reaction towards Kasthuri especially Kavin act Vs Kasthuri. Kasthuri told the boys gang should be called as Karpuram. Kamal also questioned the involvement of Vanitha for all the issues this week. Vanitha was teased by Audience by shouting whenever she wanted to say something. Kamal enjoyed it as well. Kamal also said There is sure eviction this weekend cause donot think there isnt cause of Madhumitha Ejection. Wake Up Song: Endhiran - Boom Boom

Day 56 : Episode 57 - 18 August 2019 : Abhirami Evicted, Sherin New Captain

Kamal asks Cherappa relation with Losliya is still Dad - Daughter relation or no more. Cheran replied she is still his Daughter. Losliya told her reason of not talking much with Cheran cause he always name her as poor performer. But Cheran replied he wants her to perform more and that is the reason he points her as poor performer for her fight and compete to climb the ladder to win. Sherin named as New Captain cause Madhumitha already left the House. Kamal announced Kavin saved followed by Losliya also got saved. Kamal shows the placard with Abhirami name which means she gets evicted. Abhirami gets a memory final pic with housemates before leaving the house. Abhirami breaks the winner medal. Mugen tried to join the broken pieces of the Abhirami Medal. Tharshan consoles Sherin for her cry of missing her friends. Abhirami felt good looking at the Final Memory Video. Cheran said Losliya that he always care about her and will be with her. Kavin reacts at Cheran activity with Losliya saying its all drama. Wake Up Song: Jeans - Columbus

Day 57 : Episode 58 - 19 August 2019 : Vanitha - Wild Card Entry. Cheran, Kasthuri, Sandy and Tharshan in Eviction List

Losliya keeps on asking question to Kavin why he is not happy. Kavin replied he is upset cause of Drama by Cheran. Cheran wait for Losliya to have his breakfast saying ley my daughter come, so i can have food with her. Vanitha and Cheran plans for Nomination and decided to target Tharshan and Sandy. Vanitha was surprised after hearing that she is the wild card entry for the house, so no one cannot nominate her current week along with Sherin being a Captain. Cheran was very confident telling to Kasthuri that Losliya wont nominate him for the eviction but the truth is Losliya nominated Cheran for the eviction list. Cheran, Kasthuri, Sandy and Tharshan in the eviction list. Losliya cried for nominating Cheran for the eviction saying it to Kavin. When Bigg Boss asked about feelings of 50 days in Bigg Boss House. Sandy cried and said he misses his daughter alot. Though they avoid showing it outside, The romance in the eyes of Losliya and Kavin are filled completely but Kavin in complete fear of his past experience in the house. Wake Up Song: Kadhalan - Urvashi Urvashi

Day 58 : Episode 59 - 20 August 2019 : Vanitha Vs Kasthuri during School Luxury Budget Task

Kasthuri performed like Astrologer on her own teased by guys gang. Sherin picks up Frooti as she is the captain of the house. Housemates was given Kindergarten school task for Luxury Budget. Cheran is Principal, Kasthuri is Teacher and rest are all Kindergarten kids. Kasthuri performed Art task by drawing, did her part well. Housemates as Kindergarten Kids continues to show their naughtyness in the task. Kids with Teacher had some fun playing Train game. Cheran displayed some Breathing and Physical exercise in the task. Kasthuri said Vanitha a Duck during the task as fun, angered Vanitha. Vanitha said Teacher did a mistake calling her a duck, so she wanted an apology, then later Kasthuri said Sorry to her. Kasthuri and Vanitha argued even after the task regarding the duck comment. Cheran took that incident between Vanitha and Kasthuri as bad performance in the task, reminded Captain Sherin to consider these incidents for bad performance. Housemates shared their memories of the school days in a task. Wake Up Song: Pandavar Bhoomi - Avaravar Vaazhkaiyil

Day 59 : Episode 60 - 21 August 2019 : School Luxury Budget Task Ends

Kasthuri and Vanitha argued for a while for yesterday Duck comment about Vanitha by Kasthuri. Housemates continues to enjoy School Luxury Budget Task. Only change from Kindergarten of Yesterday to School for today. Principal Cheran takes Tamil Class. Housemates enjoyed Tongue Twister in Tamil Thought by Cheran and Kasthuri. Housemates as Kids were asked to compose a song for the task to sing. Kasthuri also added with her own song. Sandy performed very well in the task. Housemates were asked to click a pic of memory for the school task. Housemates were asked to give speech on best teacher they had. Kasthuri breaks down emotionally during this task talking her daughter is the best teacher in her life. Wake Up Song: Ethir Neechal - Sathiyama Nee Enakku

Day 60 : Episode 61 - 22 August 2019 : Housemates Encourage Eachother. Cheran Care about Kavin-Losliya Relationship

>Kasthuri Poor Joke on Sherin Dog, hurts Sherin but she didnt react much, Vanitha tried to ignite problem between Kasthuri and Sherin. Boys Gang plan to save Kasthuri from Jail, wanted to nominate themself to go to Jail. Cheran discussed about Losliya with Kavin, especially about the reaction of family and people about their closeness. Cheran advised to maintain some distance with Losliya. Kavin replied that Losliya is like a kid and he will take care of her. Losliya displayed her interest on Kavin but she wanted to take into the next level after going out of the house. Losliya and Kavin discussed about their talk with Cheran, Losliya loves Kavin but Kavin reaction with Losliya looks similar to what he did with Sakshi few weeks back. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping for 1300 Points they earned from School Task. Sandy and Losliya termed as best performers of the Task, Cheran for Overall for the week. All three will compete for next week task. Bigg Boss surprised Housemates do not have to name for worst performers. Boys Gang and Kasthuri enjoyed playing Pompalapatti and Hide and Seek Games. Each Housemates has to sit in the middle and every other housemate will give opinion about that person. Housemates enjoyed expressing positivity about eachother in the task. Wake Up Song: Comali - Yaara Comali

Day 61 : Episode 62 - 23 August 2019 : Cheran New Captain in the House. Sherin Upset and Cried cause of Tharshan

Funny Kasthuri sung in front of Camera to Impress People - A Big Fail. Guys team continues to have fun. Tharshan and Sherin had a little rift between them during cleaning the house. Sherin cried later in the day thinking about this incident. Cheran become New Captain for the week with a very simple luck task like whose name appear first with five entries. Cheran created teams with consent of Housemates. Kavin and Losliya continues to have close talks inside the house. Housemates were divide into two teams, initially given individual one on one tasks. Finally ended up with Team Task where Team Vanitha, Sandy, Mugen and Sherin Wins. Losliya does act of receiving pampering from Kavin to tease Sandy. Cheran judged second task for the day where he has to hide the clue cards which has to be found by 2 teams of Housemates, whichever team finishes the task of matching captions with paint model wins the task. Team Mugen, Sherin, Tharshan and Sandy wins the Task. Wake Up Song: Pudhupettai - Variyaa

Day 62 : Episode 63 - 24 August 2019 : Kavin and Losliya Breaking Rules of The Game. Kudos to Cheran

Kamal aprreciates the work of Bigg Boss Team for their good work to run the show great. Kamal also told audience whatever rumour spreading outside are all just rumour only. Housemates divided into 5 teams of 2 to take pics with Yamaha Bike, one pose while other click. Mugen, Tharshan, Kavin, Losliya and Sandy Pic with Yamaha Bike. Tharshan wins the Task, judged by Cheran. Tharshan and Sherin patched up after misunderstanding. Kamal told the reason for the deduction of Luxury Budget Points with a Video of Kavin and Losliya removing batteries of mic to talk, breaking the rules in the house. Kamal also discussed about Sandy misuse of word Sathunavu Aaya and also about issue between Vanitha and Kasthuri. Wake Up Song: Aadukalam - Porkkalam

Day 63 : Episode 64 - 25 August 2019 : Kasthuri gets Evicted, refused Secret Room Offer

Kamal asks People to show anger on right cause, talks about Amazon Fire and Deforestation. Each and Every Housemates spend Private Talk with Kamal. Kamal asks Housemates to show interest in winning competition rather than giving it up for relationships at the house. Vanitha points the same comment of Kamal, like no one should not give up and should try to win the competition. Teacher recordings of each housemate support talk played. Sandy listened audio recording of Kala Dance Master. Housemates displayed emotions and surprise after hearing their favourite teacher recordings. Kasthuri emotionally cried after hearing to the voice of her kids. Director KS Ravikumar support talk was played for Cheran. Kamal announced Tharshan and Sandy Saved from the week eviction. Kamal shows the Placard with Kasthuri Name to say she is evicted this week. Kasthuri gets final selfie pic with housemates. Kasthuri breaks Winner Medal while leaving the house. Kasthuri refused the offer of Secret room after hearing the voices of her kids. Kamal also announced there is no eviction next week but it will not be revealed for Housemates. Wake Up Song: Unknown

Weekly Summary

Viewers Opinion

Week 1

Brand New Season. Not Big Face. Week started with lot of Emotional cries and completed with some clashes at the end of the week. Abhirami and Vanitha Hyper, Sandy and Mohan Fun, Kavin Flirt, Meera, Reshma, Losliya and Madhumitha Isolation, Fathima, Tharshan and Mugen Love, Cheran and Saravanan Advice, Sakshi and Sherin Friendship are the highlights of the week.

Week 2

Vanitha Rules and keeps everyone under control, people against her are separated and cornered. Madhumitha was the one getting cornered. Meera relaxed and avoided issues but finally become a friend with Vanitha group because of Vanitha Mastermind plan to get her away from Fathima after Fathima told She is an angel and goddess. Abhirami do not like Meera, so she wanted to vote against Meera, disappointed Vanitha and group cause Abhirami did not vote against Madhumitha. Vanitha and Group (Sherin, Sakshi, Kavin and Reshma) not happy with Abhirami but she got relieved after getting to know her so called friends got saved from Eviction. Only Tharshan and Losliya looks like doing right things, supporting for correct things. Meera and Mohan getting closer to Vanitha Group. Sandy, Cheran and Saravanan plays safe. Sakshi loves Kavin but Kavin told in public that she does all for fun with girls and not interested in any of them. Unfortunately in the end, Scapegoat Fathima Babu gets evicted.

Week 3

This Week is all about Vanitha domination and finally someone stood up to question her which made him hero, he is Tharshan. But she is all set to leave the house at the end of the week, all happened as per people wish. Vanitha had an opinion stating that Vijay TV wont evict people who make content and person who create issue to increase channel TRP but everyone in the house shocked when Kamal announced her eviction. Sandy continues to create fun. Losliya continues to shine and make good name. All in all the week did not see any big fight other than one between Vanitha and Tharshan. Now the show lost the primary contestant who creates content, lets see how the show going to continue without trouble maker Vanitha.

Week 4

Week is very slow for many people cause of Vanitha absence but this week completely over shadowed by Kavin Issue with Sakshi and Losliya. But at the end of the week, Kavin realised his mistake cried many times and apologized to Sakshi for playing with her feelings and emotions. also said sorry to Losliya as well. Cheran and Saravanan becoming two big heads of sides with each side having few supporters in the house. Still waiting for a Wild card if there is any.

Week 5

Though the week started very slow but Meera presence in the house created issues and problems cause she is like an odd man out always take things personally and talk out that created issue. Her blame on Cheran got her evicted from the house. The week also saw Cheran cry, Sakshi disappoinment as Kavin avoids her but he gets closer to Losliya in her view but Kavin talks very casually with both of them. Sandy teases housemates but for first time it created issue with Madhumitha. The week also provided lot of fun moments cause of village luxury budget task. After Vanitha exit, now another trouble maker in the house Meera also exit as well. Lets wait and see how the show will remain with the same TRP rating.

Week 6

The Week completely dominated by Sakshi and Kavin Issue, most of the time consumed by housemates hearing the whine of Sakshi requesting for recovery healing time and asked Kavin not to blush and talk with Losliya, this really looks stupid. She has to grow and walk away for betterness in life instead of talking about the same issue again and again to put blame on Kavin, looks like Sakshi using it as a strategy for Nomination and Eviction. The week also saw angry face of Saravanan going wild on Cheran cause Cheran insisting Saravanan as poor performer again and again. Disrespectful words by Saravanan on Cheran shocked all housemates. Sandy plays safe, did not nominate Cheran during Open Nomination. Reshma shared her opinion many times this week defended that she is not for the Eviction list and also in many other situation as well. Sherin completely supported Sakshi during her breakdown time. Losliya breaks down many times in this week, warmness and support provided by Abhirami and Cheran, sometimes by Kavin as well. Show losing viewers for sure as Sakshi and Kavin issue dominated most of the run time and show misses Trouble Makers Vanitha and Meera.

Week 7

Week started with disappointing Saravanan Ejection and Reshma Eviction. Show is all set to lose the quality of it. As everyone is set to gel with others cause of group tasks. And the week getting pointless issues cause of Abhirami and Sakshi cause of Mugen, Bigg Boss brought in the wild card entry Kasthuri to bring some masala. Kasthuri into the house by knowing whats happening around but she herself feels like happenings in the house are different from what she saw in the TV. At the end of the week one more trouble maker Sakshi is evicted clearly shows Vijay TV maintaining integrity with people votes count. They are following the rules evicting the right person as per votes without minding the TRP of the show, and thats the good sign for the people who believe in the show.

Week 8

Wow what a week with the Vanitha comes back as Guest smashed all in control, started with the issue of Mugen and Abhirami by igniting Abhirami saying she is losing her name. Then Madhumitha listened to what Vanitha said which also created a big issue in the house made the house into 2 groups with one called themself as Boys Gang. Kasthuri was underrated and called by them with the support of Vanitha calling her as dummy piece in the house. In the end of the week, Both Madhumitha cause of self act gets ejected and Abhirami also left the house by eviction. The week also saw Cheran and Losliya relationship issue but later sorted to some extend. But with the presence of Vanitha, one thing is sure the show gets really out of control and violent, what a come back as far TRP is concerned, Vanitha controls the house for sure but was completely teased during the weekend show with Kamal Hassan.

Week 9

The week mostly saw the indirect romantic talks of Kavin and Losliya. Advice from Cheran. Tharshan and Sherin Misunderstanding, later patched up. Safe Play from Vanitha but taking some opportunities to raise voice sometimes especially she did it with Kasthuri this week. Sandy and Mugen fun time during School Task. All in all the week was considered slow cause everyone have created some relationship between eachother in the house.

Weekly Evictions

1st Week

No Eviction This Week

2nd Week
Second Week Eviction Nomination

Cheran, Fathima, Kavin, Madhumitha, Meera, Sakshi and Saravanan

Second Week Eviction

Fathima Babu

3rd Week
Third Week Eviction Nomination

Madhumitha, Meera, Mohan, Saravanan and Vanitha

Third Week Eviction

Vanitha Vijayakumar

4th Week
Fourth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Cheran, Meera, Mohan and Saravanan

Fourth Week Eviction

Mohan Vaithya

Fifth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Cheran, Kavin, Meera, Sakshi and Saravanan

Fifth Week Eviction

Meera Mithun

Sixth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Reshma and Sakshi

Sixth Week Eviction

Reshma Pasupuleti

7th Week
Seventh Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Losliya and Sakshi

Seventh Week Eviction

Sakshi Agarwal

8th Week
Eighth Week Eviction Nomination

Abhirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Losliya and Mugen

Eighth Week Eviction

Abhirami Venkatachalam

9th Week
Ninth Week Eviction Nomination

Cheran, Kasthuri, Sandy and Tharshan

Ninth Week Eviction


10th Week

No Eviction This Week

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